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1, 2 Fanclub (いーあるふぁんくらぶ, Yi Aru Fankurabu) is a song covered by Hello, Happy World!

The full version of the song is included on the album BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.1, which was released on June 27, 2018. It is also included on the album Garupa Vocaloid Cover Collection, which was released on December 16, 2020.

It was one of the challenge songs for the events Hello, My Happy World and Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map.

It was originally produced by MikitoP, sung by GUMI and Kagamine Rin and released on August 12, 2012.

Game Info[]

Server availability JpTwKrEnCn
Bpm Beats per minute 145 BPM
Easy Song Level 7 108 notes
Normal Song Level 11 189 notes
Hard Song Level 20 394 notes
Expert Song Level 26 652 notes
Special Song Level 26 723 notes


# Songs Duration Audio
09 1, 2 Fanclub 03:59
00 1, 2 Fanclub (Game Version) 01:53

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