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A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Opening
An Essential Casting

Tsugumi is swamped in Culture Festival documents.
In the mountain of papers, she finds one from the theater club...


Haneoka Girl's Academy
School Gate

Kaoru: Indeed, that is correct. Basically, it's... You know. Marvelous. I'm counting on you, my Juliet.
Kaoru: Fufu... This year's Culture Festival... should be entertaining.

Student Council

Tsugumi: Uhh, so the sophomores in class A will host a cafè... Class B will be running a fortune-telling booth...
Others: Hazawa-san~! We have more documents! Look through these too, please~!
Tsugumi: What?! This many...?!
Others: Sorry. The other student council members are all running around taking care of other Culture Festival things. Doesn't seem like they can help.
Tsugumi: Yeah. The festival is only a month away, after all. Okay, leave it to me! I'll take care of it!
Others: Thanks! I'll help where I can too! I'll go turn in these forms! ... Oh yeah, about those documents... If you could finish them by today, that'd be great!
Tsugumi: Huh?! Today?! ... Sigh...
Tsugumi: I guess I have no choice. I'll take care of whatever needs to be done...!

Tsugumi: ... Phew... Still about half left...
Himari: Tsugu~, still here~?
Tsugumi: Ah, Himari-chan!
Himari: My club just finished meeting, so I thought I'd stop by. Let's walk home together!
Tsugumi: Sorry ... I don't think I'll be able to...
Himari: Whoa!! This mountain of papers is insane...!
Tsugumi: These are the forms for activities that will use classroom displays and gym space during the Culture Festival. I have to look over all of them by today...
Himari: What?! All of these?! Would you like a hand?
Tsugumi: Really? Okay, sure! I'll show you what you need to do...!

Himari: Hmhmhmm~. A lot cafès this year~.
Tsugumi: Yeah. Lisa-senpai's class is planning one... Ah, and Ran-chan's class, too.
Himari: First year, class A. Maid cafè...?!
Tsugumi: I wonder if Ran-chan will wear the outfit for that...
Himari: Fufu, going through all these documents is a lot of work, but it's kinda fun seeing what everyone is gonna be doing ahead of time ♪
Tsugumi: That's true. And thanks to you, I was able to get through so many~. Thank you! ... Ah, there's something from the theater club as well. Look.
Himari: Wahhh, they're gonna be doing Romeo and Juliet this year...! I know Kaoru-senpai will definitely be playing Romeo~.
Tsugumi: The theater club performance always creates a lot of excitement. This year looks to be even better!
Himari: I wonder if I can go... Maybe I'll ask my class if we can change the schedule for shifts.
Tsugumi: Mhm, I think you can do that. I'm looking forward to it too... Huh?
Himari: Hm~, what's up?
Tsugumi: Starring Kaoru Seta as Romeo, and... Chisato Shirasagi as Juliet...?!
Himari: I knew it. So Kaoru-senpai is playing Romeo~... Wait, what~?!
Tsugumi: Chisato-san goes to Hanasakigawa, right?
Himari: What does this mean...?
Tsugumi: A guest appearance... I guess? I'll go ask about it tomorrow... For now, we have to take care of these forms.
Himari: Mhm, yeah.

A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Chapter 1
Puzzled Little Kitten

Tsugumi goes to confirm what she read with Kaoru.
It seems like Kaoru really did reach out to Chisato, but...


