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A Hot New Experience Card Story - Episode

Matching Outfits Complete☆


Convenience Store
Touko: Ah~, I'm dead~.
Mashiro: We have a lot to do for the seminar today too. I wonder if we'll finish it all.
Nanami: It'll be okay. We've made good progress so far.
Nanami: More importantly, should we get some snacks? I'm sure Tsu-chan and the others are waiting for us.
Nanami: Ah...
Mashiro: What's wrong, Nanami-chan?
Nanami: Look, look at those girls over there. They have matching accessories on their bags.
Touko: You mean those different-colored cat charms?
Nanami: Yeah, yeah. They look nice~. I've always wanted to have matching things with my friends.
Touko: What about our band costumes and accessories? They match.
Nanami: Umm~, that's not what I mean.
Touko: Hmm~?
Mashiro: Um, are we not buying any snacks...?
Touko: We are, we are! Okay~, I'm gonna get these chocolate cookies and stick things~. I want something salty too, so maybe I'll get some seaweed or consommé-flavored chips~...
Mashiro: Huh, aren't you buying a little too much? I don't think we can eat all of these...
Touko: There's five of us, it'll be fine! You're eating too, right, Nanami?
Nanami: Hmmm...
Touko: ... Oh, something's caught her eye again. What're you looking at now?
Nanami: These snacks come with free toys. I found some from the popular "Sumo Shiba" series.
Mashiro & Touko: Sumo Shiba?
Nanami: Haven't you heard of it? It's pretty popular in the snack-toy world right now.
Nanami: The concept is simple. There's a Shiba Inu that wants to be a sumo wrestler, and it tries out a bunch of different things.
Mashiro: There are pictures of a dog on the package here. It's doing all sorts of poses...
Nanami: Yeah, that's Sumo Shiba. Isn't the ornamental apron it's wearing just adorable~?
Nanami: In this one, Sumo Shiba is sliding its feet around, and in this one, it looks like it's training with a wooden pole.
Touko: Ahaha, a sumo dog? That's so surreal!
Nanami: I knew you'd get it, Touko-chan! That's why the series is so popular~!
Mashiro: Are you going to collect this series, Nanami-chan?
Nanami: Hmm~... No, I won't. With this new series, you can see which toy you're getting before you even open it.
Touko: Doesn't that make it easier to collect them all?
Nanami: It's fun precisely because you don't know which one you're going to get. It's so exciting wondering if the next one will complete your collection~.
Nanami: That's why, this time- Ah, but wait... If it's this one...
Mashiro: Nanami-chan?

Residential Area

Mashiro: Nanami-chan, why did you buy that Sumo Shiba? You even said you weren't going to.
Nanami: Because this time there are only five poses in the whole collection, that's why~.
Touko: Huh? What does that mean?
Nanami: This is what it means~... Here! You can have the feet-sliding Sumo Shiba, Shiro-chan. And you get the wooden pole one, Touko-chan.
Mashiro: What? You're giving them to us?
Nanami: Yeah! And I'll split the other three between me, Rui-rui, and Tsu-chan. Then we'll all have something that matches~.
Touko: Thanks, Nanami! What a cool idea!
Touko: I'll attach this to my school bag! You should too, Shiro.
Mashiro: Yeah, I will when we get back to school.
Nanami: Then I'll also do that~. I wonder if Rui-rui and Tsu-chan will too.
Touko: Of course they will! Sumo Shiba is super cool!
Nanami: Right. I want to give them theirs already~. Let's go back, quickly.
Touko: Ah! Nanami, wait up~!
Mashiro: D-don't leave us behind~...

A Hot New Experience Card Story - Special Episode

An Unforeseen Relationship



Nanami: BanG Dreamer-san, hello. What a coincidence seeing you here.
Nanami: Ah, are you heading home after work? Good job today~.
Nanami: I am waiting for Moca-senpai's shift to finish.
Nanami: She promised to lend me a certain manga~.
Nanami: It is a popular series right now, one I thought I personally couldn't miss out on~.
Nanami: You want to know what it's about? I see! Then I shall tell you~.
Nanami: Genre-wise, it's a detective manga.
Nanami: It's about this dynamic duo, the protagonist and a sumo wrestler, who solve a case together, and it's apparently very good.
Nanami: It must be nice being able to understand each other like that~.
Nanami: I have actually felt that before with Morfonica.
Nanami: When we helped Rui-rui with a job for the student council, I felt like there were times where we just naturally understood each other.
Nanami: For example, Rui-rui would understand Touko-chan's personality or Tsu-chan's habits.
Nanami: And on the flip side, we would sometimes know what Rui-rui's favorite food and drinks were...
Nanami: And sometimes we even knew what each other was thinking. Like when Rui-rui wanted to take a break.
Nanami: Of course, I don't think that means we understand everything about each other.
Nanami: I'm sure that there are many things we still don't know.
Nanami: But when I joined Morfonica, I never imagined we would get to the point of understanding each other like this~.
Nanami: And I bet it's because of all the time we have spent together.
Nanami: Fufu, it makes me happy~.
Nanami: Hm? I've got a message... Ah, it's from Moca-senpai.
Nanami: It seems like her shift has finished. Very well, I'd better go now.
Nanami: I will come by CiRCLE sometime soon, so I'll see you there.
Nanami: Goodbye~.