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A Quick Detour Card Story - Episode

Travel Buddies


Moca: Maybe this one... No, no, this one... Ah, no, definitely the first one...
Moca: Oh~, but I can't pass on this one~... Hmm~, what should I do...?
Tsugumi: Moca-chan, what's wrong?
Moca: I'm picking out a manga to read on the train back.
Tsugumi: Oh, it is a long train ride. You could probably finish one by the time we get back.
Moca: Yeah, we've got a whole hour and a half to kill~. Alright, I think I'll go with this one~...
Tsugumi: Is that a shonen manga magazine? You really like that genre, right?
Moca: Yeah, they're really good~.
Moca: Ah, but I didn't get to buy last month's volume of this... I guess I'll go with this one then.
Tsugumi: If you're still trying to decide, I have a suggestion! Uhm, let's see... Ah, this one.
Tsugumi: It's a shojo manga, but... what do you think? The story's really interesting, and it's pretty long too!
Moca: Oh, I know this one~. They made a movie out of it, didn't they?
Moca: Hoho~, Tsugu~. Keeping up with the latest trends, I see~.
Tsugumi: Well, I saw that they made a movie, so I figured it must be pretty popular.
Tsugumi: There are so many different manga coming out all the time. It makes it really hard to decide which one to buy...
Tsugumi: So I thought I'd find a good one by picking out something that was that popular.
Moca: And that's how you got sucked in, huh~?
Tsugumi: You'd be sucked in too! Go ahead, give it a chance.
Moca: Hmm, I don't know~. I don't really read shojo manga, especially not the lovey-dovey stuff~.
Tsugumi: I see... That's too bad. Well, if you change your mind, let me know! I can lend you my mine!
Moca: Will do~. Thanks~.
Tsugumi: By the way, how do you pick out which ones you want to read? Besides checking if it's a shonen manga...
Moca: Uhm~, I guess by looking at the art style, title, and the cover? I tend to pick things on based on instinct~. Then if it turns out to be interesting, I'll buy the next volume.
Moca: I've been into this manga recently~.
Moca: I haven't bought any of the actual volumes yet, but I've been reading it in the magazines. It's really good~.
Tsugumi: It does look pretty cool. So you like this art style, then.
Moca: Yeah, I guess. I like the backgrounds in this one. They're pretty sweet~.
Tsugumi: Is this sci-fi? That's what it looks like anyways.
Moca: Yup. It takes place in the near future, and it's about a girl who battles against these aliens who can turn into humans~.
Tsugumi: Aliens who can turn into humans...? Th-that does sound interesting.
Moca: But the main character who's fighting the aliens is usually a quiet, gentle girl~.
Tsugumi: Really?! So a mild-mannered girl who turns out to be a fighting genius...! That kind of story?
Moca: Uh-huh, right on the money~. And it's because she's got this big, crazy secret~.
Tsugumi: A secret? What kind of secret...?
Moca: Fufu~. Saying any more than that would count as a spoiler~. I can't tell you~.
Tsugumi: Aww~! But now I want to know~!
Moca: If you wanna know, I guess you'll have to read the manga. I wonder where it is? I think five volumes have come out so far...
Tsugumi: Ngh... It sounds interesting, but I don't know about buying five books all at once...
Moca: If I had the books, I'd lend them to you, but I don't...
Tsugumi: I do want to read it... Maybe I'll just buy the first one. Hmm~, but I already bought so many souvenirs today...
Moca: Ah, I heard they're going to be making this into a movie. You could just wait for that to come out and go see it.
Tsugumi: Wait, really?! But then... I'd want to read the original stuff before going to watch it...
Moca: Ah~, I know what you mean~.
Tsugumi: Alright! I'll just buy the first book! If it's good, I'll buy the rest, and then go see the movie.
Moca: Yup, sounds like a plan~. Alright, let's go buy our stuff and get outta here~.
Moca: Ah, and when you're done with it, let me borrow it, okay~? I think I wanna re-read them~.

A Quick Detour Card Story - Special Episode

Dietary Worries


Moca: Just as I thought. The croquettes in Inoshima were really good, but you just can't beat the croquettes here...
Moca: Alright, next up, melon buns. Yamabuki Bakery or Inoshima, who will win... Hm?
Moca: If it isn't BanG Dreamer-san~. Are you here for some croquettes~?
Moca: Out running errands? What a hard worker~.
Moca: Me? I'm buying tasty things to munch on and reminiscing about my trip to Inoshima~.
Moca: Wait, didn't I tell you?
Moca: Everyone in Afterglow went the other day~.
Moca: Yup, we had loads of fun~. The only thing that sucked was meeting up so early... It meant I had to wake up before I normally do.
Moca: Have you ever been to Inoshima? It had everything you'd expect of a famous travel spot~. Every few steps, another shop with yummy-looking food would pop up.
Moca: So I ended up eating a ton~. I was easily defeated by the temptation. It was just too strong.
Moca: There were pancakes, octopus crackers, and so many other things...
Moca: Inoshima really is a cut above the rest. Everything I ate there was delicious. Everything.
Moca: You wanna hear Moca-chan's Top Pick for Inoshima? Hmm~, probably the octopus crackers~.
Moca: You ever heard of it? They take a whole octopus and make it into a rice cracker.
Moca: If only we had that shop here too~.
Moca: Hmm~... Let's see~. Do we have any space for them to fit around here~?
Moca: I'd absolutely love it if that shop opened a branch downtown~.
Moca: Yeah~, they were that good. If those octopus crackers were available here, my eating habits would change forever~...!
Moca: The taste is still a mystery to you? Come on~, try using your imagination~. A whole octopus made into a rice cracker... It's really crunchy... with... an unforgettable taste!
Moca: Still don't get it, huh? I guess you really do need to experience the real thing. Now we definitely need them to open up shop here.
Moca: Yeah, better to start sooner than later. Next time you're off, you better head to Inoshima~.
Moca: As they say, strike while the iron's hot, right~?
Moca: Ah, and when you go, make sure to get me a souvenir~.
Moca: I would like one octopus cracker, please~.
Moca: Ah, that's right. Hang on one second... It should be right here...
Moca: Huh? Not there... Here?
Moca: Hm~, not here either. I can't find it...
Moca: I had a point card made there. If you fill it up, you can get one octopus cracker for free, so...
Moca: Since you're headed there, I figured I'd give it to you to use, but I can't find it...
Moca: This is bad news~... BanG Dreamer-san, help me find it, please~.
Moca: This is serious business! The amount of octopus crackers I can eat in the future is at stake~.