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Tsugumi: Uhh, I wonder if I'll find Seta-senpai if I go to the theater club now.
Kaoru: Ahh, fleeting... So fleeting...
Tsugumi: Ah, there she is! Seta-senpai~!
Kaoru: Fleeting... So fleeti- Hm? If it isn't Tsugumi-chan. Is something the matter? Or... can it be? Is it me you've come to see?
Tsugumi: Y-yes! I did! Well, actually...
Kaoru: Fufu... A little kitten that doesn't hide her feelings. How charming.
Tsugumi: L-little kitten?! Uhm... I have a question regarding the performance the theater club is planning for the Culture Festival...
Kaoru: Oh? And what would that be? I'm all ears. Inquire about whatever your heart desires.
Tsugumi: Yesterday, I was looking over the form that the theater club turned in, and... it said Chisato-san would be playing Juliet. I wanted to ask if that was really the case...
Kaoru: Indeed, that is the truth. Chisato will surely be playing Juliet.
Tsugumi: S-so she is...! Have you gotten permission from the principal yet?
Kaoru: Not quite.
Tsugumi: Huh~?! Th-the festival is in less than a month! Is that enough time?!
Kaoru: Don't fret. The great bard says, "To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first". So basically... You know...
Tsugumi: I-I know what...? Wahhh, what do I do...?! I can't have a proper conversation with Seta-senpai on my own~!
Maya: Hm? Oh, it's Hazawa-san~. What are you and Kaoru-san doing?
Tsugumi: Ahh, Maya-senpai~! Thank goodness...
Maya: What's wrong? It looks like you're ready to cry...

Maya: I see~, so you were talking about the Culture Festival!
Tsugumi: Yeah. I saw Chisato-san's name written on the form, so I came to ask Seta-senpai if that was right, but...
Tsugumi: H-her... world is a bit over my head...
Kaoru: Fufu... It seems I've puzzled yet another innocent little kitten. Please accept my apology, Tsugumi-chan.
Maya: Ahaha, Kaoru-san is certainly an interesting character. Why don't I explain the everything for you?
Maya: This year will be the tenth year since the theater club was established. To celebrate, we were hoping to do something special...
Maya: That's when we thought, what if we have a guest performance?! Just having one new member join could be a huge motivator for everyone else.
Kaoru: That's when I made the proposal... "How about Chisato?". It was the perfect suggestion in my mind.
Kaoru: She and I have been friends for quite some time. Certainly, the synergy between us two in a performance would be immaculate.
Maya: We thought, with a guest, especially that guest being Chisato-san, morale would be very high, and we'd be able to put on a quality show.
Maya: ... And that is how the theater club came up with that idea. It wasn't just Kaoru-san acting on her own.
Tsugumi: Okay, I see now. Ahh, but that doesn't change the fact that there's not a lot of time left! Not only do we need the principal's permission, but...
Tsugumi: If Chisato-san is coming, we'll need to increase the number of staff in the gym area during the festival...!
Maya: We should have talked to the student council first since we were planning something out of the ordinary... Sorry! We'll try to keep from troubling you guys too much.
Tsugumi: That's okay! It's your club's anniversary, and you guys always draw a crowd! And it's our job as the student council to give you the support you need!
Kaoru: Tsugumi-chan.... How admirable, such courage...! Ahh, so fleeting...!
Tsugumi: A-anyway! I'll share this information with the student council! We'll help you however we can!
Maya: Okay! Thanks a lot!
Tsugumi: Alright, I'll go talk to them about it now!
Maya: Kaoru-san... Hazawa-san is, as you might say, wonderful, for she is so hard working. We're gonna have to do the same!
Kaoru: Mhm, indeed. And I wouldn't want to do anything to break a little kitten's heart. I will give Chisato another call.
Maya: Huh? Don't tell me... You haven't gotten her to agree yet...?
Kaoru: I have not. My lord, that stubbornness will be the end of me.
Maya: A-are we actually going to be okay...?

A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Chapter 2
Taking On One's Role

Chisato agrees to make a guest appearance.
It seems, at first glance, that she's already mastered the role of Juliet, but...


A Few Days Later
Theater Club

Chisato: Good morning. Is this where the theater club meets?
Others: Whoa~, it's actually Shirasagi Chisato~...!
Others: She's so pretty in person... Man, we just can't compare to real entertainers.
Maya: Chisato-san! Thanks for coming!
Chisato: It's no problem. I can relax now that you're here. Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you all.
Others: It feels like we could get along with her just like any other student, even though she's a celebrity!
Others: Yeah! She's just as lovely in person!
Kaoru: Chisato! So you came, my Juliet!
Chisato: ... Hey.
Chisato: I still don't know anything besides the fact that I'm performing, so could you fill me in on the details, Kaoru?
Kaoru: Yes, of course. Please, this way.

