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A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Opening
Downtown on a Day Off

On a certain Sunday, as Saaya was making her way to meet her friends at the shopping mall...



Saaya: I think I might have left a little too early...

Oh well, I'd rather be at the meetup spot sooner than later
Soba Shop Owner: Oh, if it isn't Saaya-chan. Are you going out?
Saaya: Good morning, ma'am. Yup, I'm going to see a movie with a classmate of mine.
Soba Shop Owner: Well, that sounds just lovely. Be careful out there. Ah, just a minute, I'll give you some candy to share with your friend.
Saaya: Hey~, come on now~! I'm already a high schooler. You don't need to give me candy anymore...
Soba Shop Owner: Oh, I suppose you're right. Fufu, I'm sorry. It's just a force of habit.
Saaya: Ahaha...
Tofu Shop Owner: How's it going Saaya-chan!? I just made some ganmodoki. Do you wanna try one?!
Saaya: Thanks, but I'm on my way out. Maybe next time.
Tofu Shop Owner: Oho, is that so? I was wondering what you were all dressed up for. Don't stay out too late now, you hear?
Saaya: Right, will do. See you later.
Saaya: (Why do the shopkeepers here always want to give me food...?)
Saaya: (I'm not a kid anymore, so there's no reason to offer me candy...)
Tomoe: Hey~, Saaya!
Saaya: Ah, Tomoe. Good morning~.
Tomoe: Are you headed out?
Saaya: Yeah, I'm going to the shopping mall to see a movie... Wait, what are you holding?
Tomoe: Ah, I got these ganmodoki from the tofu shop! I also go this candy from the pharmacy!
Tomoe: Man~, isn't it great how everyone downtown gives you food?!
Saaya: Y-yeah, it sure is.

Saaya: ...Ah, that's my phone.

Hello? Yeah, I'm headed over now...
Saaya: Huh? Mhm, mhm... I see. No, don't worry about it. Just take care of yourself.
Tomoe: What's up?
Saaya: The person I'm supposed to meet up with isn't feeling well...
Tomoe: Really? Guess that means no movie then... Sorry to hear that.
Saaya: It's no big deal. It's gotten pretty cold out, so I better make sure I don't get sick myself.
Saaya: Besides, the movie's going to be in theaters for a while. We can always go when she's feeling better.
Tomoe: Gotcha. yeah I'm sure your friend would appreciate that too.
Saaya: That does mean I've got nothing to do today though... Hmm~, now what?
Tomoe: If you're looking for something to do, why not go out for ramen with me?
Saaya: Ramen?
Tomoe: Yeah, you've seen the advertisements for that new place by the station, right?
Tomoe: Today's their grand opening, so I figured I'd head over and give them a try.
Saaya: Ah, that's right~. Aren't they supposed to specialize in pork and soy sauce ramen? That's your favorite isn't it?
Tomoe: You bet it is! It's not ramen if it's not made with a pork and soy sauce base!
Tomoe: A thick, rich broth topped with delicious slices of pork... Just thinking about it is making me hungry!
Saaya: Ahaha. Hold on, are you sure today's the day it opens?
Tomoe: ...? It should be. The coupon I got had the date on it and-
Tomoe: Ah! This is next week's date...!
Saaya: I-I thought so...
Tomoe: Aw man~... I was really looking forward to that ramen too...
Saaya: Well, at least you have something to be excited about this week...
Saaya: Although that means both of our schedules are free now.
Tomoe: True... It wouldn't feel right to just go home, so do you wanna do something?
Saaya: Like what?
Tomoe: Like karaoke, or maybe a movie. Ah, we could always go shopping too!
Saaya: You know, you're right. Why waste a perfectly good Sunday...? Yeah, let's do it.
Saaya: Ah, then why don't we invite Tsugu and Hagumi along too? When I saw them yesterday, they mentioned they were free today.
Tomoe: Oho, yeah! The more the merrier!
Tomoe: I should ask Ako to come along too. She said she didn't have practice today.
Saaya: Alright, sounds good. Hehe. We're assembling all the downtown members!
Tomoe: Hahaha, true. But hey, I like hanging out with you guys every once in a while!

