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A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Opening
Two Stations Away

Kanon hears about a new café two stations away
and decides to invite Chisato.


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2A
Misaki: ... Ah, there she is. Kanon-san!
Kanon: Huh? Misaki-chan?
Misaki: This handkerchief is yours, isn't it? I think you may have forgotten to take it with you after yesterday's practice session.
Kanon: There it is...! I thought I lost it. Thank you, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: It has a jellyfish pattern on it, so I figured it was yours. Say, that's not a design you see often.
Kanon: Yeah, it's actually from a café at the aquarium. They had a lot of other designs, like penguins and dolphins.
Misaki: That many, huh...?!
Kanon: Their menu is also filled with fun and creative food! Lots of different dishes themed around sea creatures~.
Kanon: Thinking about it just makes me want to go again...
Misaki: Well, you do like going to cafés, after all.
Misaki: ... Speaking of which, did you hear about the new one that opened up recently?
Misaki: Word is that they make three-dimensional latte art. It seems to be really popular.
Kanon: 3D? What do you mean...?
Misaki: Uhm, how to explain... Normally, cafés will draw pictures for you on the surface of the drink, right?
Misaki: With the 3D ones, they make the image rise up out of the cup, sort of like a pop-up book.
Kanon: So, it sticks straight out from the cup or something? I wonder how they manage to do that...
Misaki: They supposedly use milk that's been frothed, which adds tiny bubbles. The consistency of the foam can be manipulated to make shapes, so they can change it how they see fit.
Kanon: That's really neat... It's crazy what they can do with a simple cup of latte...
Kanon: Think they could make one in the shape of a jellyfish rising up out of the cup?
Misaki: I'll admit that I've never seen it before, but... I imagine it's possible if you were to ask for it.
Kanon: That would be so nice...! Hey, Misaki-chan. Where exactly is this café?
Misaki: Uhm, two stations from here.
Kanon: A whole two stops... That's a bit far... Getting there would be difficult...
Misaki: Not really. Two stops by train takes no time at all, you know.
Kanon: It's not about the distance... Misaki-chan, you do remember that I have no sense of direction, right?
Kanon: Going to a place I've never been before is a surefire way of getting completely lost. I have no confidence in my ability to actually get there...
Misaki: Yes, I'm aware of your tendency to end up in the middle of nowhere, even when you're with someone.
Misaki: Yeah, letting you go alone might be a bad idea...
Kanon: I really do want to try out that café, though...
Chisato: Oh my, it's Misaki-chan. What brings you over to our class?
Misaki: Hey. I just came to discuss something with Kanon-san.
Kanon: Did you hear, Chisato-chan? A new café opened up, and they can make 3D latte art by... uhm, how do they do it again...?
Misaki: Milk foam. We were just talking about how they make three-dimensional art by request.
Chisato: Oh, so you say. I've seen pictures of them in magazines before, but I've never actually ordered one for myself.
Kanon: I'd love to go check it out, but I know I'll get lost if I go alone...
Kanon: Ah, I know! Would you like to go together, Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Huh...?
Kanon: Going alone is just asking for trouble, so how about it...?
Chisato: Sure, I wouldn't mind. My weekend happens to be open.
Kanon: Yay! Thanks, Chisato-chan!
Kanon: Oh, by the way, it's two stations from here...
Chisato: Two whole stations away... We're going quite far, then...
Misaki: No, Shirasagi-senpai! Not you, too?!
Kanon: I remember now...! Chisato-chan, you're not so good with trains, are you?
Misaki: Really? I had no idea.
Chisato: I haven't used trains all that much, so... I'm not too familiar with them yet.
Misaki: Celebrities do typically get around by car, not trains... That's my image of them, anyway.
Chisato: Let's just say I'm not confident in navigating the railways... And going by car would be...
Chisato: ...
Kanon: ...? Chisato-chan?
Chisato: Not attempting to improve one's weak points is unsightly. And this is a good opportunity to better understand the train lines, so I'll give it a shot.
Chisato: It wouldn't be necessary to change lines if it's just two stations from here, so this is a good beginner's challenge for me.
Kanon: Y-you're right! I need to step it up, too...! Giving up because of the distance is silly!
Kanon: Let's try it, Chisato-chan! I won't let this chance to better my poor sense of direction pass me by!
Misaki: Is hopping on a train to go two stops really something you need to get so fired up about...?