Kaoru: Fufu... Chisato, I was certain you wouldn't come considering the number of times you refused. Yet, you planned to participate from the very beginning, didn't you? How coy.
Chisato: Yes, I did turn you down. But Haneoka's principal and the theater club members kept coming to convince me to do it, and I could see how passionate they were, so I agreed.
Kaoru: As expected, considering you are a professional actress. You are truly fleeting, and to that I say... cheers.
Chisato: Maya-chan, do you think you could tell me everything you already know about the show?
Maya: Okay!

Chisato: ... I see. So it's an anniversary performance. I'll do my best to help it live up to the occasion.
Maya: Yeah, let's both do everything we can! I'm doing the lighting, so I'll be supporting you two from behind the scenes!
Others: Excuse me! Sorry this is so sudden, but we're going to do a read-through of the script. Do you mind joining us?
Chisato: Of course not. I'll join.

Kaoru: By this blessed moon I swear...
Chisato: Swear not by the moon, that monthly changes in her cicled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.
Kaoru: Then... What shall I swear by?
Others: Wow, amazing...! They're so picturesque.
Others: Yeah... I can't stop staring...
Kaoru: I would... I would I were thy bird.

Maya: Good work, you guys!
Others: You too.
Maya: That was wonderful! It felt like you two were ready to perform already!
Kaoru: Much appreciated. However, that is Chisato for you. To think you'd attain that level of readiness regardless of having just received the script.
Chisato: Thank you. But that was nothing but reading words off of a paper. If I truly want to be ready, I need to really understand who Juliet is.
Kaoru: And I'll be anticipating that day, my Juliet. Now, I have some solo practice to attend to.
Maya: Wow, Kaoru-san is really amazing, isn't she? Despite how she normally is, you know... Once the play starts, it's kind of like flipping a switch.
Chisato: She's a natural. Whatever the role is, even without reading the script, she can jump into character right away.
Maya: Interesting~... Jump into character, huh?
Chisato: I'm the exact opposite. I slowly adept to the role by reading every document and understanding the character all the way to their core... And I think I need more time to understand Juliet.
Chisato: You heard what she said, right? That I seem ready to perform as Juliet despite having just received the script?
Maya: Yeah, I did. I agree with her!
Chisato: The truth is I heard what you guys planned from Kaoru, so before I came here today, I read and watched every Romeo and Juliet piece I could find.
Maya: You did...?!
Chisato: That's right. So I think, at least to some degree, I was able to perform. But I couldn't call that anything more than second-rate acting... At least not in my opinion.
Chisato: I have to get a firm grasp of who Juliet really is, establish an image of her character...
Maya: Keep working at it! You're Chisato-san, I'm sure you can do it!
Chisato: Because I'm Chisato...?
Maya: Ah... We're not supposed to say that. That's right. I'm sorry...
Chisato: No, that's okay. Thank you, Maya-chan.
Chisato: Because I'm me... Yeah, I'll show you a great Juliet. I can't just let Kaoru upstage me.
Maya: I'll be cheering you on. Also... I'm glad that you felt like you could tell me about this kind of thing.
Chisato: What's "this kind of thing"?
Maya: Uhh, you know... Like how much effort you're putting towards your acting and how you're thinking about the role... Stuff like that!
Maya: Remember, you said effort is an obvious and basic part of your job. That there's no reason to make a big deal out of it.
Chisato: Yeah, I still think that.
Maya: For the longest time, you didn't let anyone see you putting forth that effort. So I had only seen your completed work. And up until now, I knew nothing about how much you push yourself.
Maya: Even when it came to band rehearsal, you were always able to play at a certain level because you practiced on your own.
Maya: But having watched you at your last performance, seeing how much you think about your role, and hearing how much effort you put in beforehand... Now I understand just how hard you work.
Maya: ... I finally know just how much you push yourself. Huhehe, and that's why I'm happy.
Chisato: Maya-chan... Fufu, maybe I've become a bit soft.
Maya: Huhehe, well I'm a big fan of the new Chisato-san.
Chisato: Thank you... But please, stop with the "huhehe"...
Maya: Ehehe, sorry.

