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A Sparkling Stage (Yamato Maya) Card Story - Episode

Maya's Equipment Lecture


Talent Agency

Aya: Excuse me, I'm Aya Maruyama. I came for my fitting toda--
Aya: Huh? Oh, was this always the equipment room...?
Aya: S-sorry! I made a mistake!
Others: Ah, Aya-san! You're in the right place~!
Aya: That voice... Maya-chan?! Wh-where are you?
Maya: I'm right here!
Aya: O-oh, there you are... I didn't see you with all that equipment around you...
Maya: S-sorry about taking up so much space...
Aya: No, it's fine, but... why is this here?
Maya: Just a little maintenance, that's all.
Maya: When this room is empty, that's what I use it for.
Maya: All this equipment is technically only used for practice, but if I keep them fine-tuned, we can get a similar feeling to performing live!
Aya: Really...? I had no idea~!
Maya: I had a bit of time before our fitting, so I thought I'd do a little work, but looks like I got a bit carried away...
Aya: Well, Maya-chan, you do love yourself some equipment!
Maya: Huhehe... I guess that's true.
Aya: By the way, Maya-chan... There's a lot of stuff here... Do you know what all of these do?
Maya: Yup! I know how to use each and every one of these.
Aya: Wow~! That's so impressive! Ah, so what's this?
Maya: This one? It's a mixer. We connect a bunch of different stuff to it, then use it to control things like volume!
Aya: Oh~...! So it kind of brings all the equipment together?
Maya: Yeah, you can think of it like that! Understanding that much is more than enough!
Aya: Ah, what about this?
Maya: That's the power amplifier! It'll take the sound sent from the mixer and amplify it!
Aya: Amplify... So it creates excitement!
Maya: Oh, and this is the speaker. With this, all the fans will be able to enjoy our sound!
Aya: M-Maya-chan! Even I know what a speaker is~!
Aya: You're amazing though, Maya-chan...
Maya: Ehehe... Aw, come on, you're making me blush~.
Aya: Seriously! You're an idol, but you also check your own equipment! There's never been an idol like that before!
Maya: Huhehe... I wonder about that.
Maya: But I never thought I would become an idol. It never even crossed my mind...
Maya: In fact, if you told my past self that someday I'd be an idol, I would've never believed you!
Maya: But then everyone in Pastel✽Palettes invited me to join, and I got to be part of the idol world... I'm so thankful for you all!
Aya: Ehehe, and I'm grateful that you decided to join us!
Aya: But being able to perform maintenance on your own equipment... Hmm~...
Maya: Something wrong, Aya-san?
Aya: If we're going to keep performing the way we are, I'm thinking I should probably learn more about this stuff as well!
Maya: Well, it certainly doesn't hurt! And if your equipment malfunctions, it'll be easier to stay calm and take care of the problem.
Aya: Right? Okay, I'm gonna be like you and learn everything I can!
Maya: If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Aya: Definitely! I'll be counting on you, Maya-chan!

A Sparkling Stage (Yamato Maya) Card Story - Special Episode

A New Dream



Maya: Marina-san, I found the problem!
Maya: Looks like the cords in here are showing some wear and tear after all.
Marina: Really? So that's it, huh...? Sorry about this, Maya-chan. We really appreciate your help.
Maya: No, it's totally fine! I'm doing it because I love this kind of stuff!
Maya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Good to see you here at the studio again!
Marina: Maya-chan's helping me repair some of our equipment.
Marina: Really, if Maya-chan became a staff member here, our jobs would be so much easier!
Maya: Ahaha, I appreciate you saying that!
Maya: Actually, for a while, I dreamt of either becoming a session musician or an engineer who fiddles with equipment all day, just like this.
Maya: ... Alright, all fixed!
Marina: Really?! Thank you so much, Maya-chan!
Marina: As thanks, let me know the next time you want to rent out a studio! I'll make it so you can get a free session!
Maya: Ah, that's not necessary... But thank you very much!
Marina: ... Hey, Maya-chan. This is totally up to you, but how would you actually like to work for CiRCLE one day?
Maya: Ahaha... Thank you for the offer!
Maya: ... But sorry... I have a different dream now.
Maya: ... And that's to continue working as an idol with the other girls in Pastel✽Palettes!
Marina: ... Fufu, I see. Well, that's good. But if you ever change your mind, we'll welcome you with open arms, okay?
Maya: Thank you! If that happens, I hope you'll be there for me too, BanG Dreamer-san!