A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Chapter 1
A Calico Cat Sighting?

Saaya and Tomoe head to where Tsugumi is. Once they find her, they notice that she's acting a little strange.



Tsugumi: Don't hide, silly. Come here~! I just wanna be friends!
Tsugumi: Hmm, no good, it won't come out... What should I do?
Tsugumi: I've got it! I just need to think like a cat... Meow! Meow!
Saaya: Ts-Tsugu...?
Tomoe: What are you doing?
Tsugumi: Whoa! How long have you guys been there?!
Saaya: We just got here... Why are you pretending to be a cat?
Tomoe: Haha, are you practicing your cat impersonation for next year's talent show?
Tsugumi: What? Come on, I'd never do that~!
Tsugumi: I'm trying to get the cat hiding in this alley to come out and play.
Saaya: A cat? Uhm, I don't see anything.
Tsugumi: It's hiding behind that cardboard box back there. I only saw it for a second, but I think it was the cat from Cat's Market.
Tomoe: Ah, the grumpy calico, huh? That cat doesn't like anybody.
Saaya: Even though we've all known it since elementary school.
Tsugumi: Well, today's the day I become that cat's best friend!
Tomoe: Oho, Tsugu's fired up...! Alright, then I'll help you out!
Saaya: I would too, but, well, this is a cat we're talking about...
Tsugumi: Huh? Do you not like cats?
Saaya: Ah, no, that's not it. I actually love them.
Saaya: But they don't seem to like me very much. I always get scratched when I try to pet them...
Tsugumi: Oh yeah, didn't you say other animals don't like you either?
Tomoe: Even the myna bird at the appliance store ignores you. That bird is usually such a chatterbox too...
Saaya: Yeah, I've tried countless times, but it never works. I have no idea why...
Tsugumi: I-it's okay, Saaya-chan! Humans love you!
Tomoe: Y-yeah, especially Moca! She says you smell good!
Saaya: Ahaha, sorry, I didn't mean to make you worry about me.
Saaya: Anyway, given my special circumstances, I think I'll keep my distance if that's alright.
Tomoe: Yeah, it'd probably be best to approach it after it's gotten used to us.
Tomoe: You know what that means, right?! It's up to us, Tsugu!
Tsugumi: Y-yeah!
Tomoe: Uhm, you said it's behind that cardboard box, right...?
Tomoe: Hey~! Don't be scared, little guy! Come here! If you do, we can play with you as much as you want~!
Saaya: ... It's not coming out.
Tomoe: Are you sure it's there? I don't hear any meowing.
Tsugumi: I-I know it's there! I saw it the moment it went behind the box!
Tomoe: Hmm, then let's give it another shot. Hey you, come out already.
Tomoe: Meow~! Meow~!
Saaya: Tomoe, I don't think you need to try that hard...
Tsugumi: Wah, the wind...!
Saaya: Hm? Did that paper bag just come out from behind that box?
Tomoe: The design... kinda looks like a calico cat...
Saaya: Could that be what you saw before, Tsugu...?
Tsugumi: I-it looks like it. Ooo, it wasn't a cat at all~!
Tomoe: And here I was, talking to a paper bag...
Tsugumi: I-I'm sorry, Tomoe-chan...!
Saaya: Ahaha...
Tsugumi: By the way, what are you guys doing here?
Tomoe: Ah, that's right. We actually came to see you. We were planning on going out, and thought you might wanna come along.
Tsugumi: Going somewhere with you guys does sound like fun!
Tsugumi: I don't have any work to do in the cafe, so I'm free!
Tomoe: Awesome, then it's settled! Now we just gotta find Hagumi and Ako!
Saaya: I don't think Hagumi's helping out at the shop today. Maybe I should give her a call.
Tsugumi: Actually, I think I saw her and Ako-chan a little while ago.
Tomoe: Huh? You did?
Tsugumi: Yeah, they were doing something in front of the clothing store.
Tomoe: Wait, isn't that store closed today?
Tsugumi: Oh yeah, that's right...
Saaya: Well, I guess we'll figure it out when we get there. The clothing store's not that far from here anyway.

