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A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Opening
No Restraint

Pastel✽Palettes is filming a food report at a cake shop. Suddenly, something unexpected happens...?


Station Entrance

Aya: Now then, continuing our collection of must-eat spring sweets, we will now present the long-awaited number one spot!
Eve: The crepes at number two and the daifuku at number three were both really delicious!
Chisato: Fufu, right. It's a shame that you can only enjoy them for a limited time.
Maya: Oh? Can you smell something sweet...? Could this be...?
Hina: Ah~, it might be that red brick shop over there! That has a real cake shop feel to it!
Aya: H-Hina-chan...! That's not it. The shop we're going to is the one next to it...
Hina: Ah, I see. It's that plain-looking shop over there. Sorry, I got confused.
Aya: U-um, getting back on track! Chosen for the number one spot is the Spring in Full Bloom Roll Cake from Patisserie Tomo!
Chisato: From what we've been told, Patisserie Tomo's manager spent ten years training in France before opening this shop.
Eve: Training for ten years... That is wonderful! I can feel their sense of bushido!
Hina: Since it's France, wouldn't they be more about knighthood?
Maya: U-um... Now then! We will be trying the Spring in Full Bloom Roll Cake in their café space!
Aya: hm! I've been waiting for this! Now then, please excuse us!

Patisserie Tomo - Café Space

Eve: There were a lot of delicious-looking cakes in the showcase! I was so captivated by them...
Aya: Yeah, really~. The chocolate cake looked especially good!
Chisato: And the one to beat out those delicious cakes for the grand seat of number one is this Spring in Full Bloom Roll Cake.
Aya: Wow~, this is amazing~! Look, look! The cream filling is shaped like a sakura blossom.
Maya: Just looking at it makes it feel like spring!
Hina: Hm? But isn't the sakura blossom a little crooked?
Chisato: D-do you think so...?
Hina: Yeah, it is. This area right here looks kinda bent. Hey, Aya-chan, it's crooked, right?
Aya: I-I can't really tell, but... even with it like that... don't you think it's not bad?
Hina: I see! It's so interesting that the cakes are so stylish but the inner design is wobbly! Now that you mention it, it's starting to feel boppin'♪
Chisato: Um... The sponge cake section is also very pretty. The pink coloring makes me think of spring scenery and-
Hina: This probably has red food coloring in it, huh? It's amazing that red food coloring makes this kind of color.
Maya: H-Hina-san...
Chisato: N-now then, sorry to have kept you all waiting! It is now time for us to try it.
Eve: I cannot wait any longer either! Let us enjoy them together!
Aya: Right! Now then, everyone say it with me...
All: Thank you for the cake!
All: Chomp...
Maya: ... Hm?
Aya: H-huh...?
Chisato: (What is this...? The inner cream is gooey and has no flavor... And yet the cake is so dry...)
Hina: Whoa~, this is terrible~.
The Other Four: ...?!
Chisato: H-hey, Hina-chan...!
Hina: I don't really like this flavor. Weren't the number two crepes better than this? I think I'll have to pass on this one.
Aya: H-Hina-chan! I-if you can't eat yours, do you want me to have it?! I really like its flavor!
Hina: Oh, you shouldn't push yourself. This really isn't very good.
Eve: Hina-san, it is very rude to say such things! No matter how bad it might be, the person who made it is standing right here!
Maya: E-Eve-san, you're also being rude... Let's all calm down.
Chisato: ...
Aya: Y-yay! I get to have Hina-chan's share too!
Aya: M-mmm. It's so good♪ The cream has a modest sweetness...
Aya: I... I could eat a whole bunch of... Urk...! Cough, cough!
Hina: Awww, and I even warned you~.
Eve: A-Aya-san! Are you all right?!
Aya: Ngh... Ah, that was so good~...
Chisato: I'm sorry... Could we stop the camera for a moment...?

A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Chapter 1
An Idol's Job

Chisato warns Hina about her rude remarks when filming on location. However, Hina doesn't seem to see the problem...


