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A Lit Smile Card Story - Episode

Enchanting Chinatown


After School

Lisa: Let's see. Are the others here yet?
Lisa: ... Wait, what?
Yukina: They must still be on their way.
Lisa: Hmm, I was pretty sure Ako made her way here before us though. She wasn't in her classroom, that's for sure.
Yukina: There's still a little bit of time until our meeting. Why don't we order drinks while we wait?

Yukina: ... And they put a new pet shop near there. One kitten on the other side of the glass that was staring at me was quite adorable.
Lisa: Ooo, did they now?
Yukina: Yes. There was another kitten, but it was seemingly shy. It looked at me for a moment but immediately ran and hid.
Lisa: Uh-huh, I see~. A lot of them are like that, huh~?
Yukina: ... Lisa?
Lisa: I know, I get it! Kittens are super cute! ... Wait, were we not talking about kittens?
Yukina: ... Sigh.
Yukina: What's the matter? Your behavior today is rather strange.
Lisa: Huh?! You think so? I didn't think I was acting weird or anything.
Yukina: I'm trying to talk to you, but you're paying so much attention to your phone.
Yukina: It's not like there's a rule against you using it, but you keep reaching your hand out for it and pulling it back, and you seem nervous... You're clearly acting differently than you normally do.
Yukina: ... So, Lisa? What happened?
Lisa: Ngh... A-ahaha. Guess there's no reason trying to hide it if I'm being that obvious...
Lisa: Well, you see...

Yukina: So Aoba-san and the others want to put together a surprise tour for you? Hm... Sounds fine. If they really want to do it that badly, I think you should let them.
Lisa: I told myself I would leave it completely to them, but... I'm just so excited about it that whenever I have my phone in my hand, I can't help looking up more information.
Lisa: That's why I've told myself that my phone is off limits!
Yukina: I don't believe they would mind you spending some time looking things up.
Lisa: Hm~, but it bothers me~. It's kinda like I'm betraying their trust, isn't it?
Yukina: Fufu, that honest mindset is very much like you.
Lisa: Hey, Yukina, you think there's a way of fixing a habit of looking at one's phone~?
Yukina: It's fairly easy. All you have to do is leave it home.
Lisa: No way, I couldn't do that! What if there's an emergency or something?!
Lisa: Even you'd run into problems if you didn't have your phone, wouldn't you?
Yukina: I don't know about that. Once you don't have it, there's nothing you can do about it. I feel like it would work out just fine.
Lisa: What~? Hm, I see... Maybe it'd be more inconvenient for me if you didn't carry your phone.
Yukina: Really? Why's that?
Lisa: I mean, that's how I always get in touch with you, and that would be gone, right?
Yukina: Sigh... You could just leave communication for when you're in person talking like this.
Lisa: I guess so...
Ako: Phew, made it! Yukina-san, Lisa-nee! I'm here~!
Lisa: There you are! Hey, Ako. We've already ordered drinks, just so you know!
Yukina: You weren't in your classroom. Did you make a stop on the way here?
Ako: Homeroom ended early, so I hung out with my friend while she did some shopping!
Ako: And look at this! Ta-da~!
Yukina: Hm... "The Super Popular China Town☆ Spice Up Your Food Tour Special"...
Ako: Yep! Someone was handing these out while we were shopping!
Ako: My friends were saying how awesome it is, so I think we should all go together~!
Lisa: Ahhh! N-no! Stop! Close it, Ako!
Ako: What?! Why?! You don't like China Town?!
Lisa: It's the opposite. I would love to go... But I just can't look at that right now!
Lisa: It'll get me thinking too much! Close that booklet, please~!

A Lit Smile Card Story - Special Episode

Decorating with Perfect Smiles


Shopping Mall

Lisa: Hey hey~! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hi!
Marina: Oh, Lisa-chan! Good afternoon. Out shopping?
Lisa: Yep! I was stopping by a little knick-knack store I like!
Lisa: Oh, that's right! Take a look at this picture...!
Marina: Ooo, that's a lovely outfit! You're all so cute~!
Lisa: I know, right?! Everyone looks really good!
Lisa: I just had to put this up somewhere, so I came to buy a frame for it!
Marina: Oh, okay~. I gotta say, you girls have such great expressions in this picture, fufu!
Lisa: You think so too, huh? I guess that means we all had ourselves a blast.
Lisa: I had actually never been to China Town up until that point. The others showed me around.
Marina: Really?! And how was your first time there? There are usually crowds of people there around this time of the year. Wasn't it tough getting around?
Lisa: Lots of people, lots of shops... If I had gone by myself, yeah, it'd have been a real challenge!
Lisa: But the others decided on which shops we would go to beforehand, so we didn't have too much trouble. It was such a great day, thanks to them!
Lisa: ... Oh, I guess something did go wrong, though.
Marina: Oh yeah?
Lisa: It was no big deal, really. Besides, I realized something because of it.
Lisa: I started to think that Kokoro and I would get along pretty well.
Marina: Really?! How so?
Lisa: Well... We like to see other people smile, for one.
Lisa: We go about making people smile in totally different ways, but we're basically trying to do the same thing.
Marina: Hm~, when you put it that way, I suppose so. For you, it's more of an awareness of others.
Marina: Whereas for Kokoro-chan, she's all about making people smile by doing something they'd never expect.
Lisa: Right, that's the idea! So along with that discovery, I would say it was an amazing day~!
Marina: Mhm! And that's why you need to find the perfect frame to match such a wonderful memory!
Lisa: Yep! I'll let you guys know what I find!
Lisa: Sorry to stop you. I'll have your souvenirs next time I see you, so you can look forward to that!
Lisa: See ya later!