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This place is really good.[]

Tae: I didn't know there was a cafe here.
Rimi: They have really nice tea and cakes. Do you want to try something?
Tae: I wonder if cake goes well with the tea I want.
Rimi: What do you have in mind?
Tae: Right now I feel like kelp tea.
Rimi: Umm, I'm not sure that's on the menu.

Oh, it's A-flow![]

Tae: Hrm... hmm... ah! That's it!
Rimi: What's the matter?
Tae: I was trying to work out who was rehearsing just now. It was A-flow.
Rimi: Is that like an afro?! That's so rock...!
Tae: Yeah, they're a band called Afterglow. They have a really unique sound.
Rimi: Oh, that was an abbreviation...?
Rimi: It's amazing you could pick them out among all the sounds of the other bands.
Tae: Oh, it's easy. By the way, their bassist made a mistake at the end.
Rimi: Ugh, now I'm worried that someone might've been listening to us...
Rimi: I feel so embarrassed...!

Are you going to buy a chocolate cornet?[]

Rimi: Are you having a chocolate cornet too, O-Tae-chan?
Tae: Yeah. You always look so happy when you eat them.
Rimi: I do?!
Rimi: Mmm~ so good.
Tae: Mmm~ so good.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, are you copying me...?
Tae: I thought they might taste even better if I eat them like you do.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan~!!

Let's have another club show![]

Tae: The equipment in here is pretty good.
Rimi: Oh... Maybe we should play our next show in here.
Tae: Nice idea. Another club show!
Rimi: I think it'll be fun...! We have more songs now, too!
Tae: Okay, I'll mention it to Kasumi.

I made it in home ec class~.[]

Rimi: O-Tae-chan, your bag is so cute.
Tae: It's the new and improved version of the guitar case I made in home ec class.
Rimi: I should've made something like that too.
Tae: Saaya said the same thing.
Rimi: ... Would her drums really fit?
Tae: She said she wanted it for her baguettes.
Rimi: A bread bag?!

Rimi-rin just sounds so nice.[]

Tae: It's so pretty, like the sound of a wind chime.
Rimi: What is?
Tae: Rimi-rin.
Rimi: Huh?!
Tae: The sound rolls so nicely. Rimi-rin, Rimi-rin.
Rimi: O-Tae-chan, stop repeating my name...!

You're kind of mysterious, O-Tae-chan.[]

Rimi: You're kind of mysterious, O-Tae-chan.
Tae: Am I?
Tae: ... Actually, I guess I kind of am.
Tae: Now that I think about it, what am I?
Rimi: Philosophy time...?!

Do you have a goal or a dream?[]

Rimi: O-Tae-chan, do you have a goal or a dream?
Tae: A dream... Yeah, I do actually.
Rimi: Wow~! What is it?
Tae: I want to go to an island where there's lots of rabbits...
Tae: And cuddle those fluffy little things all day.
Rimi: All those fluffy rabbits... I feel happy just imaging it~...

What's the guitar like?[]

Rimi: A guitar has more strings than a bass, it must be so hard to play.
Rimi: It gets the most attention too...
Tae: But they say the bass sounds the coolest when you hear a band live, you know?
Tae: I love the way you can feel it in your body.
Rimi: I-I think I'm going to be even more self-conscious now...!

Rabbits are cute.[]

Rimi: O-Tae-chan, you have a pet rabbit right?
Tae: Yeah. Oddie, the odd-eyed rabbit.
Rimi: Do rabbits make any noises?
Tae: When they're happy, they make this cute little squeaking sound.
Tae: Perhaps I'll try writing a song about it, like what you did with chocolate cornets.

There's so many instruments here![]

Kasumi: Wow~, there's so many instruments here!
Tae: Are you going to buy something today?
Kasumi: No, I'm just looking... Oh my god!! These picks have rabbits on them!
Tae: ... They're so cute.
Kasumi: O-Tae! Let's buy matching ones♪
Tae: Okay!

Can we go halfsies?[]

Kasumi: I got an egg bun today!
Tae: I got the new one with beef in it.
Kasumi: ...! Can we go halfsies?
Tae: Yeah, sure.
Kasumi: *munch munch*
Tae: It tastes like sukiyaki.
Kasumi: Yeah, it totally does!
Tae: I think I'll ask them to make onion buns next.

I love Random Stars![]

Kasumi: This is where I found the Random Star!
Tae: Wait, are you rich?
Kasumi: Huh? Of course not!
Tae: Random Stars go for over 300,000 yen. I think I've even heard of people having to pay more on online auctions.
Kasumi: Oh, I got mine for 540 yen! Arisa gave me a discount♪
Tae: She's such a lovely friend.

Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star~♪[]

Kasumi: Okay, I'm gonna play while I walk today! Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star~♪
Kasumi: Hey, O-Tae! Good morning!
Tae: You're a genius...!
Kasumi: I am?
Tae: Making the most of your time and practicing while you go from one place to another. I'll do that too...!
Kasumi: But, you don't have your guitar today, O-Tae.
Tae: *gasp* ... I have my air guitar...

So this is where everyone practices![]

Kasumi: Wow! So this is where everyone practices!
Tae: I go to karaoke, too.
Kasumi: I've never heard you sing!
Tae: I go there mainly to practice the guitar, though.
Kasumi: At a karaoke place?
Tae: They have a special machine for it. You plug your guitar in, and it displays chords instead of lyrics on the screen.
Kasumi: That sounds really fun!
Tae: Let's try it together sometime.


Kasumi: (Time to think up some new some lyrics♪ Let's see...)
Tae: Hey, by the way...
Kasumi: Eeek!
Tae: ...? Was there a bug or something?
Kasumi: A bug?! Where?!
Tae: ...
Tae: I think it's gone.
Kasumi: Thank god... Wait, what was I doing just now?

My string broke![]

Kasumi: O-Tae! My string broke when I was playing the other day!
Tae: Okay, I'll change it for you.
Kasumi: Thanks! Do guitar strings break during shows and things too?
Tae: Yeah. In theory you can play the same sounds with your remaining strings... But, it's really hard to do.
Tae: Normally people have a second guitar ready, or they borrow one from another band, I guess.
Kasumi: Wow! You know everything, O-Tae!
Tae: ...♪
Tae: Maybe we should practice guitar borrowing too...

Chords are really tough to play, huh?[]

Kasumi: Chords are really tough to play, huh?
Kasumi: I feel like I'm gonna get cramps in my fingers when I try the hard ones.
Tae: But once you get used to it, you'll find picking is a lot harder.
Tae: It requires a sense of rhythm, and you need to be precise too.
Kasumi: Ooh, this guitar stuff is really deep.

They were bouncing around with their guitar![]

Kasumi: O-Tae, O-Tae! I saw someone on TV playing the guitar, and they were bouncing along the stage!
Tae: I think that's the Duck Walk. They hopped back and forth while playing, right?
Kasumi: Yeah! It was really exciting and fun to watch!
Tae: There's a lot of different ways to perform on the guitar. Some people swing their arms like a windmill.
Kasumi: Like a windmill?! I wanna try that!

I want to get better~.[]

Kasumi: Hrm, I wish I could play more songs.
Tae: It'll work out.
Kasumi: What will?
Tae: You like playing the guitar, so it'll work out. I'm sure you'll get better and better at it.
Kasumi: Really?! I love you, O-Tae!
Tae: I'll get better and better too.

I'll keep looking a little longer.[]

Tae: Do you mind if I keep looking a little longer?
Arisa: Okay, I'll wait outside.
Tae: You can go home without me, if you like.
Arisa: Uh... Actually, I'll stay then.
Tae: ...? Are you going to buy something?
Arisa: ... I-I need some batteries!!

You have a great selection of equipment here.[]

Tae: You really have a great selection of equipment here.
Arisa: It's my grandpa's hobby.
Tae: Do you think I could borrow something sometime?
Arisa: Yeah, go ahead.
Tae: I know your grandpa will be watching from heaven, so I'll take really good care of what I borrow.
Arisa: He's still alive!!

What are you eating?[]

Arisa: What are you eating?
Tae: Animal buns. This is the hamster one.
Arisa: Oh, buns shaped like an animal's face.
Arisa: ...
Arisa: ... Isn't that a cat?


