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A Refreshing Surprise Card Story - Episode

Unstoppable Curiosity


Talent Agency

Maya: Mhm, mhm... I see...
Chisato & Eve: Good morning.
Good morning!
Maya: Ah, Chisato-san, Eve-san! Good morning! Did you walk here together today?
Chisato: Yes, we happened to meet at the station. Putting that aside, you are rather early, Maya-chan.
Eve: Is that a script for work that you are reading...?
Maya: Ah, no. This is completely unrelated to work. I am researching mermaids.
Chisato: Mermaids? What brought this on...?
Maya: Well... Do you remember the beach trip I took with Hina-san and the others?
Eve: Yes, I received the wonderful postcards that you and Hina-san sent! Thank you very much!
Maya: I am glad you liked them. But yes, regarding that day...
Maya: I may have witnessed an actual mermaid.
Eve: Huh?! I-is that true, Maya-san?
Chisato: Um... Maya-chan?
Maya: Ah, of course, I fully believe I was mistaken. But still... what we saw so clearly resembled the classic image of a mermaid...
Maya: Although legends and eyewitness accounts exist all over the world, a majority of those cases consist of individuals mistaking dugongs for mermaids.
Maya: However, it would be unwise to make sweeping generalizations towards every case...
Chisato: Which is why you're taking the time to do your own research.
Maya: Correct. I wish to accurately confirm what I saw that day.
Eve: I see... It would certainly be big news if you truly did find a mermaid!
Chisato: Did you find any useful information, Maya-chan?
Maya: Yes, I did find something interesting while scouring literature involving mermaids! The location we visited the other day is actually listed in this book here...
Maya: That stretch of land was once a village long ago. One day, a storm came, and a mermaid washed up on shore.
Maya: The villagers were initially surprised by the existence of a mermaid, but seeing it weakened by its recent ordeal, they valiantly took it in and nursed it back to health.
Eve: Those villagers were so kind!
Maya: The mermaid was extremely grateful for the town's aid, and as a way to repay that debt, it offered a trove of gorgeous sparkling seashells.
Maya: And that is not all. The mermaid then took up residence in a nearby cavern, protecting that land from any seaside disasters. They say it still watches over the area to this day.
Chisato: For such folklore to survive this long, the beach you visited must truly be famous for its mermaids.
Maya: As for the sparkling seashells and the mermaid's cave referenced in the tale... there were actual locations related to those stories.
Chisato: Could those be the locations mentioned in your postcard...?
Maya: Yes. The Mermaid Cavern and Seashell Shore.
Maya: Are the names a result of the folklore? Or could the legends have spawned from names that existed long before? I cannot determine which is true...
Maya: But as a result of those long-lasting stories, I can look back on my time there with a new perspective, which is very intriguing to me.
Eve: I can definitely see how the existence of a mermaid long ago could make that beach much more exciting!
Chisato: Considering you're not even sure of what you saw... Fufu, you're very studious, Maya-chan.
Maya: I simply cannot resist researching things that catch my interest...
Chisato: There is no need to feel ashamed. I think it's wonderful to feel such passion towards something.
Eve: A desire to unearth the truth... How very bushido!
Maya: I don't know whether it qualifies as bushido or not, but... having come this far, I would like to perform a thorough investigation.
Maya: The truth of what I saw that day will inevitably be brought to light!
Eve: Just imagine it. A beach where a mermaid may still live~. What sort of place could that possibly be...?
Eve: Maya-san's testimony has made me want to see for myself.
Maya: Would you like to go together sometime? I was already thinking of how nice it would be to return as a group.
Maya: Even if there was no mermaid, the beautiful beach and dazzling ocean are wonderful enough to merit a visit!
Eve: Wow~! This is going to be so exciting, Chisato-san.
Chisato: I suppose... But you must not forget the sunscreen.
Eve: I won't!
Maya: Alright, let's discuss the trip further once Aya-san and Hina-san have arrived.
Aya & Hina: Good morning!
Good morning~!
Eve: Aya-san, Hina-san! We were just discussing how we should all go to the beach...

A Refreshing Surprise Card Story - Special Episode

The Eye of a Stage Director



Marina: We managed to finish work early today~. Great job! Let's keep it up for tomorrow.
Maya: Ah, if it isn't Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello. What are you up to, Maya-chan?
Maya: I just finished a Pastel*Palettes job and am on my way home.
Marina: Sounds like you were hard at work too. We also finished up not too long ago.
Marina: Ah, that reminds me. I heard the news~. You went with Tae-chan and the others to the beach, right?
Maya: Yes, we went the other day. We had all sorts of fun from sunrise to sunset.
Marina: Oh, what did you do?
Maya: Naturally, we played in the ocean. Tae-san also took the time to look up several interesting locations beforehand, so we explored those as well.
Maya: And let's not forget creating Hanazono Land on the beach.
Marina: Hanazono Land?
Maya: It was a realization of Tae-san's ideal paradise, where rabbits and humans live and play together.
Maya: We made it out of sand.
Marina: Rabbits and humans living together... Considering how much Tae-chan loves rabbits, I'm guessing she was totally pumped to build that, huh?
Maya: Yes, I could clearly feel how passionate she was. One of the buildings in Hanazono Land was a castle... and even the roof was shaped like a rabbit!
Marina: Wow, that's impressive. A rabbit-shaped roof... I wonder how she pulled that off...
Maya: And that's not all, as many other similar structures with rabbit motifs were erected... Hanazono Land truly was a place where her love for rabbits could be felt everywhere.
Maya: As a backstage member of the theater club, I often create set pieces, so I very much understood why Tae-san was so fixated on the details.
Marina: I see~. What are you particular about when making your sets, Maya-chan?
Maya: I always perform thorough research to ensure that all pieces remain accurate to the time period on which they are based.
Marina: Ah, that makes sense. It would be strange for a smartphone to appear in a time before they were invented.
Maya: Precisely! Let's see... I also try to ensure that the sets help draw attention to the characters who are scheduled to appear.
Maya: For example, for a character who has a fondness for cats, I'll add cat knick-knacks. By doing so, it helps to make the setting more believable.
Marina: I see! Making even one set sure does require a lot of thought~.
Marina: Hearing all this makes me wish I could have seen the Hanazono Land you built.
Maya: Ah, actually, I have photos... Here.
Marina: Let me see~... Wow, this looks even better than I thought! Cool~!
Maya: Thank you very much! Your kind words make all of our hard work worthwhile.
Maya: ... Oh, would you look at the time. I'm afraid that I must be going. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me!
Marina: No problem, we had fun too! See you later.
Maya: Okay! See you again at CiRCLE!