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A Forced Dance Card Story - Episode

The Mascot's Name


Misaki: I swear, the minute I saw Marie's long jump, I knew it had to be you, Hagumi.
Hagumi: Ehehe~, that was a pretty great jump, wasn't it?!
Kanon: It sure was. You were running so fast too, even wearing such a heavy costu-- Ah!
Misaki: Y-you almost gave me a heart attack... What's wrong, Kanon-san?
Kanon: U-uhm, Hagumi-chan, that was you in the Marie costume, right?
Hagumi: Yup! That's right!
Kanon: S-so, what was it like being Marie? Or rather, being inside a suit like that?
Hagumi: Uhm~, it was super hot! And it was way harder to move around, too~!
Kanon: I-I'm sure it was! It seems really hard on Misaki-chan too... Being inside a costume sounds tough!
Misaki: H-hey, Kanon-san? What's gotten into you...?
Kanon: Hagumi-chan finally understands what a costume is... Now's our chance to explain to her that you're Michelle!
Misaki: ... Ah~, gotcha. You're right, she might be able to put the pieces together now.
Hagumi: What's going on, you guys? Did I do something weird?
Kanon: N-no, it's nothing! Nothing at all! We were just talking about how hard being inside a costume is.
Misaki: Yeah, you can't see where you're going, among other things.
Hagumi: I know~... Huh? Wait, does that mean you've been inside one too, Mii-kun?! It's pretty tough in there, huh?!
Kanon: ... Y-you mean...
Misaki: ... You still haven't figured it out?!
Hagumi: What's wrong? Did I say something super shocking?
Misaki: Uhm, Kanon-san, can I talk to you for a second?
Kanon: S-sure...
Misaki: ... I think getting her to understand might be... a little harder than we thought.
Kanon: I agree... She doesn't see any similarities between Michelle and Marie.
Kanon: B-but we can't give up now!
Kanon: I want her to understand. I want her to know you're Michelle.
Misaki: Kanon-san...
Kanon: This is our chance to get through to her... So I'm going to keep trying...!
Misaki: I mean, you can try all you want, but--
Hagumi: Hey, why are you guys talking by yourselves?
Misaki: Ah~, sorry, sorry. No reason really.
Misaki: (... Kanon-san said she'll keep it up, so maybe she has some sort of plan.)
Misaki: (Still, something tells me Hagumi's not going to get it unless we give it to her straight...)
Kanon: U-uhm, Hagumi-chan!
Hagumi: What is it, Kano-chan-senpai?
Kanon: Misaki-chan wears a costume too! And its name is Michelle!
Misaki: (Whoa, that's straight alright!!)
Hagumi: Michelle...? Michelle...
Kanon: Yes! Misaki-chan is Michelle!
Hagumi: ... I-I see!
Misaki: (This is it... Will she finally realize the truth...?!)
Hagumi: What are the chances! So your costume is also called Michelle?! That's so cool~! Wait, so that means you wear this costume often, Mii-kun?!
Kanon: U-uhm, Hagumi-chan...?
Hagumi: I can't believe they have the same name! What a coincidence! Hey, can I meet your Michelle sometime?
Hagumi: Ah, you should bring her to our concerts. Then we'd have double Michelle! That'd be awesome!
Hagumi: Hey, hey, what's your Michelle look like?! Is she a bear too?!
Hagumi: I wonder who's cuter, your Michelle or ours?! I bet they're both adorable!
Kanon: ... I'm sorry, Misaki-chan. It seems I underestimated Hagumi-chan's innocence...
Misaki: Aha... Ahahaha... No kidding~.
Hagumi: I can't wait for the day we can see double Michelle~!

A Forced Dance Card Story - Special Episode

Strength and Kindness


Kanon: I'm a little early... Maybe I'll stop by the café. Ah, looks they have something new on the menu... ♪
Marina: Huh? Kanon-chan?
Kanon: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, good afternoon. Are you on your breaks?
Marina: Yup. We just started. If you're not busy, why not sit down and have a cup of tea with us?
Kanon: Are you sure? Thank you so much.
Marina: By the way, I heard you guys had it pretty rough the other day.
Kanon: The other day...? Ah, do you mean the Fluffy Mascot Competition?
Kanon: Y-yes, it was very tough... We thought Michelle was going to be the only one representing Hanasakigawa...
Kanon: Then suddenly she had a rival. It was this mascot called Marie Andromeda... I couldn't believe how fast she could run!
Kanon: Let's see, what were all the challenges...? Long jump, handing out balloons... dancing, and a marathon... I think that's everything. Actually, I ended up helping Michelle out a little.
Kanon: I played a marching snare drum while she was handing out balloons. It was pretty embarrassing with all those people there... But I wanted Michelle to do her best, so I did everything I could to support her.
Marina: A marching snare drum? Ahaha. I can't really picture that...
Kanon: Yeah... At least now I have a great memory of that day... Even if it's a pretty humiliating one...
Marina: Ahaha... Regardless, to think Michelle had a rival out there~. Marie Andromeda, right?
Kanon: ... Actually...
Kanon: ... It turns out the one inside the Marie suit was Hagumi-chan.
Kanon: When I found out, I was so surprised... and a little worried.
Marina: Worried? Why
Kanon: Uhm, you see... Hagumi-chan is a very nice person.
Kanon: So I thought she'd be so considerate of the losing side of the competition, that she would hold back...
Kanon: However, it seems I was worried for nothing. Hagumi's just as strong as she is kind... She fought Michelle with everything she had.
Kanon: And as a result, now Michelle and Marie will be working together to liven up the downtown area.
Kanon: Hagumi-chan and Misaki-chan both did amazing that day... They were like shining stars, even more so than usual.
Kanon: I was just there to support Michelle, and I wasn't the one competing, but... I'm glad I went.
Kanon: ... I'm sorry. I've only been talking about myself.
Marina: It's fine, I don't mind. I'd heard little bits and pieces about the Fluffy Mascot Competition, but no real details... I was pretty curious, if we're being honest. BanG Dreamer-san, you were too, right?
Kanon: Th-that's good... Thank you for listening, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Kanon: There's still time before our practice starts, but... I think I'll head over now. I don't want to take up any more of your break.
Marina: You don't have to worry about it.
Kanon: No, it's important to rest when you can...! I'll see you two later. If we need anything, we'll be sure to let you know as always.