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A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Opening
Forgetful Summer Vacation

Tae and Kasumi decide to go out on their last day of the summer vacation.
Where do they want to go?


Hanazono Residence - Tae's Room

Tae: Sorry for the wait, Kasumi. I brought you some juice.
Kasumi: Wow~! Thanks, O-Tae~.
Tae: And here, a limited edition summer mango tart.
Kasumi: Oh, that's a lot of mango!
Tae: Himari recommended it. I heard it was better chilled, so I made it ice cold.
Kasumi: Nice idea, O-Tae! Let's hurry and dig in.
Tae: Wait, there's more. Now we add some slightly melted ice cream on top~...
Kasumi: Woah, the ice cream is melting onto the mangos...
Tae: Finished. Another freestyle recipe straight from Himari.
Kasumi: O-Tae, I can't hold out any longer with this tasty thing in front of me~.
Tae: Me neither. It's my first time trying this too. I can't wait.
Kasumi: Okay, then! Put our hands together, and...!
Kasumi & Tae: Let's eat~!
Let's eat!
Kasumi: Mmm, so good~! What is this?! Anyway, it's just... amazing!
Tae: It's both refreshing and rich at the same time. I can't get enough of this. I wish Rimi and the others could be here to try some~.
Kasumi: They're all on vacation with their families~. Ah, speaking of which, did you also get picture postcards from everyone?
Tae: I did. They should be here somewhere... These, right?
Kasumi: Yeah! Arisa went to a summer resort, and Rimi-rin went to an amusement park. Saya ended up going camping~...
Tae: Everyone looks like they're having a great time. Seeing them that happy gets me all excited too.
Kasumi: Aw man, I wish I could go somewhere~. Summer vacation is almost over now... How about you, O-Tae?
Tae: I'd love to! Even a day trip is fine. I just want to get out and go somewhere.
Tae: That way, I can thank everyone for their postcards with some of my own. The others would be so surprised to come back from their trips and have postcards waiting for them.
Kasumi: O-Tae, that's a great idea!
Tae: Should we do it, then? I'll look up some places on my phone.
Kasumi: Me too~! When it comes to summer vacation, there is no place better than the ocean~.
Tae: The ocean... The ocean... Ah, how about this beach? It seems rather popular.
Kasumi: Can I see?!
Tae: This site here. Doesn't the ocean look so pretty?
Kasumi: It does! The water is crystal clear~. That must feel so good to swim in~♪
Tae: And this "marine mailbox" thing sounds interesting.
Kasumi: Marine mailbox?
Tae: It's written right here. You swim all the way out to a mailbox on the ocean floor and submit postcards there.
Kasumi: An underwater mailbox?! No way, that sounds so cool...!
Tae: It looks like they also have a scuba diving tour we can do together. We could play in the ocean and send out postcards. I'm sold on this place.
Kasumi: It has my vote too~!
Tae: That settles it, then. I can't wait to go.
Station Entrance

Kasumi: Thanks for walking me here, O-Tae. See you tomorrow.
Tae: No problem. Bye-bye.
Hina: O-Tae-chan~! What are you up to?
Tae: Ah, Hina-san! Hello. I was hanging out with Kasumi.
Hina: You're so lucky~. I'm stuck with Pastel * Palettes duties almost every day~.
Hina: I just got off work a little while ago... Aw man, I wish I could have enjoyed my summer vacation a little more~.
Tae: Why don't you come with us to the marine mailbox? Kasumi and I are thinking of going this weekend.
Hina: Marine mailbox?
Hina: I had no idea something so interesting was out there! Count me in~!
Hina: Ah, hold on a second. This weekend, I have... no work~! Aw yeah~!
Tae: Wow, that's great!
Hina: I had been thinking about what kind of summer greeting to send my sister, so this works perfectly~.
Hina: A marine mailbox sounds unique enough that even Sis will think it's seriously boppin'♪
Tae: I want Arisa and the others to find it boppin', as well♪
Hina: Yeah, let's do it~!
Tae: The postcards I got from them had me so excited. You could tell they were having a great time on their trips.
Tae: Which is why I want the postcards I send through the marine mailbox to be just as exciting.
Hina: Well then, we'd better have of tons of fun~. Since it's a special occasion, I'll see if anyone else wants to come along!
Tae: I still haven't looked up everything, but it seems like that beach has a lot of other interesting spots to check out.
Hina: Nice, I smell an adventure coming on♪
Tae: I'll be sure to do a thorough rundown. My O-Tae Research won't let you down.
Hina: Right on~! We'll make these the best postcards ever~!
Tae: Yeah~!

