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A Cute Roar! Card Story - Episode

The Evolving Marie



Hagumi: Hey, Kaoru-kun! I have a picture I want you to take a look at~!
Kaoru: Oh my... You are in quite high spirits, Hagumi. Of course I do not mind. What kind of picture might it be?
Hagumi: This is a picture I had O-Tae take when the downtown area did their recent Shopper Appreciation Day~... Ah, this is it!
Kaoru: Let me see...
Kaoru: Ah~, what a fleeting portrayal... For you and Marie to be lined up together, this is truly a miraculous photograph.
Hagumi: Yeah! O-Tae took such cute pictures~!
Kaoru: However, if you are captured in this photo, then who is the one that is inside Marie?
Hagumi: Well, I was supposed to be Marie on this day, but Hii-chan did it instead!
Hagumi: When I was in trouble because I had something urgent to do, Hii-chan said she would be my pinch hitter!
Kaoru: Helping a companion in need... Such fleeting camaraderie. Hagumi, would you regale me with more of your tale?
Hagumi: Sure! Um, recently, when I was in trouble because my dad mixed up my plans, Hii-chan came along and...
Kaoru: I see. I had not known such a thing had happened.
Hagumi: I had to reply back right away at the time, so Hii-chan was a big help~.
Hagumi: Plus, Hii-chan's Marie was really cute! I got to hug her a whole bunch!
Kaoru: A lovely Marie as performed by Himari-chan... I would have liked to witness it for myself.
Hagumi: It was really amazing~! From what Hii-chan said, there's some sort of trick to taking pictures.
Hagumi: Like, it's important to look up when taking photos... or that you're supposed to have your hands near your face!
Hagumi: Hii-chan is so amazing to have thought up all that! I have to learn from her example!
Kaoru: Himari-chan... What a superb sense of professionalism she has... It would seem that I still have much to learn...
Hagumi: Mhm! Anyway, I was so happy that my dream of taking a picture with Marie came true~.
Kaoru: Fufu... The next time I meet Himari-chan, I must express my gratitude to her as well.
Kaoru: ... However, should such a thing occur again, you may also depend on me.
Hagumi: Huh?! Does that mean that you'll be Marie for me?!
Kaoru: But of course. My heart throbs with anticipation at the thought of being able to perform as Marie.
Kaoru: I should be able to bring life to a new facet that differs from your energetic Marie and Himari-chan's lovely Marie.
Kaoru: Yes! It would surely be a most fleeting Marie...!
Hagumi: What would a fleeting Marie be like?! I really wanna see that!
Kaoru: First, what do you think of me performing magnificent steps of ballroom dance with the children?
Hagumi: Wow, ballroom dancing?! I think that'd be so cool!
Kaoru: Then, I would hand out a single rose with each balloon. They would, of course, be accompanied with a verse of fleeting poetry.
Hagumi: Roses and poetry?! That's amazing, Kaoru-kun! Marie's sounding even more fleeting!
Kaoru: Fufu... In my hands, this much is but a trifle.
Kaoru: Moreover, should I assume the role of Marie, Hagumi... You and Himari-chan would be able to take a picture with Marie whenever you like, would you not?
Hagumi: B-but that means that next time, you won't be able to take a picture with Marie... Hmmm...
Hagumi: I know! The next time Marie is needed, the three of us can take turns being her!
Hagumi: If my Marie, Hii-chan's Marie, and your Marie all got together, I bet that would make a lot of people smile!
Kaoru: Oh, Hagumi! What a kind kitten you are...! I, of course, am in complete agreement.
Hagumi: Ehehe, now I'm really excited for the next time I get to be Marie!
Hagumi: Okay, Kaoru-kun! In order to completely become Marie, you need to build up enough stamina first!
Hagumi: Let's go for a run right now!

A Cute Roar! Card Story - Special Episode

Thanks for the Dream


Shopping Mall

Hagumi: Hm... I wonder what Hii-chan would like... Ah!
Hagumi: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san! Are you shopping?
Hagumi: Oh, you're on a shopping run for CiRCLE. Right now, I'm kinda stuck on what to buy... I know! Can I ask you for some advice?
Hagumi: Yay! Thanks, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: So, um, Hii-chan really helped me out recently. That's why I was wondering what to get her as a thank-you gift.
Hagumi: Hii-chan knows a lot about sweets, but... I couldn't think of anything that I know of that she would like...
Hagumi: Um, at the last downtown Shopper Appreciation Day, Hii-chan became Marie in my place!
Hagumi: I was having trouble because my softball game overlapped with that event, so Hii-chan said she would be Marie!
Hagumi: Ah, keep that a secret from everyone else, okay? Hii-chan especially said to not tell the others in Afterglow!
Hagumi: Hii-chan is just so nice, isn't she? When I was in trouble, she called out to me right away.
Hagumi: Her kindness even came out with Marie that day, and she was really popular with the kids!
Hagumi: Also, guess what? I finally got to take a picture with Marie!
Hagumi: I've always been the one inside Marie, right? That's why I haven't been able to get a picture with her... But thanks to Hii-chan, I finally could!
Hagumi: Ehehe. I have to tell her thanks a whole bunch!
Hagumi: So I wanted to get Hii-chan a thank-you gift that would make her happy, but... I wonder what kind of present she would like.
Hagumi: ... Huh? Croquettes... from our shop?!
Hagumi: But on that day, we had a croquette party at my house... Oh, I see!
Hagumi: Our croquettes are the best in the world, so you can never have enough, right? Okay! In that case... I've decided on croquettes!
Hagumi: Now that that's settled... I have to hurry and bring Hii-chan some piping hot croquettes!
Hagumi: Ehehe, I'm so glad I asked you for advice! It really helped me out! Thanks! Bye-bye!