The Next Day
Talent Agency

Chisato: Hina-chan...! What was the meaning of yesterday's on-location filming?!
Hina: ... Huh? What do you mean?
Chisato: Don't give me that... I am asking for an explanation for what you did...!
Hina: Huh? Did I do something?
Maya: If I had to say one way or the other, I think you did quite a bit...
Aya: Yesterday was really tough~...
Chisato: I have a lot that I would like to say to you, but the biggest problem was you calling the shop's product not very good.
Chisato: While it is fortunate that we were just recording, had that been a live broadcast, it would have been a serious problem.
Hina: Huh? Really...? It's lucky it was a recording then, huh?
Chisato: Do not try to pass this off as if it doesn't concern you... I am cautioning you about your own actions.
Hina: Well, I mean, it really was terrible~.
Eve: One of the shop trainees said they had made that cake as practice.
Eve: While it looked very delicious, I was astonished by its taste...
Hina: It was brought out by mistake, so we can't help that things turned out that way.
Chisato: I do agree that was their mistake. Following that, we were able to retake the footage with the real cake, so we avoided any serious incidents...
Chisato: However. Hina-chan, your attitude yesterday was unacceptable for our line of work...!
Hina: ...?
Chisato: The work tasked to us was introducing shops and products. We absolutely cannot say anything that would ruin their reputations.
Chisato: Even if the cake we are served does not taste good, it is our role to smile and say that it does.
Chisato: Program productions are backed by sponsors. You need to properly understand that, as well as the role that is being asked of us.
Aya: Chisato-chan's right. What you did yesterday was wrong, Hina-chan.
Eve: Saying it is not good is definitely not allowed! It is rude to the person who made it!
Chisato: Aya-chan, Eve-chan, this applies to both of you as well...
Eve & Aya: ...?!
Chisato: Eve-chan, you should have chosen your words more carefully. While trying to stop Hina-chan was the right thing to do, the way you phrased it did not help.
Chisato: If anything, it further confirmed that the cake really wasn't good.
Eve: Ngh... I am sorry.
Chisato: And Aya-chan... I do value your effort to do your best until the end.
Chisato: However, no one would believe you thought it was delicious with those tears in your eyes, would they?
Aya: Ngh... I'm really sorry...
Maya: N-now now, Chisato-san... Things may not have gone well, but the two of them tried their best...
Hina: That's right. It's already over and done with, so let's let them off the hook.
Chisato: ...?! You are the one I am most cross with, Hina-chan...!
Chisato: To begin with, I have been cautioning you for some time now. You are far too blunt!
Hina: Huh? You think so?
Chisato: During concerts and talk shows, you often ignore the flow of the event to bring up topics you wish to talk about.
Aya: During that one magazine interview, she asked the interviewer why they asked a question, didn't she...?
Eve: It confused the interviewer...
Maya: There was also one time where one of Hina-san's blog posts nearly became a problem, wasn't there...?
Aya: That was the one where she said she went to see a movie, but it wasn't interesting, right...? Luckily, we were able to stop her before she uploaded it...
Hina: I thought that post came out really interesting though.
Chisato: It obviously did not...! Pastel✽Palettes would no longer receive offers for movies...!
Chisato: In the entertainment industry, even a single mistake is fatal. You should be well aware of that, Hina-chan.
Hina: But doing things according to the script isn't very interesting, and if we're going to do something, it might as well be fun, right?
Chisato: Sigh...
Chisato: Tell me something, Hina-chan... I have been meaning to ask you this for some time now, but what is your opinion of idol work?
Hina: Idol work...? Hm, I guess it's kinda interesting.
Hina: I can do a lot of things that I normally can't, and there's a lot of boppin' stuff as well, so I really like it♪
Chisato: ... I see. So that's what it means to you.
Chisato: Still, I would like you to think a bit more about what kind of idols you want Pastel✽Palettes to be, as well as about what kind of idol you want to be...
Chisato: Accidents like this will not be tolerated during the next large upcoming assignment.
Chisato: You need to be more conscious... Particularly of what will benefit Pastel✽Palettes.
Hina: What'll benefit Pastel✽Palettes...?
Hina: Hm... Okay. I like our band too, so if that will help us, I'll think about it.
Chisato: I'm happy to hear it.
Chisato: You all have a lesson after this, correct? I cannot participate because of work, but please do your best.
Aya: Okay. Good luck with your work, Chisato-chan!
Maya: We'll make sure to rehearse enough for your share, Chisato-san!
Eve: Be careful on your way there!
Hina: ...
Hina: (What kind of idol I want to be, huh...?)

