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A Fleeting Afternoon Card Story - Episode

Famous Quote of The Day


Haneoka Girls Academy - Broadcast Room

Kaoru: Greetings, my little kittens. Are you enjoying your meals? Our fleeting time together has finally arrived.
Kaoru: Welcome to "Shakespeare with Kaoru Seta," where I get to spend a fleeting moment with you, my dear little kittens... I hope you will enjoy the show.
Kaoru: As always, I shall begin our time together by reading the letters sent in by the lovely little kittens listening in.
Kaoru: "Hello, Kaoru-san."
Hello, my little kitten.
Kaoru: "I always enjoy listening to your broadcast. I would like to get your opinion on something. I can never decide if I want to eat rice or bread for breakfast. What would you choose?"
Kaoru: Oh my, I'm certain a number of my little kittens are facing this same dilemma every morning.
Kaoru: Of course, I too have had to deal with this conundrum. And in those trying times, I have solved my problems by pondering this simple question.
Kaoru: Which one is more fleeting?
Kaoru: What you feel is fleeting differs with the rising of the sun and the moon. One day, bread may be the more fleeting option, and the next day, it could be rice.
Kaoru: That being said, there are days when both feel equally fleeting, no? In those times, I make my decision thusly...
Kaoru: If I'm in a hurry, I choose bread. It is but that.
Kaoru: Now then, let us move on to the next letter. Oh my, another question for me.
Kaoru: "Why are you so wonderful, Kaoru-senpai? My heartrate always jumps when I think of you."
Kaoru: Fufu, to think I would trouble my little kittens in such a way. My deepest apologies.
Kaoru: The reason is quite simple, really. I take that which is already fleeting, and embrace it.
Kaoru: The fleeting sunlight, the fleeting rain. That which is fleeting shall never harm you. It is but that.
Kaoru: Now then, my little kittens, do you know what time it is?
Kaoru: That's right, it is time for another fleeting quote.
Kaoru: As you all know, the words of Shakespeare are all so very fleeting. It was very difficult to pick just one.
Kaoru: Now then, here is today's quote.
Kaoru: "Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course."
Kaoru: ...
Kaoru: Ah~, my apologies. The fleeting nature of these words have left me speechless.
Kaoru: That fleeting aggression. That sorrow. Could there exist more fleeting words than these?
Kaoru: Fufu, as for the interpretation of these words, that is up to the individual. One must put their feelings above all else.
Kaoru: However... If I were to attempt to explain this meaning...
Kaoru: It would be... to embrace adversity... For the wise men say... it is wise.
Kaoru: Do you understand, my dears?
Kaoru: Fufu, alas, it is time for us to part.
Kaoru: Next week, I will be reciting some poetry of my own creation. I hope you look forward to it.
Kaoru: I also eagerly await your next letters to me. Should you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.
Kaoru: That concludes "Shakespeare with Kaoru Seta." I hope you all feel more fleeting after our time together.
Kaoru: Until next week, my little kittens. Ah, so fleeting.

A Fleeting Afternoon Card Story - Special Episode

Kaoru's Vitality


CIRCLE - Lobby

Kaoru: Greetings, BanG Dreamer-san. Might I have a moment of your time?
Kaoru: It appears I've lost a possession of mine around here.
Kaoru: ...Oh my, what's that in your hand? Ah, I do believe that is mine.
Kaoru: You just found it a moment ago? My thanks.
Kaoru: What is this, you ask? Fufu... It is the script for my radio show.
Kaoru: Well, it's not really radio. I simply do it as part of my school's lunchtime broadcast. The student council has asked me to do it.
Kaoru: I had no reason to refuse, of course. This is for my little kittens after all. I would do anything for them.
Kaoru: You wish to look at my script? Go right ahead.
Kaoru: ...Are you surprised to see only Shakespeare? Fufu, this is my show, after all. Of course it involved the Great Bard.
Kaoru: What's more, the title of my show is "Shakespeare with Kaoru Seta."
Kaoru: Actually, could I perhaps ask you for some advice? I'm not sure which direction I should take with my show.
Kaoru: I have the basic format decided, but I'm not sure what to do for the main segment.
Kaoru: I've come up with a few ideas. Could you tell me which one you find the most appealing?
Kaoru: ...I see. So you wish to see me introduce a Shakespeare quote, eh? His words do indeed set the heart on fire with passion. I would love to expose my little kittens to them.
Kaoru: My thanks. I shall go in that direction, then.
Kaoru: ...I seem to be taking this seriously? But of course I am.
Kaoru: It is my sworn duty to prepare for any times when I am to appear before others.
Kaoru: As the Great Bard once said...
Kaoru: "Security is mortals' chiefest enemy."