A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Chapter 3
Can't You Be Carefree...?

Sensing a lack of motivation, Kaoru gives Chisato advice.
However, Chisato shares a few words of her own in return.


A Few Days Later
Theater Club

Others: Alright, we'll pause here! Let's take a 15-minute break.
Others: Great job, everyone.
Chisato: ... Sigh.
Kaoru: Fantastic word, but what's with the sullen expression? That face doesn't quite suit you.
Chisato: Kaoru... Do you like Romeo and Juliet...?
Kaoru: I surely do. Two lovers who stick to their true feelings until the very end... While it is a tragedy, it is also the pinnacle of romance, is it not?
Chisato: I can't bring myself to like this story. I've never been able to. Sure they were young, but Romeo and Juliet were also extremely selfish.
Kaoru: ... Please, share with me. Tell me about the Romeo and Juliet that resides within your heart.
Chisato: The Capulets and the Montagues... Despite being a part of these feuding families, the two fall in love and get married a few days after meeting each other, overlooking the lack of approval around them.
Chisato: As a result, the bad blood gets worse, and more of it is spilled... On top of losing his best friend, Romeo goes on to kill Juliet's nephew, Tybalt.
Chisato: And in the end, those two...
Kaoru: ...
Chisato: Devoting oneself to love may be wonderful sometimes. But it seems to me that they became blind to the things around them. To call that a "tragic love story"... That's undue glorification.
Chisato: Not to mention, the more I come to know Juliet, the less I feel like we're alike. In fact, we're the exact opposite.
Kaoru: Could you elaborate?
Chisato: I'm a member of Pastel✽Palettes. I understand my place and my role as part of the band, and I behave accordingly.
Chisato: ... Juliet does not do this. Her behavior is bounded by nothing, and I find that hard to understand.
Others: Kaoru-san and Chisato-san were amazing once again! That's a child actress for ya! I knew Chisato would be awesome!
Others: Mhm! She's great! Her acting is so high quality! Perfect, really! At least it feels that way.
Chisato: ...
Chisato: What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Kaoru: That'd be... Juliet's line during her romantic rendezvous with Romeo.
Chisato: The rose... If it wasn't called a rose, I am certain we would perceive its smell differently... That's what I believe.
Chisato: You heard what those girls said, right? They're watching me with a specific standard in mind, and that standard is based on the person they know as "Shirasagi Chisato".
Kaoru: Chisato...
Chisato: Even the posters for the show said "Shirasagi Chisato as Juliet", right? ... That's the power of a name. And I live carrying that name on my shoulders.
Chisato: ... Fufu, I wonder why I'm telling you this. There's nothing we can do about it either way.
Kaoru: Regardless of our names, I am I, and you are you. Who we are on the inside is unchanging, correct?
Kaoru: What the people around us perceive is irrelevant! If you were more carefree in your performance, I presume you'd be better off... If you resembled Juliet more, innocent and naive.
Chisato: Carefree...?
Kaoru: Currently, you are playing the part of Shirasagi Chisato who is playing the part of Juliet... Isn't it possible you're straining yourself just a tad?
Kaoru: Now! How about a change of pace? Would you join me for a date? I'll happily be your escort, Juliet.
Chisato: ...
Kaoru: Fufu, I'll convey this message to the other members: My princess requires rest.
Kaoru: Now, take my hand. Let's depart.
Chisato: ... Kaoru. Aren't you the one who's acting? Playing the part of "Seta Kaoru"...?
Kaoru: Chisato...? Fufu, whatever do you mean...?
Chisato: The person standing in front of me is not the Seta Kaoru I know.
Kaoru: ... Huh?