A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Chapter 1
The Beach~!

Tae and the others have come to a beach with a marine mailbox.
Tae, Hina, and Kasumi immediately run around the foreshore...



Hina, Kasumi & Tae: The ocean~!!
Kasumi: Big, blue, and so, so beautiful! Mmm~! I'm super pumped~.
Hina: That coastal breeze is nice too~. It's seriously boppin'♪
Tae: Look. I see an island over there.
Kasumi: How about that! Hello, island~!
Tae: Can you hear us~?!
Maya: Fufu, I'm afraid it is impossible for your voice to reach that far.
Lisa: Those two seem to be having a good time~. I get where they're coming from, though☆
Hina: ... Was... here... All done~♪
Maya: What are you doing, Hina-san?
Hina: Writing in the sand~. "Hina Hikawa was here ☆彡" Cool, right~?
Tae: No fair, Hina! I want to write something too!
Kasumi: Where did you find that stick?
Hina: There's a pile of driftwood over there. I'll show you!
Maya: Everyone, please do not wander off too far, okay~?
Hina, Tae & Kasumi: Okay~!
Lisa: The weather sure is nice~. I'm glad we're getting this much sun on our special beach trip~.
Maya: Cumulonimbus clouds have formed over there. That certainly makes it feel like summer has yet to end.
Lisa: Still, I was surprised when I got that text from Hina out of nowhere~. "Let's go to the beach next weekend~."
Maya: Hahaha, mine said the same thing. Aya-san and the others wanted to join us, but their schedules did not match with ours...
Lisa: I tried to find some other people to come along, but they were all busy. Oh well, we'll just have to make up for their share of the fun♪
Maya: Well said! That way we'll have all sorts of stories to share with them!
Hina: Okay, then! Let's make the others totally jealous with our super amazing postcards~!
Lisa: Ah, welcome back, Hina~.
Maya: Amazing postcards, huh~. I recall there being a mailbox in the middle of the sea, correct? That surprised me when I first heard about it.
Hina: Doesn't that just smell of fun and adventure?! I wonder how Sis will react when she finds out our postcards were sent from the marine mailbox~.
Maya: Fufu. Hina-san, you certainly do love Sayo-san.
Lisa: That's for sure~. It's not often that you hear of people sending summer greetings to their own families.
Hina: Really? I think it's normal~. Nothing wrong with sending something to the people you love~.
Tae: Hina-san, Lisa-san, Maya-san! It's finished! I wrote, "Tae Hanazono was here!" I added a drawing of Oddie.
Kasumi: Take a look at mine too! "Kasumi Toyama was here~☆" ... Hehehe, how does it look?
Lisa: Oh, they came out well♪ And Tae's Oddie drawing is so cute~.
Maya: Toyama-san, I find yours to be incredible! The letter balance is particularly exquisite~.
Hina: Alright, that's enough with writing in the sand for now. Let's go play in the water~.
Maya: H-Hina-san, you were the one who started it...
Lisa: What time does the marine mailbox tour start again?
Kasumi: In the afternoon! Giving us plenty of time to play.
Lisa: Okay~. We'd better get changed, then. The dressing room is... over there, I think. Let's go.
Hina: Alright, starting with O-Tae-chan... Sound off!
Tae: One!
Kasumi: Two!
Lisa: Three!
Maya: Four! Everyone is accounted for.
Kasumi: Then~... let's make a splash~!
Tae: Wait, Kasumi! I haven't told you about my O-Tae Research.
Kasumi: Whoa, you're right!
Maya: O-Tae Research...?
Hina: O-Tae-chan was checking to see if there's any cool stuff to do nearby.
Kasumi: We almost ran off without checking in on the O-Tae Research... That was a close one~.
Tae: Alright, here's the first batch of O-Tae Research. Do you see the boulders in front of that island over there?
Lisa: Ummm... the ones that are a bit offshore?
Tae: Bingo, Lisa-san! I don't have an Oddie doll to give you as a prize, but... Correct answer!
Lisa: Hahaha, so it was a quiz.
Tae: Those are the "Stones of Happiness." They say that good things come to whoever touches them.
Kasumi: For real?! I want to try!
Hina: O-Tae-chan was checking to see if there's any cool stuff to do nearby.
Hina: Nice~. Now that's one boppin' superstition♪ Alright, everyone, set sail~!
Kasumi & Tae: Off we go~!
Lisa: There they go... Are you coming, Maya?
Maya: I don't feel confident swimming that far out, so I will stay behind and relax in the shallows.
Lisa: Alright, I'll do the same, then. Let me grab us some swimming rings.