Tae: Mor... ning... *yawn*
Arisa: It's too early to be yawning.
Tae: I was writing a song last night and I got a bit too into it...
Arisa: Not enough sleep, huh?
Tae: ...
Arisa: At least sit down before you fall asleep.
Tae: ... *mumble* ... Oddie...
Arisa: And no sleep talking! Hey, get off of me~!

Bunny ears...[]

Tae: Hey look, they sell bunny ears here.
Arisa: ... Why are you holding them like that?
Tae: ... C'mon, please?
Arisa: I don't care what kind of look you give me, I'm not trying them on!!
Tae: ...
Arisa: ... Fine, but only for 5 seconds. No more than that!!

What should I have for lunch?[]

Tae: (What should I have for lunch?)
Tae: Arisa, do you prefer chickens or pigs?
Arisa: Huh? I don't like either of them.
Tae: Then, what do you like?
Arisa: What do you mean...?
Arisa: Normally people ask about cats or dogs, you know?
Tae: So cruel...
Arisa: Ugh, what are you even talking about?!

Can I touch your hair?[]

Tae: Your hair reminds me of a rabbit's ears... Can I touch it?
Arisa: No.
Tae: ...
Arisa: Ugh, stop looking at me like that.
Tae: ...
Arisa: Argh fine, but only for three seconds and then you stop, okay?!
Tae: ...♪
Arisa: Okay, 3, 2, 1. Show's over.
Tae: Just 30 more minutes.
Arisa: Way too long!!

Synthesizers are really cool.[]

Tae: Synthesizers can make so many sounds, huh?
Arisa: I guess so.
Tae: Ahh, but I think there are people who can make all kinds of sounds on a guitar too. Gunshots, explosions, things like that.
Arisa: Wow.
Tae: I can't do it myself, they're practically magicians.
Arisa: (... I'll look it up on the net later.)

What are you being all fidgety for?[]

Arisa: What are you being all fidgety for?
Tae: Are there any open spaces around here?
Arisa: Huh?
Tae: I have to let Oddie out for a bit.
Arisa: Why did you bring your rabbit to a place like this?!

Bonsai trees are expensive.[]

Tae: Bonsai can cost a lot, huh? I was so surprised when I read about it.
Arisa: The expensive ones are super expensive.
Tae: Just on this auction site alone, there's ones going for 50,000 yen.
Tae: Here, look at my phone. For example this seller, Arisa-Nyan-Z.
Arisa: It's not me.
Tae: ...? Is this you?
Arisa: It's seriously not me!!

Kasumi-chan, good morning...![]

Rimi: Oh, Kasumi-chan. Um, good morning...!
Kasumi: Morning...
Rimi: Huh? You don't sound so good.
Kasumi: Urgh, I was in a rush this morning and I couldn't have breakfast...
Rimi: Oh, I've got chocolate if you'd like some?
Kasumi: Huh?! No! Chocolate is more important to you than life itself! I can't!
Rimi: I-I think I'd choose life over chocolate...!

What scent do you like?[]

Kasumi: Hey, they have scented erasers!
Rimi: Hehe, I remember these. They have one in the shape of a chocolate cornet.
Rimi: Kasumi-chan, what scent do you like?
Kasumi: Hmm, the scent of Arisa's house!
Rimi: I don't think they sell that... But, I think I know what you mean.
Rimi: I love the smell of Saaya's house...!

You're not getting away!![]

Rimi: Ehehe, I bought so much today.
Kasumi: Oh, that reminds me of when I asked you to be in the band...
Rimi: Huh?
Kasumi: You're not getting away!!
Rimi: Eeek! Kasumi-chan, this brings back memories but let me go!

You have so many different things.[]

Rimi: Arisa-chan has so many different things in her house.
Kasumi: There used to be a lot more in the warehouse.
Rimi: Really?
Kasumi: Yeah, there were big pots and stuff all over the place.
Rimi: Hehe, it sounds just like a toy box.

The studio has a cool "musician" vibe.[]

Kasumi: Wow, do all the other people in bands use places like this?
Rimi: Yeah, my sister comes here a lot too.
Kasumi: Oh~! The whole studio thing has a cool "I'm a musician" vibe!
Rimi: We practice in a warehouse, so what are we?
Kasumi: Umm...? Warehouse-ists?

I want to make flyers.[]

Rimi: There's something that I've always wanted to do..
Kasumi: What is it?
Rimi: I want to make flyers for our shows! I've helped my sister with hers before.
Kasumi: Flyers? Do they taste good?
Rimi: Kasumi-chan... Flyer, it's like a poster. You can't eat it...

Was that your stomach just now?[]

Rimi: Oh...
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, was that your stomach just now?
Rimi: Oh no... That was so embarrassing...
Kasumi: I thought you might be hungry, so I bought a chocolate cornet for you just in case!
Rimi: Wow! You're the best, Kasumi-chan!
Kasumi: Uhh, but I'm kind of hungry too, so let's go halfsies♪

Such a chocolate cornet expert![]

Kasumi: Rimi-rin, when you eat a chocolate cornet, which end do you start from?
Rimi: Umm, it depends on how I feel.
Rimi: If I start at the bottom, I can enjoy the chocolate until the very end.
Rimi: But if I start at the top, the last part is more refreshing.
Kasumi: Ohh, such an expert answer!
Rimi: Ehehe♪

What kind of lyrics would suit our next song...?[]

Rimi: I wonder what kind of lyrics would suit our next song...
Kasumi: Rimi-rin, what else do you like besides chocolate cornets?
Rimi: Huh? Umm...
Kasumi: People you like would work too.
Rimi: Huh?! Umm, I like the band, and my sister...
Kasumi: In that case let's write a song about big sisters! I'm one too, after all♪

It's such a small world.[]

Kasumi: I'm so surprised Aa-chan and Yuri-san know each other.
Rimi: Who would've thought our sisters had met before? It's such a small world.
Kasumi: There could be other unexpected connections too!
Kasumi: For example, Arisa's grandma and uh... Oddie! Maybe they are friends!
Rimi: Huh? Isn't that O-Tae's rabbit?

Your basement looks like a secret hideout![]

Rimi: This room under the warehouse, it's so cool. Like a secret hideout!
Rimi: When I was in elementary school I used to envy the other kids who made them.
Arisa: What, secret hideouts?
Rimi: Yeah.
Arisa: ...
Arisa: You can come over anytime you want. You're a member of the band, after all.
Rimi: Arisa-chan...!
Arisa: B-but, in return you have to... you know...
Rimi: Okay♪ Let's practice really hard together.

Good morning...[]

Rimi: Arisa-chan, good morning.
Rimi: ... Huh? Where's Kasumi-chan?
Arisa: She's not here yet.
Rimi: I wonder what happened. That's strange for her.
Arisa: She didn't come by my place this morning, either... What the hell is she doing?
Rimi: You miss her, don't you?
Arisa: N-no I don't!!

You're so cute... ♪[]

Rimi: Mmm, this chocolate cornet is so good... ♪
Arisa: Saaya made it especially for you today.
Rimi: Now that you mention it, I can tell how carefully she made it.
Arisa: She does things carefully, but she's also really weird.
Rimi: Really?
Arisa: She's into the weirdest things. She thinks I'm cute.
Rimi: (This is why she thinks you're cute... ♪)

We have those too, you know?[]

Rimi: This little chick ornament is cute.
Arisa: We have those too, you know?
Rimi: You have one, Arisa?
Arisa: The shop does.
Rimi: Oh, then I'll buy it over there. Ahh, but this cat cup is also really cute.
Arisa: We've got those as well.
Rimi: You've got everything!!

What do you like to drink?[]

Rimi: Arisa-chan, do you prefer tea or coffee?
Arisa: I guess they're about the same.
Arisa: I drink green tea a lot though. My grandma loves it.
Rimi: Green tea...
Arisa: I'm guessing this place doesn't have it...

Glitter*Green are amazing, aren't they?[]

Rimi: You saw my sister perform the other day, right?
Arisa: O-only because Kasumi made me.
Arisa: ... It was pretty good though, I guess.
Rimi: GuriGuri are amazing, aren't they?
Rimi: We'd better make sure we don't get left behind...!