A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Chapter 1
Fleeting Angels

The day of their outing. Someone sees Kanon and Chisato
at the station, and it makes her worry...


The Weekend
Station Entrance
Chisato: Making sure to get on the local train... Remembering the corresponding colors of each line...
Chisato: So these are the pitfalls to keep an eye out for, huh?
Chisato: Rapid, express, limited express... Which one goes the fastest though...? The railway system is one tough nut to crack...
Kanon: Chisato-chan~! Sorry, did I make you wait long?
Chisato: Not at all. I was just a bit early. Shall we head out, then?
Kanon: Y-yeah. We're finally doing it. Going to such a faraway place has me nervous...
Chisato: Hard to believe it's only two stops from here... Seems like such a long distance when it comes to us.
Chisato: But it'll be alright. I came prepared. I took the time to look up what line to take, as well as the exact location of the café itself.
Kanon: And I checked the map countless times, so today will definitely be the day where I don't get lost...!
Chisato: Well said. Traveling two stations from here should be nothing for us.
Kanon: You said it! Let's do this, Chisato-chan! The ticket gate is this way!
Chisato: ...Huh? Uhm, Kanon?
Kanon: Fue? Something wrong?
Chisato: According to that information display, the ticket gate seems to be in the opposite direction...
Kanon: Fueee~! You're right! S-so sorry! My mistake...!
Chisato: I-it's alright. Let's compose ourselves and try again.
Inside the Station
Kanon: Look at how many people there are...! I wonder where they're all headed.
Chisato: So the weekends are fairly crowded too. Be sure to stay close together...
Chisato: ...! A huge pack of people is heading this way. Let's try not to get swept up in the crowd.
Kanon: U-uhm, let's go to the right side... Whoa, this side is just as crazy...! Okay, left side, then... Oh no, they're here, too...!
Kanon: W-wait for me, Chisato-chan...! Chisato-ch-... F-fueee~!
Chisato: Kanon?! Wh-where are you...?!
Kanon: H-here I come... Ahhh, I can't get to you because of all the people~! Fue, fueee~! Oh no, Chisato-chan~!
Misaki: ... Was that Kanon-san who got whisked away in that stampede? There goes Shirasagi-senpai, trying to help her...
Misaki: I figured those two would be fine if they stuck together, but maybe I was wrong...?
Kaoru: Do my eyes deceive me, or is that not Misaki?
Misaki: Oh, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: Fate appears to have converged our paths. Are you headed somewhere?
Misaki: Well, I was planning on going to a handicrafts event... How about you?
Kaoru: I, myself, am drifting about, floating like a petal in a breeze.
Kaoru: Surely some manner of fleeting spectacle should dazzle my eyes if I were to venture out for a stroll under such a bewitching blue sky.
Misaki: Spending your day off like that is so... you...
Kaoru: Earlier, were you not speaking of Kanon doing something or another...? Hm? Isn't that her now? Along with Chisato?
Misaki: Yeah, those two agreed to go to a café together, and...
Kaoru: So, the two maidens aim to temper their excursion-based fragility. Fufu, such fleetingly beautiful spirits they possess.
Misaki: Seeing Kanon-san get washed away in a tidal wave of pedestrians is a bit worrying.
Misaki: Maybe I should go with them, after all. It seems to be a bit too much for Shirasagi-senpai to handle alone...
Kaoru: Your altruism may prove detrimental. Were we to interfere, it may snuff out their fire to improve themselves.
Misaki: Okay, but letting them get lost in some unknown part of town is much worse...
Kaoru: It is true that Kanon is like a balloon cut loose from its string...
Kaoru: Therefore, I propose a plan. We observe their activity from a safe distance, remaining unnoticed. What say you?
Kaoru: Doing such would prevent any interference by us but would give opportunity to offer assistance, if need be.
Misaki: That does sound like it might work...
Kaoru: Ah, but you mentioned having prior engagements, no?
Misaki: Nah, I'm fine with missing the event. Keeping an eye on those two is more important to me.
Kaoru: Fufu, exquisite are your feelings towards your companions, Misaki...
Kaoru: If we are in agreement, then let us be off, lest we lose sight of our targets. Today, we shall be guardian angels, gallantly watching over those two brave souls.