A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Chapter 2
Enjoying the Beach☆

Whether it be in the water and on the sand,
Tae and the others make the most of their summer beach day.



Maya: Ahhh~. It's nice to empty your mind and simply float in the water~.
Lisa: This is what you call pure bliss~. I can feel all my fatigue being washed away...
Maya: Did you perhaps spend your entire summer vacation doing band rehearsals?
Lisa: Yep! We've been making new songs and working on arrangements of our previous ones. We tried all sorts of new things~.
Lisa: I've been playing bass so much that I could probably count the days where I didn't. It was a very fulfilling summer vacation☆
Maya: As always, Roselia continues to be something worth keeping an eye on.
Lisa: Thank you♪ How've you been, Maya?
Maya: I'm in a similar situation to yours, Lisa-san. Nearly every day has involved working with Pastel * Palettes.
Maya: Events, radio appearances, concerts, and meet and greets... I had the pleasure of being busy with so many activities.
Lisa: I thought I was seeing Pastel * Palettes pop up in more magazines more often lately.
Lisa: Fufu, you're growing more and more famous by the day♪
Maya: Maybe... All I know is that I plan to work even harder to please our fans!
Lisa: Yeah, and we're all cheering for you☆
Hina & Tae: Target sighted~!
Lisa & Maya: Eek! Wh-what...?!
Hina: Yay~! Operation Water Warfare was a success~!
Tae: Yay~!
Lisa: Ooo, my hair is soaked... Jeez, Hina~, Tae~. You shouldn't scare people like that~.
Hina: Ah, Lisa-chi is gonna blow! Run for it~!
Lisa: Get back here, you two~!
Maya: Ah, Lisa-san...! There she goes...
Kasumi: I'm back, Maya-san~!
Maya: Welcome back, Toyama-san~! How were the Stones of Happiness?
Kasumi: I actually touched them! The way they were shaped was really cool.
Maya: Their shape?
Kasumi: From above... they totally looked like a heart!
Maya: That does make them seem effective~. Perhaps the notion of being blessed through contact is not entirely preposterous.
Kasumi: I wonder what will happen~. I can't wait to see what good things come my way!
Tae: Kasumi , Maya-san! You're wide open...!
Kasumi & Maya: Wh-what?! Umph!
Hina: Yay~! Second Assault: Successful~!
Tae: Kasumi, this is the ocean. A moment of carelessness can be fatal.
Maya: Ooo, I can't believe they got me again... Very well... Toyama-san, it's time we fought back!
Kasumi: I won't let you down! We'll make them pay for that!
Hina: Oh, so you want some more~?! Hit us with everything you've got~!
Lisa: Maya, Kasumi! I've got your backs!
Hina: Oh, Lisa-chi is joining the fray! Now we're talking~♪
Tae: Hina-san, let's win this.
Lisa: You think you can seriously take us down~? Now you two are in for it~!
Lisa: Wow~, that was fun~. I haven't goofed around like that in so long~.
Maya: We should take a little break. I would like to reapply some sunscreen as well.
Hina: Aww, let's keep playing~. We have plenty of time to rest~.
Lisa: I know how you feel, but... I could go for a break, honestly~.
Maya: For the time being, we should meet up with Tae-san and Toyama-san. They should have gone back by now.
Lisa: Right. We can figure out what to do after that.
Kasumi & Tae: ...
Lisa: Ah, there they are. Kasumi, Tae~... Wait, what's that?!
Maya: A sand castle, a sand mountain, and even a sand pyramid...
Hina: Ah, the roof of the castle is shaped like a rabbit! What are you guys making?
Tae: Hanazono Land. It's a paradise where we can live out our days surrounded by rabbits.
Maya: This is very impressive... Every piece is embellished with rabbits... I can easily sense your passion.
Kasumi: O-Tae and I did a lot of planning for this!
Tae: It is still far from complete. I would say we are only about halfway finished.
Lisa: So it's bound to be pretty big~.
Maya: I would like to help! We should all combine our efforts towards the completion of Hanazono Land!
Hina: If it's a rabbit paradise, then the residents will need some of their own, right? Leave it to me~.
Lisa: I'll help too.
Tae: Thank you so much! Let's make this into a wonderful utopia for all.
Hina: Alright, begin construction~!