A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Chapter 2
Team Downtown, Assemble

Saaya and the others continue along to look for Hagumi and Ako.
They find the two of them in front of a clothing store that's not open...



Hagumi: One, two, three! One, two three!
Hagumi: And then, we'll do a backflip, then another, and then strike a pose!
Ako: Whoa! That was so amazing! What was that?! It looked super cool!
Hagumi: Ehehe, those were the steps to the dance I'm practicing~! I'm going to be performing at an event downtown~!
Ako: An event downtown? I don't remember hearing about any dance events.
Hagumi: That's because it's not! It's a fluffy mascot event!
Ako: Oh, I see~... Wait, does that mean you're going to do that dance as Marie?!
Hagumi: Yup! Michelle and I are dancing together~!
Hagumi: I'm coming up with all the steps, and then Michelle and I are gonna practice together!
Hagumi: Seeing your face just now tells me I've got the choreography just right!
Ako: Yeah! Your dance will be a huge hit for sure!
Ako: Ah, I mean, it was cool and all, but...
Saaya: If Michelle's dancing too, shouldn't you make it a bit simpler?
Tomoe: You're the only one who can move like that in a suit, Hagumi...
Ako: Ah, Sis, Saaya-chan! Tsugu-chin's here too!
Tsugumi: Uhm, why are you dancing in front of this shop?
Hagumi: They've got an extra big window that's kinda like having a mirror, right!?
Ako: So the owners are letting me use it for practice when they're closed!
Saaya: So that's what you're doing. I suppose I use it as a mirror sometimes.
Tsugumi: What? You too?
Saaya: Ahaha, I'm guessing that means you do the same thing?
Tomoe: Actually, I do too. You can see your whole body, after all.
Ako: Huh? Wait, Sis... I thought you were going to go get ramen.
Tomoe: That was the plan, but I got the opening date mixed up.
Tomoe: Once I started talking to Saaya, we decided to go out somewhere together and-
Ako: What-?! No fair! I wanna go too!
Hagumi: Me too! If Ako-chin's going, I'm coming too!
Saaya: Ahaha, I figured you'd say that, which is why we came to invite you along.
Hagumi: Really?! Let's go! Let's go~!
Ako: Yay~! I get to hang out with everybody~! So where are we going?
Tsugumi: We haven't decided yet. Does anybody have any ideas?
Hagumi: I do~! We should go somewhere fun! Like the amusement park!
Hagumi: And if we're going to an amusement park, we should go to Smile Land!
Ako: I wanna go somwhere that just screams, 'darkness'!
Ako: The dark blood within me shall take the World of Spirits and... uhm... uh...uh...
Saaya: I-it's okay. We got the idea.
Ako: Ooo, I wish Rin-rin was here...
Tomoe: Well, why don't we figure out where we're going over lunch?
Tomoe: I was originally going to get ramen, so I still wanna get something to eat.
Tsugumi: Fufu, that's fair. I haven't had lunch yet either, so I'm kind of hungry myself.
Hagumi: Me too. All I've had today are some croquettes.
Ako: I'm hungry too...
Saaya: Sounds like we all want food then. Alright, in that case. let's go find some place to eat.

A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Chapter 3
Getting a Little Peckish

The five of them try to figure out where to go for lunch.
They're stumped because all the restaurants look so good.



