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A Lack of Motivation? Card Story - Episode

Two in Unison


Residential Area

Rimi: A-Arisa-chan, I'm sorry you have to go so far out of your way to walk me home...
Arisa: That's alright. It's just 'cause Kasumi and Saya wouldn't shut up about it... Besides, you just got over your cold, right? It only makes sense to be worried...
Rimi: I really appreciate it. Ah, here should be fine.
Arisa: It's okay, I've already come this far. Might as well go with you all the way. Plus, I wanted to talk to you anyway.
Rimi: About what...? The thing that happened the other day? There's no reason to let that bother you though. It was all my fault anyway.
Arisa: No, I told you, I was the one in the wrong. I should never, ever talk to you the way I did, doesn't matter how stressed out I am.
Rimi: But I added to that stress by not being able to put together our new song well enough... So we both did something wrong...
Others: I'm really sorry.
Others: ...?!
Rimi: Fufu, looks like we were in harmony with each other again.
Arisa: Ahaha... That was pretty good, huh?
Rimi: Ah, this makes me think we might actually be able to pull it off. ... Hey, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Hm?
Rimi: Can you check the score I gave you for a second?
Arisa: Huh? This?
Rimi: Yeah. Take a good look at this part.
Arisa: Right here...?
Arisa: Hm? Wait!
Rimi: So you noticed? I wrote it so we could play in unison with each other. I wanted to be able to play something together with you.
Arisa: Wow, this is amazing!
Rimi: Isn't it?!
Rimi: Thank goodness. I'm so glad you said that. That means it was worth thinking so hard about.
Arisa: I think... saying this again is gonna be extremely embarrassing, but...
Arisa: I really like the songs you like.
Rimi: Th-thank you, Arisa-chan... Wait... What do I do? I wasn't ready to hear that...
Rimi: I-- Ah... I'm sorry... I don't mean... to cry...
Arisa: Th-that's my bad! I just felt like that was something I needed to say.
Rimi: I... know... I'm happy... I'm just so happy~... Ngh... I can't hold back these tears.
Arisa: D-don't cry...
Rimi: But I can't stop myself when you say things like that...
Arisa: Anyway, I know this might be way off since I don't know anything about creating music, but... it's like the songs you make are very considerate, very gentle.
Arisa: Of course the music itself is, but what I mean is that it seems like you make sure to take all of the members into account so that everyone has a part where they stand out...
Arisa: That's the feeling they give off... I-I apologize if that's completely wrong.
Rimi: No, it's not. That's the number one thing I think about. Great, I'm glad that gets through...
Arisa: I'm pretty sure it gets through to everyone... I'm just an amateur, and I can see that just fine.
Rimi: Thank you, Arisa-chan. You're not an amateur though. You're Poppin'Party's precious keyboardist.
Rimi: You're a piece of Poppin'Party that can't be replaced and a very valuable member of the team.
Arisa: ... S-sure.
Rimi: ... Sigh, still... Another moment of crying from me. It happened when you gave me the notes from class too. All you do is make me cry, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: People are gonna take it the wrong way if you say it like that, you know...
Rimi: Fufufu... Hey, Arisa-chan. Let's do everything we can to pull off this duet!
Arisa: Mhm, you know we will.
Rimi: With the way we are now, I'm sure we'll do amazingly.
Arisa: No doubt about that. No one harmonizes like we do.
Rimi: Yeah! That's right!
Arisa: Alright, let's get going before it becomes dark. I'll walk you all the way home.
Rimi: ... Yeah, okay. If you insist.

A Lack of Motivation? Card Story - Special Episode

Even as an Adult



Rimi: Fufu. Ah, this bunny is adorable. Is this a portrait of Oddie?
Rimi: The way this is written is easy to understand too. This advice as well... The way the picture is drawn makes it simple enough to- Hm? Ahh! BanG Dreamer-san?!
Rimi: Uhm, uhhh... G-good afternoon. I was just... doing some review. We have exams coming up soon.
Rimi: I looked like I was having fun...? How long were you watching? Th-this is so embarrassing...
Rimi: Huh? This notebook...? Fufu, Arisa-chan gave this to me.
Rimi: ... Uhm, BanG Dreamer-san, I'd like to tell you about something. Do you have a moment?
Rimi: Thank you. Alright, I'll be quick...
Rimi: We may have made up recently, but the truth is, Poppin'Party... was having a hard time getting along.
Rimi: There was just so much happening, and I ended up getting sick, before exams of all times. That made everything even harder for everyone.
Rimi: And then, I... made Arisa-chan mad... during rehearsal.
Rimi: Ah, but it wasn't her fault! You know, it's Arisa-chan. She had something that was really bothering her, and I was overdoing it by being at rehearsal anyway.
Rimi: Y-you knew that already? Great.
Rimi: So then, I... was so shocked about making her upset that I ran out of there.
Rimi: Afterward, I started getting a fever, so I stayed home from school and wasn't able to see the others... It feels hard to reach out to someone at times like those, doesn't it?
Rimi: When I tried to sleep, I just kept tossing and turning, so many thoughts going through my head. "How did things turn out this way?" "How do I make this better?" Things like that.
Rimi: But no matter how much I thought about it, I couldn't think of a solution. I tried talking to my sister too, but she said she wasn't going to offer any advice.
Rimi: That I had to find the answer on my own...
Rimi: So I tried again. I kept thinking and thinking and thinking...
Rimi: ... There's no way I could take action like Kasumi-chan. I don't have the level of kindness that Saya-chan has where I can lift everyone up... I'm not as smart as Arisa-chan.
Rimi: And my way of thinking is not... unique? You know, like O-Tae-chan. Or... at the very least, the path I should take is not very clear to me like it is for her. So...
Rimi: That's why I made a song.
Rimi: I thought... that was the only thing I could do for Poppin'Party... and for the others.
Rimi: ... The fact that I can make a song in the first place... is amazing? That's not true...
Rimi: Uhm... And when I finished it... it made me want to see them again.
Rimi: I wanted to say sorry, and I wanted us to make up... I wanted us to play the new song together as soon as possible.
Rimi: I figured that even if I couldn't put it into words... my song could communicate my love for Poppin'Party for me...
Rimi: Ehehe... Now that I'm saying it again, it feels a bit embarrassing...
Rimi: ... Looking back at it, I think it was actually just a small conflict. A number of things got worse, little by little... and we ended up clashing with each other...
Rimi: I wonder if disagreements like this will also happen when we're adults.
Rimi: Ah, but I'm sure we'll also continue to get along the way we do for a long time too, don't you think? I certainly hope so.
Rimi: Huh....? You think... we could argue again and we'll still be okay...?
Rimi: ... Yeah. I suppose you're right... Thank you!
Rimi: H-huh? Wow, time went by so fast. And I said I'd be quick... I'm sorry.
Rimi: Ah... O-oh no! I promised my sister I would go shopping with her...!
Rimi: Thank you for listening. I'm gonna go now.
Rimi: Good luck with your work, BanG Dreamer-san. See you later.