You shouldn't binge eat.[]

Rimi: This chocolate cornet is so good.
Arisa: ...
Rimi: So good...
Arisa: Are you upset about something?
Rimi: How did you know...?!
Arisa: You're onto your third one already.

I'm hungry[]

Rimi: Ugh... I don't know why but I'm really hungry now.
Arisa: There's a old candy store down the street.
Rimi: Really...?!
Arisa: I'm not sure if they have chocolate though.
Rimi: Let's hope they do...!

You two are on the same wavelength♪[]

Rimi: Arisa-chan, you and O-Tae-chan are good friends huh?
Arisa: How do you figure that?!
Rimi: It's like you're on the same wavelength.
Arisa: We are not!!
Rimi: So, I'm just imagining it...?
Arisa: W-well, it's wouldn't be so bad if we were...

I haven't really thought about it before.[]

Arisa: You really love those chocolate cornets, huh?
Rimi: Yeah, they're so sweet and they make me happy.
Rimi: When do you feel happy, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: I haven't really thought about it before, but I guess when we...
Rimi: When we...?
Arisa: Nothing!!

It'd look just like Oddie.[]

Tae: Ooh...
Saaya: What's up, O-Tae?
Tae: They have a daruma doll in the shape of a rabbit.
Saaya: Wow, that's pretty cute.
Tae: I was thinking it'd look just like Oddie if I changed the eye color.
Saaya: It kind of looks like my little sister. I might get one too.
Tae: Then we'll both have one, like a pair.

Ah, I know this song...[]

Tae: This song that's playing...
Saaya: Ah, I know this one.
Tae: ... Da da dada, jug jug~♪
Saaya: Ahaha, can't help but sound your part, right? Taka taka tak, taka taka tak♪
Tae: Yeah, actually it might be fun to jam like this sometime.

Isn't that heavy?[]

Saaya: Morning, O-Tae.
Saaya: ... That's a serious bag you've got there. What's inside?
Tae: A small amp. I thought I'd practice during lunch break.
Saaya: Isn't it heavy?
Tae: It's fine, my part time job has toughened me up.
Saaya: Ohh, right. Working at a live house involves a lot of heavy lifting, huh?

You're pretty good at that.[]

Saaya: Phew, nice session today. I'm not sure if it's because of your advice, but I think Kasumi's improving.
Tae: (I'd better feed Oddie when I get home.)
Saaya: You're pretty good at that kind of thing, huh?
Tae: ... Huh? Yeah, I do it all the time.
Saaya: Big family?
Tae: I'm not sure. They say rabbits have a lot of children, so I guess it's possible.
Saaya: Rabbits?
Tae: ...? We're not talking about rabbits?
Saaya: Ahaha. You always make me laugh, O-Tae.

Making bread at a bakery~.[]

Tae: Is bread soft before you bake it?
Saaya: Yeah, it's pretty soft and puffy. Why do you ask?
Tae: Guitar strings are hard, so I thought it might be nice to touch something soft for a change.
Saaya: Oh, why don't we all go to my place and make some bread then?
Tae: Making bread at a bakery... Hmm, I'll shape mine like a guitar.
Saaya: Ahaha, I think you might be getting ahead of yourself there.

I saw a bun shaped like a bear.[]

Tae: I saw a bun shaped like a bear at your bakery the other day.
Saaya: Oh that, it's popular with the little kids.
Tae: Could you make something shaped like a rabbit next time?
Tae: ... *gasp*
Saaya: Wh-what's the matter?!
Tae: I might feel bad if I ate a rabbit...
Saaya: Ah, ahaha...

I want to write a totally new song.[]

Tae: I kind of feel like all the songs I write these days sound the same.
Saaya: Ahh, that happens to me too. Have you tried just doing something totally new?
Tae: New... like a vocalist drummer?
Saaya: That's definitely new...
Tae: Maybe you could dye your hair pink.
Saaya: Ahaha, I can guarantee I won't do that, but it's an interesting idea.

Breads and buns are so delicious, but...[]

Tae: Breads and buns are so delicious, but rabbits aren't supposed to eat them.
Tae: I wish Oddie could know how good they taste, oh well...
Saaya: Humans and animals just eat different things after all. I guess it can't be helped.
Tae: ... Maybe I should try reverse thinking.
Saaya: What do you mean?
Tae: I mix vegetables into some bread, and I eat it.
Saaya: D-don't you think that'll be a little bitter?

What about Ushigome...?[]

Saaya: Hanazono is a pretty name.
Tae: Yeah, it means "a field of flowers."
Tae: Yamabuki is nice too. It has that "mountain" feel to it.
Saaya: Ahaha, but it's also kind of the word for "bright yellow."
Saaya: Oh, what about Ushigome...?
Tae: Ushi is cow and "gome" is fill, so...?
Saaya: Pff... hahaha, O-Tae, that's too literal...!!

You work at a live house, right?[]

Saaya: O-Tae, you work at a live house, right?
Tae: Yeah. It's really fun, and I learn a lot there too.
Saaya: Oh. I've always wanted to try something like that.
Tae: Where would you like to work?
Saaya: Hmm, maybe at another bakery? I could see what they're up to, and learn some things at the same time.
Saaya: Ahaha, I make it sound like I really love bakeries.
Tae: That's lovely too.

My brother and sister want to see us practice.[]

Saaya: Do you think anyone would mind if I bring my brother and sister next time?
Rimi: Um, Jun and Sana?
Saaya: When I said we rehearse at a warehouse, they suddenly started bugging me to let them see it.
Rimi: I don't mind. But we'll have to ask Kasumi-chan and the others.
Rimi: Oh, but I'll get nervous if someone's watching, so I'll have to practice more just in case...!
Saaya: Ahaha, it's practice that they're coming to see though, you know?

They're hand-me-downs from my sis![]

Saaya: Since you've got an older sister, did you get hand-me-downs from her?
Rimi: Yeah, I think I had a lot.
Saaya: Hmm, honestly were you unhappy about it?
Rimi: Not at all. Sometimes there was something I really wanted to wear, so I couldn't wait for it to come to me.
Saaya: Hehe, oh really?
Rimi: Now it feels a bit childish and embarrassing though...!
Saaya: That's not true. There's a big age gap in my family so it's going to be a while before I can give them anything.
Saaya: It was nice to hear how you felt about it.

It's a trade secret...[]

Rimi: How do you make these chocolate cornets so tasty?
Saaya: Hmm, it's kind of a trade secret, but... The yeast, and time and effort I guess.
Saaya: You know, doing the parts of the process that others often skip because it's a pain, stuff like that.
Rimi: That's so cool...! Those things make it special in the end, huh?
Saaya: Yeah. I guess it's similar to constant, steady practice in music.

What do you think goes well with black tea?[]

Rimi: What do you think goes well with black tea?
Saaya: Hmm, I think something sweet is the usual choice.
Saaya: Black tea has a kind of bitter taste, right? That's why it goes well with sweet foods. A lot people have it with cake.
Rimi: Would it be the same for chocolate cornets too?
Saaya: Yeah. I think it would work, kind of like how chocolate cake does.
Rimi: Oh, tea flavored buns are really good too.
Saaya: Hehe, we're in a cafe but all we talk about is breads and buns.

What kind of movies do you watch?[]

Rimi: Saaya-chan, do you ever see movies at the cinema?
Saaya: Yeah, a couple of times a year I think. Especially in the summer.
Rimi: Oh really? What do you watch?
Saaya: Hero movies, magical girl ones, stuff like that.
Rimi: Oh, with your brother and sister!
Saaya: That's right. Now that they're getting older we've been watching soccer anime though.

I get nervous when we play...[]

Rimi: Hmm, what can I do to get over my nerves when we play...?
Saaya: Well, let's see... Why don't you try imagining everyone in the audience is a type of bun?
Rimi: Ahaha! That might make me relax a little!
Saaya: Red bean bun, melon bun, that girl over there can be a hot dog bun... haha♪

It's tough being a big sister.[]

Rimi: Saaya-chan, you're a really good big sister, huh?
Saaya: Thanks. But, it's not easy being a big sister, you know?
Rimi: Huh, really?
Saaya: Yeah. I have to be on point all the time when my brother and sister are around.
Saaya: Otherwise when I get angry at them, they'll just say "but you do that too!"
Rimi: Oh...
Saaya: Ahaha, did you do that to your sister?
Rimi: O-only when I was really really young...!

