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Tsurumaki Kokoro é uma super animada estudante do 3° ano da Escola de Garotas Hanasakigawa, além de ser a lídere vocalista do Hello, Happy World!

Seu objetivo de vida é fazer o mundo inteiro sorrir. Sua família é super rica e vive em uma das maiores casa da área.


Kokoro tem grandes olhos amarelos, um cabelo loiro, liso e na altura da cintura. Sua franja é cortada de forma irregular e separada em duas partes. Além de um topete que toca em seus ombros.

A sua roupa casual consiste em uma blusa listrada branca e vermelha com mangas esvoaçantes e um macacão azul jeans, com uma fita vermelha em um dos seus pulsos. Durante o inverno ela veste um suéter vermelho com um boneco de neve pixelado e flocos de neve, com um short de tricô e um gorro com bolas fofas saindo dele. Durante o verão ela usa uma camisa branca e azul, com uma fita vermelha na cintura, shorts jeans e um colar.


An idealistic and charismatic young girl coming from a ridiculously rich family, Kokoro dreams of making the entire world smile from music. She effortlessly attracts others to her due to her bright and bubbly nature and often manages to get them swept up into her easygoing pace. Because of her charismatic and naturally imposing personality, she is often able to do and get what she wants. She is also extremely curious and easily amazed, charmed by new things she discovers in the world around her.

Although Kokoro has the optimism and charm of a natural leader, she is also quite scatterbrained and ditzy, and would not be able to get much done without the others in the group helping her. She also has said that she doesn't know what it feels like to be sad, didn't know what stress was until Marina told her[1] and always does her best to combat any kind of negative feelings. Adding to her status a rich girl, she is ignorant about certain normal things.

Game Interactions[]

A list of characters Kokoro interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

Kaoru (icon)Hagumi (icon)Kanon (icon)Misaki (icon)Kasumi (icon)Rimi (icon)Arisa (icon)Moca (icon)Tomoe (icon)Hina (icon)Eve (icon)Sayo (icon)Lisa (icon)Rinko (icon)



Tsurumaki (弦巻): Tsuru (弦) means "bowstring" and Maki (巻) means "scroll, book".

Kokoro (こころ), from the kanji "心", means "heart".


  • She refers to everyone (including Marina) with their first names and without using honorifics, similar to Chiyu.
  • She has the same height as Yukina, Rokka, and Himari.
  • Kokoro thinks reading, especially reading picture books is fun and often loans them from the library.
  • Like Hina, Kokoro is the only member of her school's Astronomy Club. In fact, she mentions that until recently, Hanasakigawa did not have an astronomy club, although from this story it is implied that a faculty member created the Astronomy Club as an excuse to avoid punishing her for being on school grounds late at night (and facing repercussions from the powerful Tsurumaki family)[2].
  • Kokoro mentions in one of her summer dialogues that her family owns a private beach, and in another one of her autumn dialogues, that they own a mountain. They also own a vacation home at a southern island[3].
  • The suits have given Kokoro a train pass that is unique in that, instead of a remaining balance on the card, it only shows "Tsurumaki"[4].
  • Kokoro is so hyper and acrobatic that usually only the suits - her three bodyguards - can manage to stop her. Her body is very nimble and such she is able to do backflips even while wearing a furisode.[5]
  • Some fan theories say that Kokoro is a genius but she doesn't realize it.
    • In one of the 1-panel comics, it was shown that Kokoro instantly learned how to ride a horse, which supports the theory.[6]
    • She also instantly learned how to play taiko drums[7] and juggle[8].
  • Kokoro started loving zombies after reading the spin-off manga and seeing the movies for Rimi's favorite horror series.[9]
  • In the Ojamajo Doremi collaboration, her design is based on Asuka Momoko.
  • In Senki Zesshou Symphogear XD Unlimited's collaboration with BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!, her 2nd stage outfit was used as the design for Akatsuki Kirika's card.


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