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A Session with Everyone Card Story - Episode

The Professional Method?



CHUCHU: Hm... This cafe's cocoa is pretty decent. Perfect for taking a break from composing.
Maya: Ah, if it isn't CHU²-san.
Hina: You're right! Heya~!
CHUCHU: Pastel✽Palettes... Is it your day off?
Maya: No, we still have lessons, but we decided to get some drinks since we have some time.
Hina: Come and join us, CHU²-chan! Let's chat~♪
CHUCHU: No, thank you. I prefer to be alo—
CHUCHU: (... Wait, they're members of a professional idol band. I might be able to get some useful information that will help improve our music.)
CHUCHU: Ahem... Actually, I've changed my mind. Is it alright if I join you?
Maya: Of course~. Have a seat here.
Hina: Hey, hey, what are you drinking?
CHUCHU: Th-this is cocoa... But I usually drink coffee without cream or sugar. I just felt like trying something different.
Hina: Oh~, I see. The cakes they serve here are really good too, by the way!
Hina: Look at this one! It's shaped like a heart. It's so boppin'♪
Maya: It really is~. Let's take a picture and send it to Aya-san and the others!

Hina: And then Tsugu-chan wrote it all down on paper the next day~.
Maya: Hazawa-san is always so helpful, but you shouldn't cause her too much trouble, Hina-san.
Hina: I know~♪
CHUCHU: (I thought I'd be able to learn something useful, but things aren't working out. Maybe I need to be more direct...)
CHUCHU: Could I ask you two something? When you're working, what's the most important thing for you?
Maya: Hm? That came out of nowhere...
CHUCHU: You're professionals, right? I'm interested in hearing what you have to say.
Hina: Hmm, what's important, huh~? I guess for me it's feeling boppin'♪
CHUCHU: ... Boppin'?
Maya: Umm... I guess you could say it's that feeling you get when you're happy or having a good time~.
CHUCHU: So, what's important for you is enjoying your work?
Hina: Hmm, it's nothing boring like that. You know, it's just boppin'♪
Hina: When I'm with Pastel*Palettes, a lot of things feel really boppin'♪ And there are even times when things feel boppidy-bop-boppin'♪ Things never get boring!
CHUCHU: ... Maya, what's she saying?
Maya: Hmm... It's difficult to explain in simple terms, but-
Hina: Hey, hey! What boppin'♪ things does RAS do?
CHUCHU: I don't follow. We practice normally.
Maya: What's everyone like when they're practicing?
CHUCHU: Hmm... Whenever PAREO plays well, her eyes light up, and she always asks for my thoughts.
CHUCHU: As for LAYER, I get the feeling she's been trying to put more of her own emotion into her singing lately...
Maya: Wow~, you keep a good eye on the other members. That's pretty impressive.
CHUCHU: O-of course I do. I'm RAS' producer!
Hina: Then what about outside of practice? What are things like?
CHUCHU: Outside of practice...?
Hina: Yeah, like Eve-chan will tell us about things she's seen in town that remind her of bushido, and Aya-chan's expression constantly changes when she's doing a search on herself!
Maya: Her expressions make it so easy to tell what she's feeling.
Hina: Chisato-chan's easy to read too! There are times when she's smiling, but you know she's mad!
Maya: Ahaha... Yeah, I know what you mean.
CHUCHU: I suppose MASKING falls asleep on the floor, and LOCK often forgets where she leaves her glasses and wanders around looking for them.
Hina: Ahaha! That's so funny~! I wonder how she can forget something like that~.
Maya: Sounds like King's as wild as ever...
Maya: Getting to know those little details about people can make them feel relatable and closer.
Maya: And it helps when you're performing because you feel like you have a better grasp of what they must be feeling.
CHUCHU: ... A better grasp... of what they must be feeling...
Maya: Oh... I had no idea so much time had passed. We should return to the agency, Hina-san.
Hina: Okay. See you, CHU²-chan!
Maya: I enjoyed our chat! Please excuse us.
CHUCHU: Bye~...
CHUCHU: I still don't understand. I especially have no idea what boppin' is supposed to be...
CHUCHU: But... that part about being closer might be useful. Maybe there'll be benefits to learning how everyone usually is...
CHUCHU: Well, I'll try it if I feel like it.

A Session with Everyone Card Story - Special Episode

Coming Together through Music


CiRCLE - Lobby

CHUCHU: Hello, Marina, BanG Dreamer.
Marina: Ah, CHU²-chan! Hi. What brings you here today? You don't come by that often.
CHUCHU: There's something I'd like to ask. Do you have a moment?
Marina: Sure, we're not that busy right now. What is it?
CHUCHU: Do you think there's any relationship between the quality of music and how well band members communicate with each other?
Marina: Hmm, that's a tough one. Overall, I'd say the closer you are, the better you can play together... If you don't mind, why are you asking?
CHUCHU: MASKING and LOCK said they had trouble playing together during a session.
CHUCHU: And they mentioned they were going to spend an entire day together to fix the problem.
Marina: I see. Did it work?
CHUCHU: They did well enough during practice, and I thought it worked, but they didn't seem to think so...
CHUCHU: That's why I've come to the two of you. You've both seen all kinds of bands here.
CHUCHU: Do the good bands spend time socializing with each other a lot?
Marina: Hmm... I don't know if it has anything to do with the quality of the music, but they do say you become similar to the people you spend time with.
CHUCHU: I've heard that too, but I don't think LOCK and MASKING are alike.
CHUCHU: Hmm... There are too many unknowns to incorporate into our practice sessions...
Marina: Since you seem to think their performance was good, maybe spending time together did help.
Marina: I'm sure everyone else will enjoy it, so why don't you try?
CHUCHU: However... if it's true, their personalities might become similar.
CHUCHU: I don't think it would be good to have two MASKINGs or LOCKs...
CHUCHU: Thank you for your input, but I think I will need to consider this a bit more.
Marina: Hm? Is that all?
CHUCHU: ...? Yes. Is there a problem?
Marina: Fufu, so you came all the way here just to ask that. You must really care about everyone.
CHUCHU: No! I'm just doing everything I can as the producer to make our music the best it can be!