A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Chapter 4
As You Are

Kaoru and Chisato interact as longtime friends.
Will they finally be able to perform in harmony...?


Kaoru: Chisato, what are these mysterious words you speak? I am I.
Chisato: Really? At the very least, the you I knew five years ago is nothing like the present you...
Chisato: The you at that time... She was afraid of ghosts... and was at least 20 centimeters shorter...
Kaoru: Wh-...?!
Chisato: You would jump at even the slightest sound and hide behind me. Not to mention--
Kaoru: Wh-what exactly are you talking about, Chisato?! Th-that... Did that stuff really happen...? I don't recall...
Chisato: Ohh, so you don't remember? Tell me, do you remember calling me "Chii-chan"? Well... do you, Kao-chan?
Kaoru: ...!!
Kaoru: F-fufu... It's been... quite some time... since anyone has called me that...
Chisato: ...?
Kaoru: ... That nickname... It's quite embarrassing, so please... S-stop...
Chisato: ... Fufu, ahahaha! Wow, how long has it been since I've seen you make that face? Fufufu. Kaoru, you're much cuter this way♪
Kaoru: Th-that's not funny...
Chisato: Fufu. But I thought you were you, regardless of your name.
Kaoru: C-chiii-chan...!
Chisato: Fufu♪ A little bit too far? Alright, why don't we get back to rehearsal...?
Kaoru: Ungh...

A Few Days Later

Chisato: Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day. It was the nightingale, and not the lark that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear.
Kaoru: Juliet... It was the lark, the herald of the morn. Look, love. Yonder east...
Chisato: It is, it is... It is the lark that sings so out of tune. That voice doth us affray. More light and light it grows...
Kaoru: More light and light; more dark and dark our woes...
Others: Wow... Every day they become more and more in tune with each other.
Others: Yeah... It's like they're princess and prince. It's amazing~...

Maya: Chisato-san, great job!
Chisato: Thank you.
Maya: It seems like you've been really getting it into a groove lately. Not only are you in Kaoru, more in sync, but you seem a lot more comfortable in the role!
Maya: Do you feel like you've gotten closer to becoming Juliet?
Chisato: Yeah, maybe.
Maya: Hey, that's great! By the way, what exactly happened to help you feel that way?
Chisato: What happened...?
Kaoru: Hey~, Chii-cha-- Chisato!
Chisato: Kaoru, nice job today.
Kaoru: Your acting has been magnificent as of late. Brilliant, Chisato.
Chisato: Thank you.
Maya: You think so too, huh?! Yeah, your Juliet is amazing Chisato-san...
Chisato: Maya-chan, it's not as good as you think. There's still a lot of things I have to do before the actual performance.
Maya: So you're going to become an even better Juliet, then? I can't wait to see it...!
Kaoru: As I expected, our lifelong bond as friends has contributed to our harmonization. Fufu, can it be? Am I the one... to be thanked for you improved state, Chisato?
Chisato: Yes, that's right.
Kaoru: Why, thank you...
Kaoru: ... Ah-ahem! Now then, I believe I will do some solo practice! I bid you farewell... A-adieu!
Maya: Adieu...? Kaoru-san's being kinda weird, isn't she?
Chisato: Really? I think that was just like Kaoru.
Maya: You think so...? By the way, was that true? Is it really thanks to her that you're able to play Juliet the way you are now?
Chisato: ... When I'm with her, I become a Chisato that's different than when I'm with Pastel✽Pallettes. Maybe it's the simplest form of myself...
Chisato: All of the pressure of people wtching me.. The expectations of being Shirasagi Chisato... It's when I'm with her that I can forget these things the most.
Chisato: ... And I'm sure Juliet can forget all about her family name and osition when she's with Romeo.
Maya: I see! And so you were able to get closer to understanding Juliet, right?
Chisato: Exactly. I definitely wouldn't want to tell her this, but from a certain perspective, she could be considered my Romeo.
Chisato: Just so you know, I'm not saying that the Pastel✽Pallettes Chisato is fake or anything like that.
Maya: Of course not, I know!
Maya: Is it possible, then, that the same is true for Kaoru-san? That she's not always like this prince-like person or whatever...?
Chisato: Hmm. In a way, we might both be at our simplest forms when we're together.
Maya: The simplest form of Kaoru-san... I wonder what that's like.
Chisato: You might be able to see it one day... Okay, I'm going to do some solo practice as well.
Maya: Alright! I sure can't wait for the show...

