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A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Opening

The girls have gathered to reflect after band practice,
but Misaki seems a little gloomy...


Kaoru: My apologies for the delay. I've left you quite thirsty, haven't I? Worry not, dear friends, for I have your drinks right here. They are filled to the brim with my love.
Hagumi: Yay~! Thanks Kaoru-kun!
Kanon: Now that Kaoru-san's back, should we get started?
Kokoro: Great idea! Are you ready, Misaki?
Misaki: Ah... We're going over today's practice, right? Yeah, I'm good to go.
Hagumi: Alright, can I start? I was really, really hungry all through practice today. I should have eaten more at lunch...
Kaoru: Ah~, my poor Hagumi... How you have suffered. Are you alright now?
Hagumi: Yup! I'm all better now that we've had our orders and dessert! Actually, I think I ate too much. My tummy hurts!
Kaoru: Y-your stomach hurts?! How dreadful! You should lie down at once!
Kanon: K-Kaoru-san... She can't just lay down in the middle of the restaurant...
Kaoru: But we can't simply leave her like this either.
Hagumi: Thanks, Kaoru-kun! You don't have to worry about me, though. I'll be okay!
Kaoru: Ah, Hagumi, your strength, your resilience. It's all so fleeting...
Kokoro: Now it's my turn! I actually did eat before practice. For lunch I had-
Kanon: W-wait a minute. Why are we talking about what we had for lunch? We're supposed to be discussing practice, right?
Kaoru: What ever is the matter, Kanon? Having a proper lunch is an absolute must.
Kanon: I-I know that, but... How do I put this? Misaki-chan, help me...
Misaki: ... Ah, sorry, I was thinking about something else. What are we talking about?
Kokoro: We're all sharing what we had for lunch today!
Misaki: Huh? Why are we doing that? Isn't this meeting supposed to be about practice...? Kanon-san, what's she talking about...?
Kanon: Th-that's what-
Misaki: ..!
Misaki: ...
Kanon: Hm? Misaki-chan, your phone's ringing.
Misaki: Ah, it's fine. It's just a call from home. I'm sure it'll stop eventually. Anyway, you were saying?
Kanon: B-but...
Hagumi: Hey, Mii-kun, your phone's still ringing. Don't you think you should pick it up?
Misaki: Y-yeah... Okay. Sorry about this. Go on without me.
Misaki: Hello? ... Yeah, I'm with my bandmates... I told you I had practice today, remember?
Others: ...
Hagumi: Hey... Don't you think Mii-kun's acting strange?
Kanon: I was wondering the same thing. She seemed a little down since practice...
Kaoru: Ah! Could it be? Perhaps she's fallen under the spell of my beauty.
Misaki: ... I told you! I don't want to talk about it!
Others: ...?!
Hagumi: Wh-what's wrong, Mii-kun?
Misaki: H-haha... Sorry... I wish you guys hadn't seen that...
Kanon: That was your family, wasn't it? Did something happen?
Misaki: Ah~, yeah, well... I had a fight with my parents this morning...
Hagumi: Huh? Really? So you get in fights too.
Misaki: It's kinda embarrassing for a high schooler like me to still be bickering with my parents, but... Yeah...
Hagumi: What's wrong with that? My dad and I are always arguing about softball plays.
Hagumi: Sometimes if he keeps bugging me about it over and over, I'll snap at him when I shouldn't.
Kokoro: So you had a fight, Misaki? That's amazing! I've never gotten into an argument with anyone, ever!
Misaki: Wow~, not even once, huh...? You know, I should be surprised, but somehow, I'm not.
Kanon: I used to argue with my parents a lot too... Although we've been getting along recently.
Hagumi: But why were you fighting, Mii-kun? What happened?
Misaki: It's nothing worth talking about... I was cleaning my bookshelves and...
Misaki: ... And that's the story.
Kanon: I see. So they accidentally threw out a book of yours that's really important?
Misaki: Yeah~. I suppose it's partially my fault, seeing as I didn't tell them which books not to throw out...
Misaki: Still, when I realized what happened this morning, I just started yelling. Sigh~, I hate this feeling...
Kaoru: Yes, 'tis quite the pitiful story. A tragedy even. There are no other words to express this sorrowful turn of events.
Misaki: Uhm, it's not that big of a deal. That book was just special to me, so hearing that they threw it out was a shock.
Kaoru: That reminds me. Long ago, I played the part of a prince who lost everything due to a trivial misunderstanding.
Kaoru: Looking back on it now, it was an excellent performance, even for me. The audience showered me with applause...
Kaoru: It is... but that.
Misaki: Huh? That's what? You were just talking about yourself at the end there...
Kaoru: Fufu, now then, shall we move on to my thoughts about practice?
Kaoru: For me, today was a truly beautiful, especially fleeting day. For you see...

