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A Heart-Pounding Moment Card Story - Episode

Poppin'Party Chocolate Exchange


Valentine's Day - Afternoon Break
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Kasumi: Alright! Now let's get eating! Ready? On three! One... Two...
All: Three!
Kasumi: Wow~. Arisa, your homemade chocolate really is fantastic~!
Rimi: Yeah! The texture's so smooth, and it just melts in your mouth...
Saaya: I-it really is good... Arisa, I never knew you had this kind of talent...
Arisa: N-no... It's not like I'm especially skilled or anything...
Tae: It's just like I said before, right? See, I told you it was delicious~!
Arisa: What are you acting all high and mighty for?!
Kasumi: Yup, Arisa's feelings of love and friendship really come through with this chocolate~! Of course it's delicious~!
Arisa: Cut it out! "L-love and friendship"... Nothing like that's in there! T-the very idea makes my skin crawl...
Arisa: B-but I'll admit, I'm glad everyone likes it... What a relief...
Arisa: Okay, that's enough about me! How about we try Saya's chocolate cornets?
Rimi: Y-yay~! I've been dying to try them!
Kasumi: Alright, everyone! Dig in!
Rimi: ... Wow~! It's delicious~! The bread is so fluffy~!
Arisa: I-it really is... And it looks just like the ones sold at the bakery...
Rimi: Wait, Arisa-chan, take a closer look. These are different...
Arisa: R-really? They look the same to me...
Rimi: But the one sold at the bakery have their bread swirling in a counter-clockwise rotation! These swirls are going in a clockwise direction!
Arisa: You're the only one who would notice something like that!
Kasumi: Ah~, that was so good~! Thank you, Saya~♪ Okay, should we have Rimi's chocolates next?
Rimi: U-uhm, last time I bought their ganache, but this time I thought I'd buy their truffles...
Saaya: What you brought last time was delicious, so I'm sure their truffles will be just as tasty.
Rimi: Th-they also had chocolate cake and chocolate fondant, but I really wanted everyone to try these.
Kasumi: Well, then let's get to it! Down the hatch they go~!
Kasumi: ... Mmm... Mmm~! This is just as I- No, this is better than I imagined! I like these even more than the ones from last time!
Rimi: R-right?! I thought the same thing! The flavor and aroma of the cocoa used really comes off nice and strong...
Saaya: Ahaha... Rimi-rin, you sure are passionate when it comes to chocolate, aren't you?
Rimi: Huh?! I-is that how it sounds...? I-I really like chocolate, so I can't help but talk about it when it comes up...
Tae: Well~... Now it's my turn, I suppose?
Arisa: Oh, that's right! I really wanted to see what kind of chocolates you brought. I wonder what's inside?
Kasumi: Me too! You brought stuff from a shop you like, didn't you, O-Tae?
Tae: That's right. Go ahead and look inside your bags~.
Arisa: ... Huh? W-what is this?
Tae: Isn't it obvious? Steamed buns, of course!
Arisa: But that's not chocolate!
Tae: Well, I thought it'd be pretty boring if all we had was chocolate, so~.
Arisa: Does someone need to remind you what Valentine's Day is about?!
Kasumi: But you know, these buns are really tasty~!
Arisa: You're already eating them?!
Saaya: Last is Kasumi's chocolate, right?
Arisa: Oh yeah, the one's you bought at the convenience store?
Kasumi: Don't lump it in with other brands sold there! These are super duper extra scrumptious!
Kasumi: It may be sold in a convenience store, but it doesn't taste like it was sold in a convenience store, you know~?
Arisa: No, I don't know! Besides, everyone knows these chocolates are delicious! They're sold everywhere, for crying out loud!
Arisa: Heck, even I like them...
Kasumi: Oh~! You like them too, Arisa?! I knew it! We really are two of a kind~!
Arisa: What?! No way! There is no way you and I are that similar!
Kasumi: But we really are~! No question about it! We're pretty much best buds~!
Arisa: ... W-well, if that's the case, wouldn't it have been better to make your chocolates yourself too?
Kasumi: Yeah, that's true... I thought the same thing when I saw what you brought, Arisa...
Kasumi: ... Was making them really tough?
Arisa: Well~... I wouldn't say it was hard, but... You do have to pay attention to the temperature and such...
Kasumi: Really?! Then, how about next time you teach me how to do it?
Saaya: Ah, I'd like to learn too...
Array: Me too!
Kasumi: Well, Arisa? Everyone's asking, so what do you say? Will you teach us? Please~?
Arisa: ... Ah~! How can I say no, when you're looking at me like that? But in return, for the Second Annual Poppin'Party Valentine's Day Celebration, everyone better bring their own homemade chocolates!

A Heart-Pounding Moment Card Story - Special Episode

A Respectable Person



Arisa: Oh, BanG Dreamer. What are you doing here?
Arisa: ... Yeah, it was Valentine's Day the other day. What about it?
Arisa: ... What?! Wh-why do you know about that?! K-keep it down! "S-special handmade chocolates"?! It's nothing like that!
Arisa: Where did you hear about that, BanG Dreamer?
Arisa: ... Kasumi. Argh~, go figure. She has such a big mouth!
Arisa: I-I'll say this once, but just 'cause I ended up making them, doesn't mean I wanted to make chocolates for everyone!
Arisa: ... Well, that's not to say I didn't go through a lot for them, either...
Arisa: I always thought making chocolates was just melting it and letting it get hard again, but I guess that's not the case...
Arisa: But then Lisa-san gave me a hand, and I was able to make them in the end.
Arisa: Even when I lost them, she helped me look, and in the end we found my chocolates safe and sound.
Arisa: ... Now that I think about it... I really couldn't have done anything without Lisa-san.
Arisa: She really is a good person~...
Arisa: You think so too, BanG Dreamer?
Arisa: We go to different schools, and we're not even in the same grade. But she still helped me out...
Arisa: I always thought she was just this flashy person, but she's actually very kind. She cares about others a lot too...
Arisa: I was surprised people like her exist, to be honest.
Arisa: ... What? I seem less reserved than usual?
Arisa: D-don't be ridiculous! I'm just very grateful for Lisa-san, that's all!
Arisa: It was thanks to her that I was able to give everyone their chocolates!
Arisa: ...B-but don't get me wrong! It's not like I wanted to make everyone something in the first place!
Arisa: It's just that, when you think Valentine's Day chocolates, you normally think homemade, right?!
Arisa: But the only ones who made their gifts were me and Saya! Although technically Saya brought chocolate cornets.
Arisa: Still, Kasumi brought chocolate from the convenience store, and O-Tae didn't even bring chocolates!
Arisa: W-well, I guess you could say that was partially my fault for assuming everyone would make theirs, but-
Arisa: ... I am not blushing!
Arisa: But, thinking back... Seeing everyone enjoying my chocolates so much, I guess it wasn't all bad...
Arisa: ... Hm? What kind of face is that? You wish you could have tried some?
Arisa: F-fine! Next time I feel like making chocolates, I'll make some for you too, okay?
Arisa: ... Jeez, I can't believe you...