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A Never-Ending Dream Card Story - Episode

Am I a Genius?!


School Path

Himari: (My name is Himari Uehara, and today is my first day as a first-year student at Fabulous Academy!)
Himari: (Today starts my glamorous high school years... So why did I have to be running late on my first day~?!)
Himari: Argh... Stupid alarm clock. Why'd you have to break? Now I've got to sprint all the way to school...!
Himari: Urgh~, even at full speed, there's no way I'm going to make it in time for the entrance ceremony~!
Himari: ... Ah! There might be a shortcut over this fence! Will I be able to climb over it though...?
Himari: Of course I can! It's not that big of a fence! Plus nobody's around to see so... Let's go!
Himari: Hehe~! This is easy~! I'll get over this fence, no problem~!
Himari: ... Uwahh~!
Himari: O-oww... Right on the butt...
Others: Kuku...
Himari: Wh-who's there?!
Kaoru: Fufu... It appears quite the tomboy is entering our school this year. Good to know I'll be entertained.
Himari: Y-you! How long have you been there?! Did you... see that?!
Kaoru: Who can say for sure...? Ahh, look at that. You've even got leaves in your hair. Allow me.
Himari: Ah...
Kaoru: There, all fixed... Fufu. What ever is the matter? Your face has gone red.
Himari: I...! That's because I was running, that's all! I'm not blushing or anything!
Kaoru: Is that so? Well, then we shall leave it at that.
Kaoru: Ah, as to whether or not I witnessed your little antics... If you want to know the answer, meet me on top of the roof at lunchtime today.
Kaoru: Of course, I wouldn't ask you to go out of your way, by any means. However... Let's just say that I "strongly recommend" you attend.
Kaoru: Fufu... Don't keep me waiting, my rambunctious little kitten.
Himari: ... That...
Himari: That jerk~!!
Himari: Just because she's got nice style, a princely demeanor, and the kind of beauty you can't take your eyes off of, she thinks she can tease me~!!
Himari: Don't worry, I'll see you at the rooftop... Or the garden, or where ever else you want me to go...
Himari: ... I-is that the school bell?! Oh no, the entrance ceremony~! I'll never make it~!!

Fast Food Store

Himari: "... Come lunchtime, I head for the roof, expecting more threats. Instead, Kaoru-senpai reveals her trouble opening up to others, and her bad habit of unintentionally saying mean things..."
Himari: "But Kaoru-senpai wishes to change her ways, and in order to do so... she asks that I spend as much time with her as possible~!" Ehehe~!
Tomoe: Oi, Himari. You ready to open up~?
Himari: ... Ehehehe~♪
Tomoe: Himari~? What's with that stupid grin? You can stop cleaning that table, it's spotless.
Himari: Ehe, ehehe~♪ "Then, as we spend more time together, I realize that senpai is actually a kind person~..."
Himari: "And when I see that sweeter side, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest..."
Himari: "Slowly but surely, we become more and more interested in each other, and then~"... Oh~, I think I might be a genius! This story would get anyone's heart racing!
Tomoe: H-hey, Himari...? Wake up~! We're getting ready to open! Hello~?!
Himari: ... Huh?! T-Tomoe?!
Himari: O-oh~! Aww man~! I'm still at work~!

A Never-Ending Dream Card Story - Special Episode

Even if It's Not a Real Story...


Shopping Mall
Movie Theater Entrance

Marina: Hm? Hey, over there, coming out of the theater. Isn't that Himari-chan? Himari-chan~! Over here~!
Himari: Ah... Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san...
Himari: ... Sob... Hic... W-wahhh~!!
Marina: Huh?! H-Himari-chan?! What's wrong?! Did something happen?!
Himari: Th-that movie was so... So good~! Sniff... Ooo~!!
Marina: I-I see. So this movie moved you to tears.
Himari: Ngh~... It was just such a great movie~! What a masterpiece! I'm going right to the bookstore to get the manga it's based on!
Marina: Fufu, that good, huh? We're headed over there too, so how about we go together?

Marina: Wow~, so you were all trying to write a story for a manga, huh? Sounds fun!
Himari: Yeah, it was! But I swear, Moca's stories were all over the place~!
Himari: Some nonsense about me inheriting mysterious powers, or Kaoru-senpai being an android... Ah, or having Tomoe get hurt protecting me!
Himari: When I heard that last one, I completely forgot we were just telling stories and got scared... I actually called out to Tomoe without thinking.
Himari: ... Even if it's just a story... If Tomoe ever got hurt... I'd cry for sure.
Marina: Fufu. That just shows how much you care about your friends.
Himari: Ehehe~, you're probably right! It just reminds me how great it feels for us to be together!
Himari: Even in our own stories, I can't imagine us ever parting ways.
Marina: Fufu, sounds like you had a wonderful time... By the way, that story you were telling earlier sounded pretty interesting. You're not going to try making it into a manga?
Marina: Just imagining that scene where Tomoe-chan shields you from harm, I think the readers would be touched... Right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Himari: What, really?! You think we could?! So maybe we should enter the new artist competition like we were planning to in the first place...! I'll have to talk to everyone!
Marina: Yeah, please do! Once it's finished, bring it over so we can give it a read.
Himari: Of course! You'll be the first ones we ask for feedback once we're done with it!
Himari: Okay~! I'm gonna read all sorts of manga to prepare for our debut~!
Himari: Hey, hey, hoh~!