A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Chapter 1
Déjà Vu

Misaki is feeling down after a fight with her parents.
That's when Kaoru calls out to her...


After the Meeting
Station Entrance
Misaki: Sorry about today... I kinda brought down the mood, didn't I?
Kanon: No, not at all. More importantly, are you sure you're okay?
Hagumi: Cheer up, Mii-kun! If you don't feel like going home, how about coming to my house? We'll eat tons of croquettes to help you feel better!
Kokoro: Great idea! And I'll be coming along too, of course! If we have everyone together, you'll smile for sure!
Misaki: Ah~, That's okay. I'm fine.
Misaki: (Now I've made everyone worry... And I'm terrible with these kinds of situations...)
Kaoru: Ah~, Misaki...
Kaoru: If only you could have seen my performance that day. One doesn't get to experience a show like that very often, after all. The darkness of the prince's heart wa-
Misaki: Haha... Hahaha... So you're still going on about that, huh...?
One Hour Later
Misaki: Sigh~. I made it sound like no big deal in front of everyone, but I really don't want to go home...
Misaki: I should have taken Hagumi up on her offer...
Misaki: Sigh~.
Kaoru: Fufu, such deep sighs. What ails you, my little kitten?
Misaki: Huh? Kaoru-san?! What are you doing here? I thought you went home.
Kaoru: I just happened to be strolling through the streets, contemplating a variety of subjects, when I heard the fleeting sighs of a little kitten.
Misaki: Oh, gotcha.
Misaki: Actually, hasn't this happened before? I'm getting some serious deja vu.
Kaoru: Really? I don't seem to recall.
Misaki: Haha. I figured you'd say that.
Kaoru: Ah, that reminds me, Misaki. May I ask you a question? It's regarding something I've been pondering for a while now.
Misaki: Sure, if I'll do. Just to let you know though, I'm not very knowledgeable about theater stuff.
Kaoru: It has nothing to do with theater. For you see...
Kaoru: I'm considering changing the layout of my room... What do you think? Should I?
Misaki: Huh? Your room? Where'd that come from?
Kaoru: Make no mistake, I have no qualms with my quarter's current arrangement. However, I thought perhaps a new layout could provide a pleasant breath of fresh air.
Kaoru: To move my bed, or to not move my bed... That is the question...
Misaki: Uhm, okay.
Kaoru: Perhaps you could provide some insight into my problem.
Misaki: Uhm~, I don't really know what your room looks like, though... Why not just do what feels right?
Kaoru: What feels right, huh? I see. How very... deep.
Misaki: No... There's nothing deep about it... Fufu.
Kaoru: Ah, there's that smile of yours. Well then, now that I've seen that, perhaps I shall head home.
Misaki: W-wait, Kaoru-san...
Kaoru: What is it, my dear?
Misaki: If it's alright with you... Could I maybe come to your place?
Kaoru: You wish to visit my home?
Misaki: I-I mean, you want to rearrange your room, right? I just wanted to see what it looks like...
Kaoru: I see. Then I'd be more than happy to have you.
Kaoru: However, there's nothing of note at my house. If that is alright with yo-
Kaoru: Oh dear! My apologies, Misaki. It seems I left out an incredibly important detail!
Misaki: Ah, it's fine if it won't work out. I just thought I'd ask.
Kaoru: No, you see, I stated before that there was nothing of importance at my house, but that was a grave mistake.
Kaoru: For you see, I have in my possession a picture of the crowd showering me with praise during my performance as the prince who lost it all. You simply must see it!
Misaki: (Jeez, it's just curveball after curveball with Kaoru-san...)
Misaki: O-okay... I can't wait~.

