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A Penguin? A Bear? Card Story - Episode

Wool Felt, Made Fleeting


CiRCLE - Studio

Misaki: Then, you take this and do this...
Misaki: Seems pretty much done... Phew, the finish line...
Misaki: ... Yep. I think it came out pretty well.

Kaoru: Greetings, Misaki. You're quite early today.
Misaki: Ah, Kaoru-san. I had a thing I had to take care of, so I ended up getting here early.
Kaoru: A thing?
Kaoru: How I'd love to hear about this thing. I want to know everything it's possible to know about you, Misaki.
Misaki: Sigh... It's nothing crazy, really... It's this felt.
Misaki: Kanon-san started making a penguin felt after we went to the aquarium, so I figured I'd do a little something myself. It has been a while.
Kaoru: I see. And after you finish your creation, you will gift it to yours truly, correct?
Misaki: N-Not correct... I'm planning to give this to my little sister, so...
Kaoru: Still, what a vibrant piece of work. Such impressive craft you have.
Misaki: I wouldn't say that. It's just a hobby, really. My sister was happy about the first one I made, so I kept on making them...
Misaki: But after some time, I realized I rather like felting. I prefer doing things that require a little bit more attention to detail.
Kaoru: Is this... a dolphin?
Misaki: That would be a dolphin, yes. Kanon-san made one the other day, so I tried doing one too. It's pretty good if I do say so myself.
Kaoru: And do you think you could bestow it upon me?
Misaki: I told you, this is for my sister...
Kaoru: The recipient of this will be filled with bliss... In other words, bliss is in my future.
Misaki: Uhm... Are your ears working? I'm giving this to my sister.
Kaoru: Eureka! New idea, Misaki! If it is not too much trouble, could I bother you to create another one of these in addition to that dolphin?
Misaki: I'm fine with making something, but... you're not getting this dolphin. I promised it to my sister.
Kaoru: Fufu. What should this creation be...?
Misaki: (Why do I bother...? She's not listening to a word I say...)
Kaoru: What shall you make...? Hmm. What, indeed... Ah!
Misaki: If you could, I'd be grateful if you didn't ask for something too hard to make.
Kaoru: Fufu, no need to fret, Misaki.
Kaoru: What I desire is...
Kaoru: Something fleeting.
Misaki: ... Huh? Something fleeting?
Kaoru: It exists right before your very eyes, yet it seems as if it would disappear the instant you lay a finger on it... An appearance that suggests it may crumble at any moment...
Kaoru: ... Something like that.
Misaki: Nope, that's not gonna happen. There's no way I can felt something like that.
Kaoru: But of course you can, and the anticipation is killing me. Oh, Misaki. What sort of fleeting creation awaits me?
Misaki: I said, that's not gonna happen!
Kaoru: A dolphin composed of felt with something fleeting right by its side... Just imagining it is... Ahhh, so fleeting...
Misaki: (What's the point? I-It's like talking to a wall...)

A Penguin? A Bear? Card Story - Special Episode

It Might Be Fine Sometimes



Misaki: ... Phew. Finally, a break. Gotta hydrate, gotta hydrate...
Misaki: Hm? BanG Dreamer-san?
Misaki: Ahaha... What a weird time to run into each other, huh? Sorry about the look. I'm right in the middle of a break from my shift.
Misaki: Ah, yeah. I put on this costume, and I hand out balloons.
Misaki: At first, I thought the costume was too hot and really hard to move in, but thanks to Hello, Happy World!, I've gotten used to it. It's actually scary.
Misaki: ... Huh? I dropped something?
Misaki: Ah~, my penguin key holder... I bought it the other day when I went with Hello, Happy World! to the aquarium.
Misaki: No, so we went there to have fun at first, but partway through, I guess you could say the conversation went in a different direction...
Misaki: You probably won't have any idea what I'm talking about, but we took care of a penguin that escaped the aquarium and brought it back home.
Misaki: I mean, obviously I couldn't understand why that was happening either, but I'm pretty much numb to it at this point...
Misaki: The girls of Hello, Happy World! love to do things that don't make sense.
Misaki: ... Though, usually Kanon-san and I get dragged around by Kokoro and whatever she's doing.
Misaki: This time it was Kanon-san who was doing the work.
Misaki: Well, this time a penguin's safety was on the line, so I suppose you could say the circumstances were different than usual, but...
Misaki: Seeing Kanon-san working so hard, kinda made me feel like... I have to give her a hand.
Misaki: Sometimes you see someone giving something their all and you just wanna cheer them on, or rather, you wanna do something for them, you know?
Misaki: I usually like to take it easy, but it was kinda like that time when I actually wanted to put on a performance myself...
Misaki: It made me think that trying hard could be good every now and then too. Except I got that feeling by watching Kanon-san... somehow.
Misaki: ... Huh? Someone's calling me? Ah, looks like break time is over.
Misaki: Alright, I'm back on the clock. Okay, see ya.