A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Chapter 2
Pastel✽Palettes' Future

After being asked what kind of idols she wants to be, Hina begins to think...


Rehearsal Studio

Hina: ...
Eve: Hina-san seems to have been thinking about something for some time now.
Maya: I wonder if she's worried about what Chisato-san told her...
Aya: Hina-chan...
Hina: ...
Aya: Cheer up, Hina-chan. Everyone makes mistakes, so you don't have to feel so down.
Hina: Huh? Mistakes?
Aya: I'm not proud of it, but I make mistakes a lot, so I know how you feel. If there's anything you want to talk about, you can always come to me for advice...
Hina: Huh? Advice? From you? ... Why?
Aya: Huh? Um... I thought you might be worried about what Chisato-chan told you...
Hina: I'm not. I was just thinking about it.
Hina: What do I want Pastel✽Palettes to be? What kind of idol do I want to be?
Hina: After being asked that, I realized I hadn't really thought about it until now.
Eve: So that is why you have been absent-minded this whole time.
Hina: Well, I guess so~. Still, Chisato-chan was pretty angry today, huh?
Hina: It's rare for her to show that much emotion.
Maya: Isn't that probably because Pastel✽Palettes' circumstances are changing?
Hina: Huh? What do you mean?
Maya: Well, Aya-san and Chisato-san have made appearances in a television drama, and Eve-san's radio show has started as well.
Maya: And the other day, All Fun and Games had its broadcast period extended.
Aya: Also, Maya-chan's column is going to come out as a book soon!
Maya: Huhehe... Th-thank you.
Maya: How do I put this...? I think that's why Chisato-san is so worried.
Maya: We're getting more types of assignments now, so we have to think about how we're seen by people that don't know us.
Eve: I see! I understand completely!
Maya: Not to mention, all the staff members we interact with at work won't always be people that know us.
Aya: She has a point. If we leave a bad impression in the beginning, we might not get work after that...
Hina: Hm, so that's what it is...
Hina: Does that mean Chisato-chan was right about playing the role being asked of us?
Hina: That doesn't feel boppin' at all though. And if that's the case, the ones they hire don't necessarily need to be us, right?
Aya: Th-that's true, but...
Hina: Boring things are boring, and terrible-tasting food tastes terrible.
Hina: Wouldn't it be lying to say something tastes good when it doesn't? Are we supposed to lie if we're asked to?
Hina: Hm, that doesn't feel very boppin'.
Eve: That certainly is not in line with bushido!
Maya: No, I think Chisato-san was trying to ask you what you want to value.
Maya: How do you want Pastel✽Palettes to be in the future...? And what kind of idols do you want to be...?
Maya: In other words... You should act with that in mind.
Hina: I see. I feel like I kinda understand, but kinda don't...
Hina: Hm... Ah, by the way, what about all of you? Do you guys already have something in mind?
Aya: Of course! I...
Hina: Want to be an idol that gives people dreams! Right?
Aya: Huh? Wh-why did you say it before I could~?
Hina: Ahaha! I mean, you're always talking about it, Aya-chan. I'm pretty sure I've got it memorized.
Maya: I suppose... I want to be an idol that is true to herself and can give courage to others.
Maya: I may still be inexperienced, but I do think I am consciously trying to be that kind of idol.
Hina: Oh, so that's how it is for you. Okay, what about you, Eve-chan?
Eve: My goal is of course for Pastel✽Palettes to be idols that can conquer the world!
Eve: I believe that if I have a true and unwavering spirit of bushido, that dream will come true!
Hina: I don't really get it, but... yours seems the most interesting, Eve-chan!
Maya: A-ahaha...
Aya: In any case, it would be great if we got everyone in Japan to know about us.
Maya: What kind of idol do you want to be, Hina-san?
Hina: Like I said, I'm still thinking about it. I can't really come up with an answer, so I don't know.
Hina: But, well, in the end, being able to enjoy things I don't understand is what makes me who I am!
Maya: Right. I hope that you find a boppin' answer that suits you, Hina-san♪
Hina: Ahaha! Thanks!

A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Chapter 3
Trouble on Location...?

Aya and the others are ready to give their all in a flower-viewing film shoot for a famous program, but something's off...