A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Chapter 3
Hikawa Mystery Expedition!

Hina the others begin an expedition based on Tae's research.
What will they find...?



Lisa: Maya, lean slightly closer to Kasumi~. Tae, come a little more towards me... Yeah, perfect♪ Okay, here goes~...
Hina: Did you get it, Lisa-chi? Let me see!
Lisa: Just a second~... Oh, it came out nice~. Look, a perfect shot of everyone at Hanazono Land☆
Tae: Lisa-san, please send a copy of that photo to me later.
Lisa: Okay~. I'll post it in the group chat~.
Kasumi: Thank you so much~!
Maya: What should we do now? It is almost time for lunch.
Hina: Playing like this is fine, or we can grab some grub. I'm down for either one~.
Tae: In that case, I have some places I would like to go.
Hina: Oh, where's that?
Tae: Seashell Shore and Mermaid Cavern.
Lisa: Mermaid Cavern?
Tae: Yes, there is a cave nearby where a mermaid lives.
Kasumi: Whoa, for real~?!
Tae: For real. The O-Tae research is never wrong.
Hina: Mermaids in caves... Now that smells like a mystery...! That's totally boppin~♪
Kasumi: Oh, oh~! I want to go see the mermaid~!
Maya: Accounts of mermaids exist across the world, whether it's through legends or eyewitness accounts. It would appear this place is no exception.
Maya: Although most of the sightings were a result of mistaking wildlife such as dugongs for said beings.
Lisa: I was seriously hooked on mermaid cartoons when I was a kid~. They've got this special charm to them~♪
Hina: Right, that settles it, then☆ We'll head straight for the Mermaid Cavern, and-
Tae: Ah, do you mind if we have lunch first? My stomach is already making a fuss.
Hina: Huh~?!
Lisa: Hahaha, roger that! Let's hit up that stand over there.
Coastal Rocks

Hina: Alright, Hikawa Mystery Expedition... sound off!
Tae: One!
Kasumi: Two!
Lisa: Three!
Maya: Four! Um... what is this Hikawa Mystery Expedition?
Hina: It's me leading an investigation into the mystery of the mermaid, of course~.
Hina: Having said that~... Crewmate O-Tae! Where is this Mermaid Cavern?!
Tae: Um, if the sun is there... then it should be this way. Seashell Shore is actually on the way.
Lisa: That's the place with a ton of shells in various colors, right? I can't wait to go there too~.
Kasumi: Captain Hina, let's get going already~.
Hina: Okay~! Begin the search~!
A Few Minutes Later

Kasumi: Hm, hmmm~♪ Where can the mermaid be~?
Maya: Fufu, she may already be watching us from somewhere nearby.
Kasumi: Huh?! From where?! Hmmm~...
Tae: Look, Kasumi! I see a crab over there.
Kasumi: Hey, you're right! It sure is energetic~. Ah, it went between the rocks...
Tae: Did you know crabs are also rabbits, Kasumi?
Kasumi: How could they be both...? What do you mean?
Tae: In Finland, rabbits are called "kani." That's just like the Japanese word for crab. Eve taught me that.
Hina: Have you been learning stuff from Eve-chan too, O-Tae-chan? Alright then, have you ever heard of a "merimakkara"?
Tae: Merimakkara...?
Maya: I do believe it means "sea cucumber." That is how you refer to it in Finnish, anyway.
Lisa: Aw, what an adorable name~... Huh? Is this...?
Kasumi: Ah, a pink seashell!
Tae: I found a green one over here. Ah, There's an orange one too!
Maya: The entire area is littered with beautiful shells... Could this mean we are at...
All: Seashell Shore!
Hina: This has to be it! I knew the O-Tae Research would get us here!
Lisa: I knew there would be a lot of colors, but... this is much more than I expected~.
Maya: Indeed... Why are the shells in this area alone so colorful? What is so special about this particular stretch of rocks...?
Tae: ... Ah, I know. It must be because the mermaid often comes here to play.
Kasumi: That makes sense! So that's why there are so many pretty shells around here.
Maya: A-are you certain about that...?
Tae: Without a doubt. Now I want to meet this mermaid more than ever.