A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Chapter 2
Kaoru's Room

Misaki comes to Kaoru's room.
Suddenly, the other members contact them...


Seta Residence - Kaoru's Room
Kaoru: Here we are. Welcome to my humble abode.
Misaki: Wow~, this room's gorgeous. You even have potted plants. It's so grown up.
Kaoru: I'm glad you like it. By all means, make yourself at home.
Misaki: Now that I'm looking at it, I don't see any reason to rearrange everything. Personally, I kinda like it as is...
Kaoru: Is that so? In that case, I'll have to give it some more thought.
Kaoru: You'll find books on the shelf over there, and the TV remote is on the table. If you'd like to rest your eyes, feel free to make use of the sofa or bed.
Misaki: Ah, okay. Will do.
Misaki: What do you got for books...? Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Descartes... Look at all these different authors.
Misaki: Famous works of literature, history novels... You've got quite the selection. Huh? You even read these encyclopedias?
Kaoru: If you're looking for a recommendation, I'd have to go with Shakespeare. His words transcend time itself to touch our hearts.
Misaki: Haha, yeah, I don't think I could finish Shakespeare in one day...
Kaoru: Then you may stay here for as long as you desire. I'd be grateful for the company.
Misaki: Hm? You've got photos decorating the walls by this desk too.
Kaoru: Indeed, these are a record of my journey up to this point. A majority of these photos are of plays. I believe the prince role I mentioned should be... Ah, here it is.
Kaoru: This is the scene where, lost in the depths of despair, the prince falls to his knees, cursing his fate.
Kaoru: I can still remember the sobs coming from the audience... Well, what do you think?
Misaki: Huh? What do you mean? How am I supposed to answer that...?
Misaki: Ah, you've got pictures of Hello, Happy World!
Kaoru: Of course. Our experiences as Hello, Happy World! are another part of my journey, are they not?
Misaki: This one is... from our first concert, right? And this is from our trip to Happy Happy Island. Ah, and... That's from the parade at the amusement park.
Kaoru: It feels as if it was only yesterday. The crowd went wild with every move I made.
Kaoru: Tragedy or comedy, I capture the hearts of all who witness my performance. That is what it means to be Kaoru Seta.
Misaki: Ah~, yeah, yeah.
Kaoru: I do have one regret about that parade, however. I don't have a single photo of you. How unfortunate.
Misaki: (Well~, you've got pictures of Michelle, so in reality...)
Misaki: ... Hm? Is this you in middle school?
Kaoru: Indeed it is. That was the first time I stood on stage. Now that I think about it, that was the moment I took my first steps down this path of mine. This was my starting point.
Misaki: Your starting point, huh...? Maybe if I had organized my stuff like this from the beginning, my parents and I wouldn't be fighting...
Misaki: ... Ah, sorry. I didn't mean to whine about myself. Just ignore that.
Kaoru: Misaki, is there anything you'd like to drink? I'll go bring us something to warm up. Could you be a dear and wait here for a few moments?
Misaki: Ah, yeah, thanks...
Misaki: Sigh~.
Misaki: She didn't even mention it. I'm really taking advantage of her kindness here, aren't I? I just keep messing up...
Misaki: Maybe I should go home... Has anybody tried to contact me from the house...
Misaki: (Guh... That's a lot of missed calls...)
Misaki: ... Ah. I've got messages from Hagumi and Kanon-san too...
Misaki: "Are you okay, Mii-kun?" "Misaki-chan, did you get home alright? I'm a little worried."
Misaki: ...
Misaki: (Taking advantage of Kaoru-san, causing everyone else to worry... I really am the worst...)
Misaki: I better reply to these... Let's see...
Kaoru: Pardon the wait, Misaki. I've brewed us some coffee. Come, this will warm you right up.
Misaki: U-uhm, Kaoru-san... Please don't get angry...
Kaoru: Me? Angry? What ever for?
Misaki: I got a message from both Kanon-san and Hagumi, so I told them I was at your house. Then that somehow turned into everyone coming here...
Kaoru: Oh my, what a pleasant surprise. They are more than welcome, of course.
Misaki: What's more, now they're talking about having a sleepover...
Kaoru: I see... It seems we have a fleeting night ahead of us.
Misaki: So you're okay with this? Kokoro's coming too, you know.
Kaoru: How long has it been since I've had someone stay the night here? I'm sure my parents will be thrilled.
Misaki: You really are open-minded, huh~?
Misaki: Well, as long as it's fine by you. I better let my parents know too...
Misaki: I'm going to go call them. I'll be right back.