A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Chapter 2
The Third Angel

Misaki and Kaoru watch as Kanon is able to reunite with Chisato.
Then, somebody calls out to them.


Station - Train Platform
Kanon: Sorry, I couldn't manage to get to you before that huge crowd swept me away...
Chisato: No, I should have paid more attention.
Chisato: At least we didn't miss our train. It should be arriving shortly.
Kanon: That's a relief. Wait... This platform...
Chisato: What's wrong?
Kanon: I think the train we need to take departs from that platform over there...
Chisato: Really? But the color of the mark for the train we need to ride matches the one that was on the information display.
Kanon: Yes, but... that platform has that same mark, too...
Chisato: What?!
Kanon: I think the inbound and outbound lines run on different platforms. The one on the information display goes the opposite way of where we're heading.
Chisato: I-is that how this works? I had no idea...
Chisato: L-let's hurry to that other platform. The train will be here any moment!
Kanon: O-okay!
Misaki: And there goes Kanon-san, running like her life depends on it...
Kaoru: To think they would mistake their departure platforms... Fufu, Chisato and Kanon are quite talented when it comes to surprises.
Misaki: It's not funny, Kaoru-san. They almost ended up going in the complete opposite direction.
Aya: ... Misaki-chan, Kaoru-san? Is that you?
Misaki: Hm? Aya-senpai?!
Aya: Wow, what a coincidence, running into you two here!
Kaoru: Ah, to be able to meet so many of my little kittens... A day of feline splendor.
Misaki: I don't even know what that's supposed to mean... So, Aya-senpai, what's with the outfit...?
Aya: Hehehe, I'm in disguise~!
Aya: If I'm going to be at a store with a lot of customers, I thought I had better make an attempt to not stand out. I do make TV and magazine appearances, you know...!
Misaki: I see. Without that, you'd probably be recognized as a celebrity.
Kaoru: The fate of a star. Yes, I know the feeling well.
Misaki: A part of me feels like this plan is backfiring, though...
Kaoru: And just where are you planning to stealthily sneak off to?
Aya: Well, I'm on my way to a new café about two stops from here♪
Aya: After catching wind of their supposed 3D latte art, I thought I could snap the perfect photo for social media!
Misaki: Wait, so you're going to the same place as Kanon-san and Shirasagi-senpai...?
Aya: Kanon-chan and Chisato-chan? Uhm, what're you talking about...?
Kaoru: ... And that is the extent of things.
Aya: W-wow, it makes me feel a bit worried for Kanon-chan. But I really had no idea that Chisato-chan was so bad with trains.
Kaoru: People from all walks of life have secrets of which they do not speak.
Aya: ... Say, would you mind if I joined you two?
Misaki: Huh?
Aya: You're going to that café, too, aren't you?
Aya: We're heading to the same place, and secretly tailing someone like detectives sounds like fun!
Misaki: We don't mind, but you need to understand that going at their pace might mean arriving a lot later than-
Aya: Ah, looks like the train is pulling in♪
Misaki: Wait, don't get on yet. The other two haven't made their way to this platform yet, and-
Kaoru: Misaki, look! Over there... Chisato and Kanon are running full force!
Misaki: What?!
Aya: I've never seen Chisato-chan run so quickly...
Kaoru: It would appear they intend to board this very train. Quickly, let us do the same!
Misaki: W-wha-?! Hold up, I just said that this tr- Wait, I said~! Are you listening~?!
On The Train
Chisato: Hah... hah... We made it... somehow...
Kanon: Mhm... Huff... huff...
Kanon: Never thought we'd have to run that quickly, but now we should be back on track.
Chisato: We even made sure to board the local train.
Chisato: I have always kept my distance from them, but riding trains is really not as much of a trial as I had originally- Huh...?!
Kanon: Wh-what's the problem?
Chisato: That monitor over there... It displays information specifically for this train, right?
Kanon: Yes, it should show what our next stop and final stop will be.
Chisato: Well, it's currently showing that this is the express train...
Kanon: What...? Wh-why is this happening~?

