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A Fun Performance Card Story - Episode

The Rare Compliment


Ichigaya Residence - Basement
Arisa: C'mon, are you seriously still doing this~? Write faster! Go, move on to the next one.
Kasumi: I'm sorry, Arisa~. I had no idea it would take this long to make these~.
Arisa: Remember, you're the one who said you wanted to write the words by hand. How can you suggest that and be the slowest one?
Kasumi: I said I'm sorry... How come I'm the only one who ended up being this slow though?
Arisa: Obviously, it's because you had to go to that review session! If you didn't have that, you could've come at the same time as everyone else!
Kasumi: Ngh...
Arisa: Not to mention, you're taking way longer on each individual flyer than everyone else did.
Kasumi: But don't we wanna make them so that they're as identical as possible?
Arisa: Take a look at how many there are, and then try saying that again...! Let's go, move on to the next one.

Two Hours Later
Kasumi: I-I did it! They're all done!
Kasumi: Arisa~! I did it~! I finished every single one~!
Arisa: Wow, you really pulled it off... Pretty much anyone would be amazed, I think. Especially seeing as how you did them one by one...
Kasumi: A-Arisa... Is that... a compliment?!
Arisa: W-well, you know... You went through all of this trouble, so it seems like the right time to tell you that you did well, I guess?
Kasumi: Hey~, Arisa~. My shoulders are so stiff now. Massage, please~.
Arisa: Don't let it get to your head!
Kasumi: ... Ah, that reminds me. What time is it?!
Kasumi: I was so focused, I forgot to call home!
Arisa: Nine o'clock passed a while ago.
Kasumi: What~?! It's already that late?! What do I do?! I have to get home right away!
Kasumi: ... It's already dark outside, isn't it?
Arisa: Nine o'clock at night in Japan does tend to get pretty dark.
Kasumi: O-okay, I have to hurry home! I'm sorry I forced you to hang out until this late, Arisa!
Arisa: W-wait a second!
Kasumi: Huh?
Arisa: W-well, clearly I can't let you go home by yourself at this time...
Kasumi: ... What?! Are you saying you're gonna walk with me halfway?!
Arisa: Hah! Yeah, right! Why would I ever put myself through that much trouble?!
Kasumi: ... Yeah...
Arisa: There aren't any other choices so... why don't you just stay over?
Kasumi: ... Huh? You don't mind?
Arisa: I mean, tomorrow also happens to be a day off, and we're having rehearsal here in the morning... Right?
Arisa: I-I just figured that you would probably be late tomorrow, so you can stay here, and then that won't happen.
Kasumi: I will most definitely stay! Wait, are you sure?! Alright, I'll call home then!
Kasumi: ... Ah, hello? Mom? Sorry I'm calling so late! Uhm, so I'm at Arisa's house, and...
Arisa: ... Sigh. This is exactly why I don't like having everyone meet at my house.

A Fun Performance Card Story - Special Episode

A Better Flyer


School Path
Arisa: Hm? Well, if it isn't BanG Dreamer.
Arisa: Oh yeah. It's too bad you couldn't come to the event the other day, huh?
Arisa: Since you weren't there, we ended up doing a lot of work in your place...
Arisa: We even stayed until the very end to join the clean-up crew.
Arisa: Seriously, you should be grateful.
Arisa: I-I was kidding! You don't have to say thank you with such a serious face! Cut it out!
Arisa: ... Hm? After the event...? It was like, cleaning up the venue, taking out the trash, things like that.
Arisa: Yeah! Like the paper cups they were handing out and the flyers. There were garbage cans full of that stuff...
Arisa: ... Ah, now that I think about it, I just realized something. I didn't see any of our flyers in the last trash bags we took out...
Arisa: It's just... we saw that some of the flyers we handed out before our performance had been thrown away. We were so shocked when we saw that...
Arisa: So I was just thinking about how I didn't see any more of our flyers in the trash after we performed...
Arisa: Of course, it could have been that I just happen to not see them...
Arisa: ... But after we came off stage, a lot of people we didn't know started calling out to us and asking us if they could have a flyer.
Arisa: Not sure how to put this, but... it's kind of a weird feeling to have people who really want our flyers.
Arisa: ... It's kind of like, I wanna make even better ones after having that experience, I guess? It makes sense to think that way, right?
Arisa: ... Hm? BanG Dreamer... What are you laughing at?
Arisa: ... Huh?! I-I look really happy?!
Arisa: N-not in a million years! You must be seeing things!
Arisa: Wh-whatever, see ya! S-seriously though, it wasn't like I was happy or anything, got it?!