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A Big Sister's Pride Card Story - Episode

Sister Talk


Sayo: Hm? Udagawa-san? Good afternoon.
Tomoe: Ah, if it isn't Sayo-san! You doing some shopping?
Sayo: Yes, my parents sent me on an errand. I'm on my way home now. What about yourself?
Tomoe: I promised Ako we'd hang out, so that's the plan for today.
Sayo: I see. You two really are close.
Tomoe: Well, you know how it is. Hard times bring people closer. By the way, thanks again for your help back then!
Tomoe: Ever since all of that happened, I've really wanted to have a big-sister talk with you! Do you have time right now?
Sayo: A-a 'big-sister talk'...?
Tomoe: You know, a little heart-to-heart conversation about how hard it is being the older sibling.
Sayo: ... Okay.
Tomoe: I bet you got told this a lot, right? "You're the big sister." My parents were always reminding me.
Tomoe: Like when we'd play games together, I would always win, so Ako would start crying.
Tomoe: My parents would see that and go, "You're the big sister. Go easy on her."
Tomoe: Even as a kid, I never got that. I wanna win too! Have you ever had that happen to you?
Sayo: I don't think... that's ever happened to me.
Tomoe: ... Really? It must be because you and Hina-senpai are twins. Kinda hard to imagine someone telling you that in your situation.
Sayo: Agreed. I don't remember my parents ever saying anything like that to me. However...
Sayo: I have thought it to myself. How I'm the older one...
Tomoe: You mean... You'd tell yourself that?
Sayo: I'm the big sister, so I need to look after Hina... I'm the big sister, so I can't behave selfishly... I'm the big sister, after all...
Sayo: I feel like that's all I ever thought about.
Tomoe: You know... When you think about it, that's... almost tougher than being told the same thing by someone else.
Sayo: Looking back on it now, there was no reason for me to get all worked up about it, but that's just the type of person I am.
Tomoe: Sigh~. Little sisters have it easy when it comes to that stuff~. They don't know anything about our struggles, they just wanna play.
Tomoe: ... Hm? Isn't this something people mention a bunch? What was it again? I can't quite remember... Something about... only a sister being able to understand...?
Sayo: I think you mean when mothers and fathers say, "You'll understand when you're a parent," correct?
Tomoe: Ah, so it's parents, huh? Still, don't you think it works for big sisters too? We go through a lot without them realizing!
Sayo: Fufu. I suppose you're right.
Tomoe: Hey, Sayo-san, can I ask you something?
Sayo: What is it?
Tomoe: If you could be born again... Would you want to be the big sister or the little sister?
Sayo: If I was reborn, huh...? Well...
Sayo: I'd have to go with... the big sister.
Tomoe: Ahaha! Somehow, I knew you were gonna say that!
Tomoe: Same goes for me. Big sister all the way.
Sayo: Fufu. You're perfect for that role.
Tomoe: I'm glad to hear it! I can't picture you as anything else either.
Sayo: Thank you.
Array: ...
Ako: Ah~! So this is where you were~!
Tomoe: A-Ako! What are you doing here? We've still got a while before--
Tomoe: ... What the-?! Is it really that late already?!
Ako: It sure is~! We're losing out on precious playtime!
Tomoe: My bad, my bad! I just got caught up talking to Sayo-san.
Ako: Really~? I almost never see you two together.
Tomoe: We just happened to run into each other. Then we got to talking about all sorts of stuff.
Ako: So that's what happened! In any case, I'm happy to see you two getting along so well lately~♪
Tomoe: Well, we do have something in common, you know~.
Ako: Huh? What's that? Wait... Ah! You're both cool!
Sayo: Uhm, "cool"...?
Tomoe: Ahaha. Bzzt. Wrong answer!
Ako: Huh?! You are though~!
Tomoe: Yeah, I suppose we can just take the compliment and move on. Anyway, we better get going. See you around, Sayo-san. We should have another big-sister talk sometime!
Sayo: Alright.
Ako: Huh...? Ah! That's right!!
Ako: You're both big sisters!
Tomoe: Ahaha! So you finally figured it out, huh? That's right! Good job, Ako!
Ako: Ehehe~. How could I forget? You two are such cool big sisters!

A Big Sister's Pride Card Story - Special Episode

How I Feel About My Sister


CiRCLE - Lobby
Tomoe: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! What's up?!
Marina: Ah, Tomoe-chan! Hi there~. Huh? Do you have a practice scheduled for today?
Tomoe: No, I just wanted to thank you two for the other day. I completely forgot to say something on our way out last time.
Marina: Thank us...? For what? I don't remember doing anything special... Do you, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: ... You don't know either, huh?
Tomoe: Come on, you let me and Ako rent out a studio without a reservation the other day, didn't you? Remember when we came rushing in here? I'm talking about that.
Marina: Ah~, that's all? We just happened to have a studio open. It wasn't anything you need to thank us for...
Tomoe: But if we hadn't been able to drum it out back then, I get the feeling things would have just gotten more complicated.
Tomoe: In any case, the whole thing made me realize just how grateful I am to have a place like CiRCLE.
Marina: Fufu. I don't know what happened with you and Ako-chan, but I'm happy to hear that's how you feel about CiRCLE.
Tomoe: I guess you could say CiRCLE feels like home to us. That goes for me and Afterglow, as well as Ako and Roselia.
Marina: So does that make me like everyone's mother...?
Tomoe: No way! You're definitely the big sister. No doubt about it.
Marina: Fufu! Then that makes all of you my younger siblings, right?
Marina: Aw~, suddenly I have a ton of cute little sisters! That sure puts me in a good mood ♪
Tomoe: Hey, careful now. Being a big sister has its own special set of troubles...
Marina: Fufu. That's okay! If it's for my adorable little sisters, nothing can stop me!
Tomoe: Ah! Exactly! That's it!
Marina: Hm?
Tomoe: That's how I felt when I was drumming with Ako. If I had to put that into words, that's probably how I'd say it... "If it's for my adorable little sisters, nothing can stop me!"
Tomoe: I get it now... I've been thinking about it a lot, but you're right, that's all there is to it!
Tomoe: I'm just glad to have finally figured it out! Thank you!
Marina: Ahaha... Wish I could say we were all on the same page since you're thanking us again...
Tomoe: Ah, hey, is there an open studio right now?
Marina: Huh? ... Well, in about twenty minutes we'll be completely full, but at the moment we do have an open room... Why?
Tomoe: I'm really fired up! I just wanna play the drums right now! Do you think I could rent out that room for twenty minutes?!
Marina: Hm~... Such a heartfelt request from my little sister... How could I resist? Yep, go ahead and drum your heart out!
Tomoe: Ahahaha! Thanks! I'll head right in then! Here I go~!
Marina: Tomoe-chan... That was one heck of a shout...