A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Chapter 3

Kanon and Chisato end up on the express train.
What will they do after traveling three stations...?


Three Stations Away
Kanon: So, we went three stations instead of two...
Chisato: Seems as though the trains were off-schedule. I thought for certain that was the one we needed to take, but we actually wanted the following train...
Kanon: I should've checked more carefully. Sorry, I know how difficult the train system can be for you...
Chisato: No, I'm also to blame. I knew the train was coming and panicked.
Chisato: Don't worry. We'll be fine if we just backtrack a bit. The train will arrive soon enough.
Kanon: That's true. Let's see, the next one is-
Announcer: Attention, all passengers. Due to a malfunction, operation of this line has been temporarily suspended. We apologize for any inconvenience this...
Kanon: That announcement is for our line, isn't it...?
Chisato: Yes. It would appear that our train isn't moving...
Kanon & Chisato: ...
Kanon: I-I know! Why not just walk the rest of the way?
Chisato: You mean walk from here all the way to the next station?
Kanon: Walking the distance of one station shouldn't be too bad. I think we can manage it...
Chisato: ... True. We don't even know when the train will resume operation. I think your idea is the best option. Let's do it.
Kanon: Okay, follow me to the exit, Chisato-chan. Over here.
Chisato: Wait, Kanon! That gate is for transfers only!
Chisato: If we continue on past this park, the café should be just a bit farther.
Kanon: Isn't it kind of crowded around here? I think they might be holding some sort of event.
Chisato: I see a sign over there. Uhm...
Kanon: It's an event for handicrafts. Check out how many shops there are.
Chisato: There are quite a lot. But we're supposed to be heading toward the café. There's no time for detours...
Kanon: Yeah... Y-you're right...
Kanon: ...
Chisato: ... Alright, let's take a quick peek.
Kanon: Is that okay?
Chisato: Yes. It must be fate that brought us here, after all.
Kanon: Thank you, Chisato-chan!
Kanon: Come have a look at this hat! I think it would look good on you!
Chisato: And that light-blue dress would suit you perfectly, Kanon.
Kanon: Hehe, you think so? Every store has so many cute things for sale.
Chisato: Some of these designs are very intricate... The fact that they're all handmade is praiseworthy.
Chisato: Oh my, this dress...
Kanon: Did you find something you like?
Chisato: Not for myself. I think Aya-chan would be fond of this, actually. She is into this kind of thing.
Chisato: And Hina-chan would be all over that white bag... She has one just like it.
Kanon: Now that you mention it, Aya-chan often sports outfits like these.
Chisato: Eve-chan would probably gush over all the Japanese-style accessories from that shop over there.
Chisato: ... Oh? These sunglasses...
Kanon: What've you got there?
Chisato: Maya-chan isn't typically the adventurous type, but I think a bit of "cool" fashion would be up her alley.
Chisato: So, a pair of sunglasses like these are... Ah...!
Chisato: I apologize. I've just been rambling on about my bandmates...
Kanon: No, I completely understand. When I go shopping, I'm always reminded of my group, as well.
Kanon: Being with them helps you understand what they like, so your thoughts just sort of drift in that direction.
Chisato: Y-yes, they do, don't they...?
Chisato: (I... feel like I've been thinking about my bandmates more and more as time goes on...)
Kanon: Chisato-chan, did you see this?! Isn't this ring just adorable?!
Chisato: Toy rings... They come in a large variety of colors... When I was young, I very much enjoyed these...
Kanon: Say, why don't we get a matching pair while we're here?
Chisato: I'd like that. A lovely gift to remember our time spent here.
Chisato: If I were to pick one for you, Kanon... I'd go with that light blue one. What do you think?
Kanon: Wow! I was just thinking about how cute that one is! And for you, Chisato-chan, why not get this warm yellow color?
Chisato: Oh my, you picked one that had caught my attention.
Chisato: Being with others helps you understand what they like. Fufu, you were exactly right.
Kanon: Hehehe, I guess I was. Excuse me, we'd like these, please~.
Kanon: ... Oh, hey! Maybe I should get some souvenirs for the other Hello, Happy World! members.
Kanon: Would you like to get some for everyone in Pastel*Palettes?
Chisato: That's an excellent idea, considering we're already buying something. Let's walk around a little more and see what we can find.