I wanna get better at the drums.[]

Saaya: Hmm, I wanna get just a little bit better at the drums.
Rimi: Um, in that case... why don't you ask someone for advice?
Saaya: Advice, huh? Do I know anyone else who plays?
Rimi: What about my sister's band, GuriGuri? and everyone including the drummer is really good.
Saaya: Oh really? I might have to ask them sometime.

Musical instruments are heavy, aren't they?[]

Saaya: Don't you think musical instruments are really heavy?
Rimi: Y-Yeah. It's kinda hard to carry them around.
Saaya: I can't exactly do that with my drums everytime I go somewhere, right?
Saaya: So watching you guys carrying yours all the time, I always think it must be so tough.
Rimi: Yeah, but because of that there's a lot of attachment...!
Saaya: Oh. Okay, I guess I'd better start carrying my drum kit around...
Rimi: What?!
Saaya: Hehe, I'm kidding. I have plenty of my attachment to my sticks.

Food in Kansai...[]

Saaya: By the way, you're from the Kansai area, right?
Rimi: Yeah, I lived there until middle school.
Saaya: Does the food here taste different?
Rimi: I'm not sure... My mom still cooks the same food, so it's hard to say.
Rimi: But your bakery is the best one I've ever been to...!
Saaya: Hehehe, thanks.

This design is so cute![]

Kasumi: Oh, this cat design is so cute!
Saaya: You like cats?
Kasumi: I love them! Reowww!
Saaya: Ahaha, what was that supposed to be?
Kasumi: A growl! You try it too, Saaya!
Saaya: Huh? Okay, one, two... Reowww!
Kasumi: Ehehe♪

It's that brand new kind of smell.[]

Kasumi: Clothes smell weird at first, huh?
Saaya: Oh, that brand new kind of smell?
Saaya: My clothes end up smelling like bread and buns immediately though.
Kasumi: Bread and buns...! I wanna hang my washing at your place!
Saaya: Huh? Is that a good thing?

Morning, Saaya...[]

Kasumi: Morning, Saaya...
Saaya: Are you okay? You don't sound so flash.
Kasumi: I was in a rush today so I couldn't have breakfast at Arisa's...
Saaya: I've got some buns if you want them.
Kasumi: Are you sure?!
Saaya: We had a lot that we couldn't sell, so I was going to share them with everyone today.
Kasumi: Thank you!

A star bun![]

Saaya: I'm trying to think of a new bun to make, any ideas?
Kasumi: Hmm, a star bun!
Saaya: Star bun?
Kasumi: Yeah! A bun with all of our favorite things in it!
Saaya: Oh, that could be interesting. I'll ask everyone what they'd like to have in it.

Some delicious food could be good.[]

Saaya: Is Arisa's grandma a good cook?
Kasumi: Yeah! Everything she makes is really nice!
Saaya: I see.
Kasumi: Why do you ask?
Saaya: I wondering if I could try her cooking sometime.
Saaya: Some delicious food might give me ideas for the bakery, and our music.
Kasumi: Oh, just like Rimi-rin's chocolate cornet song! So next we'll write a song about Arisa's grandma's cooking?
Saaya: ... Hehe, that might be fun.

What's it like having a little brother?[]

Kasumi: Saaya, what's it like having a little brother?
Saaya: Hmm, it's such a normal thing for me so it's hard to say.
Saaya: Always noisy, but I guess there's also never a dull moment.
Kasumi: I wish I had a little brother.
Saaya: Hehe, thanks for always playing with him.

When I practice drums...[]

Kasumi: Hey I was wondering, how do you practice the drums?
Saaya: Well, I use these things called training pads...
Saaya: Or just set up a bunch of magazines and stuff like a drum kit and play on them.
Kasumi: Wow it must be so hard not being able to use the real thing!
Saaya: You'd be surprised how many drummers don't have their own kit. They make a lot of noise, after all.
Saaya: But even then, I like the real thing. It just feels so good♪

The concert video was amazing.[]

Saaya: ... Pff... Hehe...
Kasumi: Saaya?
Saaya: Sorry, I was just thinking about something I watched... It was this concert video of a really famous band...
Saaya: The floor under the drummer had a mechanism that made it rise higher and higher every time he hit the drums.
Saaya: By the end of it he was up really high all by himself, banging away on the drums. Ahh, it was so fun to watch!
Kasumi: If it was that much fun, we should do it too!
Saaya: Ahaha, I pretty sure that won't be possible. Would be fun if we could though!
Saaya: Hehehe, I'll show you the video next time.

What was your old band like?[]

Kasumi: What were the girls in your old band like, Saaya?
Saaya: They were all really nice.
Kasumi: That's great!
Kasumi: You know, it'd be so fun if we could get everyone together one day and have a big show!
Saaya: Ahaha, that'd be a lot of people. But I'll look forward to it if we decide to do it.

So do you get as many buns as you want?[]

Kasumi: Does working at a bakery mean you get to eat as many buns as you want?
Saaya: Huh?! Umm, I guess so...?
Kasumi: L-let me help you at the bakery sometime!
Saaya: Kasumi~, it's crystal clear what you're plotting~!!
Kasumi: I-I'm not plotting anything~!! Ahaha~.
Saaya: Hehe... okay. In that case I really will get you to help out♪

The internet is so convenient.[]

Saaya: Do you come to places like this a lot, Arisa?
Arisa: Not really. I can get it all online.
Saaya: But you can't try things on. How do you know the size or color is right?
Arisa: There's places that let you return online purchases now.
Saaya: Oh really? I might ask you for the site next time.

I'm not putting cat ears on![]

Arisa: Look, they have cat ear hairbands for sale.
Saaya: ... Pff... Hehe...
Arisa: Hey?! I'm so not putting them on!
Saaya: Two girls with cat ears in one band, ahaha, it'd be so funny...! Normally there'd only be one, right?
Arisa: I said I'm not putting them on!

What's up with these star stickers...?[]

Saaya: Huh? What's up with these star stickers? They're even on the street.
Arisa: Th-they're...! Uhh, how would I know...?
Saaya: ... Ahh. Did you put them there, Arisa?
Arisa: N-no, of course not...!
Saaya: Hehe. You're so easy to read, Arisa~.

We're like real high school girls...[]

Saaya: I'm so hungry. What do you wanna have, Arisa?
Arisa: Huh...
Saaya: What's up?
Arisa: We're like real high school girls...
Saaya: ... Pff...
Arisa: S-stop laughing and move it!
Saaya: You're so cute.
Arisa: I am not!!

Don't worry. Think of it as a present.[]

Saaya: Arisa, take these with you.
Arisa: All these buns, really?
Saaya: Yeah. It's like a kind of charity thing.
Arisa: I-I can't not pay for this...
Saaya: Don't worry, think of it as a present. We're friends, after all.
Arisa: ... Oh... Okay.
Saaya: Hehe♪

I forgot to give them water...[]

Arisa: Oh, I forgot to give them water...
Saaya: Your bonsai?
Arisa: Y-yeah, that's right.
Saaya: It's supposed to rain later, you know?
Arisa: Cool!
Saaya: Oh, but I left my laundry out!
Arisa: Not cool...

You used to play the piano, right?[]

Saaya: You used to play the piano, right?
Arisa: Yeah, kind of.
Saaya: How did it feel to put your fingers on the keys again after a long break?
Arisa: Ah... I was pretty rusty. My fingers were all stiff too.
Saaya: Ahaha, I thought so. It took me a while to get back into the drums as well.

There were rumors that you were just a ghost...[]

Saaya: You never used to come to school much, did you Arisa?
Saaya: I mean, there were even rumors that you were just a ghost.
Arisa: Well it's not like it was any fun back then.
Saaya: Ohh, I see.
Arisa: What?
Saaya: Fufu, nothing.

