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A Reporter's Job Card Story - Episode

Respect for Michelle


Shrine - Entry Path
Maya: Okusawa-san, did you find anything over there?
Misaki: No, it doesn't seem to be over here.
Maya: Hmm... We're not having much luck finding this pouch, are we...?
Misaki: Nope...
Array: ...
Maya: W-We never really had the chance to talk before, so this is kind of awkward, isn't it?
Misaki: I-I guess so. Um... Should we like, re-introduce ourselves or something...?
Maya: Let's do that! I'm Maya Yamato! I play the drums for Pastel ✽ Palettes!
Misaki: I'm Misaki Okusawa. I'm more or less Michelle and the DJ for Hello, Happy World! ...
Maya: Wh-What's the matter?
Misaki: Oh, it just feels kind weird saying that I'm Michelle, or that I'm a DJ...
Maya: That's not true! There's nothing weird about it! You're Michelle-san, after all!
Misaki: R-Right...
Maya: Speaking of which... There was something I always wanted to ask you about Michelle-san. Do you mind if I do?
Misaki: Uh, go ahead. What do you want to know?
Maya: How does it work inside that suit?
Misaki: What exactly do you mean...?
Maya: I-I'm sorry! There's actually a whole list of things I want to ask... First of all, how do you see what's in front of you?
Misaki: Oh, there's space in the mouth that I can see out of...
Maya: I see. Oh, and is it true that it smells really nice inside Michelle-san...?
Misaki: Ahh, I think Hagumi said something like that in the past...
Maya: Oh, I see!
Maya: What kind of nice smell is it exactly? Also, I'm really curious about how the world looks from in there...
Misaki: I-If you're that curious, do you want to try jumping inside?
Maya: Wh-Whaaat?! Me? I couldn't possibly do something as profound as that!
Misaki: Pr-Profound...? It's just a bear suit, you know?
Maya: No way! What are you talking about?
Maya: Michelle-san has transcended Hello, Happy World! She's like a mascot for the entire Girls Band Party!
Misaki: Wh-When did that happen...?
Maya: I could never jump inside something so important... Just thinking about it makes me nervous!
Misaki: What~? ... It's not actually that special, you know...?
Maya: Not true! It's my belief that you're only one who has the right to be inside Michelle-san, Okusawa-san!
Misaki: Th-Thank you, I guess...?
Maya: I've heard that there are plenty of fans of the face behind the mask of Michelle-san. That's you, Okusawa-san.
Misaki: Okay, that's not possible. It has to be some kind of joke...
Maya: Not to mention the fact you can spin the turn tables without missing a beat despite that bulky suit. It's practically a superhuman feat!
Misaki: I-It's really not that big of a deal, you know...?
Maya: And then there's your moves! Michelle-san has a combination of cute and cool going when you do your thing!
Maya: I think the only reason you can do moves like that is because you, Okusawa-san, are one with Michelle-san!
Misaki: (What the~...? Why am I getting hit with this praise bomb...?)
Maya: ... Which is exactly why I cannot go inside Michelle-san.
Maya: You're the only person for the job, Okusawa-san!
Misaki: S-Sure... Thank you...
Misaki: I'll keep giving it my best as Michelle...
Maya: ... Ah! I-I'm sorry... I got kind of carried away there...
Maya: I-It's just that... I have great respect for Michelle-san...
Misaki: Oh, uh, err...
Misaki: (This is kind of awkward, but it doesn't actually feel bad being showered with praise like this.)
Misaki: W-Well, we can talk about Michelle anytime, so for now let's keep searching for that pouch!
Maya: Good point!

A Reporter's Job Card Story - Special Episode

Last Year's Omikuji


Fast Food Store
Maya: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Maya: It's quite busy in here, huh...? Would you like to sit with me?
Maya: Are you on your lunch break now, BanG Dreamer-san?
Maya: I'm about to head to the talent agency to review the segment we recorded the other day!
Maya: That's right! Eve-san and I went to the shrine on New Years day to interview the visitors there!
Maya: Working on location can be nerve-racking... We have to approach strangers, after all...
Maya: Not to mention the crowds! Just hearing what the people were saying was hard work.
Maya: During our break, Eve-san and I prayed at the shrine with Tsurumaki-san and the others!
Maya: Fortune slips? I didn't draw one myself, but Eve-san did and she drew great misfortune...
Maya: She lost her pouch right after that and was really depressed...
Maya: But in the end, it turned up and she was able to experience lots of things we do for New Years in Japan, so she cheered up!
Maya: I have to say... even now I still find it hard to believe that I appear on TV...
Maya: For me, those New Years programs were always something I'd watch at home while bundled up and eating tangerines...
Maya: But now, I'm on them as an idol... I know I say this a lot, but I feel like I'll just never get used to this!
Maya: So many things have changed since I joined Pastel ✽ Palettes...
Maya: Time has really gone by so quickly.
Maya: I can't help but wonder what awaits us.
Maya: Am I worried? Oh, no! If anything, I'm excited!
Maya: Oh, speaking of which! I just remembered, but...
Maya: I didn't draw a fortune slip this year, but I'm pretty I did last year.
Maya: Now that I think of it, the fortune slip said that it would be an eventful year!
Maya: I was just thinking that the past year really was eventful.
Maya: The fortune slips at that shrine might really be a force to be reckoned with!
Maya: Oh! If you haven't done so yet, you should draw a fortune slip at the shrine too, BanG Dreamer-san!

Maya: What if you draw great misfortune, you say? Don't worry!
Maya: Good things can come from any fortune slip. It just depends on how you look at it!
Maya: ... These are actually the words that Eve-san told me when we were at the shrine.
Maya: Ah, look at the time!
Maya: If you draw a fortune slip, make sure to tell me what you get! See you around!