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A Taste of Horror Card Story - Episode

A Zombie's Feelings


Talent Agency

Aya: Uuuh... O-ohhh.... W-wah.... Guoooh...
Chisato: Aya-chan... I hate to break it to you, but what you're doing is not scary at all...
Aya: What?! R-really...? I thought I was doing a pretty good job...
Maya: How should I put it? You're still very much yourself, and I don't mean that in a good way.
Chisato: I agree with Maya-chan. From what I saw, you're still you, just acting a little strange.
Aya: What do you mean "me, but acting a little strange"...? I don't usually make sounds like that.
Chisato: What about when you're overwhelmed or distraught? This is exactly what you sound like.
Aya: That's so mean~! It is not~! Ohh... Still, it is an issue if I don't get this zombie act down.
Chisato: Oh, dear... I understand you're playing yourself, but you must remember that this version of you has died and became a zombie.
Aya: Yeah, but it's not like I've ever turned into a zombie before. How am I suppose to know what that feels like~?
Maya: Hmm... Since we're musicians, how about approaching it as if it were music?
Chisato: I see what you're saying. That might be a good idea. Aya-chan, why don't you give it one more try?
Aya: U-uuoh.... Gururu.... Uwoh.... Ah...
Chisato: That still doesn't sound any different than how you usually sound. Perhaps you should try lowering your voice. Put yourself into the mindset of something who is no longer human.
Maya: You don't have to go so far as doing death metal vocals, but the techniques might help. Try opening your throat up a bit and uttering a low sound from the back of your throat.
Aya: A low sound from the back of my throat... A-ahh.... Ah... Aaah.....
Maya: Ah... It sounds more like you've caught a cold than that you've turned into a zombie...
Aya: Ooo... I never thought trying to be a zombie would be this hard...
Chisato: Did you watch those films the staff gave you for reference? That should help a lot.
Aya: A-about that...
Chisato: You... still haven't watched them, have you?
Aya: I-I did! I mean, I watched up to the point where the zombies came out...
Chisato: Doesn't that mean you didn't get to the most essential part...?
Aya: Well, you can't blame me! I'm terrible with anything horror-related. Even when I'm watching TV at home, I immediately change the channel whenever a scary scene comes on.
Aya: If I can't do that, I shut my eyes, put my hands over my ears, and try my best to wait until the scene is over...
Maya: In other words, you have no idea what zombies are like.
Chisato: I suppose it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say this job truly is going to put your acting skills to the test.
Chisato: At this rate though, you won't even scare a child.
Aya: Th-this is for a job, though, so I need to get my act together and watch the films to prepare for the role...
Aya: I don't think I can do it alone though... I'm sure I'd just get scared. So...
Chisato: ... Oh dear. I suppose that means you can handle it if you aren't watching it alone then, right?
Aya: Yeah! If I was with you guys, I think I could gather up the courage to get through them!
Chisato: I guess we have no other choice then... Let's ask the staff if we can borrow a room and monitor.
Maya: While we're at it, should we ask Hina-san and Eve-san if they'd like to join us?
Aya: What a great idea! We should also get a bunch of snacks and drinks. Then it'll be a proper movie night with everyone!
Chisato: This is all for work, understood? Please do keep that in mind.
Aya: O-of course! I'll definitely turn myself into a proper zombie, and this prank will go over without a hitch! Just you watch!
Aya: Uwaaah!
Maya: Ah...
Chisato: We sure have a long way to go....

A Taste of Horror Card Story - Special Episode

Importance of Creating a Role



Aya: Hello, BanG Dreamer-san! Did you hear? I appeared in a movie promotion that aired the other day. Did you see it?
Aya: It was a promotion stunt where they prank people who had just finished watching the movie in theaters. I was one of the people doing the pranking...
Aya: Wow! You saw?! Thank you so much!
Aya: Were you shocked to see me in those clothes and makeup? I would never wear that stuff normally.
Aya: To be honest, I wasn't too sure if this gig was right for me when it was first proposed.
Aya: You see, I can't handle anything horror-related. Obviously that includes scary movies, but I can't even look at horror manga or glance at a scary poster...
Aya: This time though, I had to look at a bunch of that stuff in order to get into the role of a zombie...
Aya: Studying up on the role was probably the toughest part of all.
Aya: Thanks to that studying though, I was able to nail the zombie part when we were doing the actual prank. What a relief.
Aya: I'm usually the one getting pranked, so this job was nice and refreshing because I got to do the pranking for once!
Aya: I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself that I was able to scare other people...
Aya: Although I do feel kinda bad for terrifying Rimi-chan and Misaki-chan... Ehehe...
Aya: Even though I sucked at being a zombie at first, people said I did a great job during the actual prank. That gave me a boost of confidence.
Aya: Now I know that I can't hide behind the fact that I'm not good at something, and that I need to take more of a positive approach.
Aya: I've decided that whatever job comes my way from now on, I'll tackle it with all my might. This way I can broaden my horizons as well!
Aya: Who knows? Maybe because I was on that TV program, I'll even get calls asking me to act in horror movies!
Aya: If that happens, just reading the script might prove to be a huge challenge for me... I guess that would be a good experience too, though!
Aya: Hopefully, all these different experiences will help me shine brighter as an idol even more...
Aya: So I need to work extra harder! And I hope you'll continue to support me,BanG Dreamer-san!