A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Chapter 4
The Mermaid's Cave

Tae and the others enter the Mermaid Cavern.
What will they find there...?


Seashell Shore

Hina: Hikawa Mystery Expedition, gather around~!
Kasumi & Tae: Yes, captain!
Hina: We make for our final destination, Mermaid Cavern! Lisa-chi, Maya-chan. Are you all set?
Lisa & Maya: All okay~♪
Okay on my end!
Hina: Alright! Let's go to the Mermaid Cavern!
Kasumi, Tae, Lisa & Maya: Let's go~!
Lisa: ... Does anyone know the way?
Hina: Hm? No clue.
Maya: Huh...? You ordered us to march without knowing the coordinates?
Hina: Hahaha, don't worry~! We've got O-Tae-chan. So yeah, I'm leaving everything to you~.
Tae: I will do my best! The final portion of my O-Tae Research dictates that we can reach the Mermaid Cavern by going in the direction of the setting sun.
Lisa: Ummm... which means we need to head west, right?
Tae: Correct, Lisa-san! You receive a second Oddie doll.
Maya: That is still rather vague... Do you have any other information? An identifiable landmark, for example.
Tae: Hm~... Ah, I may have one. I read online that you can see the entrance to the Mermaid Cavern from Seashell Shore.
Lisa: Oh, now we're talking! Which way is west, again?
Maya: The sun is currently in that position, so... I believe that is the correct direction.
Kasumi: Which means the entrance to the cavern has to be over there! Let's see... Hrmmm~...
Maya: I don't see it. It should be visible from here according to Tae-san's data...
Hina: Huh...? Look over by the spot with all the trees... Is that a hole?
Lisa: Ah, she's right! Wait, that's totally a cave!
Hina: It has to be the Mermaid Cavern!
Maya: That's our Hina-san! How observant of you~.
Kasumi: So there's a mermaid in there, right? Hurry, let's go see!
Tae: Over here, everyone~!
Lisa: ... Tae, how did you-...?! She's already way over there...
Hina: Alright, Hikawa Mystery Expedition! Follow O-Tae-chan~!
Kasumi, Maya & Lisa: Okay~!
Mermaid Cavern

All: ...
Lisa: Wow... What is this place...? The water is like a sparkling sapphire...
Maya: Perhaps that's the result of sunlight reflecting off the water's surface... How mysterious...
Hina: It's so, so, so pretty~! Totally boppin'♪
Kasumi: I wouldn't be surprised if a mermaid really did live here! Right, O-Tae?!
Tae: There must be one here. I mean... look at all the seashells scattered about. The mermaid must have brought them from Seashell Shore.
Lisa: I guess I can see that... Hey, you all see that rock in the sunlight over there, right?
Tae: Are you referring to that flat one?
Lisa: Uh-huh. It looks like the kind that a mermaid might lay down on in a movie or cartoon.
Kasumi: Ah, it does~! Yep, a mermaid definitely lives here!
Maya: It certainly is a rather mysterious location... Despite the rocks outside the cavern, the interior is composed largely of sand...
Maya: Could this section be connected to the ocean? If not, then it is unlikely for this bed of water to have formed...
Hina: Want to swim deeper inside? Maybe we'll find our answer there!
Lisa: Nope, it's way too dangerous.
Kasumi: Hey, mermaid~! Please answer us if you're here!
Tae: ... No reply. Do you think it went out somewhere?
Kasumi: That must be it! It'd be a shame to stay cooped up when the weather is this nice.
Tae: Let's go look for it, then.
Lisa: Ah~... I understand how you to must feel, but if we don't head back soon, we won't make it in time for the marine mailbox tour.
Kasumi: Huh? Is it that late already?!
Maya: It would appear so... Time has certainly flown by today. I was too preoccupied with our search to notice.
Hina: Aw, too bad. Looks like time's up~. I wanted to do some more exploring~.
Tae: Can we stop by later once the tour is over? The mermaid should be back by then.
Maya: We still have to make time for the train, so there's no way to guarantee it, but maybe we can sneak a peek if things work out.
Tae: Thank you so much! We need a photo. I want to take a group shot with everyone.
Lisa: We honestly have no choice but to take a picture of a beautiful location like this~. Alright, group up, everyone~.
Hina, Tae, Kasumi & Maya: Okay~!