A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Chapter 4
Sky Aquarium

Kanon and Chisato are enjoying the homemade knick-knack
event when they spot a food truck...


Park - Handicrafts Event
Misaki: To think they'd end up all the way at the event I was planning to go to... I underestimated those two.
Aya: I see that even Chisato-chan makes mistakes like this. Never thought she'd end up at the wrong station.
Kaoru: To have traveled so far and yet lose track of our charges...
Misaki: Not surprising, considering how many people are here. For now, we need to focus on actually finding them.
Misaki: Kanon-san just finished getting swallowed up by the crowd at the station. I'm worried about her...
Kaoru: Dear, sweet Kanon... My chest clinches in anguish at the thought of any potential unease she may be harboring at the moment.
Kaoru: Somewhere within the maelstrom of human bedlam, she is quivering with fright like a newborn kitten...
Misaki: I think you're exaggerating just a tad...
Aya: We do need to hurry, though! We're already in a mess, having lost sight of them!
Kaoru: Yes, but we must also remain undetected. For today we are guardian angels. Unseen caretakers.
Misaki: I doubt we need to worry about that with all these people... Hm?
Aya: What is it, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: It kind of felt like someone was watching me...
Aya: Now that you mention it, there's been a bit of commotion going on around us, hasn't there...?
Visitor A: Hey, that person over there... Is that...?
Visitor B: It is, it is! It's totally her!
Misaki, Aya & Kaoru: ...?!
Misaki: This is bad. Your cover's blown, Aya-senpai...
Aya: I-it would seem so. Heh... hehe...
Misaki: Wha-... What're you so happy about?
Aya: W-well, people don't really notice me in public that often~.
Misaki: This isn't really the time to be celebrating, in my opinion...
Visitor A: It's Kaoru-sama from Haneoka Girls' Academy...! May I please shake your hand?!
Misaki & Aya: ... Huh?
Kaoru: Fufu, what a conundrum. My dear little kittens are pawing for a handshake from yours truly.
Misaki: So, the real reason for all this excitement is Kaoru-san...?
Kaoru: Despite my utmost effort, this overflowing beauty of mine simply cannot be concealed. Ah, how fleeting...
Misaki: Jeez, she's completely surrounded...
Aya: ...
Misaki: Oh, don't mind her. She sticks out wherever she goes. You shouldn't let it bother y-...
Aya: ...
Misaki: ... Whoa, why are you taking off your sunglasses?!
Aya: Being overlooked like this is just too much~!