You've got a sense for these things, Arisa.[]

Saaya: You've got a sense for these things, Arisa.
Arisa: Wh-what are you talking about?
Saaya: Poppin'Party, it's a cute name.
Arisa: Well if I let Kasumi decide, she'll just choose something lame.
Saaya: What about Rimi-chan?
Arisa: Chocolate cornets.
Saaya: Ahaha, that's true. I'm kind of curious about what O-Tae would choose, though.
Arisa: Now you're just asking for trouble.

You prefer we do matching outfits?[]

Saaya: ...
Arisa: What?
Saaya: I think you'd look good wearing more girly clothes. You know, something princess-ish.
Arisa: Hell no.
Saaya: Or maybe something just a little more ladylike.
Arisa: Even if I said yes, I'd never do it unless you did it first, Saaya!
Saaya: You'd prefer we do matching outfits?
Arisa: Th-that's not what I meant!

Can I stay over?[]

Kasumi: Ehehe, we practiced a lot today!
Arisa: Someone was out of tune, though.
Kasumi: But but but, it was really fun! So much fun I don't want to go home.
Arisa: What?!
Kasumi: C'mon Arisa, can I stay over?
Arisa: Go home.
Kasumi: You know you want me to stay~♪
Arisa: No I don't!!

It totally won't suit me.[]

Arisa: ... This hairband is really cute.
Kasumi: What are you looking at, Arisa?
Arisa: Nothing!
Kasumi: Wow! This is really cute! I bet it suits you!
Arisa: I-It totally won't.
Kasumi: Are you blushing?
Arisa: No!!
Arisa: (... I'll come back and buy it later.)

So, what do people do in the studio?[]

Kasumi: Ohh, so this is the studio. So, what do people do here?
Arisa: U-umm... They practice singing, or their instruments.
Arisa: Quit gawking. People will think we're amateurs.
Kasumi: Oh, you're so mature Arisa!
Kasumi: ... Wait, are your legs shaking?
Arisa: N-no...

Just one bite♪[]

Kasumi: Mmm♪ Buns always taste so good after practice!
Kasumi: Oh, that sausage bun looks really tasty Arisa.
Arisa: You're not having any.
Kasumi: C'mon, Arisa~.
Arisa: No.
Kasumi: Just one bite♪
Arisa: No!

Morning, Arisa![]

Kasumi: Morning, Arisa!
Arisa: What are you carrying your guitar for?
Kasumi: Because I wanna play♪
Arisa: What? Don't you remember what happened with the student council last time?
Kasumi: That was just because I didn't know how to play. I'm sure it'll be okay this time!
Kasumi: Twin-kle twin-kle lit-tle star♪
Kasumi: ... Huh? Why is that student council girl running towards us?
Arisa: ...!

Let's make them match~.[]

Kasumi: Random Star is so sparkly!
Arisa: Well it is shaped exactly like a star.
Kasumi: I know, you should get a star shaped keyboard to match my guitar♪
Arisa: How am I supposed to play something like that?!
Arisa: But matching instruments... hmm...

Are you interested in bonsai?[]

Kasumi: You're into Bonsai, right? It kinda looks fun.
Arisa: What? ... You're actually interested? I guess you could join me next time...
Kasumi: Really?! In that case I'd better start thinking of a name!
Kasumi: Since it's your plant, I'll have to call it Arisa!
Arisa: Excuse me?
Kasumi: You're so cute Arisa, let me get you some water♪
Arisa: C-cut that out!!

I should try to write a song.[]

Kasumi: Rimi-rin and O-Tae both wrote songs, I should try it too!
Arisa: It's pretty hard, you know?
Kasumi: You wrote a song too?
Arisa: K-kind of...
Kasumi: So Rimi-rin, O-Tae and you have all written songs...
Arisa: I haven't finished mine yet!!

I forgot I had homework![]

Kasumi: I forgot I had homework! Ugh... What do I do...? I'm not good at that subject either...
Arisa: ...
Kasumi: Arisa♪
Arisa: Don't look at me.
Kasumi: Arisa~...
Arisa: Crying won't help you!

What should we call our new song...?[]

Kasumi: What should we call our new song?
Kasumi: Oh, I know! "Super Girl Squad Hanasaki 5"!
Arisa: That's so lame.
Kasumi: Okay, how about "Super Girl Squad Space 5"?
Arisa: That's just as lame!

Do you like cafes?[]

Moca: Saaya, do you like cafes?
Saaya: Yeah, I sometimes go to them when I hang out with friends.
Saaya: Do you come to places like this a lot, Moca?
Moca: Sometimes, but usually I go to the one's with lot's of manga.
Saaya: (Do manga cafes count as real cafes...?)

What kind of fashion are you into?[]

Saaya: What kind of fashion are you into, Moca?
Moca: The stuff I'm wearing now.
Saaya: Fufu, that's such a cute outfit.
Moca: But my parents say I always buy the same stuff.
Saaya: Well, if it's cute, it's cute!
Moca: Ooh, that was really Saayalicious.
Saaya: Saayalicious...?

Ooh, a baguette![]

Moca: This place is full of interesting stuff.
Saaya: It's hard not to get distracted, huh?
Moca: Ooh, I want that plastic baguette.
Saaya: Wow, it looks like the real thing.
Moca: If we put this back stage, everyone will think it's real.
Saaya: Ahaha, I guarantee Kasumi will try to eat it if we're not careful.
Moca: Heh heh heh, we have to do this.

The creator of bread![]

Moca: These buns are so good.
Saaya: Hehe, thanks.
Moca: ...?
Saaya: This is my family's bakery.
Moca: Huh?! That means you're the great creator of bread~.
Saaya: C-creator is going a bit far.
Saaya: Besides, you know that this is our bakery!
Moca: Yeah, I know. Thanks for going along with it.

It was a plain bun.[]

Moca: That new burger wasn't very good.
Saaya: Oh, that one from the advertisement.
Saaya: Wait, they serve this in a plain old bun?
Moca: Yep, it was plain.
Saaya: Just putting all that into a bagel would make it a lot nicer.
Moca: Ooh! I'll have to bring a bagel next time.
Saaya: Just don't switch it inside the shop, okay?

Do you get unlimited buns?[]

Moca: Hey, Saaya. Since your house is bakery, do you get unlimited buns?
Saaya: Well, there's always a lot of ones we didn't sell, or one's that didn't bake quite right.
Moca: Ooh!
Moca: That's it. From this day forth, I'm Moca Yamabuki.
Saaya: Ahaha, we run a tight ship you know?

Tsugurific is an official word.[]

Moca: Arisa's a mystery. Her unique wit is the best.
Saaya: Fufu, you use some unique expressions too, Moca.
Moca: Really? Like what?
Saaya: Hmm, for example... "Tsugurific."
Moca: Huh? Tsugurific is an official word.

I just like buns.[]

Saaya: Rimi-rin loves bread and buns too.
Saaya: Especially chocolate cornets.
Moca: Ahh, those are great.
Saaya: What do you like the most, Moca?
Moca: Hmm, I don't have favorites, I just like buns.
Saaya: Ahaha, that's a good answer.

Do you have a dream?[]

Saaya: Do you have a dream, Moca?
Moca: Yep, lots of them.
Saaya: You do?
Moca: First, I wanna make a Moca-bread. It'll taste like a cafe mocha.
Saaya: Fufu, that sounds fun. Maybe this is why they say it's good to have a lot of dreams.

Striking Resemblance[]

Saaya: Tsugu and Rimi-rin are kind of similar, aren't they?
Moca: Right down to the length of their hair~.
Saaya: They're like a Tsugu-Rimi combo meal or something.
Moca: I like to think of it as Rimi having a Tsugurific side to her~.
Saaya: There it is! A classic Moca catchphrase!
Moca: Heh, heh, heh~. I've got plenty of those, like 'Mocatastic'~. Make sure you remember them both~.

What's this spiky thing for?[]

Moca: Ooh, this is super spiky.
Ran: A pin holder? What's this doing here...?
Moca: What's it for?
Ran: It's used in flower arrangement. You place the flowers here, to keep them upright.
Moca: Ooh, I see. I thought it was for getting rid of sleepiness.
Ran: Well, I suppose that's how you'd use it.