Talent Agency

Hina: Morning~! ... Huh? Am I the last one?
Aya: Hina-chan, you barely made it~. I got here an hour ago.
Maya: Ahaha... I think you may have arrived too early, Aya-san...
Eve: I know how she feels though! After all, today is our assignment for "RoyalxHoliday!"
Maya: We're appearing on a show that I've watched on our days off... Oh~, I'm so nervous...!
Chisato: This television show is watched by a broad audience. Those nerves are completely natural.
Aya: We're doing an on-site shoot of a sakura blossom spot with an actress, right?!
Chisato: Correct. It will be Haruka-san. I have co-starred with her once before. She is a candid actress with expert-level acting skills.
Hina: Being able to go flower-viewing while we're working seems like a bonus~!
Chisato: Hina-chan. I might seem harsh, but this will be for work. Please think of that first, and—
Hina: I know~. I won't do anything like last time, so relax~.
Chisato: I see. I am relieved to hear that. Well then, shall we get going?

On-Location Filming
Nature Park

Aya: Whoa, I had no idea there was a spot for sakura blossoms so close by! Our talent agency is not far from here~!
Haruka: I see. You're all so lucky to have a place like this so close to your agency~.
Chisato: (So far, the on-location filming has been going well. Hina-chan has been reading the situation and is behaving.)
Staff: Now then, Aya-san and Haruka-san, please give us a few words on your thoughts of this spot! First, let's start with Aya-san.
Aya: H-huh, me...?! Um... uhhh... The sakura blossoms are really pretty, and... seeing them made me realize spring is here~!
Haruka: As I am normally busy with work, being able to leisurely enjoy scenery like this is truly relaxing. I almost feel as if I am breathing in spring itself...
Staff: Oh~, now that is a magnificent comment~!
Aya: Wow, what an amazing comment... It would've been nice if I had been able to say something like that...
Haruka: That's not true. Your comment was very lovely, Aya-chan.
Aya: Thank you very much!
Staff: Now then. Next, please try ad-libbing a drama scene with the sakura blossoms in the background.
Chisato: Ahh, in that case I will—
Staff: Oh, no! We'd like to ask for Aya-san and Haruka-san to handle it!
Chisato: I-is that so...?
Aya: Huh? I'm not very confident though~...!
Eve: ...? Why are they having Aya-san do it instead of Chisato-san...?
Maya: Hm... The staff member may have something in mind...
Chisato: ...
Haruka: So... Aya-chan. I want you to wait for me here. Then I will know this is a place I can come home to.
Aya: O-okay...! I'll wait for you to come buck... Ah.
Staff: Okay, cut! Wow, what great footage!
Aya: Huh...? I just fumbled my words, so shouldn't we do a retake...?
Staff: I think this is good, as it has its own charm!
Aya: O-okay...
Staff: By the way, do you know what biological family sakura blossoms are in?
Aya: U-umm... sakura blossoms... are in the...
Aya: ... Sakura blossom family?
Haruka: Sakura blossoms are part of the rose family, right?
Staff: Well done! Just as expected from Haruka-san!
Haruka: You just told me that a moment ago... didn't you?
Staff: Ah, let's not worry about that!
Maya: U-um, Chisato-san... There's something I'm a little concerned about...
Chisato: Yes, I'm thinking the same thing.
Chisato: The main focus of this on-location filming is Haruka-san. It would seem we were invited to act as her foil.
Maya: I thought as much...
Eve: Also, does it not seem like they have only been filming when Aya-san makes a mistake...?
Chisato: Yes. I believe their plan is to record comical footage of Aya-chan to accentuate Haruka-san.
Chisato: You could say they chose that filming style precisely because they know how Aya-chan is...
Eve: I feel sorry for Aya-san...
All Except Aya: ...
Hina: ... This doesn't feel very boppin'~.
Chisato: Hina-chan...

A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Chapter 4
More Like Me

The girls are upset by the role they're meant to play for the program. How will Hina respond...?


