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A Peaceful Place Card Story - Episode

1st Group Rehearsal Part 1


The Day of Group Rehearsal
Tsugumi: Alright, why don't we stop here for now?
Kasumi: Yeah, break time~!
Maya: I'd say we're doing really well for our first practice together!
Kokoro: Agreed! I can't wait to perform for real!
Hagumi: Yeah, me neither!
Aya: Ahahaha... I'm still getting stuck on the same part though...
Yukina: Maruyama-san, do you have a moment?
Aya: Ah, yes! What is it?!
Yukina: I think if you pay more attention to the shape of your mouth, you won't have as much trouble. It'll make it easier to sing, and your voice will have more volume to it.
Aya: Y-Yukina-chan...! Thank you so much! I'll give it a try!
Tsugumi: Fufu, everything's going pretty well, wouldn't you say, Ran-chan?
Ran: Yeah. It's not as bad as I thought it would be.
Tsugumi: (Plus, Ran-chan and Yukina-senpai haven't started fighting yet...)
Yukina: By the way, Mitake-san, I believe your tempo was a little fast during the intro of the second verse.
Ran: ... Do you? I don't think it was.
Tsugumi: (...! And here I was thinking it was going to be fine!)
Tsugumi: Th-that reminds me! What do you think the other groups are doing right now?
Yukina: I don't really know for sure... Although, Lisa mentioned that the group in charge of costumes was having a get-together once they finish everything up.
Hagumi: So they're having a party?! Lucky~! I wanna have one too~!
Kasumi: Me too, me too! Why don't we have one after our concert?! End everything with a bang!
Kokoro: Oh my, what a stupend-erific idea! Let's do it!
Tsugumi: Th-thank goodness... We managed to change subjects... Ah, a message from Himari-chan. Wow! Check it out, everyone!
Maya: Ah, a photo of the costume group! Minato-san was right, they're all together. Looks like they're having fun!
Tsugumi: Let's see... "We're having a blast! How's rehearsal going?" Uhm~, "Everyone here is enjoying-"
Aya: Tsugumi-chan, stop~!
Tsugumi: Wh-what's wrong, Aya-san?
Aya: They sent us a picture, so we should send them one of us having a good time too! What do you guys think?
Hagumi, Kasumi & Kokoro: Yeah~!
Maya: Good idea! It'll be a nice way to remember our first practice together as well.
Ran & Yukina: ...
Aya: H-huh? Are you two... against it?
Ran: It's not that... I just don't think a picture is necessary.
Yukina: I completely agree.
Aya: B-But guys...
Tsugumi: (A-Aya-san and the others look disappointed... I have to do something!)
Tsugumi: ... Hey, Ran-chan. Why is it that you hate the idea of taking a picture?
Ran: I wouldn't say I hate it...
Tsugumi: Then how about we give it a shot? This kind of thing doesn't happen every day... Please, Ran-chan!
Ran: ... Well, if you insist, fine. But just one.
Tsugumi: Thank you~!
Tsugumi: S-so senpai... You really don't like photos?
Yukina: Like I said before, I just don't see it as necessary.
Tsugumi: B-but if we send a picture, I'm sure Lisa-senpai will be really relieved to see we're all enjoying ourselves!
Yukina: ... Alright, only one though. Once we're done, let's get back to practice.
Hagumi, Kasumi, Kokoro: Yay~!
Maya: Hazawa-san, that was amazing! You managed to convince those two in the blink of an eye!
Tsugumi: Huh? No, it wasn't anything special!
Aya: Come on~, let's take a picture! Everyone, gather 'round~!
Aya: ... Ah, stop! Since this is such a special occasion, should we do a pose?! I've got a great one to-
Ran & Yukina: Just hurry up and take the pic-... Ah.
Tsugumi: ... Fufu, ahaha!
Ran: H-hey, Tsugumi, why are you laughing...?
Tsugumi: I mean... I didn't expect this, but you two are actually really similar! You've been acting the same for a while now!
Kasumi: Ah, I was thinking the same thing!
Hagumi: You two get along so well!
Ran & Yukina: Th-that's not true...
Kokoro: Wow! You two really are in sync!
Aya: And~... Done! What a great picture!
Yukina: ... M-Maruyama-san? Why did you take the photo?
Aya: Well~, everyone looked like they were having so much fun! See for yourself!
Tsugumi: Yup, looks good to me! Alright, let's send this to Himari-chan.
Tsugumi: Ah, look at the time! We should get back to practice!
Ran: Minato-san... Uhm... At least it's over...
Yukina: Yes... Thank goodness...
Maya: Sh-she even managed to rattle those two... Hazawa-san really is something else.