A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Chapter 3
Sleepover with Style

Hello, Happy World! decides to have a sleepover at Kaoru's house.
As for their luggage...


Seta Residence - Kaoru's Room
Hagumi: Kaoru-kun! Mii-kun! Sorry for the wait~!
Kanon: Thank you for having us...
Kokoro: Is this Kaoru's room?! Fantastic! I've always wanted to see it!
Hagumi: Isn't it cool~?! It feels like a grown-up's room.
Kaoru: Is this all of your belongings then? I'll put them down over here.
Kanon: Ah, thank you for carrying those. They weren't too heavy, were they...?
Kaoru: Weight matters not when it comes to my princesses' precious luggage.
Misaki: Huh? What's with the suitcase...? We're not going on a trip, you know...
Kanon: Yeah... That's what I tried to tell my parents...
Misaki: Ah, so this is your stuff. Wait, how long do you plan on staying?
Kanon: When I told them I was going to stay over at Kaoru-san's house, they told me to bring this and that...
Misaki: Even still, that's a lot of luggage... What's all in there?
Kanon: I haven't checked, so I don't really know... Why don't we take a look?
Kanon: Uhm, pajamas, a change of clothes... a toothbrush, a towel, shampoo... What else...?
Misaki: It just keeps coming. Are those emergency rations?
Hagumi: Ah! That reminds me, my dad gave me these! Steaming hot croquettes, fresh from the fryer~. Enjoy!
Kaoru: Ah~, Hagumi! Your kindness warms my very heart.
Hagumi: And~, I brought this along too. Ta-dah~! Look, look! It's my monkey stuffed animal~!
Hagumi: I always need to have my monkey at bedtime, or I can't sleep! This little guy's been by my side since I was little.
Kanon: Aw~, I had something like that too. What's its name?
Hagumi: Huh? What do you mean? It's just "Monkey."
Kanon: Ah, so it doesn't have one...
Hagumi: I've given Monkey tons of rips and tears over the years, but my mom always fixes them right up.
Misaki: ... Sigh~.
Hagumi: Hm? What's wrong, Mii-kun?
Misaki: Sorry, it's nothing.
Misaki: (Everyone really gets along with their parents. That's usually the case for me too, but not today...)
Kaoru: Hm? Now that I think about it, I don't recall seeing any luggage for you, Kokoro...
Kokoro: Yup, because I didn't bring any.
Misaki: Huh? You came empty-handed to a sleepover?
Kokoro: Sure did. Is that weird?
Kaoru: What's this? It appears someone's at the door... Ah! Perhaps it is our dear friend Michelle!
Misaki: ...?! A-actually, I got a text from Michelle saying she couldn't make it, so it can't be her.
Kaoru: Is that so? How unfortunate... Well then, I must attend to our mystery guest.
Hagumi: Aww~, so Michelle isn't coming~? I was really excited to have a slumber party with her~.
Misaki: Sh-she said she'll come next time... Probably.
Hagumi: Ah, more importantly, why didn't you tell us you were going to stay at Kaoru-kun's place~? No fair~!
Misaki: Sorry, my bad. I didn't really plan on coming here, it just kinda happened...
Kanon: Still, you seem a little happier than before. So that's a relief.
Misaki: I don't know about that. It's more like talking to Kaoru-san helped me forget about everything.
Kokoro: I see! So what did you two talk about? It had to be something fun if it cheered you up so much!
Hagumi: Yeah, I wanna know too!
Misaki: Uhm~, when I say 'talk', what I really mean is Kaoru-san just bragged about herself while I listened...
Hagumi: Huh? And that cheered you up? Why? I don't get it~.
Misaki: Yeah, I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I don't really get it either...
Kanon: Ah, Kaoru-san, you're back. Who was at the door?
Kaoru: Hmm~...
Hagumi: What's wrong?
Kaoru: Quite the mystery indeed. When I opened the door, there was no one around. In their place, I found this bag.
Kaoru: What ever could this be...? Do any of you recognize it?
Misaki: Hm? Isn't that your family's crest, Kokoro?
Kokoro: Now that I look at it, it sure is.
Hagumi: Why don't you try opening it?!
Kokoro: Alrighty! Let's see... Wow~! My pajamas! A nice stranger must have brought them to me!
Misaki: Come on, obviously it was the suit-
Kokoro: It looks like there's still more... What's this?
Kaoru: Hm...? It appears to be another pair of pajamas.
Misaki: Wait, those are mine! They brought my pajamas too?!
Misaki: Just who are those people...?
Kokoro: Fufufu, this means we're all ready, right?! Now we can play!
Hagumi: Yeah~! Let's have some fun!
Kokoro: We should start by doing somersaults! Join me, Misaki! Here... We... Go!
Misaki: Kokoro! We're guests here, so behave yourself!

