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BanG Dream вики
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Список карт[]

Начальная карта Pessimistic Girl icon
Ивент карты Conveying Passion iconBashful Pose iconI Have to Say It...! iconChoice Toppings iconWandering Butterflies in a Grey World icon
Перманентные карты Innocent Flapping (Kurata Mashiro) iconShine Once More iconAlarmingly Elite School iconWelcome to the Party! iconBask in the Light iconTrust Me iconTranslating Languages iconWhat Stirs My Heart iconTo Put Into Words iconNot Always for Me iconPale Blue Noblesse (Kurata Mashiro) iconThe Path Illuminated by My Radiance iconTeardrops Falling as the Sun Sets icon
Лимитированные карты The Place I Dreamt Of iconNew Year's Hymn iconVs King of the River iconIn Another World! icon
Dream Festival карты Fireflies' Light icon
KIRAMEKI Festival карты Sky-Colored Sea T icon
Birthday карты Special Birthday! (Kurata Mashiro) T iconPrecious Birthday! (Kurata Mashiro) T icon
Награда входа Gentle and Lovely (Kurata Mashiro) icon

Изображения карт[]

Камео на картах[]