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A Different View Card Story - Episode

A Rare Invite


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: Everyone at the seminar today looked at the programs!
Nanami: And the lists of the artists' artworks~. Apparently they were well-received since they were so easy to read~.
Touko: We made them, so of course they were!
Mashiro: I'm not sure about that, but I am glad that everyone liked them.
Rui: Sorry I am late.
Tsukushi: Ah, Rui-san! You got here earlier than you said you would.
Rui: The clean-up after the seminar ended more quickly than I anticipated.
Nanami: Good job~. We would've helped out too if you'd asked.
Rui: You were not needed, so I did not ask. Clean-up is the student council's job, after all.
Tsukushi: Well, Rui-san is here now, so let's start practice at half past.
Rui: In that case, I have something I would like to give to you all now. Here... take these.
Tsukushi: What... are these tickets for?
Rui: They are tickets to an art exhibition.
Rui: The artists gave them to us as thanks for organizing the seminar.
Mashiro: Is it okay for us to accept these...?
Rui: You also helped prepare, so you have the right.
Touko: Huh, it's quite close by too. Only about two stations away from school!
Nanami: And it starts tomorrow. Thanks, Rui-rui~.
Rui: I did not really do anything. Anyhow, when shall we go?
The Other Four: Huh?!
Rui: It is only showing for a limited time, so we should go sooner rather than later.
Tsukushi: R-rui-san, are you feeling okay?
Rui: ...? What do you mean?
Touko: You... don't have a fever. Maybe just lie down!
Mashiro: Do you think the weather will be okay tomorrow...?
Tsukushi: Maybe an off-season typhoon is coming...
Nanami: Don't worry~. According to the forecast, there won't be a cloud in the sky.
Rui: ... You are not making any sense. If you have something to say, spit it out.
Tsukushi: W-well... You know.
Nanami: Since it's you, Rui-rui, we thought you'd say you're going alone.
Touko: That's right! I totally thought you'd say, "The goal of going to an art exhibition is to view and appreciate the art. We do not need to go together."
Rui: The goal of visiting an art exhibition is indeed as you said, Kirigaya-san, to appreciate the art.
Mashiro: Then why—
Rui: If I said I was going alone, you would insist on inviting me to go with you all, would you not?
Tsukushi: Yeah. We want to go together if possible.
Rui: And that is why I thought it would be easier to do so rather than refuse you multiple times.
Nanami: So that's what you meant~. Ah~, I got quite the shock~.
Mashiro: Yeah... I was worried that something was wrong.
Touko: ...? I don't really get it, but that means Rui wants to come to the exhibition with us, right?
Rui: I do not particularly want to go, but I will. Begrudgingly.
Tsukushi: Come on~, don't say it like that!
Tsukushi: But even so, I'm glad to hear it~. Isn't this the first time Rui-san has invited us somewhere?
Mashiro: Does this count... as an invitation?
Nanami: It does. She even asked us when we should go. Right, Rui-rui?
Rui: Whatever you say, let us just decide already.
Touko: Okay, then let's check our schedules! I'm free on~...
Rui: I am—
Tsukushi: W-wait a second! I'll write this down~!

A Different View Card Story - Special Episode

What Morfonica Gave Me


Station Entrance

Marina: Eating outside sometimes is nice. That was a nice change of pace.
Marina: Oh...? Is that...? Heeey, Rui-chan!
Rui: Tsukishima-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello. Are you going somewhere?
Rui: Yes, I just returned actually. I went to an art exhibition with Morfonica.
Marina: Huh, it's quite unusual for high school students to go to art exhibitions.
Rui: I think it is common for Tsukinomori students. Most of us have been going with our families since we were children.
Marina: Is that so? That sounds very Tsukinomori.
Rui: Now, I must be on my way. Excuse me.
Marina: Okay, see you! Stop by CiRCLE sometime~.
Marina: Right, should we head back too? We've got work to do this afternoon~!
Rui: Um, Tsukishima-san.
Marina: Oh, Rui-chan...? What's wrong?
Rui: I have something I would like to ask you. May I?
Marina: Sure, but... what is it? What do you want to ask me?
Rui: Have you ever seen someone whose sound has changed before, Tsukishima-san?
Marina: Whose sound has changed?
Rui: An upperclassman told me this. She said my violin sounds different now.
Rui: But I do not feel that way at all.
Rui: I would like to confirm how my sound has actually changed, but I do not remember what it used to sound like, so I cannot make any observations.
Rui: That is why I thought I would ask you.
Marina: I get the picture now, but why do you think I can answer that?
Rui: You have watched a countless number of bands during your time at CiRCLE, have you not?
Marina: We do hold shows almost every single day, so I think I've seen more than the average person.
Rui: If that is the case, I thought you might have met someone whose sound has changed before.
Marina: I see~. Someone whose sound has changed...? Yeah, I know someone.
Marina: I've actually seen a few people like that.
Rui: Why do you think their sounds changed?
Marina: Hmm~... I'm not sure if this answers your question, but I think they had a change of heart.
Rui: A change of heart?
Marina: Yeah, sometimes people who played rather dark music at one show will come to their next one sounding brighter.
Marina: For cases like that, I think something must have happened in their lives to make them feel happier~.
Rui: Something happened to them...?
Marina: Can you think of anything?
Rui: If I had to choose one thing... It would be Morfonica.
Rui: My upperclassman also told me I sound different when playing with Morfonica.
Marina: That means that Morfonica might be influencing you in some way to have a change of heart.
Rui: ...
Rui: Thank you. That was very informative.
Marina: I'm glad to hear it. I'm happy to help out whenever I can.
Rui: Alright. Now, I must be going.