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A Sparkling Stage (Hikawa Hina) Card Story - Episode

Let the Operations Commence


Talent Agency

Hina: Mornin'~!
Eve: Good morning, Hina-san!
Hina: Huh? Is it just you, Eve-chan? So we're not all gonna do our fittings together?
Eve: Nope! Apparently, Aya-san and the others have things they have to take care of.
Hina: Oh, gotcha~. Aren't you excited for our new outfits?!
Hina: The design we saw sure was boppin'!
Eve: Yes, I know they'll make fantastic costumes! I can't wait!
Hina: Ohh~! The wait is killing me~!
Hina: ... Oh yeah, listen to this, Eve-chan!
Eve: What is it, Hina-san?
Hina: I heard Roselia's making new stage outfits too!
Eve: That's right! I wonder what they'll be like?
Hina: Me too~. I tried asking my sister, but she wouldn't tell me anything!
Hina: So I thought I'd see if you had any ideas on how to get her to show me her outfit!
Eve: Hmm, let me see...
Eve: Ah, that might work!
Hina: Oh! Whatcha thinking?
Eve: What if you sent Sayo-chan a picture of you wearing your new outfit first?
Eve: When she sees it, she might send you a picture of her outfit in return!
Hina: Oh! Nice idea, Eve-chan!
Hina: ... Ah! Looks like they're ready for us! Alright, I'm gonna try out your suggestion!
Eve: Okay. Good luck!

10 Minutes Later

Hina: All done, Eve-chan! And I sent my sister the picture!
Eve: Oh~! Have you gotten a reply yet?
Hina: No, not y- Oh! I just got a message from her!
Eve: Did she send a picture of her new stage outfit?
Hina: Y-yeah, she did, but...
Eve: Is something wrong?
Hina: All she sent was this~...
Eve: ... That's... just a picture of it on her desk...
Hina: Come on, Sis! I wanted a picture of you wearing your outfit~!
Eve: How unfortunate...
Hina: I even did a cute pose when I took this picture and everything! No fair~!
Eve: Mission failed...
Hina: Well, the fact that she sent it shows that we made progress!
Eve: That's right! You just need to push a little bit more!
Hina: And now, it's time! Let's come up with our next game plan!
Eve: Y-you mean right now?!
Hina: Of course! We'll get something to eat and come up with another boppin' plan of action~!

A Sparkling Stage (Hikawa Hina) Card Story - Special Episode

My Design


Shopping Mall

Hina: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! What're you doing here?
Hina: Errands for the studio? Wow, you're a really hard worker!
Hina: Me? I'm just reading this fashion magazine!
Hina: You heard we got our new stage outfits, right?
Hina: Well, I thought I'd give costume designing a shot!
Hina: ... Oh! I actually have my design with me. Check it out!
Hina: Well? Isn't it boppin'?
Hina: Hmm~, so you don't like it either, huh...?
Hina: I showed it to my sister too, but she took one look at it and said, "There's no way I would wear that"...
Hina: Aw man~. And I thought the candy on the sleeves looked really cute, too!
Hina: Hmm~, so I guess this is pretty hard~! But it's fun too!
Hina: I've always picked up skills really fast, so I'd get bored pretty easily. But being an idol isn't like that at all! It's super interesting!
Hina: I figured I'd get tired of it and quit sooner or later, but surprisingly, that never happened!
Hina: I'm even excited about our new outfits! I bet there'll be a lot of boppin' things in the future too!
Hina: Ah, you should give costume designing a try sometime!
Hina: It'll be fine~! I bet it'll be fun once you start giving it some thought!
Hina: ... Ah. Look at the time! I'm meeting up with Chisato-chan, and she told me I'm absolutely not allowed to be late!
Hina: I mean, I might be late anyway, but whatever~! Welp, I better get going!
Hina: See ya, BanG Dreamer-san! I look forward to seeing your design!