A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Chapter 4
After Dinner

The girls have finished their dinner at Kaoru's house.
Now to enjoy themselves before bed.


Seta Residence - Kaoru's Room
Kokoro: Dinner was so scrumptious, Kaoru!
Kanon: Your mother's really good at cooking. Even the presentation was perfect.
Kaoru: Fufu, it's because we have guests tonight. She made sure to make dinner extra special for the occasion.
Hagumi: Ah~, I'm so full~. I think I ate too much.
Kaoru: Why not lay down for a while? You need not restrain yourself amongst us.
Hagumi: But my dad told me I'll turn into a cow if I lay down after eating.
Kokoro: That sounds amazing! I want to be a cow! Once I change, you can all ride on my back!
Misaki: Yeah, I don't think that's meant to be taken literally. People don't just change into cows.
Kaoru: Fufu, if I were to become a cow, certainly my beauty would still captivate the hearts of all who saw me. Ah~, 'tis a crime to be as beautiful as I.
Misaki: I'm pretty sure a cow like that doesn't exist.
Kanon: Fufufu... Looks like you're back to your old self, Misaki-chan. Our conversations are much more lively now.
Misaki: ...?!
Kanon: Thank goodness. It's nice to have the old Hello, Happy World! back. I wouldn't want us any other way.
Kaoru: Fufu, the night is still young, my little kittens. Let us make the most of it.
Hagumi: Ah, that reminds me! I brought playing cards! Does anybody wanna play?!
Kokoro: I do! I've been wanting to play Old Maid forever! Come on, Misaki, join us!
Misaki: Well... Alright, why not?
Kokoro: By the way, how do you play Old Maid? Can you teach me, Misaki?
Misaki: Haha... You don't even know the rules, huh?
Hagumi: Ah! This is from our parade at Smile Land! I've never seen this picture before!
Kaoru: That photograph was attached to a letter gifted to me by a fan.
Kaoru: Unfortunately, it's far too small to capture my true beauty, so I plan on having it made into a poster soon.
Misaki: You really love yourself, don't you?
Kaoru: Don't misunderstand me, my dear. I appreciate all living things.
Kokoro: Ah, this is Happy Happy Island, right?!
Kanon: What beautiful scenery. Every once in a while, I'll look back on this photo myself.
Hagumi: It really wasn't that long ago, but it all feels so nostalgic! All our adventures together are precious to me!
Kaoru: Indeed. We should thank the fates for allowing us to be born in the same era.
Misaki: I think you're being a bit dramatic.
Hagumi: Is she? I was thinking the same thing. What about you, Mii-kun? What do you think of Hello, Happy World!?
Misaki: Me...? Well... At first, I was at a complete loss.
Misaki: I mean, I'd never written music before, and Kokoro was a total mystery to me.
Kokoro: Your song was extra-especially wonderful though! It made everyone smile!
Misaki: Haha... Thanks.
Misaki: Actually... You know that book my parents threw out? It's the book I used to study music-making back then.
Hagumi: What?!
Misaki: Yeah~, I know I can get another one at the store, but, I don't know, I guess that book just held a lot of memories.
Kanon: So that's why you were upset...
Misaki: Still, I shouldn't have gotten as angry as I did. I said some really nasty stuff...
Misaki: This wouldn't have happened if I had just kept my things organized in the first place...
Misaki: Yeah, that was wrong of me.
Kokoro: If that book is so important to you, why don't we look for it?
Misaki: Huh? What do you mean? Come on, we have no idea where it could have gone. Think about this logically for a second.
Kokoro: Then we just have to think illogically! We'll help you find it tomorrow.
Misaki: I-I...
Kaoru: Fufu, why don't we revisit this topic again tomorrow? Shall we continue reminiscing about Hello, Happy World!? We have plenty to talk about.
Kanon: Yes, I agree. I'd love to talk about our adventures more.
Kaoru: Would you care to look at this photo? This is from our very first concert.
Kaoru: As always, I... am the star.
Kaoru: What else do we have here...? This is me wiping the sweat from my brow, and this is me tuning my guitar. This is me wielding a shield... All so fleeting.
Hagumi: Wow, you look really cool in all of these!
Kokoro: This is amazing! Show me more pictures, Kaoru!
Misaki: ...

