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final phase is a song by fripSide. It was written, composed and arranged by Yaginuma Satoshi.

It was added in the game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! to commemorate both the collaboration with the anime series To Aru Kagaku no Railgun T and fripSide's anniversary. The song could be played on a special live without consuming boosts or health.[1]

It was made playable for a limited time on the following servers:

  • in JP, from June 19 - 30, 2020
  • in KR, from May 10 - 20, 2021[2]
  • in CN, from June 11 - 22, 2021.[3]

The song was then covered by Poppin'Party and added in the game during the Railgun collaboration event.

Game Info

Server availability Jp.svg (June 19-30, 2020)Kr.svg (May 10-20, 2021)Cn.svg (June 11-22, 2021)
Bpm.png Beats per minute 149 BPM
Easy.png Easy Song Level 7 119 notes
Normal.png Normal Song Level 12 201 notes
Hard.png Hard Song Level 19 392 notes
Expert.png Expert Song Level 25 558 notes


# Songs Duration Audio
00 (躄) final phase 01:34