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A Pop-up Book Card Story - Episode

Getting Ready for a Sleepover!


Station Entrance

Kokoro: Misaki, you're already here!
Misaki: Yeah, I woke up early today. Plus you guys are always at our meetup spot way before me.
Misaki: By the way, why'd you ask me to hang out today?
Misaki: I still have no idea where we're going or what we're doing...
Kokoro: I want to go to the mall and do some shopping, silly!
Misaki: That's fine and all, but... What does that have to do with me? Why am I here?
Kokoro: Forget about that! Come on, let's go! If we don't hurry, the shops might close!
Misaki: Ah, okay, okay. You don't have to rush. None of the stores are going to close this early.
Shopping Mall
Kokoro: They sure had a lot of interesting things in there! Look at all this stuff we got!
Kokoro: Alright, so where should we go next?
Misaki: ... Hey, Kokoro.
Kokoro: What is it, Misaki?
Misaki: So far we've bought goggles, a megaphone and this grabber thing...... What exactly are these for? I can't think of anything...
Kokoro: Isn't it obvious? These are for our next sleepover!
Misaki: What...? Hold on, I would understand grabbing some pajamas or new playing cards, but what do you plan to do with these? We don't need this stuff for a sleepover.
Kokoro: How do we know that if we don't bring them along? They might turn out to be absolutely positively necessary!
Misaki: Somehow, I really doubt that...
Kokoro: Ah! Misaki, let's check out this store next!
Misaki: Where are we going now...? Huh? Isn't this... a bag shop?
Kokoro: Yeah, this is what I really wanted to see today! I'm going to need one if I want to carry a change of clothes and everything else with me.
Misaki: That's true...
Kokoro: Maybe I should get a big bag. A mega-gigantic one that can fit oodles and oodles of stuff!
Misaki: How many days do you plan on sleeping over...? Just get a normal-sized one.
Kokoro: Alrighty! Ah, then how about this one?
Misaki: Oh~, that looks pretty good, doesn't it? It's the perfect size and looks easy enough to use.
Kokoro: Okay, then it's decided! I'll get this one!
Misaki: Wait, are you sure you don't want to look around some more? I mean, there are tons of bags here...
Kokoro: Yup! This is the one I want!
Misaki: Well, I guess the design is pretty cute, and with all those pockets, it looks useful enough.
Kokoro: Then why don't you get one too, Misaki?! ... I've got it! We should get one for everyone in the band!
Misaki: Matching bags?! For all of us?! No way, talk about embarrassing...
Kokoro: Which color do you think Kaoru and the others would like?
Misaki: ... And you're not listening.
Misaki: Sigh... Hagumi would probably like this colorful one, and this pastel one would work for Kanon-san. As for Kaoru-san, what about this color? It looks pretty chic.
Kokoro: Okey-dokey, now we just have to come back here with everyone and buy them together! I can't wait to have a sleepover with these bags!
Misaki: So we're really going to buy them, huh...?
Kokoro: That reminds me, we need to pick one out for Michelle too!
Misaki: Ah, d-don't worry about that. I'll pick one out for her.
Kokoro: You will? Okay, sounds like a plan! Come on, I want to go to that shop next!
Misaki: ... Well, I needed a new bag anyway, so I suppose this works out.

A Pop-up Book Card Story - Special Episode

One Piece of Treasure



Kokoro: So that's it! Thank you for telling me about it!
Kokoro: Now what about you? ... Mm-hm, I get it! That's super fantastic too!
Marina: Huh? Is that Kokoro-chan? What's she doing? It looks like she's going around and talking to everyone here...
Kokoro: Oh, if it isn't Marina and BanG Dreamer! Perfect timing! I want to ask you something!
Marina: A question for us? Okay, go ahead...
Kokoro: Can you tell me what you two treasure?
Marina: Treasure...? What do you mean?
Kokoro: We had a sleepover at Kaoru's the other day, and everyone was talking about the things that are important to them!
Kokoro: Some said their friends, or their memories of something, or even actual treasure. Everyone seemed so happy talking about it too!
Kokoro: Now I'm really curious about what other people treasure! If I knew that, I bet I could help everyone smile.
Marina: So that's what you were doing. Fufu, that sounds just like you, Kokoro-chan.
Marina: Something I treasure, huh...? Hmm... What about you, Kokoro-chan? How would you answer?
Kokoro: What do I treasure? A whole bunch of stuff!
Kokoro: I've got all of my bandmates, then the band itself. And of course all the people we've met along the way.
Kokoro: Plus there's school, the park, and CiRCLE too! And of course I can't forget about you two, or the times like this where we can talk to one another!
Marina: We're your treasures? Fufu, that's nice to hear.
Marina: I've got a lot of things that are important to me too... It's kind of hard to pick something out though...
Kokoro: Really? Then why don't we take a picture?
Marina: A picture? Why?
Kokoro: Kaoru's room had oodles of pictures all over the walls! She even said the memories in those photos were her treasures!
Kokoro: So I want to photograph our precious memories too!
Marina: Now I get it! True, with photos, you have something physical left behind.
Kokoro: Exactly, so let's take a picture!
Marina: What about the camera? Will my cellphone work? Or maybe BanG Dreamer-san's?
Kokoro: That's okay, I've got one right here!
Marina: Where did that come from?! ... Now that's a fancy camera.
Kokoro: Hurry, get over here! And don't forget to smile!
Kokoro: We've got to make this picture count! This is our treasure, after all!