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A Night of Shooting Stars Card Story - Episode

The Real Seven Mysteries?!


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Ran: ... Hm? Maya-san?
Maya: Ah, if it isn't Mitake-san! Hello! Are you having lunch here?
Ran: Yeah, my bandmates and I were planning on eating up here together... Looks like no one's here yet though.
Maya: This is the perfect weather for eating outside too! I was thinking the same thing!
Maya: Ah, but if you'll be eating with the members of Afterglow up here, I'll just--
Ran: Ah, wait. Would you like to join us?
Maya: Really?! I'd love to!
Hina: Ah! It's Maya-chan and Ran-chan~!
Maya: Hello! Are you having lunch too?
Hina: Hm? Nope! I heard a strange rumor about the roof, so I came to check it out~!
Ran: What kind of strange rumor...?
Hina: Have you heard the "Shadow on the Roof" story?
Ran: Th-the what...? This is the first time I'm hearing about it...
Maya: Same goes for me. What's it about?
Hina: Evidently, when it gets dark, you can see a mysterious shadowy figure wandering around on the roof!
Ran: ...!
Hina: I wonder what it's like~. A bunch of people told me it looks like a girl's shadow.
Ran: D-do you think it's... the ghost of a former student...?
Hina: Ah, Ran-chan, you're so smart! I bet that's it!
Hina: Maybe the ghost is still around here, but we just can't see her during the day~.
Ran: W-wait, what?!
Hina: Ah, some rumors said it's a scary monster, so maybe it's not the ghost of a student after all~.
Hina: What if it's just a disguise to lure in innocent students? Once they get close, it reveals it's true form and then... Chomp...!
Ran: ...!!
Maya: H-Hina-san, stop! You're scaring Mitake-san!
Hina: Huh? Ah, I'm sorry, Ran-chan! I just thought it was an interesting story!
Maya: I have to admit, it is pretty intriguing... What made you decide to look into it?
Hina: Now that we know the well isn't one of the seven mysteries, it got me wondering what the real mystery is!
Hina: So I asked around to see if anyone knew any other spooky stories, and this one about a shadow on the roof came up~!
Hina: Doesn't that sound like it'd be part of the seven mysteries?! Maybe this is the real deal!
Hina: Whether it's a ghost or a monster, I hope I get to meet it~♪
Ran: Y-you want to see a ghost or a monster...?
Hina: Yeah! Looks like there's nothing here though~. Have you two seen anything?
Maya: I just got here myself, but nothing seems out of the ordinary to me.
Ran: I-I've never seen a suspicious shadow or anything like that, and I come up here pretty often.
Hina: I see. Someone was probably just seeing things then. I'm up on the roof at night pretty often myself for Astronomy Club, and I've never seen any weird shadow~.
Maya: ... You're here at night?
Maya: Uhm, Hina-san, where do you do your stargazing?
Hina: It changes, but I'd say I'm up here on the roof a lot. You feel so much closer to the sky!
Maya: Ah, I knew it...
Ran: Knew what...? Did you figure something out?
Maya: Yes. This "shadow" on the roof is probably... Hina-san.
Hina: Huh? What do you mean?
Maya: Well... Not a lot of people know that the Astronomy Club is still active, right?
Ran: Ah, that's true. There are probably a lot of first years who haven't even heard of it. I had no idea it existed myself when I first got here.
Maya: That's why I think someone saw you on the roof and, not knowing about the Astronomy Club, mistook you for something else.
Maya: Perhaps for some mysterious entity that haunts the roof...
Maya: And if you've never seen anything yourself, Hina-san, it's only natural to assume that this shadow is you...
Hina: What~?!
Hina: That's so boring~! I really thought there was something here besides me~!
Ran: So no monsters or ghosts after all... That's good...
Hina: It sucks for me, though~!
Hina: And it was Maya-chan who figured it out this time too~! Argh~! Why do you have to solve every mystery so quickly~?!
Maya: Huh?! I-I'm sorry...

A Night of Shooting Stars Card Story - Special Episode

Strange and Interesting♪



Hina: BanG Dreamer-san, Marina-san! Hello~!
Marina: Ah, Hina-chan! Good afternoon. Are you going out?
Hina: Yup! I'm going to see a movie~!
Hina: I got tickets from someone at the talent agency, so Kaoru-kun and I are going together!
Marina: Huh? You mean... That Kaoru-san?
Hina: ...? Yeah, what other Kaoru-kun is there?
Hina: Usually, I'd invite my sister to come with me, but this movie doesn't seem like something she'd like~.
Hina: So I thought going with Kaoru-kun might be fun! Things are always boppin' when I'm with her ♪
Hina: I love Kaoru-kun~!
Marina: Y-you do...? I guess I never would have imagined you two hanging out.
Marina: I know she has a lot of fans, but I had no idea you would be one of them...
Hina: Why~? She's so interesting!
Hina: She's always saying such weird stuff~, and when she moves, everything's all sparkly~!
Hina: Oh, and my favorite~... The Shakespeare quotes that come out of nowhere!
Hina: While I never really know what she's talking about, it's kinda like she has her own signature phrase! Doesn't that sound fun~?!
Hina: Whenever I hear her quote him, I know it's going to be a boppin' day~♪
Marina: I-I see... Something tells me you're a little different from her other fans.
Marina: Still, I can really tell that you love Kaoru-san.
Hina: Yeah, there's no one else like Kaoru-kun, so I never get bored of hanging out with her~!
Hina: And I think I have Pastel✽Palettes to thank for that. I never would've become interested in other people without them.
Hina: After being with everyone in Pastel✽Palettes, I realized how much fun it was to talk with people who are different from me.
Hina: Remembering that, I took a look around myself and found out there was a super interesting person in the same class as me.
Hina: And that was Kaoru-kun ♪ I'm so lucky to be in the same class as her!
Hina: Hm? What's that, BanG Dreamer-san? You want to know the title of the movie I'm seeing?
Hina: Oh yeah~, what was it...? It's that horror movie everyone's been talking about.
Hina: Ah, That's it! That's the one! They say it's so scary people are fainting in the theaters~!
Hina: Kaoru-kun doesn't seem to mind spooky stuff like this, so I'm sure she'll have a great time!
Hina: Ehehe, I can't wait to see it~♪