On Break
Nature Park

Chisato: Hina-chan... Please refrain from saying what you just said. You assured me you would behave today, did you not?
Hina: Awww, but this isn't any fun at all. It's just a loop of Aya-chan failing and the actress succeeding.
Eve: I-I also agree with Hina-san! This is not right!
Chisato: Eve-chan, even you are siding with her...?
Eve: I understand that we are not the stars for today's on-location filming, but it is somewhat frustrating to have our reputation be spread this way...
Maya: E-Eve-san... Let's calm down a little.
Aya: Y-yeah! It's okay. I'm totally fine!
Hina: Hm, It feels pretty obvious that you're pushing yourself though. Chisato-chan, do you think this is okay?
Chisato: ... Depending on how you interpret it, I believe this situation could be beneficial.
Chisato: Aya-chan will leave an impression by drawing attention at pivotal points. That should provide opportunities for people to remember us.
Chisato: Furthermore, this is work. As professionals, I believe we should devote ourselves only to the role we have been given.
Hina: That's what we should do, huh? What about you, Maya-chan? Are you okay with this on-site shoot?
Maya: ... No, I'm not. But—
Hina: Then let's do things our way!
Hina: I don't really have an idea of what kind of idol I want to be yet, but...
Hina: At the very least, I know this isn't the kind of idol I want to be.
Hina: I mean, none of you seem to be having fun at all, and I'm not having any fun either!
Hina: We do boppin' work, and everyone that sees that will feel boppin'♪ Wouldn't it be boring if we weren't idols like that?
Aya: Hina-chan...
Hina: So let's work together to make this un-boppin' on-site shoot more boppin'♪
Maya: Do you mean, instead of fitting ourselves into a mold created by our surroundings, we make our surroundings fit into a mold we make...?
Hina: Yeah! That's it!
Hina: I mean, doing it that way would be more boppin'♪
Chisato: ...
Hina: At times like this, I think it would be more boppin' to think of what we want to do rather than what we should do♪
Chisato: What we want to do... rather than what we should do...?
Hina: If we want to make the people watching feel boppin', then we need to feel boppin' first♪
Chisato: (So that is Hina-chan's answer... That is what idols are to her...)
Eve: I-I want everyone to see us in a more enjoyable state!
Maya: Me too... At this rate, I don't think we will be able to properly convey our charm as a band!
Aya: Same here... I'm happy that I can be filmed, but I want people to know more about the Pastel✽Palettes! I mean, I know we can do more than this!
Chisato: ... You all seem to have been influenced by Hina-chan. Don't you think you are being too self-indulgent?
Aya: Ch-Chisato-chan...
Chisato: There will be many assignments like this in the future where we will have to play the foil for someone else...
Chisato: Some will be joint appearances with performers with long careers, and others will involve plans from large agencies...
Chisato: Some day, we will need to abide by their authority...
Maya: Th-that's...
Chisato: ... However.
Chisato: That is not today.
All Except Chisato: ...!
Chisato: Even if we continue following the staff member's instructions, we can only leave an impression that has already been established for us.
Chisato: What's more, it will be in a format that we do not want.
Chisato: Looking at the long term, this inconsistency in our image will one day have a bad influence on our activities.
Chisato: Before that happens, it would be best to leave behind something in a manner we choose. Thinking of our future, that is what should be done...
Chisato: ... No. That is what I personally want to do.
Hina: Nice! Chisato-chan, you're starting to feel boppin' too♪
Chisato: Not to mention, there have been multiple times during the filming where the flow of things has been forcibly changed on us.
Chisato: Fufu. I am not someone that likes being controlled by others in the first place.
Maya: Chisato-san... Your smile is somewhat frightening...
Aya: Eep...
Hina: Nice, nice~! That's the Chisato-chan that I wanted to see!
Chisato: Well, that is a relief... Oh my, it seems our break is nearly over.
Hina: Okay then, everyone. Let's make this a more boppin' job during the second half♪
Aya, Maya & Eve: Okay!

A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Chapter 5
Show Them What We Got!

Pastel✽Palettes decides to do things their way. What will happen once filming resumes...?