The same as always.[]

Ran: Moca, are you ready for rehearsal?
Moca: Yeah, I'm good.
Moca: Oh, but what's the plan for today?
Ran: The same as usual.
Moca: Okay, the same as usual as always.

They're always sold out...[]

Ran: You like the buns sold here, don't you Moca?
Moca: They're like 3 times tastier than ones from other places.
Moca: But they're all sold out today.
Ran: Was there something specific you were after?
Moca: Chocolate cornets. I think someone's buying them all up.
Ran: I doubt it.
Moca: I dunno, I think there's a greedy glutton around here~.

I need to get a new one.[]

Ran: Moca, can we take a look over there?
Moca: Sure.
Ran: My tuner broke, so I need to get a new one.
Moca: I use a tuning fork sometimes.
Ran: Does that work?
Moca: Well, it kinda gives me the right feel.
Ran: ... Are you sure that's okay?

I'm into making coffee.[]

Moca: I'm into making coffee these days.
Ran: Wow, I didn't know that.
Moca: I like drip brewing it.
Moca: It's fun staring at it drip while the cup fills up.
Ran: You like that kind of thing huh?


Moca: Arisa is pretty into bonsai, isn't she~?
Ran: Yeah, she is.
Moca: Growing pine trees in those little flower pots~. What a fancy hobby~.
Ran: I heard that bonsai has been pretty popular lately.
Moca: Is that right? I would be all over it if they came out with bread trees~.
Ran: As if that would happen...

I'm kind of excited about the festival...[]

Moca: There's a festival going on near here.
Ran: A festival huh. It'll probably be noisy.
Moca: But, it'll be fun. Wanna invite everyone, and go check it out?
Ran: Sure, I don't mind.
Moca: Hi~, it's Moca-chan.
Ran: She's already at it.
Ran: (... I guess I'm kind of excited.)

Tsugu was way too Tsugurific and fainted.[]

Moca: Bad news, Tsugu was too Tsugurific and she just fainted.
Ran: Tsugumi is definitely too Tsugurific these days.
Moca: That's also one of the best things about Tsugu, though.
Ran: But if she keeps being too Tsugurific...
Ran: ... Argh, too much "Tsugu."
Moca: Let's go check on her.

Let's give you a nickname.[]

Ran: You sometimes call yourself Moca-chan, huh?
Moca: Yeah, that's what everyone used to call me.
Ran: Now that you mention it, you're right. People never called me anything besides Ran, though.
Moca: In that case I'll give you a nickname... Hrm...
Ran: Do you really need to think about it that much?
Moca: Nah, Ran suits you best anyway.

Let's head home soon, Moca.[]

Moca: Phew...
Ran: Let's head home soon, Moca.
Moca: Mmm... Gimme a little longer.
Ran: But you're not doing anything.
Moca: Yes I am, I'm spacing out.
Ran: ...

Which to buy...?[]

Moca: Urgh, a chocolate cornet or a red bean bun. Which to buy...?
Himari: What's the matter? Normally you'd just buy both.
Moca: I'm broke until my next allowance.
Moca: I want both... But, I can only afford one...
Moca: They both look good, I can't make this kind of decision...!
Himari: In that case, why don't we buy one each?
Himari: And then we can go halfsies ♪
Moca: You'd do that for me?
Moca: Great Queen Himari! Thank you! Haha~.
Himari: Ahaha, now you're just exaggerating~.

Let's buy straps![]

Himari: Ooh, these straps are so cute~!
Himari: There so many different versions with animals!
Himari: Moca, I have an idea! Let's buy one for everyone, based on the animal that suits them!
Moca: Sure. I think the rabbit with droopy ears suits you, Hii-chan.
Himari: This one? Why's that?
Moca: Your pig tails look like rabbits ears.
Himari: Oh, my hair style! Ehehe. Rabbits are so cute♪ You're too sweet~♪
Moca: It wasn't a compliment, but if it makes you happy why not?
Himari: H-hmph~! You always say one thing too many~!

Please, you have to help me![]

Himari: Oh no, Moca! We have a test in 5th period!
Moca: 5th period, is that math?
Moca: Oh well, it won't be hard for me. Heh.
Himari: I-I wish I was you...!
Himari: Guess I've got no choice... Moca! Please, you have to help me!
Moca: Fine~. I'll do it in exchange for buns from Yamabuki Bakery.
Himari: Really?!
Moca: Yep. A chocolate cornet, a curry bun, a melon bun...
Moca: Oh, and a sausage bun, a red bean bun...
Himari: W-wait a second! I can't afford that much~!

They have a new cake set![]

Himari: Oh, they have a new cake set!
Himari: It looks so good... But, it's kinda expensive.
Himari: It's times like this I have to be strong and resist!
Moca: Resisting isn't good for your health, you know?
Moca: Resist for too long and you'll just get stressed.
Himari: Ugh... The temptation...!
Moca: You want the cake set, Hii-chan. You waaant iiit~...
Himari: S-stop it, don't tempt me~!

Hoodies are comfy and easy~.[]

Himari: You wear a lot of hoodies, don't you Moca?
Moca: Yeah. They're comfy and easy~.
Himari: Don't you ever wear dresses? Like... this checkered one over here!
Himari: I think you'd good in something like this♪
Moca: Hrm, well...
Moca: I think I'd be okay with a checkered hoodie~.
Himari: You really love your hoodies huh...

Wanna do that thing of yours?[]

Himari: We've got our next gig lined up, things are going well these days ♪
Moca: Yeah. Ran's doing well too, everything's good.
Moca: Oh, I know.
Moca: Wanna do that thing of yours?
Himari: Really, you'll do it with me?! Yay~!
Himari: Okay... *ahem* Here we go!
Himari: Hey, hey, hoh~!
Moca: ...
Himari: ... Hey, why didn't you do it with me?!
Himari: You're the one who suggested it~!

Your cheek is all red.[]

Himari: Moca? Your cheek is all red... What happened?
Moca: There's a deep story behind this. Deep like the ocean.
Moca: It all happened when I laying on my back, reading a manga.
Moca: I relaxed for a second, and suddenly the manga was falling and ... thud!
Moca: And that is why Moca-chan's cheek is red.
Himari: Stop playing about! Are you okay?!

I found some old photos of us![]

Himari: Check it out! I found some old photos of us!
Moca: Ooh, everyone's so small and cute~.
Himari: I know right? It used to be so fun back then, meeting up and playing after class.
Moca: Isn't that what we do now?
Moca: We still meet up after class now to rehearse.
Himari: Actually now that you mention it...
Himari: Ahaha, we haven't changed at all ♪

Urgh, my belly hurts...[]

Himari: Urgh, my belly hurts...
Moca: What's up~?
Himari: I ate too much for breakfast...
Moca: How much did you eat? If you keep this up, you'll get fa-
Himari: Don't say it!
Moca: ...
Moca: If you eat too much you'll get fa-
Himari: I said don't say it~! I know all too well, okay?!

Remember, I'm your taste tester~.[]

Himari: A cake, a tart, maybe an apple pie...
Himari: What should I make next?
Moca: Make some buns.
Moca: You bake them just like all the other stuff, right?
Himari: Buns, huh? That could work...
Himari: Alright! I'll give it a try!
Moca: Yay~! Remember, I'm your taste tester~.

What did you order?[]

Himari: What did you order, Ran? I got a milkshake!
Ran: I got one too.
Himari: Yay, we're matching ♪
Himari: Here's to us totally thinking the same thing, cheers!
Ran: ...
Himari: Cheers...

Matching scrunchies~♪[]

Himari: Look Ran, they sell scrunchies here!
Ran: So they do.
Himari: And look, they have exactly five different colors.
Himari: Why don't we all wear one each! We'll all be matching, it'll be exciting!
Ran: ...
Himari: Aww Ran, you're blushing~!
Ran: I am not...!

We sounded really good today~![]

Himari: We sounded really, really good today~! It was totally...
Ran: The same as usual.
Himari: ... And just... huh?
Himari: Hey~!! You stole the good part, Ran! I was going to say that~!
Ran: ... Fufu.

