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A Tasty Time Card Story - Episode



Day Off
CHU²'s Penthouse - Living Room

LAYER: Hello... Huh? No one's here.
LOCK: Phew... Ah, LAYER-san! Hello!
LAYER: Where are CHU² and PAREO?
LOCK: They had an errand to run, so they left. Are you here to practice as well, LAYER-san?
LAYER: Yeah. I noticed something during our last practice together, so I wanted to check for myself.
LAYER: You must have arrived pretty early, LOCK. From the look of it, you've been here for a while.
LOCK: I have the day off from work and the bathhouse, so... I thought I'd work on my guitar-playing skills. I need to try harder if I want to catch up to you all.
LAYER: Why do you need to catch up? You're perfectly capable on the guitar...
LOCK: No, not at all... I've got a long ways to go compared to you guys!
LAYER: I don't know about that... You practice hard enough that your guitar strings are always breaking.
LOCK: Ah, I forgot! I was going to buy some new guitar strings...!
LAYER: In that case, why don't we go shopping together? There's something I want to check out anyway.
LOCK: O-okay! Let's go!

Residential Area

LOCK: Mmm~, that breeze feels so good~. The sunlight is so warm too. This weather is perfect~.
LAYER: Fufu, now that's a nice expression. You can really tell when you're happy, LOCK.
LOCK: R-really? I wouldn't know myself... Ah, but my mother always says she can tell what I'm thinking by looking at my face.
LOCK: ... I wonder how she's doing. I should call her.
LAYER: You left home in order to find a band like Poppin'Party, right? That's quite the resolve you've got there.
LOCK: My parents were a little worried, but that's just how much the stage sparkled when I saw Poppin'Party's concert...
LOCK: Eventually I was able to convince them to let me stay with our relatives.
LAYER: They own Asahi Bathhouse, right? Masuki has invited me before, but I'm always busy...
LOCK: Please feel free to stop by whenever you like. You're always welcome!
LAYER: Fufu, thank you.
LOCK: That reminds me... Did you see this? It's on the Girls Band Challenge website.
LAYER: I did! Our music video has over 10,000 views. It's hard to believe.
LOCK: I was surprised too! CHU²-san's reaction to it was so cool, though. She just said it was bound to happen because she's the one who produced it.
LAYER: You know, that probably means she's thrilled.
LOCK: Really?!
LAYER: I've been working with her longer than you have, so I kind of understand her. She was eating a lot more jerky than normal, right?
LOCK: Now that you mention it...
LAYER: Fufu, she put a lot of work into that music video. Of course she'd be happy.
LOCK: That's true. She really gave it her all. I was super nervous. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't a burden to everyone.
LAYER: You were pretty relaxed in the second half of shooting though.
LOCK: I suppose so... I think eating lunch with you all helped.
LOCK: Especially when... you said, "lil' octopus sausage." Do you remember that?
LOCK: That really helped calm my nerves.
LAYER: Really...? That's good.
LAYER: I'm sure there's a lot in store for us. CHU² is probably coming up with all kinds of plans. Some of which we would never even dream of.
LOCK: True...
LOCK: I'll make sure to do my best! ... Phew~, I feel so much better now~.
LAYER: Is everything okay?
LOCK: Hanging out with you really helps me calm down.
LOCK: It's almost comforting. I would never believe you're only a year older than me... You're such an adult.
LAYER: An adult, huh...? I personally don't think so.
LOCK: Really...?
LAYER: For example... Do you see that crosswalk over there? Sometimes I'll only walk on the white bars.
LOCK: I do that too! Sometimes I'll keep it up until I get to school!
LAYER: Other than that, I always put off doing my laundry. I'm not as mature as you think I am.
LOCK: Wow~, I see... Fufufu. I'm glad I learned something new about you!
LAYER: Actually... Why don't we race to the music store?
LOCK: Huh? A race?!
LAYER: Ready~? On your mark, get set... Go!
LOCK: Ah! LAYER-san, wait for me~!

A Tasty Time Card Story - Special Episode

Smoked Out


Station Entrance

Marina: Phew, we're finally back. I never thought we'd get lost while running errands.
Marina: Yeah, you're right. We should take a break once we get back to CiRCLE.
LAYER: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, good afternoon.
Marina: Ah, LAYER-chan! What are you doing here?
LAYER: School just let out for me. I'm on my way to CHU²'s studio.
Marina: Ah, do you have band rehearsal today?
LAYER: No, I want to do some solo practice. I just feel like being in the studio...
Marina: Sounds like somebody's on fire~. Could it be thanks to the Girls Band Challenge?
LAYER: I don't know if I'd say I'm on fire.
Marina: Oh? That showdown with Roselia was pretty intense, so I thought that was it for sure...
LAYER: Actually, ever since that concert, it's felt like something has been smoldering in my chest...
LAYER: You see, I was watching their show from the sidelines.
LAYER: Watching them play reminded me just how skilled they are. Not only in terms of their performance, but there's something more...
Marina: Like what?
LAYER: It's as if everyone in their band is headed for the same goal... And when the audience sees that passion, they get sucked in...
LAYER: It's hard to describe... Their show just radiates conviction.
Marina: Conviction...
LAYER: Their passion comes through in their performances, and you can't take your eyes off of them...
LAYER: It made me want to sing, and that sensation kept getting stronger and stronger.
Marina: Gotcha~. So that's why you looked so intense up onstage that day.
Marina: I know how you feel though. I've experienced the same thing myself.
LAYER: You have?
Marina: My band went up against another group back in our day, and they were incredible.
Marina: It made all of us want to perform like that, so our show became much more intense.
LAYER: I suppose that's what happened with me. I definitely felt like I performed better than usual.
LAYER: Having a band that pushes you past your limit... I think that's a good thing, don't you?
Marina: Yes, without a doubt.
LAYER: I'll never forget our showdown.
Marina: Well, you know I'm always cheering you on. The same goes for you too, right, BanG Dreamer-san?
LAYER: Thank you. I'll be sure to work hard so that I'm worthy of your support.