After Resuming On-Location Filming
Nature Park

Chisato: The sakura blossoms blooming in this area appear to be a different variety than the previous ones.
Aya: Ah, these are called weeping sakura blossoms! Yoshino sakura blossoms are pretty, but this variety has a nice sense of elegance!
Staff: Oh, now then, I'd like to stop here and give a quiz to Aya-san and Haruka-san about songs related to sakura blossoms—
Hina: Ah, by the way, is anyone else hungry? We've been walking the whole time, so I'd like to have something to eat~!
Chisato: In that case, I believe there is a shop nearby that sells delicious seasonal crepes.
Haruka: Ah, I love crepes. I might like to try one.
Chisato: I am certain that you will also take a liking to them, Haruka-san. They also look very nice as well. Isn't that right, Aya-chan?
Aya: Yeah!
Chisato: Didn't you upload pictures of them online?
Aya: Ah, that's right! They're these ones right here...
Haruka: Wow, they look so good! Aya-chan, you're really good at taking photos.
Eve: Yes, Aya-san is very skilled at taking food pictures and selfies!
Haruka: Fufu. After seeing those, I've gotten hungry as well. Would it be okay for us to drop by there for a little bit?
Staff: Ah, in that case, after the quiz, we can—
Hina: Weren't those crepes only available in a limited quantity?
Chisato: Yes, if we do not hurry there, they may be sold out. It is a shame, but the crepes will have to wait until another ti—
Staff: I-in that case, why don't we head there first?! The quiz can wait until after!
Maya: (That was masterful guidance, Chisato-san! In the process of introducing Aya-san's hobby, we drew Haruka-san's interest...)
Maya: (And with a few words from Hina-san, we managed to avoid the staff member's attempts to proceed with the quiz...)
Maya: (Chisato-san and the others said they would take control once the on-location filming started again, but... this is even better than I imagined!)
Hina: Maya-chan! If we don't hurry, they'll be sold out~!
Maya: Ah! I-I'm sorry! Let's go!
Maya: (I simply cannot miss any developments after this!)

Haruka: That crepe was very delicious. I'm so glad that you introduced me to them~!
Maya: (We were able to please Haruka-san, and Chisato-san easily handled the food reporting... Even the staff member was pleased they were able to secure usable footage...)
Chisato: Fufu. I'm pleased you liked it. Next is—
Staff: That would be this picture postcard workshop. Everyone, please draw some lovely sakura blossom illustrations for us.
Aya: Ngh... I can't draw all that well~...
Staff: Aya-san, could we see your work for—
Hina: Ah, first, take a look at mine! C'mon, you too, Haruka-chan!
Haruka: Wow! Your picture is so well done, Hina-chan! I wouldn't be surprised if it was sold in a store.
Hina: I know, right?! Who else is drawing an interesting-looking picture...? Ah, Eve-chan!
Chisato: Eve-chan's picture... Is this a samurai under a flurry of falling sakura blossoms?
Eve: Yes! Both sakura blossoms and samurai are the heart of Japan!
Haruka: Fufu. You're so interesting, Eve-chan~. Do you like samurai?
Chisato: Eve-chan is also a fan of period dramas and watches them often.
Eve: Yes. I recently saw the production where you played the leading role! It was quite entertaining!
Haruka: Really?! I'm so glad to hear that~!
Chisato: If I'm not mistaken, the sequel will be airing soon, will it not?
Haruka: Right! I would love it if you watched the sequel as well~.
Eve: Of course!
Hina: Now then, let's take a look at Chisato-chan's picture!
Chisato: Huh?! We don't need to show mine, do we...?
Maya: (Hina-san avoided the flow of showing Aya-san's picture by showing her own, and smoothly brought the conversation to Eve-san.)
Maya: (Chisato-san followed her lead to introduce Eve-san and then provided a promo for Haruka-san's TV drama... Bravo!)
Maya: (It seems even Chisato-san did not expect the final twist, but... We're getting the staff member's attention, so it turned out all right!)
Hina: Sigh~, Chisato-chan's picture was so interesting~. Maya-chan, what did you draw~?
Maya: Ah, I—
Maya: (Oh, that was close. I can't just observe the two of them. As a member of Pastel✽Palettes, I have to show off our charms as well!)
Staff: Last will be a special quiz. If you get the answer right, all of you will be provided with an ultra-luxurious dinner after this!
Aya: Hear that? An ultra-luxurious dinner! We have to pass this quiz!
Staff: But only one person can answer the final question! So please decide which one of you will be answering!
Chisato: Only one of us... That is quite the responsibility...
Hina: Oh, oh! Give us a hint first! If you don't, we can't decide who to choose!
Staff: A h-hint...? Very well... but only one. It's a quiz on waka poems associated with sakura blossoms!
Aya: Waka poems?!
Eve: Ah, if I remember correctly, Aya-san has some previous experience in that area...
Maya: Right! She created a guidebook of sakura blossom-themed waka and tanka poems for our previous flower-viewing, so she should be knowledgeable!
Aya: Yeah! I'm confident I can handle this!
Hina: Then shouldn't Aya-chan be the one to answer?
Chisato: Indeed. Thanks to you, Haruka-san, we very much enjoyed today's on-location filming. So please allow our leader to present you with a wonderful dinner!
Haruka: Fufu. Well then, I guess I'll look forward to that. Aya-chan, can we count on you?
Aya: Okay, leave it to me!
Eve: Aya-san, please do your best!
Maya: (I'm sure the staff member definitely wanted to pose the question to Haruka-san...)
Maya: (But thanks to Hina-san and Chisato-san, before they knew it, it became a way to highlight Aya-san!)
Maya: (If Aya-san gets this right, it should dispel the impression of her always making mistakes...!)
Staff: W-well then, let us ask Aya-san! Here is the question...