Kanon: It's great that we found such nice souvenirs. I hope Misaki-chan and the others will enjoy them.
Chisato: We were also able to stroll around and enjoy all the shops... It was even more fun than I had expected.
Kanon: Chisato-chan, they're selling soft-serve ice cream over there.
Chisato: Looks like a food truck. There's even a bench nearby. Why don't we treat ourselves to a little break?
Chisato: ... Mmm, this tea-flavored ice cream is robust.
Kanon: Sitting here on this bench and enjoying a snack makes it feel like we've come for a picnic.
Kanon: ...
Chisato: Kanon? What're you looking at?
Kanon: Ah, sorry. I was just thinking how that cloud kind of looks like a jellyfish.
Kanon: The huge one way over there. Doesn't the round part look like its head? And the fluffy bits at the bottom are its tentacles.
Chisato: I suppose it could be seen that way, now that you mention it...
Kanon: And inside it, there's another one that looks a bit like a whale.
Chisato: The shape does somewhat resemble one. Oh, but it also looks like a dolphin, no?
Kanon: Wow, just like a dolphin leaping through the air. You're right. It's like there's a sky-high aquarium up above us. So cool~.
Chisato: A sky-high aquarium... Fufu, what a funny expression. Are these the kinds of things you normally think about when looking up at the sky?
Kanon: Not always... but I like viewing the clouds in that way.
Chisato: ... Time seems to flow more leisurely in your presence, Kanon.
Chisato: You've changed in some ways since entering Hello, Happy World! And yet, that aspect of you is the same as ever.
Kanon: Me? Changed? ... You think so?
Chisato: Yes, your past self likely would not have volunteered to go on a trip like today's. And your fear of getting lost had more of a grip over you.
Kanon: When you put it that way, maybe I have... If we're going down that road, though, you've also changed, Chisato-chan.
Kanon: The Chisato-chan from before wouldn't have decided to take the train when going out.
Chisato: ... I agree. In the past, I always went with the safer option.
Chisato: However, I've become able to dream.
Kanon: What do you mean...?
Chisato: Well, you may laugh at me for this, but, until recently, I never had a dream to call my own.
Chisato: I only focused on objectives that I could accomplish myself, ignoring anything that I felt was beyond my skill set.
Chisato: But meeting everyone in Pastel*Palettes has transformed me into a person who does want a goal to pursue.
Chisato: "In spite of the odds, I long to make this a reality..." That's the manner of aspiration that I desire.
Kanon: So, the real reason why you wanted to take the train was...
Chisato: Yes. A seemingly small thing, but still a dream of mine...
Chisato: I still have no clue how to go about aiming for anything too lofty, but I feel as though I'll slowly get there if I start small...
Chisato: What I'm saying is rather strange, isn't it?
Kanon: No, not at all. In fact, I think it's wonderful. I'll support your dream, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: Kanon...
Chisato: (And here I was, expecting to be laughed at for my previous lack of vision... But you wouldn't do that.)
Chisato: (No, you've been like this ever since I met you...)
Chisato: Kanon, do you remember the day we met...?

A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Chapter 5
The Start of a Friendship

Chisato looks fondly back on the day
in middle school when she met Kanon.


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Hallway
Chisato: Okay, our next class is in a different room...
Kanon: Just need to pick these up... Oh no, I can't see a thing...
Chisato: I do believe that is Matsubara-san...? From my class... Is she going to be alright carrying that huge stack of papers...?
Kanon: Sure wish I could s-... Wh-whoa, jeez... Ahhh?!
Chisato: H-huh?!
Kanon: I-I can't hol-...! Fue, fueee~!
Chisato: L-look ou- Kyaaah!
Chisato: Oh no, all the print-outs... Uhm, are you okay, Matsubara-san?
Kanon: Fue?! S-s-s-s-sorry! I'm so sorry~!
Chisato: It's okay, Matsubara-san. I'm fine. Just take a deep breath.
Kanon: Please forgive me! I'll give you my fried bread at lunch!
Chisato: F-fried bread?
Kanon: Y-yes! You can have the whole thing! It has a crispy crust that helps to bring out the fluffy interior, so please forgive me...!
Chisato: Alright, let's just calm down first...!
Kanon: It even comes in a tasty roasted-soybean flavor~!
Chisato: Matsubara-san, just wait a s-
Kanon: Fueee, please forgive me~!

