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A Caring Princess Card Story - Episode

Familiar Faces



Hina: Ah, I found sea slaters~! Let's try to catch some, Maya-chan~!
Maya: Whoa, Hina-san! Please don't pull me like that. It's dangerous...
Lisa: ...
Kasumi: Lisa-san~! Why are you crouched down like that?
Lisa: Hm~? I'm looking at the tide pools in the rocks here. All the fish swimming around are pretty interesting~.
Tae: How about that. Look at how many little fish there are.
Kasumi: And they're all such pretty colors~.
Lisa: I could keep staring at these puddles forever.
Kasumi: I get you! Your eyes just start following them along.
Lisa: Right, right. The way they dart back and forth never gets old.
Lisa: And even though they look similar, they're all different in a way.
Tae: What do you mean?
Lisa: Well, do you see the five fish in that school there?
Lisa: The pink one in the middle is definitely doing its own thing.
Kasumi: Ah, it totally is! The rest of them are swimming around in circles, but the pink one keeps going off on its own.
Lisa: And when it does, that gray one tries its best to keep up, which leads to the blue one trying to bring the other two back.
Tae: Lisa-san was absolutely right. They may appear similar, but each one is different. I can't look away.
Lisa: Right~? Ah, the pink one ran off again.
Lisa: Fufu, the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of Ako~.
Tae: ...? What do you mean?
Lisa: It's always going off on its own.
Lisa: Whenever we're walking home from rehearsals, Ako will suddenly dart off towards anything that catches her eye.
Kasumi: Ah, I can see that happening~!
Lisa: And then Rinko will try to chase after her, with Sayo eventually leading them both back to the group.
Tae: If so, then the red fish must be you, Lisa-san. It goes to make sure the others get back safely every single time.
Kasumi: That's so her! Lisa-san, you're the type who always makes sure everyone is okay!
Lisa: Y-you think so? You guys are totally embarrassing me here~.
Kasumi: The purple one who quietly waits for the others to return has to be Yukina-senpai!
Tae: Uh-huh. It fits that cool personality of hers perfectly.
Lisa: It's true that Yukina is always watching from afar to make sure Sayo brings Ako back... I'd say you nailed it ☆
Tae: Ah, look. The fish are back together again.
Kasumi: Make sure you get along, Roselia~.
Tae: And don't get into any fights~.
Lisa: Hey, guys. Those fish aren't actually us, you know~.
Kasumi: Hehehe, I got so caught up pretending it was Roselia...
Tae: Kasumi, let's look for fish that resemble Poppin'Party.
Kasumi: Now there's an idea~!
Hina: Hey~! Let's get a move on, you guys~!
Lisa: Ah, okay~! Hina is calling us.
Kasumi: Okay! We'll have to put that search on hold for now, O-Tae!
Tae: Sure!
Lisa: Fufu, let's get going.

A Caring Princess Card Story - Special Episode

Infinite Imagination


Shopping Mall

Lisa: Oh, it's you, BanG Dreamer-san. Hey there~.
Lisa: Yep, I came to check out some accessories~. How about you?
Lisa: Ah, shopping for supplies~. Always hard at work, I see ♪
Lisa: Did you hear? Myself, Tae, and some others went to the beach the other day.
Lisa: You bet we had fun☆ There were so many new things to see and do.
Lisa: Like the marine mailbox. They had it set up underwater. Isn't that cool?
Lisa: The idea of swimming out to sea to deliver postcards had me totally pumped.
Lisa: The other thing that stood out was the mermaid~.
Lisa: You see... I think I actually saw a real one. I'm not kidding.
Lisa: I mean, my eyes were probably playing tricks on me. It was probably just some big fish that I mistook for a mermaid.
Lisa: But still, imagine if it wasn't all in my head... Doesn't that just get your head spinning?
Lisa: It's almost like something out of a dream.
Lisa: Oh, you get it? I knew you would, BanG Dreamer-san~.
Lisa: I don't know if mermaids really exist, but... it sure is nice to imagine how things might be if they were~☆
Lisa: ... Whoops, my bad. You're still on the clock, right?
Lisa: Well, I don't want to hold you up any longer, so I'll head out for now.
Lisa: See you again at CiRCLE~. Bye-bye~.