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A Tale of the Pure-Hearted Samurai*Idol Worldwide Event Banner
A Tale of the Pure-Hearted Samurai*Idol
Event Attribute: Happy Happy
Event Type: Medley Live
Parameter Bonus: N/A
Event Start
Event End
October 31, 2021 15:00 JST November 8, 2021 20:59 JST 8 days
March 25, 2022 15:00 CST April 3, 2022 20:59 CST 9 days
September 29, 2022 15:00 KST October 7, 2022 21:59 KST 8 days
September 7, 2022 01:00 UTC September 13, 2022 06:59 UTC 6 days
August 16, 2022 13:00 CST August 21, 2022 22:59 CST 5 days
Bonus Members
Aya (icon)Hina (icon)Chisato (icon)Maya (icon)Eve (icon)
Medley Songs
Hanamaru◎Andante by Pastel*Palettes
Fuwa Fuwa Time by Pastel*Palettes
Pappare☆Jinsei! Banbanzai! by Pastel*Palettes
Event Cards
Event Exclusive Rewards
Event Costume Set

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Suggested Team

Medley Live Band 1
Medley Live Band 2
Medley Live Band 3
  • Cards suggested above are based from JP server's released cards as of date of event.
  • If you need help in building your band for any lives, you can use the Team Builder tool by Bestdori!.