A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Chapter 5
A Fleeting Night

Misaki can't sleep. Suddenly, she hears Kaoru beside her...


Seta Residence - Kaoru's Room
Misaki: (What time is it? Everyone's out like a light... It's gotta be pretty late then...)
Misaki: (Sigh~. I can't sleep. I've got way too much on my mind...)
Misaki: (I wonder if Hagumi would let me borrow Monkey... She said it helps her sleep at night...)
Kaoru: Having trouble sleeping?
Misaki: Huh? Kaoru-san, what are you doing up?
Kaoru: As the great bard once said, "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown."
Misaki: Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown... What's that mean?
Kaoru: Fufu, you're free to interpret my words however you see fit.
Kaoru: Ah yes, I must give you my thanks, dear Misaki.
Misaki: Huh? What for?
Kaoru: Your advice regarding my bedroom layout. I've decided to keep it as is.
Misaki: Ah, right. I forgot all about that.
Kaoru: Having someone to talk to truly was a marvelous help. You have my sincerest gratitude.
Misaki: Come on, I'm the one who should be saying that.
Kaoru: And yet, I've done nothing worthy of such words.
Misaki: Haha, sure you haven't, Kaoru-san.
Misaki: I was pretty awful to my parents today. I said a lot of stuff I shouldn't have, and refused to pick up the phone.
Misaki: And now I can't get all that stuff out of my head, and it's keeping me up...
Misaki: Do arguments use up calories? I feel so drained...
Kaoru: Ah, perhaps you've heard of this before.
Misaki: Huh? Heard what?
Kaoru: They say when a baby bird hatches, it comes to believe the first things it sees is its parents.
Misaki: Ah, yeah, I've heard about that before. I think they call it "imprinting." I feel like that's a pretty well-known fact.
Kaoru: I just happened upon it when I was reading the other day.
Kaoru: ... What an interesting fact.
Others: ...
Misaki: ... Wait. Is that it?
Kaoru: Indeed. The curtain has fallen on this exchange.
Misaki: But what was the point...? And wait, wouldn't a conversation like that usually develop into something more?
Misaki: Plus it seemed like you were headed in a pretty good direction there.
Kaoru: While that wasn't my initial intentions... Do you perhaps desire such a conversation?
Misaki: ... Huh?
Kaoru: If you do, I will keep talking with you, for as long as you like.
Misaki: Ha, haha... I'll admit, I wasn't expecting you to say something like that.
Kaoru: Did I not mention this before? You're free to interpret my words however you see fit.
Misaki: Oh yeah...? However I see fit, huh...?
Kaoru: After all, success will follow for those in good spirits...
Kaoru: It is... but that.
Misaki: Sigh...
Misaki: I've known all along what I need to do. I need to apologize to my parents for being so rude to them...
Misaki: But I don't know... It just doesn't feel right.
Misaki: Good spirits, huh...? It might actually be that simple. Is that another Shakespeare quote?
Kaoru: On the contrary, that quote was... one of my own.
Misaki: What?! You came up with that...? Pfft. Haha, hahaha...
Misaki: I really thought that was a famous quote from something. Looks like you could be another great bard yourself.
Misaki: Phew~, with all these curveballs you keep throwing me, I just keep striking out...
Misaki: Still, that really clears things up for me. I get the feeling I'll be in good spirits before I know it.
Misaki: Thanks, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: I didn't do anything, my dear. I simply said what I wanted to say.
Misaki: And I just said what I wanted to say.
Kaoru: Ah, I just remembered another interesting tidbit. Would you like to hear it?
Misaki: Sure. Go ahead.
Kaoru: You see, a tadpole's gills...

