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A Cadenza For Me Worldwide Event Banner
A Cadenza For Me
Event Attribute: Cool Cool
Event Type: Team Live Festival
Parameter Bonus: Visual 
Event Start
Event End
February 10, 2022 15:00 JST February 17, 2022 20:59 JST 7 days
June 30, 2022 15:00 CST July 5, 2022 20:59 CST 5 days
January 9, 2023 15:00 KST January 16, 2023 21:59 KST 7 days
November 30, 2022 01:00 UTC December 6, 2022 06:59 UTC 6 days
November 8, 2022 13:00 CST November 15, 2022 22:59 CST 7 days
Teams: Which street snack do you like?
177 team 1
177 team 2
Bonus Members
Mashiro (icon)Touko (icon)Nanami (icon)Tsukushi (icon)Rui (icon)
Event Related Song
One step at a time by Morfonica
Event Cards
Event Exclusive Rewards
Event Costume Set

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  • Cadenza is an Italian music term, usually referring to a portion of a concerto in which the orchestra stops playing, leaving the soloist to play alone in free time, and it can be either written or improvised. During this time the accompaniment will rest, or sustain a note or chord.
    • The Taiwanese server used "Kadenz", which is the German term for cadenza.
  • When the Taiwanese server started this event on June 29, 2022, an error caused the Team Live to be unaccessable, so a new patch on June 30 rebranded it as a Mission Live Event.

Suggested Team

Team Live Festival
  • Cards suggested above are based from JP server's released cards as of date of event.
  • If you need help in building your band for any lives, you can use the Team Builder tool by Bestdori!.