Tomoe: Alright, so what do you all want to eat?
Hagumi: I know~! I wanna eat something tasty!
Ako: Ah, me too! I want something tasty too!
Saaya: Don't worry, we're not planning on going anywhere that's gross.
Tsugumi: It's hard to decide though. There are so many restaurants downtown.
Saaya: Hmm, yeah. I've never really noticed before, but now that you mention it, it's true.
Ako: ... Ah! Something smells really good!
Hagumi: Sniff, sniff... I know this smell! It's the smell of freshly baked bread~! And delicious bread at that~!
Ako: You're right! Let's have lunch there!
Saaya: I appreciate the sentiment, but this smell is coming from my family's bakery.
Hagumi & Ako: ...Ah! You're right!
Saaya: I already had bread for breakfast, so I'd like to eat something else if possible.
Tsugumi: Th-that's fair.
Tomoe: Oh, something smells pretty good over this way.
Tsugumi: Yeah, it smells like yakitori. Ah, I smell curry too.
Saaya: Hmm~, it's so hard to decide.
Tomoe: Is there anything you want to eat, Saaya?
Saaya: Me? Well~... Ah! Why don't we go to the tanuki restaurant? It's been awhile!
Tomoe: The tanuki restaurant...? You mean the okonomiyaki place across from the soba restaurant?
Saaya: Yeah, that's the one. I haven't been there in forever, so eating their okonomiyaki would be great.
Tomoe: Sounds good to me!I haven't been there in a while either!
Tsugumi: The downtown shops have their meetings there a lot, don't they?
Tsugumi: I haven't gone to any recently, but I used to go with my dad all the time when I was little.
Hagumi: Didn't we all used to go to those with our parents?!
Ako: We'd have a table all to us kids, and then eat okonomiyaki together!
Saaya: We did, didn't we?! Talk about nostalgic~!
Saaya: Weren't you the best at flipping the okonomiyaki, Tomoe?
Tomoe: Haha, you've got a really good memory, don't you~? I guess I'll have to show off my skills for old time's sake.
Tsugumi: Alright, then it sounds like we're going to the tanuki restaurant for lunch.
Hagumi & Ako: Yippee~!
Saaya: Ahaha, great!
Tsugumi: ... Actually, now that I think about it, that restaurant isn't really the tanuki restaurant, is it?
Saaya, Tomoe, Hagumi & Ako: ...?
Saaya: What are you talking about? Of course it's the tanuki restaurant.
Tsugumi: But aren't we the only ones who called it that?
Tsugumi: I get the feeling it has a different name.
Tomoe: D-does it...?
Saaya: I feel like I go by it all the time though... Why haven't I noticed?
Tsugumi: I can't remember its real name either... Weren't you the one who started calling it the tanuki restaurant, Saaya-chan?
Saaya: Huh?! Was I?!
Hagumi: Actually... I think she's right!
Saaya: What, really...? Ah! That's it!
Saaya: They've got a tanuki statue, so I think that's why I started calling it that.
Hagumi: Then we must have heard you say it and started copying you!
Tomoe: Ah, that reminds me!
Ako: Huh? What is it, Sis?
Tomoe: I think I called it something else as a kid too. Eventually my nickname lost out to Saaya's, though.
Saaya: Really? What did you call it?
Tomoe: The glasses shop. You know, because the owner wears glasses.
Tsugumi: Th-then it wouldn't be an okonomiyaki restaurant though...

A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Chapter 4
Where's that Restaurant Key...?

They decided on the "tanuki restaurant" for lunch!
Once they get to the restaurant, they see the owner dealing with a dilemma...