A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Chapter 5
The Perfect Postcard!

It's time for the Marine Mailbox tour. Tae and co. write postcards to everyone.


Scuba Diving Shop

Tour Guide: That concludes the explanation of the tour. Please feel free to enjoy yourselves until the tour begins.
Lisa: Phew, that was longer than I thought~. I hope I can remember all the diving hand signs~.
Maya: There were certainly a lot of them. Let's review them together later.
Kasumi: Getting my hands on a diving suit has me so excited~. I can't believe we're actually going to go scuba diving!
Tae: And the tour guide said we can take pictures underwater. Let's take as many as we can, Kasumi.
Kasumi: Of course!
Hina: Hold on, you guys~. Scuba diving sounds fun and all, but aren't you forgetting the main reason we're here~?
Tae: Ah, right! We have to make the perfect postcards...!
Hina: You bet we do! The ones for sale over there are specifically for the marine mailbox. Let's go.
Hina: Time to buy postcards~! I wonder which one would be best for Sis~.
Lisa: Wow, they've got art on them. Is this landscape from the ocean here...? So pretty~.
Maya: Are these postcards... made from plastic? So that is how they can be taken underwater.
Tae: Here, I brought some pens for you all.
Lisa: Thanks~... Uh, did you seriously buy that many postcards, Tae? There must be ten... No, at least twenty there...
Tae: That sounds about right. That should be enough for Poppin'Party, Rei, and even Oddie. Oh, and don't forget Shiroppi, Purple-chan, Danjuro, Doro-chan...
Lisa: Wait, you're sending some to your rabbits?
Tae: Yes. They all seemed so happy when I proposed the idea. Who will you all be sending yours to?
Lisa: Mine are for Roselia and a few others I want to thank~. How about you, Maya?
Maya: I am in the same boat as you, Lisa-san. I also plan to send mine to Pastel * Palettes, as well as to people I am thankful for.
Kasumi: Hm, this is tough~... Now that we're here, I don't know what to write~.
Lisa: I know what you mean~. We swam in the ocean, went exploring, and did all sorts of other stuff~.
Hina: Hmm, I don't really follow~. If you have something to say, just go with that~.
Maya: I understand that much, but...
Kasumi: We had so much fun here that it's hard to pick out something to write about~.
Hina: In that case, write whatever pops into your head. Don't try to prioritize it.
Hina: You should just write how you feel in whatever way you want~.
Kasumi: Just go with how we feel... That is...
Tae: Exactly like our concerts.
Kasumi: You read my mind!
Maya: Yes, I can see the similarities... Our performances are also driven by our feelings.
Tae: Whenever I'm playing, all I can think about is how fun concerts and music are.
Tae: And because those emotions are so clearly on display, I believe our shows also bring that happiness to the audience.
Tae: I want everyone to feel the same level of excitement I have when they read my postcards.
Kasumi: So I should treat it like one of our shows... Alright~. I'll start off with our exploration adventure~...
Lisa: I think I'll also follow Hina's example and jot down whatever comes to mind.
Maya: I will do the same!
Hina: Now you're getting it, guys! Fill those postcards with all the memories we made today~!
5 Minutes Later

Kasumi: That's one down~! Okay, now for number two~...
Lisa: Oh, you're on fire, Kasumi~. I just need to put a little something about the seashells, and...
Maya: Fufu...
Tae: What is it, Maya-san?
Maya: Nothing... While writing my postcards, my mind was suddenly filled with the smiles of everyone in Pastel * Palettes.
Maya: I can see Aya-san, Eve-san, and Chisato-san happily reading my thoughts over and over again.
Tae: Same here! I can see Saya and the others reading mine with a smile.
Maya: The imagination is a mysterious thing. I can feel myself wanting to write more and more...
Maya: You could almost say that envisioning how our readers will react to our postcards is another pleasure we can gain from making them.
Hina: Maya-chan, pass me that green pen~.
Maya: Ah, here.
Kasumi: Number two is done~!
Lisa: I finished my first one~!
Tae: Maya-san, let's continue writing ours.
Maya: Understood!

