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A Binary Star Duet Card Story - Episode

Secret Detour


Station Entrance

Young Hina: That tree was so amazing! All the lights were so sparkly!
Young Sayo: Yes... It was beautiful.
Young Sayo: I'm just glad I found you, and that we were able to do our shopping.
Young Hina: I'm sorry.
Young Sayo: It's fine. It was my fault for letting go of your hand... Just don't let go this time.
Young Hina: I won't~!
Young Sayo: ... Let's hold hands properly.
Young Sayo: Everyone might be worried... It's gotten quite late...
Young Hina: Yeah! I wonder what's for dinner. I'm starving!
Young Sayo: I think it will be stew.
Young Hina: Ooh, stew! I love stew!
Young Hina: ... Ah, but I don't like carrots~.
Young Sayo: You're going to get scolded again if you keep being like that.
Young Hina: But— Hm? What's this...? Something smells nice.
Young Sayo: ... It does. I wonder what it is.
Young Hina: I think it's coming from that way! Let's go!
Young Sayo: N-no, we have to go home.
Young Hina: Just for a bit! It'll just be for a bit~!
Young Sayo: Ahh, don't pull me...!

Fast Food Store

Young Hina: Here! The nice smell is coming from here!
Young Sayo: H-Hina-chan... We can't just go in there...
Young Hina: Hmm, is this some kind of store? Everyone sitting is eating something.
Young Hina: ... Ah! I've seen those long, thin things before! They're fries!
Young Hina: Look, look! They look so good! I wanna eat them!
Young Sayo: Shh, you are supposed to be quiet inside stores. We haven't had dinner yet either...
Young Hina: I promise I'll eat my carrots properly!
Young Sayo: But...
Young Hina: Please!
Young Sayo: ... Fine. Just a little bit, okay?
Young Hina: Yay~! Thanks! Oh, then let's get fries!
Young Hina: ... Hm? Where do we buy them? I don't see them anywhere like at the supermarket.
Young Sayo: ... Maybe we have to ask the lady over there. That's where everyone else is going.
Young Hina: Ohh! You're so smart!
Young Hina: Umm, excuse me! Could we have some fries?!
Clerk: Of course. Would you like them for here, or to go?
Young Hina: Ah. Umm...
Young Sayo: C-could we have them to go?
Young Sayo: We have to hurry up and go home, so let's eat them on the way back.
Young Hina: Okay! To go, please!
Clerk: Okay. What size would you like? We have small, medium, and large.
Young Hina: Ohh! Wow! Which one do you think we should get?
Young Sayo: W-we should get the small one or else we won't be able to eat dinner.
Young Hina: Oh, yeah! I wanna eat stew too!
Young Hina: Could we get the small one?
Clerk: Thank you. That will be 150 yen.
Young Hina: Okay~! Umm, I have the money, so... Ah.
Young Hina: ...
Young Sayo: What's the matter, Hina-chan?
Young Hina: I don't have enough money... What are we gonna do?
Young Hina: Are we gonna get in trouble...?
Young Sayo: ... D-don't worry. Hold on.
Young Sayo: ... Here, take this money. Now we can pay for the fries.
Young Hina: Wow... How do you have money...?
Young Sayo: I brought my allowance. Just a little bit though.
Young Hina: Ooh... You're so amazing! Thanks!

Walking Home

Young Hina: Mmm~! Yum! These are sho yummy!
Young Sayo: Yes... they are...!
Young Sayo: Ah... But you're not supposed to talk and chew at the same time, okay?
Young Hina: But they're so good! Don't you like them?
Young Sayo: I do... but...
Young Sayo: H-Hina-chan, don't tell Mom about the fries, okay?
Young Hina: Hehehe... Okay! It'll be our little shecret!

A Binary Star Duet Card Story - Special Episode

A "Happy" Christmas


CiRCLE - Lobby

Sayo: Nobody is... here...?
Sayo: I wonder if Marina-san and the others are out somewhere.
Marina: Oh, sorry! Coming~!
Marina: ... Ah, Sayo-chan! Sorry, were you waiting long?
Sayo: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. There is no need to worry about me... Were you in the middle of something?
Marina: Oh, we're alright. Things are a little busy, though.
Sayo: ... Are you redecorating? I noticed there were cardboard boxes everywhere.
Marina: Those are for the Christmas decorations. We brought them out now to make it easier for when we take them down.
Sayo: I see.
Marina: Things will get busy again, but that also makes it feel like Christmas.
Sayo: ... That makes sense. Perhaps it is as you say.
Sayo: I, too, felt like this year's Christmas was somewhat hectic.
Marina: Hehe, does that mean you hung out with everyone in Roselia or something?
Sayo: Yes, there was that... But a large part of it was attempting something I did not have much experience with.
Sayo: I have been through a lot... and those things have helped me feel somewhat confident...
Sayo: That was why I decided to try something new.
Marina: Interesting. So, did it go well?
Sayo: Yes, I am certain it did.
Sayo: It was challenging... And I would be lying if I said I was not worried.
Sayo: However, I feel like I was able to achieve something... And, on the whole, I would say things turned out rather well.
Marina: I see. I guess it was also a good Christmas for you then, huh?
Sayo: ... Yes. I gained a great deal.
Sayo: I figured out what I must do, and what I want to do.
Sayo: Where I stand, how far my goal is, and how to reach my goal...
Sayo: I feel like I have a clear view of those things.
Marina: I see, that sounds great! Nothing's worse than a sad Christmas!
Sayo: ... Yes. Christmas is supposed to be a day that brings happiness... after all.