A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Chapter 5
Unexpected Improv

It's the day of the show. Chisato and Kaoru put on a charming rendition
of Romeo and Juliet that only they could make possible.


A Few Days Later
Day Of The Performance

Others: Ah, thank goodness! Hazawa-san, help me with the lines please!
Tsugumi: O-okay!
Others: There are a lot more people than we expected. Try not to get caught up in the crowd!

Tsugumi: Wh-whoa... This is crazy...! If I'm not careful, I really will get dragged away by all these people...!
Tsugumi: A-alright... I just have to do my best! Everyone who wants to see Romeo and Juliet, please calmly stand in two lines and move into the theater!
Tsugumi: Calmly int- Whoa!
Others: Shirasagi Chisato is gonna be in it, right?! That's awesome!! Let us in already!!
Others: Her last performance was a hit too! We gotta hurry and get a good seat!
Tsugumi: Wah wah, I'm getting moved by the crowd...! Stand firm, Tsugumi! Stand firm...!
Tsugumi: N-no pushing~! No pushing, please!! Wh-whoa~!!
Tsugumi: Ch-Chisato-san, Seta-senpai, Maya-senpai... Good luck~!!

Chisato: ...
Kaoru: ...
Maya: Chisato-san! Kaoru-san!
Chisato: Maya-chan, is everything okay?
Maya: I just wanted to wish you guys good luck before the show... Am I in the way?
Chisato: Not at all. Thank you. Unlike Aya-chan, the real show is when I shine.
Maya: Ahaha... Chisato-san, break a leg. I'll be supporting you from backstage.
Chisato: Okay, thank you.
Others: Curtains are about to rise! Everyone, get ready!
Kaoru: Now, let us go, Juliet.

Others: And now, a special performance from the theater club. Presenting, Romeo and Juliet...

Chisato: O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?
Kaoru: Juliet! Over here!
Chisato: Romeo! How camest thou hither and wherefore? The walls are high and hard to climb, and if any of my kinsmen find thee here...!
Kaoru: With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls, for they cannot hold love out.
Chisato: Romeo... 'tis but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thyself though, not a Montague
Chisato: ... What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
Kaoru: ... Indeed. A name hath not meaning. I am I, and thou art thou.
Chisato: ...! Romeo...!

Maya: Chisato-san, Kaoru-san... That's quite the applause!
Kaoru: Indeed... How marvelous.
Chisato: It doesn't end.
Others: Kaoru-san, Chisato-san! Curtain call time! Doesn't seem like they're ever going to stop cheering! This is amazing!
Kaoru: We'll be there. Come, Chisato. The voice of the audience awaits.
Chisato: Yes, of course.

A Rose's Name in a Transient World Event Story - Ending

Chisato and Kaoru have a friendly chat with Lisa,
Maya and Tsugumi after the show. Then, Chisato drops a bomb...


Others: Chisato-san, Kaoru-san! Great work out there!
Chisato: Thank you. And another thanks for inviting me.
Others: Are all the theater club students here?
Maya: Sensei?!
Others: Ahh, you're all here. I want to let you know that today's show was absolutely wonderful. It was proof of just how talented you all are.
Kaoru: Much appreciated.
Others: Shirasagi-san. Thank you for making time for a guest appearance. We'd be happy to have you again.
Chisato: And I would be honored to perform here again. Everyone, it was a short month together, but I appreciate everything.
Chisato: I think my time on this stage helped me grow a bit more. I'd love to work with you all again. Thank you very much.