Himari, good morning![]

Himari: Morning Ran~!
Ran: Morning.
Himari: The weather is so nice today!
Ran: It's the same as usual.
Himari: Ahaha, your mood is the same as usual too, really good~♪

You've got a good sense of fashion, huh?[]

Ran: You've got a good sense for fashion huh, Himari?
Himari: I guess I am kinda picky about that kinda thing.
Himari: I've got a sense for other things too, you know~?
Ran: Like being teased by the rest of us?
Himari: That's the one!
Himari: ... Hey, wait a second~!

No one will do it with me...[]

Himari: Is my "hey, hey, ho~!" really that strange?
Himari: No one will do it with me...
Himari: Oh! Maybe I'm actually just unpopular...! Wh-what should I do~?
Ran: ... You don't get bored when you're by yourself, do you Himari?
Himari: Huh? Why do you say that?!

The bass is definitely cool.[]

Ran: I love how you can feel the bass in your stomach.
Himari: Right? It's so cool~!
Ran: The bass is definitely cool.
Himari: Ehehe~, am I cool too?
Ran: ...
Himari: C'mon, what about me~?!

But, aren't these the spicy ones?[]

Himari: Ran~, wanna share these later?
Ran: Candy from the convenience store?
Himari: Yeah, Moca was working last time I went there, and she recommended these since they're new!
Ran: But, aren't these ones spicy?
Himari: What~?! I hate spicy stuff~! I bet Moca did this on purpose~!
Ran: (It says "all new super spicy sensation" on the package...)

Let's play tennis together![]

Ran: Isn't tennis a difficult sport?
Himari: It's fun once you get used to it.
Ran: Really?
Himari: Yeah! You should come try it sometime~! I'll lend you a uniform too, if you like!
Ran: I think that makes me even more hesitant...

It's got everyone's favorite things, all in one♪[]

Himari: It said on TV that if people cook together, they'll be more unified. We should try it too!
Ran: What do you want to make?
Himari: Something that has everyone's favorite things, all in one♪
Himari: A bitter chocolate cake bun...
Ran: Bitter because of me, chocolate for you, cake for Tsugumi and buns for Moca.
Himari: ... All used as toppings for a pork bone soy sauce ramen!
Ran: ... No offense to Tomoe, but let's keep the Ramen separate.

This would totally suit you, Tomoe♪[]

Himari: This choker is so cool! It'd totally suit you, Tomoe!
Tomoe: That's a pretty cool design. It'd probably look good on you too, Himari.
Himari: No way, I can't pull off that kind of thing.
Tomoe: That's not true.
Tomoe: I think you're a lot more mature than you used to be.
Himari: Huh, really?!
Himari: I-in that case maybe I'll try to be a bit more like you...
Himari: And go for that mature, cool kind of look ♪

These skirts are so cute![]

Himari: Ooh, these skirts are so cute!
Himari: Speaking of which, you don't wear these kind of frilly ones huh?
Tomoe: They're not really my thing.
Tomoe: I just feel uncomfortable with it fluttering about, and I can't play the drums in something like that either.
Himari: Ohh. But Ako wears this kind of thing all the time, I think it'd suit you too.
Tomoe: Haha, thanks.
Tomoe: If you really think so then perhaps I'll give it a try sometime.

Take a seat anywhere you like~![]

Himari: It's getting pretty busy in here...
Himari: I don't have a shift today, but seeing it like this makes me want to help out!
Tomoe: I know what you mean. I guess we should pay our bill and...
Himari: Good afternoon, take a seat anywhere you like~!
Tomoe: ... Why are you greeting customers when you're not even working?
Himari: *gasp* I-I just got caught up in the moment...

Sorry for the wait.[]

Tomoe: Sorry for the wait.
Himari: It's okay. Did you get what you wanted?
Tomoe: Yeah, all done. I really want to give these new sticks a spin now.
Himari: Then why don't we go practice for a bit?
Himari: I'm pretty sure there's openings at the studio today!
Tomoe: Sounds good. Let's do a quick session, then.

Want to head to a cafe?[]

Himari: We've got a bit of time until our rehearsal at the studio.
Tomoe: Yeah. Even if we head over now, we'll probably have to wait...
Tomoe: Head to a cafe and chill for a bit?
Himari: Sounds good~!
Himari: I might get the cake set so I can practice extra hard today ♪

Did Something Happen?[]

Tomoe: Hey, Himari...
Himari: What's the matter, Tomoe? Is something wrong?
Tomoe: I have to play the taiko at the upcoming downtown event, but one of our members called in sick and can't come.
Himari: Oh no, that's terrible. Have you found a replacement yet?
Tomoe: No, not yet... That's where you come in. I figured that if anyone can bring the thunder, it's you.
Himari: Me?! Wait... Do you think I might have some sort of hidden taiko talent that I never knew about...?!

Mmm, mm-hmm♪[]

Himari: Mmm, mm~hmm♪
Tomoe: Someone's in a good mood today.
Himari: Yeah! I feel like my bass is on point these days ♪
Tomoe: That's true, you played really well yesterday.
Himari: Right? I'm so gonna keep this up~!
Himari: Hey, hey, hoh~!

The future, huh...[]

Tomoe: The future huh... It's so hard to make a decision about something like this.
Himari: Right~? I have no idea what I want to do.
Himari: Oh, but... there is one thing I'm totally sure about.
Tomoe: Hm? What's that?
Himari: I want to keep doing this band with everyone!
Himari: Even when we grow up, or become old ladies, I want to keep it going forever!
Tomoe: Haha, that's so like you.
Tomoe: ... But I have to say I feel the same way.
Tomoe: Let's keep doing this band thing, the same as usual.

Tomoe, listen to this~![]

Himari: Tomoe, listen to this~!
Himari: I can finally play that song I was working on!
Tomoe: That song... Oh, the one you've been practicing for ages. Nice!
Himari: Yeah!
Himari: In the beginning I thought it was totally impossible! I'm so glad I kept at it ♪
Tomoe: You were really knuckling down recently, huh?
Tomoe: Guess I'd better make sure I don't get left behind!

I practiced too much...[]

Himari: Ugh...
Tomoe: What's the matter?
Himari: I think I practiced too much and hurt my wrist...
Tomoe: You've been going pretty hard these days, huh?
Tomoe: Let me take a look. I'll tape it up for you.
Himari: Okay, thanks... Owww...
Tomoe: Working hard is a good thing, but make sure you don't overdo it, okay?

Tomo-chin, look at this~[]

Moca: Tomo-chin, look at this~.
Tomoe: Hm? This music is...?
Moca: Ran and I were talking about it. We think it's pretty good~.
Tomoe: Wow, it looks like pretty high level stuff.
Tomoe: But if we can learn how to play something like this I'm sure all of our skills will improve.
Tomoe: Okay! Let's start practicing it!

10 hamburgers?![]

Moca: I think I'll go with 10 burgers today~.
Tomoe: 10?! Your massive appetite never ceases to amaze me, Moca.
Moca: This is nothing~.
Moca: I'm only getting 10 today, but I could eat a looot more if I wanted~.
Tomoe: I'm getting heartburn just hearing about this...

That was really intense![]

Tomoe: That movie was really intense!
Moca: Yeah~. I almost cried.
Tomoe: Especially that part where the main character went to save his friend, regardless of the danger...
Moca: I so wasn't expecting a dog to appear at that point.
Moca: It was so soothing.
Tomoe: ... Moca. Were you even watching the movie?
Moca: Of course. The opening started...
Moca: ... And then suddenly the credits started.
Tomoe: ... You slept through the entire thing.

Allow me to make a recommendation![]

Tomoe: Hrm, there's too much to choose from...
Moca: Heh heh heh, you look like you could use some help.
Moca: Allow me to make a recommendation!
Moca: Full of chocolate, with firm a but fluffy crust...
Moca: And a pure delight to the taste buds, the chocolate cornet!
Moca: There is also an assortment of regular favorites, like red bean buns or curry buns!
Tomoe: You sound exactly like a salesperson... Haha, just how often do you come here?
Moca: I'm Yamabuki Bakery's number one fan, you know?

