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A Thrilling Development?! Card Story - Episode

Head to Toe, Girls Manga?!


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Tsugumi: Sigh... I really wish we could have finished the manga we all came up with together...
Tsugumi: ... Stop that! I have to forget about it and focus on what we want to do for next time like Moca said!
Tsugumi: Alright! I've got this!
Tomoe: Tsugu? What's up? You sound pretty pumped.
Tsugumi: Ah, Tomoe-chan!
Tsugumi: I thought I'd start learning how to draw manga, just in case we decided to try writing our own again someday.
Tomoe: Ah~, gotcha. We did have a lot of fun that day, didn't we?
Tsugumi: Yeah! Even if we didn't end up entering in a contest, I think it'd be plenty of fun just to draw one together with everyone!
Tomoe: I see. Then I'll help you out!
Tsugumi: Really?! Thank you, Tomoe-chan!
Tsugumi: But where do I even start...? Do you think there are textbooks for manga?
Tomoe: There's plenty of textbooks on art, so there's got to be books about how to draw manga, right?
Tsugumi: That's true! Okay, then let's start by going to the bookstore!

Shopping Mall

Tsugumi: Hm~, where should we look first?
Tomoe: How about we split up? I'll go check out that shelf over there.
Tsugumi: Good idea. I'll start looking around here!
Tsugumi: How to draw manga... How to draw manga... Hmm~, looks like it's not in the reference section... Maybe in the technical books section?
Tsugumi: Not here either... On to the next section!
Tomoe: Now where would I be if I was a book on drawing manga~? Maybe the manga section? That'd be pretty lucky...
Tomoe: ... Nope, didn't think so. Oh, the next volume of this manga's finally out!
Tomoe: ... Wait, no, that's not what I'm here for.
Tomoe: Let's see, art books would be- Oh! I didn't know they had a photography section!
Tomoe: What beautiful scenery... Once we find what we're looking for, I'll have to come back and grab this.

10 Minutes Later

Tomoe: Any luck, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: No. It wasn't over here either... Sounds like you're not doing much better?
Tomoe: Yeah. Seeing how much we've looked around, I think there's a chance this store just doesn't carry them.
Tsugumi: I see. Yeah, that was always a possibility... We should have asked the staff from the beginning...
Tomoe: Hey, no biggie. This is the only section left. If it's not here, then we'll ask!
Tsugumi: Okay!

Tomoe: Ah, looks like we're on the right track though. Check it out. "Oil Painting for Everyone!"
Tsugumi: You're right! And this one! "A Beginner's Guide to Writing Novels"... Ah!
Tomoe, Tsugumi: Here it is!
Tomoe, Tsugumi: Ah...
Tsugumi: S-sorry... I didn't see your hand there...
Tomoe: N-no... That was my bad...
Tomoe: ... Pfft... Hehe... Aha, ahahaha!
Tomoe: Reaching for the same book, only to accidentally touch the other person's hand... That's like something straight out of a shojo manga!
Tsugumi: Yeah! Who knew that stuff actually happened in real life?!
Tomoe: Ahaha, think this will come in handy when we write our manga?
Tsugumi: Uh-huh, super handy! If we end up doing a shojo manga, I'll definitely add this scene!
Tsugumi: Usually after this, they'd apologize and keep telling the other person they can have the book.
Tomoe: Oh yeah. "Excuse me. Go ahead, you can have it if you want..."
Tsugumi: And then... "No, no! Please, by all means, it's all yours."
Tomoe: ... Haha! That's it for sure!
Tsugumi: Fufu, yeah? Okay, once I've got the basics of this book down, we'll definitely make our own manga!

A Thrilling Development?! Card Story - Special Episode

Treasuring Connections


Station Entrance

Tsugumi: Ah, looks like Himari-chan ended up reading that manga after all! She certainly was interested after seeing the ad at the station.
Tsugumi: Uhm, first we give it a like, and then...
Tsugumi: Let's see... "Sound interesting! Do you think I could borrow it?" ... And post!
Tsugumi: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Good afternoon. Are you on your way to work?
Tsugumi: Me? I'm meeting up with some friends from school to hang out!
Tsugumi: I'm a little early though, so I'm just scrolling through my newsfeed while I wait.
Tsugumi: Himari-chan posts a lot. Lately it's been things like "I read this manga today~!" And, "Hurry up and release the next volume~!"
Tsugumi: Ahaha, you're right, they are all about manga! Recently we've all been borrowing a lot of books from each other...
Tsugumi: I'm pretty sure it started because we tried to come up with our own manga story the other day.
Tsugumi: But we all like such different things, so our plot ended up being a bit messy... Still, it was a lot of fun!
Tsugumi: Afterward, we all wanted to try reading genres we don't normally buy, so now we're borrowing from each other.
Tsugumi: And Himari-chan always makes a point to post online when she finishes a book!
Tsugumi: Yeah! It's nice to know she actually read it!
Tsugumi: She told me, "Maybe even Moca-chan will react to my posts for once!" But...
Tsugumi: Well... She's just been the same ol' Moca-chan... Ahaha...
Tsugumi: ... Huh?! I'm always commenting on Himari-chan's posts? And I like them all too...?!
Tsugumi: W-wait a minute. Let me see... Y-you're right... Every single one... It's a little embarrassing when you point it out like that.
Tsugumi: I must really treasure our friendship...? That's pretty overdramatic! It's nothing like that!
Tsugumi: I just get the feeling she'll be happy if I react to her posts... So commenting on and liking them is just a natural reaction to seeing them.
Tsugumi: Little things like that are really all I can do... I don't have any special skills or talents. None that I can think of, anyway.
Tsugumi: Even when we were coming up with our own manga, I wasn't any help at all... Moca-chan did most of the storytelling.
Tsugumi: So I want to focus on doing what I can do, no matter how small it is.
Tsugumi: Ah, is that what you meant by treasuring our friendship?
Tsugumi: It's not as special as you make it sound. Still, thank you. I'm glad to hear you say that.
Tsugumi: Ah, are you going to make it on time for your shift? I'm sorry for holding you up like this.
Tsugumi: Have fun at work!