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A Fleeting Haiku Card Story - Episode

Haiku and Theater


Haneoka Girl's Academy - Front Gate

Lisa: Hey there, Kaoru~! Do you have club today? The theater club must be pretty passionate to still be going during summer break.
Kaoru: The overwhelming amount of free time that summer provides us allows for one's rehearsal to be even more effective.
Kaoru: Moving along, is the dance club also active today?
Lisa: Pretty much~. I'll have to keep myself pumped up to beat this heat!
Kaoru: Fufu... "Oh little kitten... Extracurricular toil... My hopes are with you..."
Lisa: Hahaha, what? Where'd that come from?
Kaoru: From the assistance I recently offered my comrades with their assignments... if you will. All second-year students at Hanasakigawa must complete a haiku assignment, you see.
Kaoru: And although we received adequate teaching on the subject... I found it to be even more enlightening upon further review.
Kaoru: Several points of discussing were newfound territory for even myself, I must admit.
Lisa: Ah, so the haiku just now was... because of that...
Lisa: ...Wait, that one didn't have anything to do with the season. Doesn't that make it a senryu instead of a haiku?
Kaoru: I simply wished to express my feelings in a five-seven-five pattern...
Lisa: Well, so long as you're happy with it~.
Kaoru: Fufu... But yes, it was a truly rewarding experience.
Kaoru: Majestic scenery and emotional events. To think that these concepts can be crafted into unique forms of expression...
Kaoru: In that way, haiku and acting share many similarities.
Lisa: Really? It doesn't seem like that to me.
Lisa: I mean, haiku also have you writing and whatnot, but the lines for a play are decided for you, right? Doesn't that mean they're fundamentally different?
Kaoru: It is true acting does involve reading from a script.
Kaoru: However, as someone who is familiar with both, they feel identical in practice. And the key similarity is... the passion they both invoke!
Lisa: Passion?
Kaoru: Yes, precisely. The core concept of haiku is expressing your emotions regarding scenery or accomplishments with an established syllable limit, correct?
Kaoru: Acting functions in the same vein. One must express their passion for the source material to the audience solely through voice or motions while adhering to the script.
Kaoru: Each one has depth and rewarding challenges... Ahhh, how fleeting...!
Lisa: I see~. When you put it like that, haiku and acting do seem similar.
Kaoru: Indeed. I am glad to have further touched upon haiku this summer. It was an utterly exhilarating affair.
Kaoru: It is certain to have an effect on my acting. Ahhh... Imagine what wonders await me in the future...!
Lisa: That's nice. I'm happy for you, Kaoru!
Lisa: Honestly, I don't know enough about acting to understand how haiku can be applied to it, but... if you get it, then it must be true.
Lisa: Maybe I'll stop by sometime and see one of your performances. That might help me see how haiku has helped you improve!
Kaoru: You are always more than welcome to attend, Lisa...!
Lisa: In any case... I'm not surprised that someone like you is so far ahead in their summer homework to have time to help their friends.
Lisa: I totally forgot about that one report... Thankfully, I managed to get it done the other day~...
Kaoru: ...Report?
Lisa: Yeah, that report! Gathering info for it was a little tough, though...
Kaoru: Ah, yes...
Lisa: ...Uhm...
Lisa: All of the third-year students were assigned to a current affairs report... Remember...?
Kaoru: ...Heh.
Kaoru: "A most troubling plight... One important assignment... Has been overlooked..."
Lisa: Hey, this is no time to be making haiku!
Lisa: So you didn't finish all of your work after all! I'll help you out, so let's get it done today, okay?!
Kaoru: Fufu... How reliable you are, my little kitten...
Lisa: You shouldn't be relying on me, to begin with... I'll message you after club lets out!

A Fleeting Haiku Card Story - Special Episode

Bite Into The Fleeting



Kaoru: Well, if it isn't BanG Dreamer-san. Fancy meeting you here. Or could it be that you have come to see me willingly...?
Kaoru: ...Oh, this? Ramune, of course. I bought it on a whim at the convenience store.
Kaoru: I happened to partake of some the other day. Ever since, I have found myself entranced by its flavor. Alas, how careless of me to be so easily enthralled...!
Kaoru: Hm? Ah, yes... It was purchased at a food stand during an excursion to the fireworks festival with my bandmates.
Kaoru: Misaki, Kokoro, and Hagumi were tasked with writing haiku for their summer vacation homework.
Kaoru: In an effort to assist them, it was decided that we attend the festival.
Kaoru: Our initial goal was for the sake of creating haiku, and yet... I found myself enjoying the festivities. A truly captivating day of merry-making.
Kaoru: Yes, the haiku were completed as instructed. Shall I recite them for you here and now...?
Kaoru: ...Fufu, a shame that you have declined my offer. Very well, my comrades and I shall perform a group recital for you some other time.
Kaoru: Every word of every line is simply bursting with charm. Haiku worthy of the name Hello, Happy World!
Kaoru: Kokoro defied the standard of haiku and created a most casual masterpiece. A sense of excitement overflows from within its stanzas.
Kaoru: Hagumi's haiku clearly expressed her love for the downtown district, including those objects of affection which she so dearly treasures.
Kaoru: As for Kanon, her haiku, centered around tea ceremonies, was a brilliant piece which also touched upon the beauty of relevant scenery.
Kaoru: And last came Misaki, who was slightly overcome with embarrassment... though that only further enhanced the beauty of her words.
Kaoru: Fufu... To summarize my descriptions, each person was fleeting in their own special way...
Kaoru: Being surrounded by the dazzling explosion of fireworks while everyone carefully crafted their haiku lead to a most eventful day, indeed.
Kaoru: ...Egads, all of this unnecessary chatter will surely diminish the thrill of our eventual haiku recital.
Kaoru: It appears that I have consumed much of your time with my rambling. I am always prone to doing so when speaking with you.
Kaoru: We can further discuss the fireworks at another time. Until then, farewell.