Chisato: ... Alright, I think it's time I get going... Kaoru?
Kaoru: Yes?
Chisato: Why did you improvise during the show?
Kaoru: What's that? Did I improvise?
Chisato: Don't act like you don't know. "Indeed. A name hath not meaning. I am I, and thou art thou"... There's no line like that in the script, right?
Kaoru: Fufu... The great bard tells us, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.". Basically... You know...
Chisato: Okay, then I'll interpret what you did in the way that's most favorable to me... Sigh... Do you even have any idea what you're saying?
Tsugumi: Chisato-san~! Seta-senpai~!
Chisato: Tsugumi-chan! You came to watch the show?
Lisa: Heyya~, Maya and I are here too~.
Maya: Nice job guys~! We finally finish cleaning up backstage... Phew, what a chore...
Chisato: Fufu, good work.
Tsugumi: I was busy outside helping direct the crowd, so I wasn't able to watch until the very end, but... You two were amazing!
Lisa: Mhm, yep. It was awesome! I was so moved, I thought I might cry. Also, that one line... Uhm...
Lisa: Oh, yeah! "With love's light wings did I o'erperch these walls, for they cannot hold love out.". That line was super cool!!
Tsugumi: I could hear the crowd squealing from outside!
Lisa: A tragic love story, huh~? ... The ending was really sad, but the fact that they stuck to their true feelings really brings tears to my eyes. It's beautiful~.
Chisato: Lisa-chan, you like love stories?
Lisa: Huh? W-well... I was just thinking about how romantic it was... Ah-ahaha~...
Tsugumi: That reminds me, before the show started, everyone in line was talking about you, Chisato-san! All I could think was, "That's Chisato-san for you.". So impressive.
Chisato: That's nice. I'm glad there are people who expect big things from me... I'd hope I could show them something different than what they expect though... In a good way, that is.
Maya: Of course you could! You're Chisato-san, after all!
Chisato: Thank you, Maya-chan.
Kaoru: I see... Fufu, I see very clearly...
Lisa: Huh? What?
Kaoru: Nothing really, just... Chisato, you've changed.
Chisato: I wonder who's responsible for that.
Maya: ... Fufu.
Tsugumi: ...? Chisato-san has changed...? She seems the same to me...
Lisa: Welp, it's pretty hard to tell certain things when you haven't been friends for so long. I think I kinda see something.
Tsugumi: Actually, yeah... I think maybe... I do too!
Lisa: So? Was the passionate and coordinated acting thanks to your friendship power?
Kaoru: Indeed. Isn't that right, Chisato?
Chisato: Yep. But that's not all. Thanks to a specific, magical word, we were able to become even better actresses than before... Right, Kao-chan?
Kaoru: ...!!
Lisa: Kao...?
Tsugumi: ... Chan...?
Kaoru: F-fufu... Strange. What is this "Kao-chan" you speak of...?
Maya: Kaoru-san, your face is bright red!
Kaoru: Huh?! I-is... it...? Ah-ahaha...
Lisa: Wait, what? Don't tell me. Is Kao-chan one of your nicknames? Oh, or maybe... it's a nickname that only your longtime friends can call you~?!
Kaoru: ...!!
Tsugumi: Ohh~! It's like how Moca-chan calls Himari-chan, "Hii-chan". Same thing as that, right?!
Kaoru: It's... a very old nickname... Now... it's just... really embarrassing...!
Maya: Oh man... I always knew Chisato-san was one to be feared.
Chisato: It really is true though. Thanks to you I was able to put on a great show. Thank you, Kao-chan.
Kaoru: Ungh... P-please...! Stop this madness!!

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