Ako: Hmhmm~♪ Pork or squid~♪ Which should I get~?!
Hagumi: Get the pork okonomiyaki! They get their meat from my family's shop!
Ako: What, really?! I didn't know that! Did you, Sis?!
Ako: ... Sis?! Where'd she go?
Tsugumi: Huh? She was here just a second ago...
Saaya: Ah, over there! She's talking to the vegetable stand owner!
Tsugumi: ... Ah, looks like she's finishing up. Here she comes.
Tomoe: Sorry about that! They called me over!
Saaya: It's fine, but what's that you've got there?
Tomoe: Ah~, this? I got this from the vegetable stand owner.
Tomoe: I stood outside his shop and helped bring in customers the other day, so he gave me these as thanks.
Tomoe: It's a bunch of oranges. Don't worry, I'll share!
Saaya: Oh, I didn't know you did that.
Tsugumi: Tomoe-chan gets along really well with everyone downtown.
Hagumi: Now that I think about it, I feel like I've heard Tomo-chin's calls before... Hm?
Ako: Ah, it's the downtown anthem!
Hagumi: Mmm~! This really is a great song, Saaya!
Saaya: Ahaha, thanks... It's kinda embarrassing hearing it play when I'm with others though.
Saaya: I think it's a great song too. Rimi-rin worked really hard on it.
Tsugumi: ...
Ako: ...? What's wrong, Tsugu-chin?
Tsugumi: Ah, it's nothing, I was just thinking about how cool it is that Saaya-chan and Tomoe-chan do so much for the downtown area.
Tsugumi: And Hagumi-chan, you help liven up the area as Marie, don't you?
Hagumi: Yup, I help out with events sometimes too!
Hagumi: I give out balloons and candy to little kids, and sometimes I play with them too! It's super fun!
Hagumi: Why do you ask?
Tsugumi: I'm just wondering if there's anything I can do to help...
Tsugumi: I keep trying to think of something, but nothing comes to mind.
Ako: Then why don't we help make the downtown area more fun together?!
Tsugumi: Do you have an idea?
Ako: How about this? We come up with a dance!
Tsugumi: You mean, like a dance specifically for the downtown area?
Ako: Yeah! Once we've got the steps down, we can perform at the Obon festival!
Ako: I can think up some super cool steps for us too! I'm in the dance club, so my choreography should be just as good as Hagumi's!
Tsugumi: B-but I don't know how to dance~!
Saaya: Hmm, what about doing something with your hobbies?
Tsugumi: My hobbies...? I guess I do collect bath bombs for fun...
Tomoe: Why not do something with that?
Tsugumi: N-no way! I can't! How would collecting bath bombs help anybody?
Tomoe: If collecting doesn't work, why not try making some?
Tsugumi: C-can you make bath bombs?
Saaya: I don't know, but wouldn't it be worth looking up?
Tsugumi: Y-yeah... You're absolutely right! No use saying it's impossible before I even try!
Tomoe: Oh, and just like that, we're at the tanuki restaurant~!
Hagumi: ... Huh? What's the owner doing outside?
Ako: Hey, mister~. What are you doing?
Restaurant Owner: Ah, hi girls. I was about to open up the shop, but it turns out my wife took the keys by accident when she left to go shopping. I tried calling her, but she won't pick up.
Hagumi: Huh?! Does that mean you're not open yet?!
Ako: No~!!
Hagumi: I was really looking forward to eating okonomiyaki too~!
Restaurant Owner: I'm sorry you came all this way for nothing...
Saaya: ... Well, what now? Should we go somewhere else?
Tomoe: No way. I'm already in the mood for okonomiyaki.
Hagumi: I wanna eat lots and lots of okonomiyaki~!
Ako: Me too, me too~!
Saaya: Hmm~, yeah, I'm in the mood for okonomiyaki too.
Saaya: ... Hey, would your wife happen to be doing her shopping downtown?
Restaurant Owner: Yup, that's right. She didn't leave that long ago either, so she shouldn't be that far away...
Saaya: Then we might be able to find her! Come on guys, let's go!
Tomoe, Hagumi & Ako: Yeah~!

A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Chapter 5
Cutting Through the Back Alley

Saaya and the others chase down the owner's wife. Are they finally able to enjoy some okonomiyaki?


