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A Brilliant Introduction! Card Story - Episode

Cosmic Point of View


Hikawa Residence - Sayo's Room

Hina: Sis~! I'm home~!
Sayo: Hina, how many times do I have to remind you to knock before entering my room...? Well, no matter.
Hina: Ahaha, sorry!
Hina: I just wanted to try out that burger with you. You know, the limited-time one on TV.
Sayo: Ah, the one in the commercials. Why don't we have it for lunch today?
Hina: Yay~! I had a feeling you'd say that... Ta-dah! That's why I already got some for us~!
Sayo: Hina... Next time, I do hope you will ask me before making a purchase.
Hina: Will do~! Alright, let's eat~!

Hina: Mmm~, that was delicious! The limited-time fries were good too. I think I'm gonna buy them again~!
Sayo: By the way, Hina. How did the matter we discussed before go?
Hina: Huh? What are you talking about?
Sayo: You mentioned that you were bothered by a Pastel✽Palettes song being sung by another group, remember?
Hina: Ohh~! That thing!
Hina: Yeah, so ViVidCanvas' "Hanamaru◎Andante" was really good~!
Hina: Aya-chan's version makes me feel boppin', but ViVidCanvas' makes me feel tingly~♪
Sayo: That does not tell me what the differences are.
Hina: It doesn't? Well, basically, it's boring to have everyone sing the same way! What makes things fun is how different we are!
Sayo: Anyhow, it appears the issue that was bothering you has been resolved.
Hina: Mmhmm. I'm so glad I talked to you! Thanks a bunch~!
Sayo: I do not think I did anything to deserve your thanks, but I am glad it helped.
Hina: Oh, there's one other thing I have been thinking about!
Sayo: ...?
Hina: When we talked, you said "Let's do our best together" is something someone in a higher position says to someone in a lower position, right?
Sayo: Yes, I do believe I said something to that effect.
Hina: I've been trying to figure out what you meant by that...
Sayo: I also said it is something you are probably incapable of understanding.
Hina: You did, but you also told me I'm someone who can enjoy the unknown!
Sayo: True, I did say that...
Hina: I don't get the whole "do our best together" thing... But I also don't understand the whole higher and lower thing either~.
Hina: At first, I thought you meant something a senior would say to a junior, but that wasn't all you meant, right?
Sayo: Yes... Your assumption is correct.
Hina: And, I mean, higher and lower are relative. Depending on where you're standing or facing, the positions can switch places easily.
Hina: And if we're talking about outer space, you could make the case that words like that have no meaning.
Sayo: Space...? I was not talking about something so large-scale.
Hina: Oh? Was I wrong? Hmm, I guess I don't really get it after all~.
Hina: But I intend to keep thinking about it!
Hina: And I'll tell you about it someday when I come up with my own answer!
Sayo: ... You most likely will not arrive at the same answer as me.
Sayo: But regardless, any answer you do come up with on your own will be correct in its own way.
Sayo: That is why I look forward to whatever answer you arrive at...
Hina: Yeah! And until then, you'll just have to wait and see!

A Brilliant Introduction! Card Story - Special Episode

The Shape of Idols


Residential Area

Hina: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Heya~.
Marina: Hi, Hina-chan. Is it your day off?
Hina: Nuh-uh, I've got work. I'm done with what I have for now, so I slipped out for a bit~.
Hina: I've got another job later on though.
Marina: I see. It sounds like a busy day for you~.
Hina: Ahaha, not really. Today's job was kind of refreshing too.
Marina: Refreshing? Did something new pop up?
Hina: Umm, I had a job with a girl from our sister group. And we were both solo.
Hina: It was Serina-chan from ViVidCanvas. Have you heard of them?
Marina: They're Pastel✽Palettes' sister group, right? Aya-chan mentioned them. She said they're all hardworking and cute.
Hina: Yeah~. Well, we did have a bit of a fight, though.
Marina: Huh?! Y-you did?!
Hina: There was all this talk about how ViVidCanvas was going to take our place~.
Marina: I-it sounds like things could've gotten ugly...
Hina: Yeah, we hadn't had such a major crisis like that in a while.
Marina: Considering what happened, you don't seem all that concerned...
Hina: That's 'cause the situation has been dealt with! It did force me to think about stuff I'd never thought about before, though.
Hina: It made me realize there's no telling when we'll become former famous idols.
Hina: Aya-chan and the others aren't worried about it anymore, but the whole ordeal just showed me how competitive show business can be.
Marina: Yeah. I don't know much about it myself, but I imagine it is.
Hina: Honestly, I don't think it's something to get all that worried about.
Hina: I mean, ViVidCanvas is ViVidCanvas, and Pastel✽Palettes is Pastel✽Palettes. I think the reason why there are so many idols is that no one group can replace another.
Marina: True. If everyone was doing the same thing, there'd be no need for so many.
Hina: Right? That's why I think we'll be fine so long as we continue to be ourselves.
Hina: We're a really boppin' group of idols, after all♪
Marina: Fufu, it sounds like you really love Pastel✽Palettes.
Hina: Of course, I do! There's nothing else that's as fun as this group!
Hina: ... Ah, it's almost time for my next job! Gotta run, bye~!