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A Sparkling Stage (Wakamiya Eve) Card Story - Episode

Three-Legged Race?


Pastel✽Palettes' Agency
Meeting Room

Eve: Maya-san! Is it true that our new stage outfits arrived?!
Maya: Yup! They're right here, Eve-san!
Eve: Whoa~! So these are our new outfits~!
Maya: I think I'm getting a little emotional...!
Eve: Maya-san, do you think I can try it on?
Maya: The staff member said they want to do a final check and see if it fits, so they'd like us to try them on!
Eve: Really? Okay, I'll go get changed right away!

Eve: Ta-da~! What do you think, Maya-san?
Maya: It looks great on you, Eve-san! Just beautiful!
Eve: Ehehe, thank you so much!
Eve: Ah, I see. So this is what they mean by "adding lipstick to a pig"!
Maya: Eve-san! N-no, that's not the same!
Eve: Huh? It's not?
Maya: No... You're already cute, and you put on cute clothes... This is vaguely similar to "going from strength to strength"!
Eve: W-wow, that sounds super strong...
Eve: But... idioms sure are difficult... This isn't the first time I've used the wrong one...
Maya: Well, your speaking is pretty much perfect...
Maya: Idioms don't come up in everyday conversation that often though, so remembering them can be tough...
Eve: I suppose so...
Maya: Speaking of, does Finland have any sayings?
Eve: Hm... Ah, yes! We have a few different proverbs!
Eve: Like... Oh! "A tree is climbed from its base"!
Maya: What does that mean?
Eve: Similar to how you can't start climbing a tree from the top, when you're learning something new, it's important to begin with the basics and make your way up, one branch at a time!
Maya: Oh, I get it... Ah, that might be useful for studying your idioms, you know?
Eve: What do you mean?
Maya: I mean you should memorize our sayings one at a time, starting from the simple ones, and then work your way up!
Eve: I see...! Now that you mention it, yeah! That's true!
Maya: Hasn't our journey as Pastel✽Palettes been the same? Though, I guess the beginning was really tough with everything that happened...
Eve: Yeah! But we never gave up, slowly we built up our skills, and became the Pastel✽Palettes we are today!
Maya: If you think about it like that, these new costumes are kind of proof of how hard we've worked and how far we've come.
Eve: You're right! Okay, I've decided!
Eve: I'm going to work extra hard not only on my language studies, but also being a member of Pastel✽Palettes!
Maya: That's the spirit, Eve-san! I'll do my best too!
Eve: Okay! Let's do it! Uhm... As they say, we must band together!
Maya: Hmm~... You might be able to use the Japanese idiom and call this situation a three-legged race! You know, since we're working together to reach our goal!
Eve: Oh, I get it now... But there are five of us in Pastel✽Palettes. That means we can have a six-legged race!
Maya: Fufu, I guess we can! Let's take our five-women team and take care of business!

A Sparkling Stage (Wakamiya Eve) Card Story - Special Episode

Tonto the Fairy?



Eve: BanG Dreamer-san, thank you for allowing us to use the studio again today...! Fufufu♪
Marina: Well, aren't you in a great mood?! Did something good happen?
Eve: Huh, you can tell? H-how embarrassing...
Eve: Actually, I just got an email from the talent agency!
Marina: Oh? Is it good news?
Eve: Yes! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, take a look at this!
Marina: Is this... your new stage outfit? It's super cute! No wonder you're so excited!
Eve: Yes! This is just a sample design, though, so it might still change... But I like this one a lot~♪
Marina: Fufufu, if you put that on, it'd be like we were looking at a fairy princess, Eve-chan.
Eve: There's no way I'd look like a fairy princess... Thank you for saying that...
Eve: Speaking of fairies reminds me of tonttus!
Marina: Tonttus?
Eve: Yes! Everyone in Finland knows about them! They're like spirits, and they do things like help Santa Claus around Christmas time!
Eve: Tonttus are very kind, and they make everyone smile!
Marina: Oh~, they sound like wonderful creatures.
Eve: They are! And I want to make our fans smile, just like tonttus!
Marina: Fufu, from what I know about you, I know you can do it! What do you think, BanG Dreamer-san?
Eve: Wow...! Really? Thank you!
Eve: I'll be doing my best so I can reach that point! Lend me your support, okay?!