Saaya: She couldn't have gotten far...
Ako: O spirits of darkness, answer my call. With this great power of mine, do, uh, that one thing and tell us whe-
Hagumi: Ako-chin, Ako-chin!
Ako: H-hey! Hagumi~! I wasn't finished yet~!
Hagumi: But look over there! Isn't that the tanuki restaurant owner's wife?!
Tsugumi: That's her, alright! It has to be!
Tomoe: Hey~! Mis-... Ah!
Saaya: Whoa! Look at all these kids...! Where'd they come from?
Hagumi: Ah, I forgot! It's Michelle Day!
Saaya: What?
Hagumi: Michelle's doing an event downtown today!
Hagumi: Ooo, I was going to participate too, but I completely forgot~!
Ako: Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing the flyers...
Saaya: Ah, there's Michelle. She's completely surrounded by children.
Tomoe: Hold on, with all these little dudes running around, we can't take this route.
Ako: Oh no, what should we do?! We're going to lose her~!
Hagumi: ... I know! We can just take a shortcut!
Saaya: A wha-... Ah, that's right, the shortcut!
Tomoe: Man, I completely forgot about that. There's a small little path behind all the shops, isn't there?
Tsugumi: I used to take it all the time, but not so much anymore.
Hagumi: Over here, over here! I use it all the time, so I know it really well!
Saaya: It's been awhile since I've taken this road.
Tomoe: Same here. I always thought it was a shortcut as a kid, but it's really not.
Tsugumi: If you look at it on a map, it certainly seems like it would be faster, but it doesn't really change that much.
Saaya: Actually, doesn't it take longer if you use this road?
Hagumi: Huh...?
Ako: What's wrong, Hagumi?
Hagumi: I didn't know that...! Why didn't you guys tell me~?!
Saaya: S-sorry. I thought everybody knew...
Tsugumi: Ah, if we turn here, we'll end up on the street again!
Saaya: ...! Wait!
Ako: What's wrong?
Saaya: Don't you think it'd be better to take the next turn?
Saaya: If we take this one, we'll end up in front of the candy shop.
Tomoe, Tsugumi, Hagumi & Ako: ...!
Ako: Y-you're right! That's the candy lady's shop!
Saaya: She really likes to talk. Once she starts, she'll keep going and going, until thirty minutes have passed.
Tsugumi: She's really nice and gives you extra candy, but...
Tomoe: That just makes it extra hard to interrupt her...
Saaya: I was actually late to rehearsal the other day because of her.
Saaya: Of course, once I told her I had band practice, she gave me all sorts of candy...
Tsugumi: So that really happened? Ah, although now that I think about it, I suppose something similar happened to me.
Hagumi: It's always nice to talk to her, but we don't have time! We'll skip this turn...!
Ako: Yeah! If I don't eat something soon, I might fall over!
Tomoe: Then, come on, we better hurry to the next turn!
Saaya: ... Alright, looks like we got passed all the kids.
Hagumi: Miss Tanuki~! Miss Tanuki, where are you~?!
Tomoe: Come on, there's no way she'd know you were calling for her.
Ako: Uhm~, I don't see her... Did we lose her?
Tsugumi: It's a straight road, so we shouldn't have...
Saaya: Ah, look, over by Kitazawa Meats! Isn't that her?!
Hagumi: It is! She's buying meat!
Tomoe: Hey~! Excuse me~!!

A Day Off Downtown Event Story - Ending
Change of Plans!

A delectable okonomiyaki lunch. The five talk away while enjoying a pleasant meal.