A Fleeting Night's Dream Event Story - Ending
My Starting Point

Misaki calls her parents, and they
give her some important information...


The Next Morning
Seta Residence - Kaoru's Room
Misaki: Hello?, Ah, It's me... Mm-hm... Yeah. Ah, I'm at Kaoru-san's...
Misaki: Uhm, hey, I'm sorry about yesterday... It's partially my own fault, so don't worry about my book.
Kokoro: Who do you think Misaki is talking to?
Kanon: She said she was going to call home. Hopefully she'll be able to make up with her parents.
Hagumi: She'll be fine! Right, Kaoru-kun?
Kaoru: Fufu, Misaki appears to be in good spirits, so success should indeed follow.
Misaki: Uh-huh... What?! Really?! Why didn't you say so sooner?!
Kanon: Huh? Did something happen...?
Misaki: Ah, right, my bad. You couldn't tell me because I wasn't picking up the phone. Alright, got it! Thanks! And... I really am sorry about yesterday...
Hagumi: How'd it go, Mii-kun? Did you guys make up?
Misaki: Ah, yeah, that part went fine, but...
Kanon: But...?
Misaki: My book... I might know where it is!
Library - Storage Room
Kanon: This is where your book is supposed to be...?
Misaki: It turns out they didn't throw it out, they donated it to this library...
Misaki: They tried calling me to tell me, but I never picked up...
Kokoro: See? It's just like I said! We'll find your book for sure!
Hagumi: Yeah, what Kokoron said!
Kanon: Look at all these books though... There's piles upon piles of them...
Misaki: H-hey, guys... I know searching through all of this is going to be a real hassle...
Misaki: But...
Misaki: Please!! Help me find my book!
Kaoru: Fufu, you need not beg, my dear. Come, let us begin the treasure hunt!
Kokoro: Mm~! This is going to be super fun~!
Kanon: Don't worry, Misaki-chan. If we all work together, we'll find your book in no time.
Hagumi: Then let's get started~! Happy! Lucky! Smile!
Others: Yay~!!
One Hour Later
Kokoro: Misaki! What about this picture book? Is this it?
Misaki: Uhm, Kokoro... I'm really grateful for your help, but I told you, we're looking for a book on music composition...
Kaoru: Hm? Misaki... What about this one? "Intro to Music Composition" is written right on the cover...
Misaki: ... Huh? Which one? Hold on, let me see.
Kaoru: Very well...
Misaki: There's no mistaking it... This is my book. See how the cover is kinda curving up like that? That happened because I was using it so much.
Hagumi: Yippee~! Isn't this great, Mii-kun?! We found your book!
Kanon: Congratulations, Misaki-chan!
Kokoro: So it was that book! I had a feeling that was the one we were looking for!
Misaki: Ah, sorry, I'm just gonna look through this real quick...
Misaki: (Now... Is it still in here...?)
Misaki: (It is...!)
Misaki: (The notebook page from the first time I made a song, complete with my notes on everyone's image. My first steps down this path...)
Misaki: (I guess you could call it... my starting point.)
Station Entrance
Misaki: Thank you so much for today... Seriously, I don't know what else to say besides that.
Kokoro: Hey, now that we found your book, why don't we have a party?!
Hagumi: Whoa, that's a great idea! This is totally worth celebrating! Let's do it, Mii-kun!
Misaki: Ah, sorry, guys! I'm actually... gonna go home. My parents are really worried... Plus I need to tell them I found my book.
Kanon: I'm sure your mother will be really happy.
Misaki: Alright, see you guys later! Thanks again!
Kaoru: Fufu, I cannot allow a princess such as yourself to venture homeward alone. Especially carrying such a treasure.
Kaoru: Shall I escort you home... my princess?
Misaki: Haha... I should have seen that coming... Typical Kaoru-san.

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