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A Sparkly Smile Card Story - Episode

Photo Booth Technique


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy

Saaya: O-Tae's "whiskers"... Fufu, I just can't... Looking at it makes me crack up...
Aya: Saaya-chan ♪
Saaya: Ah, Aya-senpai! Good afternoon.
Aya: You just had quite the pleased look on your face. Did something nice happen?
Saaya: Oh, you saw that... I was just looking at this.
Aya: Ah, is this from a photo booth?!
Saaya: My friends and I took this when we were hanging out at the shopping mall the other day.
Aya: My, how exciting~! ... Uhm, what... is that on Tae-chan's face...?
Saaya: Oh... So, it really does stand out...?
Aya: A pair of rabbit ears with a sophisticated mustache... It definitely adds some "oomph" to it...
Saaya: L-let's pretend that it's not there... I messed up the drawing.
Aya: I see... Well, if anything, it's the perfect image to capture how much fun you must have had!
Saaya: Usually, we just take pictures on our phones, but we wanted to do something a little special to celebrate.
Aya: Yeah! You are exactly right! I'm glad you understand the wonders of the photo booth, Saaya-chan!
Aya: May I see the photo for just a second?
Saaya: It's a bit embarrassing to have other people look, but... here you go.
Aya: Interesting~. What Kasumi-chan and Arisa-chan have are cat ears, yes?
Saaya: Kasumi is the one who requested those. It's not something I'm used to doing, but I tried my best.
Aya: It really does looks like you all had such a good time! ... However...
Saaya: Hm?
Aya: You were so close~...
Saaya: C-close to what? I don't understand.
Aya: This is definitely on the right track. And yet, with just a little more planning, it could have been all the more impressive.
Saaya: Planning...? Like what?
Aya: For example, your positioning within the photo! If you step back a bit farther from the lens, it makes your face look smaller.
Saaya: Th-the... positioning...? We... didn't think that far ahead...
Aya: Posing is vital, as well. If you use your fingers to somewhat conceal the shape of your face, but it'll look even smaller. No one will even notice what you're doing.
Saaya: I-I see...
Aya: My standard go-to is a simple peace sign, but even something as simple as that can go a long way!
Saaya: What an interesting technique... Who knew it was so complicated...
Aya: Hmmm, what else...? Hmm, what else can be done here~...?
Aya: I know! Here's another tip that will refine your future sessions--
Saaya: (Photo booths... are a battlefield...)

10 Minutes Later
Aya: I think that about covers everything. If you learn all of these points, you should be able to take an even cuter photo than before!
Saaya: Th-thank you so much for the tips. I'll be sure to use these the next time I have the chance.
Aya: Keep in mind that there's no need to do all of these things at once! It's best to space them out between sessions!
Saaya: Understood! Thank you very much.
Aya: ... Ah, how silly of me! I forgot to mention the most crucial trick of all! That was close!
Saaya: ... Even more important than the others? What is it?
Aya: That would be... taking the picture with friends you love.
Aya: If you share the frame with them, a great smile will naturally shine through!
Saaya: With loved ones...
Saaya: Fufu, that should be no problem! For me, the best place to be is with Poppin'Party!
Aya: There's the smile I was talking about. There wasn't a shred of doubt in those words!
Saaya: Everything you've taught me today has been very helpful! Thank you, again! Oh! Would you like to take a photo with me sometime?
Aya: You bet! Hehehe, what fun~! I wonder how it'll turn out~.
Saaya: I'm excited to see what you were talking about up close. Looking forward to it!

A Sparkly Smile Card Story - Special Episode

Carbonara Rolls


Saaya: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Good afternoon~.
Marina: Oh, Saaya-chan. Good afternoon. What brings you out here today? Doing a bit of shopping?
Saaya: Yes, I was thinking of making some pasta for today's lunch. Thanks to a certain something, I've really been itching to try and put this dish together on my own.
Marina: A certain something, you say... Let me guess! It was a cooking show on TV! Was I close?
Saaya: Bzzzt, incorrect! I had the pleasure of enjoying a particularly delicious pasta dish recently, so I've been trying to recreate that same recipe.
Marina: You don't say! I'm intrigued to know more about this mystery dish that has you so interested~! What is it, exactly?
Saaya: I found it at the food court in the shopping mall when the rest of Poppin'Party and I hung out there the other day.
Marina: I know that place! It's amazing, isn't it?! I go there myself sometimes.
Saaya: I went with the carbonara, but the noodles had a surprisingly chewy texture, and the sauce was thick and creamy... Just talking about it makes me hungry for more~.
Marina: You've definitely got me craving some! Though I'd also like to sample a bit of what you're cooking up~.
Saaya: Hahaha, now I just have to try my best, don't I? The truth is, though, I've never made carbonara. This will be my first time.
Saaya: The information that I found online made it seem like something that I should be able to make. It didn't seem too difficult, but who knows.
Marina: Here's hoping that it comes out well! ... Ah! If it does end up being a success, you should definitely add it to Yamabuki Bakery's menu!
Saaya: Pasta?! At the bakery?!
Marina: Not as it is! You already sell yakisoba bread, right? Don't you think a carbonara equivalent would be equally delicious?
Marina: Combining that warm, fluffy bread with a thick, creamy carbonara sauce... It's still just in the idea phase, but doesn't it just tease your taste buds, BanG Dreamer-san?
Saaya: Fufu. If I'm able to make something worth selling, I'll try discussing it with my father.
Marina: Sounds great! I look forward to the day when your patented "carbonara bread" is lining the shelves there!
Saaya: I'll give it my all! If it's going to be served inside of a bun, then the pasta portion will need to be especially strong in flavor...
Marina: ... Hang on, Saaya-chan! I have one favor to ask!
Saaya: What's that?
Marina: The food court's carbonara pasta is great. No one is disputing that. However, I'd recommend the genovese over anything else.
Marina: BanG Dreamer-san, you often order it, too, don't you?
Saaya: Is it really that good...?
Marina: It sure is! The basil that they add is the key. As soon as it enters your mouth, there's an explosion of fresh basil that dances on your tongue... It's pure bliss~!
Saaya: That does sound tempting...The way you described it has my mouth watering~.
Marina: So, if you're already going to be experimenting with carbonara, then... If it's not too much trouble...
Saaya: You want me to dabble in making some genovese bread, as well. Fufu, you got it!
Saaya: The band and I already have plans to go back, so I'll be sure to order the genovese and give it a whirl!