Didn't you just put sugar in it?[]

Moca: Coffee is best when it's black.
Moca: If you wanna enjoy the flavor, it just has to be black.
Tomoe: I'd really like to agree with you, but...
Tomoe: Didn't you just pour a small mountain of sugar into your coffee?
Moca: Come on, don't be picky about the little things~.

Bad news, bad news~![]

Moca: Tomo-chin~, bad news~.
Tomoe: Hm? What's going on?
Moca: Really, really bad news.
Tomoe: Okay, what's the problem?
Moca: ...
Moca: ... Huh? What was it again...? I forget...
Tomoe: ...
Moca: If I can't remember, maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
Tomoe: I guess so, but... Now it kind of bothers me.

I brought that manga~.[]

Moca: Tomo-chin~, I brought that manga I told you about~...
Moca: ... Hmm? Where'd it go?
Tomoe: The inside of your bag is a disaster...
Moca: Don't worry. This is organized in a Moca-chan kind of way...
Moca: ... Huh? It's gone...
Moca: Sorry, I think I forgot it.
Tomoe: So you didn't even bring it in the first place...?
Tomoe: I guess I'm not really that surprised, though.

What book should I choose...?[]

Tomoe: That reminds me, we have to do a book report. What should I choose...?
Moca: I've already decided.
Tomoe: Oh really, what did you go with?
Moca: Ta-da~. This!
Tomoe: ... Umm, isn't that a manga?
Moca: Believe it or not, the battles in this manga are really intense.
Moca: It's perfect for a book report~.
Tomoe: ... The teacher is just going to make you do it again, you know?

You're popular with everyone~.[]

Tomoe: Phew...
Moca: Wow. So much candy. What's going on?
Tomoe: Just stuff people gave to me.
Moca: Tomo-chin, you're so popular with the girls~. Give me some too~.
Moca: ... Huh? There's a chestnut bun in here.
Moca: You've got some old school fans~.
Tomoe: Oh that, one of the old ladies in my neighborhood gave it to me.
Moca: Wow, you're popular with everyone young and old~.

Almost there.[]

Moca: Ooh, almost there.
Tomoe: Huh? Oh, your point cards.
Moca: Yeah. This is my card for Yamabuki Bakery, and this one's for the supermarket.
Moca: This is for my favorite clothes shop, and this is for the candy store...
Tomoe: You're no good at keeping things in order, yet your point cards are nicely organized...

Isn't this the place where you work?[]

Saaya: Isn't this the place where you work?
Tomoe: Yeah. Playing an instrument isn't cheap, so I try to put in as many shifts as I can.
Saaya: Oh, I know what you mean!
Saaya: And then there's all the other things you want besides music stuff...
Tomoe: You know exactly what I'm talking about... Oh well, let's keep at it!

Moca asked me to.[]

Saaya: Hi. By yourself today, Tomoe?
Tomoe: Yeah. Just picking up some things Moca asked me to get for her.
Tomoe: She really loves this bakery, huh?
Saaya: Sometimes we see her here almost every day.
Saaya: It makes me so happy that she's enjoying our buns♪

Tomoe, have you decided what you're going to buy?[]

Saaya: Tomoe, have you decided what you're going to buy?
Tomoe: Hrm, I'm still not sure which sticks to go with.
Tomoe: If you had to choose, which would you get?
Saaya: I've used both brands before, but... I think I'd go with the ones on the right.
Saaya: Ahh, but the pair on the left felt really comfortable too...
Saaya: I guess you just can't tell until you try them.
Tomoe: Yeah, that's a good point.
Tomoe: Okay, I think I'll go with the first ones you recommended.

Now this is a cool jacket.[]

Tomoe: Ah, now this is a cool jacket.
Saaya: It kind of looks like what you wear on stage.
Tomoe: True. I like this kind of stuff.
Tomoe: You know, it was actually Himari who chose my stage outfit for me.
Saaya: Oh really?
Saaya: I might have to ask her for some fashion advice next time she's free♪

Daily lunch special~♪[]

Saaya: I wanna try the lunches they do here. They have a daily special, right?
Tomoe: Yeah. I had it last week, and it was pretty good.
Saaya: Really? Let's try it next time.
Tomoe: Sure. You're going to go with the special?
Saaya: Of course! Aww, I can't wait♪

Do you wanna try playing taiko drums?[]

Saaya: You play taiko drums too, right Tomoe?
Tomoe: Yeah. There's some similarities to standard drumming, so it's pretty fun.
Tomoe: Do you wanna come along sometime?
Saaya: You don't mind? I can go whenever it works for you.
Tomoe: Got it. I'll let you know next time I go.
Saaya: Thanks, I'm looking forward to it.

I should probably get going.[]

Saaya: Oh, I should probably get going...
Tomoe: You've got plans?
Saaya: I have to help out at home. My brother and sister are coming home early tonight.
Tomoe: Ahh, okay. You've got it tough, huh?
Saaya: It's not that bad, you know?
Saaya: I help out with everything because I like doing it, after all.
Tomoe: Fair enough. Just don't overwork yourself, okay?
Tomoe: Let me know if you ever need help.
Saaya: Thanks. You're really kind Tomoe, you know that?

Whoa, are you okay?[]

Saaya: Th-that really hurt...
Tomoe: Whoa, your hand is all red... Are you okay?
Saaya: Y-yeah. I tried to pet this cat, and it scratched me.
Saaya: ... This always happens.
Saaya: I like animals, but they always run away from me or attack me...
Tomoe: C'mon, don't get so down about it.
Tomoe: I'm sure the day will come when it stops happening.

You two are close♪[]

Saaya: I bumped into Ako the other day.
Saaya: All she talked about was you and how great you are, Tomoe.
Saaya: I could really tell she loves you.
Tomoe: ... Well, we don't have any other siblings, after all.
Tomoe: I love her back just as much, you know?
Saaya: Ahaha, you two are so close♪

Do you want this scrunchie?[]

Saaya: You always have your hair down. Doesn't it get in the way?
Tomoe: Hmm, I've always had it like this so I guess I don't notice it.
Saaya: Oh, okay. I was just thinking you might want this scrunchie.
Tomoe: You don't need it?
Saaya: I won it in a lucky draw at the supermarket.
Saaya: I don't need it, so I was wondering if someone else might instead.
Tomoe: Himari likes those kind of things, I can ask her if you like.
Saaya: Really? Thanks a lot.

Ran, you're pretty easy to read.[]

Tomoe: That last song we played just now came out pretty good!
Ran: ... You think so? It was just the same as usual.
Tomoe: ...
Ran: ... What?
Tomoe: Nothing. You seem kind of hard to understand at times, but you're actually pretty easy to read.
Ran: ... What are you trying to say?
Ran: Enough with the chitchat, let's practice it one more time.

Wanna go somewhere?[]

Tomoe: Heading home, Ran?
Ran: Yeah, that's right.
Tomoe: I'm completely free today... No rehearsals, work or club activities, nothing.
Ran: Oh, me too.
Tomoe: What a coincidence. Wanna go somewhere then?
Ran: Sure, if that's what you want.
Tomoe: Haha, yeah that's what I want. Okay, let's go!

What should I get...?[]

Ran: What should I get...?
Tomoe: Can't decide? I recommend... this one.
Ran: The vegetable burger?
Tomoe: I tried it with my friends from work, it tasted pretty good.
Ran: Okay, I guess I'll...
Ran: ... Actually, no. I'll go with a hamburger.
Tomoe: Why...? Oh, it's got peas in it.
Tomoe: You've always disliked them, ever since you were a kid right?
Ran: ... I didn't say that was the reason.

This guitar sounds really good.[]

Ran: This guitar sounds really good.
Tomoe: Hm? You've tried it out before?
Ran: Yeah. I've been interested in it for a while.
Ran: The price is...
Ran: ...
Tomoe: What's the matter?
Tomoe: ... This is expensive!!
Ran: Great sound doesn't come cheap...
Ran: I guess I won't be buying this.

I'll treat you today.[]

Tomoe: Ran, mind if we stop by the cafe?
Ran: I don't mind.
Ran: ... Oh, but I left my wallet at home.
Tomoe: You forgot to bring it? Oh well, I'll treat you then.
Ran: Don't, I'll feel bad.
Tomoe: Don't worry about it. Just treat me in return next time.