Tanuki Restaurant

Tomoe: ... There!
Hagumi: Wow! You really are good at flipping okonomiyaki!
Ako: That's my big sister for you! So cool!
Tomoe: Ahaha, there's a lot more where that came from! I don't know why, but this is my specialty~.
Tomoe: Although this isn't the only good food I can make.
Saaya: Oh, do you do a lot of cooking then?
Tomoe: N-not really... But I'm surprisingly good at making yakisoba.
Ako: Yeah, she makes it for me sometimes, and it's super tasty!
Tsugumi: Fufu, Does that make your specialty festival foods, Tomoe-chan?
Saaya: Why not have a stand at one of the festivals?
Tomoe: Oh, that sounds fun! I've always wanted to do that!
Hagumi: Huh? Really?
Tomoe: I mean, all the shops downtown set up stands for festivals, right?
Hagumi: Yup! Our shop sells grilled meat skewers and hot dogs!
Saaya: I think we usually have curry bread and pizza buns.
Saaya: People really like our stand too. Any time we bring out fresh ones, they sell out really quickly.
Tsugumi: Moca-chan's always hovering around your shop during festivals, isn't she?
Saaya: She sure is. She's constantly asking me questions like "When's the next batch gonna be ready~?"
Ako: Your family's café always sells really pretty things, don't they, Tsugu-chin?
Tsugumi: Y-you think so? Homemade sweets aren't exactly festival foods though.
Saaya: Doesn't that make it even more popular? You never see stalls like that. Even I get excited to see what you've got.
Ako: And I always make sure to buy something too~!
Tsugumi: I'll have to let my parents know. I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that.
Tomoe: See, that's what I'm talking about. I'm always the one coming to the stalls, so I'm a little jealous of you all.
Tomoe: But we don't own a shop like you guys...
Hagumi: Argh~! Why did you just say so earlier, Tomo-chin?! I thought we were friends~!
Tomoe: Hm?
Hagumi: You can sell okonomiyaki and yakisoba at our store!
Tomoe: Huh? Really?
Hagumi: Of course! It'd be more fun to have you around!
Saaya: Not so fast, Hagumi.
Saaya: If her yakisoba is that good, I might want her for our stall, you know.
Hagumi: Why would a bakery want to sell yakisoba?
Saaya: I just had a thought. If we turn Tomoe's yakisoba into yakisoba buns, I bet they'd be really popular.
Tomoe: Ah, that does sound interesting.
Ako: Hey~! No fair! I wanna help too~!
Tsugumi: Then why don't you help us make something this year?
Ako: Can I? Yay~! I love you, Tsugu-chin!
Ako: Now what should I make~?! Perhaps something where you can feel the powers of darkne-
Tsugumi: ... Ah!
Tomoe: ...? What's wrong, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Weren't we planning on going out after this? It totally slipped my mind.
Hagumi & Ako: ... Ah!
Tomoe: I completely forgot...
Hagumi: Oh no, if we don't decide soon, the day will be over before we know it~!
Ako: Wh-what should we do, Saaya-chan?
Saaya: Hmm~, well...
Saaya: Actually, why don't we forget about going out?
Hagumi: Huh?
Saaya: It's been really fun just walking around downtown with you guys. I thought it might be fun to spend the whole day here.
Saaya: I suppose we never think about it because we live in the area, but there are a ton of places that hold special memories for us here.
Saaya: I thought it might be nice to check those out together...
Tomoe: Now that I think about it, you're right. Places like the tanuki restaurant and the shortcut are places we have an emotional attachment to.
Hagumi: The same goes for the candy lady's shop!
Tsugumi: Yeah, that's a great idea! Let's visit our favorite places downtown!
Ako: Wow, this is going to be so much fun! It's like we're going on a tour of the downtown area~!
Hagumi: We should check out my favorite shortcuts! There's also an alley where all the cats come together!
Tsugumi: Cats, huh...? If that grumpy cat is there, I'll become its friend this time for sure...!
Tomoe: Hold on, last time doesn't count. That cat wasn't even there.
Saaya: Well, then maybe I'll try talking to the myna bird at the appliance store.
Tomoe: Oh, now you're talking! We'll be right there, cheering you on!
Saaya: Ahaha, thanks. I won't let it ignore me this time.
Saaya: Anyway, all that can wait until after we've had dessert. Who wants to go get something from the candy lady?!
Hagumi & Ako: I do~!

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