A Stroll Colored by Sakura Event Story - Ending
Idols of Expanding Horizons

The girls finishing the film shoot without incident. Later, they meet up at the talent agency to look back on the program.


Talent Agency

Hina: Ahaha, no matter how many times I see it, I really have to give it to Aya-chan for getting that question wrong~!
Aya: Ngh... Hina-chan... Stop watching that broadcast in front of me~...
Maya: That was quite unexpected...
Hina: Not meeting everyone's expectations under those circumstances was a total Aya-chan thing to pull off~!
Chisato: In a sense, you could call it a skill of hers.
Aya: Even you're laughing at me, Chisato-chan?!
Eve: But the response from viewers was very positive! Even Haruka-san said on an online post that she had fun!
Chisato: True. The show's staff also said that they'd like us to appear again if we have the chance.
Maya: They said they might invite us individually next time, didn't they?
Aya: Fufu. In other words, everyone's charms got through to them properly!
Hina: Well, after seeing that, it's no wonder that the staff member's attention was drawn to Aya-chan's comical nature~!
Chisato: Yes. I suppose that means that Aya-chan's potential exceeded even our expectations.
Aya: N-no more talking about this subject, okay?!
Chisato: Fufu. Why don't we leave teasing Aya-chan at that for now?
Chisato: Speaking of which, Hina-chan, have you discovered the type of idol that you want to be?
Hina: Nope, not at all. I thought about it, but nothing really clicked~.
Chisato: I see. Well, I discovered the type of idol that I would like for you to be.
Hina: Huh?! Really?! Tell me, tell me!
Chisato: You told us that we should make the program more in line with ourselves, rather than following the intentions of the staff, correct?
Chisato: Being able to proceed in the direction you want without just accepting what you are given...
Chisato: Hina-chan, that is your strength, and it will prove useful for surviving in the entertainment industry.
Eve: I know what you mean! Hina-san's words at that time were very heartening!
Chisato: From now on, in order for us to be able to shine as Pastel✽Palettes...
Chisato: I would like Hina-chan to be an idol that expands our borders.
Hina: I see~. So that's the kind of idol you're expecting from me~.
Hina: ... Okay! Then I'll make that the kind of idol I want to be!
Maya: Huh?! Is it okay for you to decide it like that?!
Aya: Th-that's right~! You should be the one to decide stuff like this...
Chisato: This is merely what I wish of you, Hina-chan. I believe you already know this, but there is no need for you to conform to it.
Hina: Yeah, I know! If I wasn't convinced, I wouldn't be saying this!
Hina: But hearing what you said made me feel boppin'♪
Hina: So I think that's okay for now!
Chisato: As long as you're fine with it, then I have no objections...
Eve: Still, I think that making the decision based on whether you felt boppin' or not is very much like you, Hina-san♪
Maya: Ahaha, right. We can also relax if you're going to be that informal about it.
Aya: Still... the second half of the TV show was amazing. It felt like everything was under Hina-chan's and Chisato-chan's control...
Eve: I know what you mean! It felt like the on-location filming proceeded according to Hina-san's ad-libbing and Chisato-san's script...
Maya: You two don't normally join forces. I felt like I caught a glimpse of your true potentials...
Hina: Ahaha! Hear that, Chisato-chan?! They've got some real expectations for us. Wanna keep at it for our next assignment?
Chisato: Fufu. Well, if our teamwork becomes necessary again, perhaps I shall give it some thought.
Maya: I hope that it won't be...
Aya: Ahaha...

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