A Peaceful Place Card Story - Special Episode

1st Group Rehearsal Part 2


After Group Rehearsal
Residential Area
Tsugumi: It was still light out when we started, but now it's completely dark.
Ran: It's been a while since we've practiced for that long, hasn't it?
Tsugumi: Yeah! I'm beat... but I had a lot of fun too! How about you, Ran-chan?
Ran: I had fun too... except...
Tsugumi: Except for what?
Ran: I might hold that photo nonsense against you.
Tsugumi: Huh?! I-I'm so sorry!
Ran: I'm just kidding. ... Ah, it's from Himari. Looks like you've got a message too.
Tsugumi: You're right! Let's see... "We're all at Tsugu's place~! Hurry up and get your butts over here~!"
Ran: Cool, let's go.
Tsugumi: Yeah!

Hazawa Coffee
Himari: Welcome home, Tsugu~! We were waiting for you!
Moca: Welcome home, Ran~.
Ran: Uhm... This isn't my house.
Tomoe: Yeah, yeah, no use sweating the small stuff! You guys had practice before this, right? I think you earned yourselves some rest!
Tsugumi: Thanks, Tomoe-chan! What did you guys do today?
Himari: Ehehe, well, after I sent you that photo, the members of the costume group and I had ourselves a mini-party~! Lisa-senpai even brought her homemade cookies!
Moca: Saya gave me the leftovers from a tasting session, so I snacked on those all day~.
Tomoe: S-so all you two did today was eat...
Ran: Sounds like it...
Tomoe: A-anyways, how did the group rehearsal go?
Tsugumi: It was really fun! Practicing with members from the other bands felt so refreshing!
Ran: Yeah. It was okay, I guess.
Himari: Ran, don't be like that~. That picture I saw made it look like you were having a blast!
Moca: Ran and Minato-san's faces were red as tomatoes~. What happened~?
Ran: N-nothing...
Tomoe: Ahaha, I bet it was another fight with Minato-san, right~?
Tsugumi: Fufu, actually, it's the opposite! Those two were so in sync today!
Ran: Wha-?! Tsugumi...!
Himari: What~?! Now I really wanna know what happened~!
Ran: Enough! I don't want to talk about it!
Himari: Aww~! Fine, I'll just ask about it later... So, how are you feeling, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Himari: You're creating the menu and going to the group rehearsals, right? That makes you way busier than us. I'm just worried that you might be overdoing it again.
Tsugumi: Ehehe, thanks for thinking of me, but I'm fine! I promise I'll let you know if it gets to be too much!
Tomoe: Ahaha, alright. But overworking yourself is absolutely out of the question, got it?
Tsugumi: Got it! Actually, I feel like the whole experience is giving me more energy. This is our first time performing with other bands, after all!
Moca: Hoho~. You're extra Tsugurific today, I see~.
Tomoe: I think I know what you mean, though. We don't do a lot of stuff with people outside of this group!
Himari: Exactly! Hanging out with the five of us is fun, but this kind of thing can be too!
Tsugumi: Fufu, there were so many things at rehearsal that made us feel more motivated. Isn't that right, Ran-chan?
Ran: Yeah, I suppose. It wasn't so bad.
Moca: Oh~, Ran being honest~. What a rarity~.
Ran: ... Shut up.
Tsugumi: ... Ehehe.
Himari: Hm? Something wrong, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: Not at all! I was just thinking about how relaxing it is talking to you guys!
Tomoe: Ahaha, what a Tsugu thing to say.
Tsugumi: Ehehe, really? It just feels like I've finally come home after a long day, you know?!
All: ...
Ran: Pfft, ahaha!
Himari: Ran~! Stop~! Why couldn't you hold it in~?!
Tsugumi: H-huh?! Wait, why are you all laughing?!
Moca: Tsugu~, do you remember where we are~?
Tsugumi: Yeah, we're at my-... Ah!
Himari: Ahaha! You're always so put together, Tsugu, but you still have your moments, don't you?!
Tomoe: Don't sweat it, dude. It's cool. That's part of what makes you great.
Tsugumi: Y-you guys~! Quit laughing~!