A Letter from the Sea Event Story - Ending
Return to the Mermaid's Cave

After sending postcards through the marine mailbox, as promised, the girls search for mermaids once again.



Hina: Mmm, that was a blast~. Today couldn't have been better♪
Maya: Our day definitely did not end with the marine mailbox~. I am already worried about how sore I will be tomorrow.
Lisa: Hey, the guide from earlier got back to us with the photos. Look...
Kasumi: Ah, it's when we were scuba diving! This is right as we were feeding the fish, right?
Kasumi: It was so cute how they suddenly gathered around my hand~♪
Tae: The seaweed was cute too. I can't get over how they were wriggling around underwater. I didn't expect that.
Lisa: Huh? Tae, out of all the stuff we saw, that's what caught your eye?
Hina: Hahaha, you're so funny, O-Tae-chan!
Maya: I had assumed it would be difficult to swim to the marine mailbox, but it did not take much time at all. The distance was much closer than expected.
Hina: I wonder when Sis will get my postcard~.
Lisa: Tomorrow sounds about right, doesn't it...? I hope everyone in Roselia gets a kick out of them~.
Tae: I think Oddie and the others will enjoy theirs. I'll need to film their reactions.
Maya: ... Oh, look at the time. I believe we should start heading towards the Mermaid Cavern.
Tae: ...! You remembered!
Lisa: Of course! It was a promise, after all☆
Kasumi: Thank you so much! Alright, this is it...
Kasumi: "Hey~! We're going to go see the mermaid now~!"
Lisa: Hahaha, there she goes again. Are you saying hello to the island like you did this morning?
Kasumi: Hehehe... I couldn't control how hyped I am.
Tae: I want to try! "Hello~! I hope you'll cheer us on~!"
Hina: Okay, let's investigate this mermaid rumor one more time!
Kasumi: Right on! Let's go... to the Mermaid Cavern~!
Mermaid Cavern - Nearby Coastal Rocks

Kasumi: Ooo, no one was home...
Tae: I really thought this was our chance... I guess the mermaid was still out and about.
Hina: Hey, it didn't pan out, but it's not a big deal~. Don't sweat it, guys!
Lisa: Yeah, we just came at a bad time.
Maya: We can try searching again next time. Perhaps then our target will make a sudden appearance.
Tae: Ah, a mermaid!
Maya: See? I told you they'd make a sudden- Huh?!
Tae: Over there! I see a mermaid lying on the surface of the water!
Kasumi: Where, where?! Ah... there it is~!
Maya: The silhouette of the island... does resemble a mermaid at rest.
Lisa: Isn't that the same island Tae and Kasumi were calling out to earlier...? Wow, it's weird how different things can look from a change in perspective~.
Maya: Ah... Of course! The island resembles a mermaid when viewed from near this cave, which is why it is called Mermaid Cavern!
Hina: Whoa, is that what they meant~? Talk about a letdown~.
Tae: We did it, Kasumi. We found the mermaid.
Kasumi: It was right in front of us the entire time! I never noticed~. Nice work. O-Tae~!
Tae: Hehehe... Ah. I think touching the Stones of Happiness may have enlightened me.
Kasumi: I see~! I guess you really were blessed, then.
Lisa: Right, they did mention something about bringing good things.
Maya: Could it be... that the superstition was true after all?
Hina: ... Hm? What's that sound? I heard something in the water over there.
Lisa & Maya: ...
Kasumi: Did you see that?! A huuuge fish just swam by!
Tae: I only caught a glimpse, but the tail did seem really big. About as long as my leg.
Hina: Really?! Aw man, I missed it~.
Kasumi: It's probably still somewhere nearby! Let's go check...!
Hina & Tae: Okay!
Lisa: Hey, Maya... Maybe I was just seeing things, but... did that fish look like a woman to you...?
Maya: Y-yes... It had the tail of a fish and the body of a woman...
Lisa: I don't think Tae and the others got a good look...
Maya: They were not as quick to notice it as we were...
Maya: Does that mean it was a... m-m-mermaid...?
Lisa: No, it can't be... There's no way... Right...?

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