Kanon: Sorry about that. I thought you were an upperclassman...
Chisato: So that's why you panicked like you did. I was rather surprised by the whole ordeal.
Kanon: Uhm, thanks... for helping me carry that stack of papers all this way.
Chisato: Think nothing of it. So, why did you offer me that fried bread?
Kanon: Fue? What are you talking about?
Chisato: You said you'd give me some, didn't you?
Kanon: A-ah, about that...! The fried bread from the cafeteria is just so good that I figured there's no way anybody would stay mad after getting one...
Chisato: H-how interesting... It must be quite delectable.
Kanon: Yeah, they sure are...! Crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside! They're always great, whether they've come fresh from the oven or they've cooled down!
Chisato: Wow, you've done well at advertising it. I'd like to try some now. How often do you eat it, Matsubara-san?
Kanon: Well, when I can buy them I-... Hm? Wait, how do you know my name?
Chisato: I thought you may not have noticed. It's me, Chisato. We're classmates.
Kanon: ... Oh! I thought I recognized you from somewhere. Sorry, I'm still trying to get used to all the names and faces from the new class...
Chisato: It's no problem at all. Don't worry about it.
Chisato: (It would appear that my identity as Chisato Shirasagi, child actress, has gone unnoticed as well.)
Chisato: (I assumed that everyone knew, but it seems there are still those who don't.)
Kanon: I have an idea. Shirasagi-san, would you like to actually get some of that fried bread with me during lunch today?
Chisato: Huh? With me?
Kanon: Y-yeah, of course. If that's alright, I mean...
Chisato: ... Yes, I'd be delighted.
Kanon: Great! I hope you end up liking them.
Lunch Break
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard
Chisato: ... These are good.
Chisato: Matsubara-san, your impressions about how the crust compliments the soft interior were on the mark. And it's not the least bit oily.
Kanon: I know, right? I'm so glad you like them. They always fly off the shelves because of how popular they are.
Chisato: Thank you very much for treating me. I will return the favor next time.
Kanon: No way, you don't need to do that~! Helping me with those print-outs from earlier was enough...
Chisato: No, that just won't do. Assisting in carrying a stack of papers is hardly a chore. Please allow me to treat you to tea next time.
Kanon: ... How about this? If there are any cafés that you recommend, please let me know. I love trying out new ones when I have the chance.
Chisato: Really? I'm also partial to having a nice cup of tea at a café.
Kanon: Yay, how nice. Take me with you next ti-... Hm?
Chisato: What's wrong?
Kanon: Everyone keeps glancing over this way, for some reason...
Chisato: Ah, that. They're looking at me.
Kanon: At you? What do you mean?
Chisato: ... I'm actually part of the entertainment industry. Perhaps you've heard of the former child actress, Chisato Shirasagi.
Kanon: Chisato Shirasagi... Child actress... ... You mean, you're... that Chisato-chan?!
Chisato: Holding the status of celebrity makes it hard to be approached by others, it would seem.
Chisato: Crowding up and staring at me from a distance seems to be the norm. I would imagine my presence is mentally straining for them.
Chisato: Just the mere sight of me sharing lunch with another person is enough to cause a stir, I believe.
Kanon: I-I had no idea...
Chisato: (Even Matsubara-san is taken aback...)
Chisato: (I was naive to think I'd make a friend whom I could hold a simple conversation with...)
Kanon: But Chisato-chan, I think everyone maybe just wants to get along with you. Don't you think so?
Chisato: Huh...?
Kanon: Not knowing what to say to someone like you has them nervous, is all. What if you tried approaching them and see what happens...?
Kanon: Ah, th-there I go being nosy, sorry... But that's really cool, you know. Being a child actor. I can respect that you've been working since you were young.
Chisato: ...
Kanon: U-uhm, did I say something silly?
Chisato: No... I'm just... at a loss for words. Normally, people will shy away upon learning about my career...
Kanon: W-well, everybody always says I'm a weirdo... Even if you are a celebrity, Chisato-chan-
Kanon: Ah, sorry! I keep adding "-chan" to your name...
Chisato: No, no. Please do.
Chisato: Would you perhaps permit me to use your first name as well...?

A Dreamy Promenade Event Story - Ending
A Fun Tea Party

After taking a moment to remember how much they cherish their friendship,
Kanon and Chisato head to the café they originally planned on going to.


