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Alright then~! I'm going to do my absolute best!
A Same-As-Always Year♪
A Same-As-Always Year♪ T


Title A Same-As-Always Year♪
Member Himari (icon) Uehara Himari
Episodes Episode
New Year Fun
Special Episode
First-Time Emcee
Band Afterglow logo white outline
Rarity Star trainedStar trainedStar trainedStar trained
Attribute Powerful Powerful
Skill Name A Great Emcee is Born (名司会者、爆誕)
Skill (Lvl 5) For 7.0 seconds, Score increased by 90%, and Life stays above 0 regardless of damage taken.
Availability Gacha905Gacha903
Server Availability Jp Tw Cn En Kr 
Card ID № 01379


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