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A Sparkling Stage (Shirasagi Chisato) Card Story - Episode

The Pastel✽Palettes' Me


Pastel✽Palettes' Agency
Meeting Room

Chisato: Good morning, everyone... Huh? I'm the only one here.
Chisato: Well, we still have plenty of time, so I'll just relax and wait he-
Hina: Mornin'~!
Chisato: ... Good morning, Hina-chan. Wow, you're actually here before the meeting time. That's rare.
Hina: Well, yeah! Today's the meeting about our new stage outfits, right? After thinking about what I want them to look like, I just couldn't wait any longer!
Chisato: I see. Fufu, that sounds like something you would do.
Hina: So the others haven't arrived yet?
Chisato: That's right. It's just you and me at the moment.
Hina: Gotcha~, so I guess we'll just have to wait quietly, huh?
Chisato: That sounds good to me.

Hina: ...
Chisato: ...
Hina: Hey, hey! Chisato-chan!
Chisato: ... What is it?
Hina: How are you?
Chisato: I-I'm not sure how I'm supposed to answer that...
Hina: Well~, anything interesting happen recently?
Chisato: Something interesting... Hm~, not really...
Hina: Aww~, that's so boring~.
Chisato: Well... Okay. Yesterday, Aya-chan bumped into a wall, and then apologized to it out of habit.
Hina: There you go! Or I guess I should say, "what?" Aya-chan sure is a weirdo~.
Chisato: And when she realized that it was just a wall, she got mad at it.
Hina: Ahaha! That's so Aya-chan! She sure is funny~! I never get tired of watching her.
Hina: I'm gonna have to ask her about it once she gets here!
Chisato: I-I don't think that's such a good idea...
Hina: Oh yeah. By the way, what kind of costume do you want, Chisato-chan?
Hina: Me, I want~... Yeah, I'd have to say something boppin'!
Chisato: I still don't really understand what 'boppin' means, but...
Chisato: Well... I guess I don't really have any preferences design-wise...
Chisato: I just want something that makes me feel like the Pastel✽Palettes me when I wear it.
Hina: The "Pastel✽Palettes" you?
Chisato: Yeah. When I'm wearing my costume on stage, I really get the sense that I'm a member of Pastel✽Palettes. If the new costumes can make me feel the same way, then I'll be happy with them.
Hina: Hmm... I don't really get what you mean. Hmm~, yep. No idea...
Chisato: I figured that would be the case...
Hina: I know! I'll tell the others what you said, and then they can explain it to me!
Chisato: Th-that's a little embarrassing for me, so could you please not...?
Hina: Aww~, come on. It'll be fine! Now, to send them a message!
Chisato: S-seriously, don't do that...
Hina: Hmm~, what to do~?

A Sparkling Stage (Shirasagi Chisato) Card Story - Special Episode

The Appeal of the Bass


CiRCLE Lobby

Chisato: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Thank you for letting us use the studio.
Chisato: I know you're busy, but... do you have a moment?
Chisato: I wanted to ask you something about the bass...
Chisato: Thank you so much. I'm thinking of upgrading to a new one for practice, but... do you have any recommendations?
Chisato: I see. Thank you. I'll stop by Edogawa Music and take a look.
Chisato: I also wanted to learn a bit more about slap bass... Do you have any books or resources you would suggest?
Chisato: ... No, it's not for a song, but I figured if I learn how to do it, it'll increase our musical potential.
Chisato: Okay, thank you so much. I'm sorry for bothering you with all these questions.
Chisato: Hm? I seem like I'm having more fun than before?
Chisato: I suppose so... Yeah, maybe I have come to learn a little bit about enjoying to play.
Chisato: I also noticed that playing music live and acting out a character are pretty similar, so it feels more familiar to me these days.
Chisato: Exactly... I think harmony with the other performers is important for both.
Chisato: Yes, I'm sure my fellow band members were the ones who helped me realize that fact.
Chisato: If it weren't for the other members of Pastel✽Palettes, I might have never known that.
Chisato: Ah, I'm sorry. I'm just rambling now.
Chisato: When you have more time, I'd love to ask you more questions...
Chisato: Wait, never mind. I can ask Maya-chan, or Hina-chan, or any of them actually.
Chisato: We're close enough now that we can ask each other about these things...
Chisato: Yes, of course I'll be counting on you too. I hope I can come to you if I have any other problems.