Two Stations Away - Station Entrance
Kanon: Thinking of the day we met sure takes me back.
Chisato: You made me quite happy then. You were the first kid to interact with me at school in a normal manner.
Chisato: Thank you for becoming my friend, Kanon.
Kanon: Fue?! No need to make such a big deal out of it!
Kanon: I-I should thank you for always being so kind to me.
Kanon: Uhm, by the way, Chisato-chan...
Chisato: Yes?
Kanon: We've been walking for a pretty long while. How much farther is the café?
Chisato: Just a moment. I'll look it up on my phone. It shouldn't be much longer now, though...
Kanon: ... Ah! I think... that might be the place!
Chisato: ...! Yes, it most certainly is the café!
Kanon & Chisato: ...!
Kanon: Phew, we actually made it~, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: Yes, at long last... I wasn't sure how it would go, at first...
Kanon: Hehehe, you made your dream come true.
Chisato: Yes. A small dream, but one that I somehow achieved, nevertheless...
Kanon: ...? Hey, is it just me, or is that...
Misaki: Kaoru-san~! Have Kanon-san and Shirasagi-senpai arrived there yet?
Kaoru: No, they have yet to show themselves. I believe they may truly be lost.
Aya: I thought we'd be fine if we just waited near the café... Where could they have gone?
Kaoru: All fault lies with me. I was too preoccupied with... playing with my little kittens at the park and failed to keep an eye on them.
Aya: Hey, d-don't blame yourself, Kaoru-san...!
Misaki: Uh, you don't need to waste your energy making the Casanova feel better, you know.
Kaoru: Ah, to be so useless during such times of desperation is a tragedy...!
Chisato: ... Except that we don't exactly need your help?
Kaoru: Hm...?
Misaki, Kaoru & Aya: Huh?!
Aya: Chisato-chan, Kanon-chan...! When did you get here...?!
Chisato: I believe that's our line.
Kanon: Uhm... What are you all doing here?
Chisato: It would appear as though they were searching for us. Or am I mistaken?
Misaki: W-well, actually...
Misaki: ... And that's the gist of it.
Chisato: I must say, stalking others does not make for good recreation.
Misaki: I'm sorry. I saw you two at the station, so I was concerned...
Aya: I-I'm sorry, too, Chisato-chan...
Kaoru: Pray understand that I merely wished to lend my strength to you both.
Chisato: And what part of that entails following us the entire way?
Kanon: Ch-Chisato-chan... Everyone is just worried about us...
Chisato: Yes, I'm aware. But there was no reason to worry, was there?
Chisato: In the end, we arrived at our destination, none the worse for wear.
Misaki: Can't argue with that... But didn't you guys have a pretty difficult time getting here?
Misaki: I watched that huge crowd of people practically stampede over you at the station...
Aya: And I saw both of you making a life-or-death sprint for the train platform! You were running so fast that I thought you'd fall flat on your faces~!
Kaoru: The event venue was yet another trial. That plethora of bodies rushing to and fro is certain to be difficult for any unfortunate soul.
Chisato & Kanon: Difficult...?
Kanon: I suppose trying to get on the train was a hassle...
Chisato: Indeed. We somehow boarded the express train with no intention of doing so.
Kanon: Dashing to the train and barely making it by the skin of our teeth was like a crazy action scene from a movie. My heart was pounding.
Chisato: Fufu, it was a bit thrilling, yes.
Chisato: Mistaking our train route was a tad annoying, but I wouldn't say it was an entirely bad experience.
Kanon: That's right! We even bought some cute rings! Oh, Kaoru-san, Misaki-chan! I got you both some souvenirs!
Chisato: Please look forward to yours as well, Aya-chan.
Aya: S-souvenirs...?
Kaoru: Th-thank you. I am most grateful.
Chisato: The sky from the venue grounds was very beautiful. And I clearly remember what you said, Kanon. About the...
Chisato & Kanon: Sky-high aquarium!
Chisato & Kanon: Fufu~. Hehe~.
Misaki: A nice little shindig you two got going here...
Aya: We thought they were in a pickle, but they had fun the entire way here...
Kaoru: Our worries and alarm were rather excessive, in hindsight.
Kanon: No, no. Thanks for being concerned about us.
Kanon: You know, since we're all here, why don't we enjoy a cup of tea together?
Misaki: Are you sure you don't mind us intruding?
Chisato: Please feel free to join us. Unless, of course, you would prefer to continue watching us from the shadows.
Aya: Nnn, we said we're sorry~!
Kaoru: Splendid. Let us make this a joyful time for sharing our experiences. After all, it is clear we all had quite an eventful day.
Kanon: Hehe, our tea party just got all the more exciting, Chisato-chan!
Chisato: Why, yes it has. I look forward to it.

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