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A Tingling Feeling Card Story - Episode

Birth of a Collaboration!


Imai Residence - Living Room

Misaki: Wakamiya-san, it might be better to put a little more felt on that part. I think it'll turn out better if you're careful where the parts connect.
Eve: O-Okay! Understood! Thank you for your guidance!
Lisa: Sorry~, Misaki. Could you take a look at mine? It's a work in progress, but what do you think?
Misaki: Oh, what a beautiful blue rose. Are you making it as if it's almost in full bloom? It's looking really good.
Misaki: After you've finished the entire shape of it, you just have to arrange the front part and then you're done. You're almost there. Keep it up.
Lisa: Yes, ma'am☆ Okay, just a little more! Here I go~!
Misaki: Hanazono-san, Kaoru-san, how're you doing? Is everything good over on the clay team?
Tae: Yeah, we're fine. I've made a lot of rabbits.
Misaki: Ooh, they're pretty cute. They look really good, or should I say, you're really good at this.
Misaki: I never knew you could make such nice things out of paper clay. You're good with your hands, Hanazono-san.
Kaoru: Misaki, could you perhaps look at my pieces? What do you think? Aren't they just teeming with fleetingness?
Misaki: Huh, what's this...? It kind of looks like a snare drum... Ah, is this supposed to be a taiko drum?
Kaoru: Fufu... This is a fleeting stump... Yes, that's what it is.
Misaki: A stump? But why? I don't get it...
Kaoru: Then you should look forward to its completion. I suspect it will make you feel fleetingness beyond what you could ever imagine.
Misaki: Oh, I see... Well, as long as it's going well, I don't see the problem.
Eve: M-Misaki-san! Excuse me, but could you please assist me?
Misaki: Ah~, sure. Wakamiya-san, what's the issue? ... Ah, this part. You need to do it like this...
Eve: I-I did it! I completed my samurai!
Lisa: Wow, good job! His expressions really make him look like a warrior☆
Eve: Yes! I think I was able to capture the essence of bushido.
Kaoru: Fufu, I am also done. It's just as fleeting as I imagined... No, even more.
Misaki: Huh? What do you mean? Now that you've added color, I can see that it's a tree stump... but what about it is so fleeting...?
Tae: I know. It's the sprout coming out of the stump, right?
Kaoru: As expected, Tae-chan. You have a unique eye for detail. The very sprout growing from this stump... A fleeting new breath, it makes one shudder if I do say so myself.
Misaki: Oh, you even made tiny leaves. I can tell this was made by you, Kaoru-san...
Kaoru: I will not dismiss even the smallest of lives... For I am Kaoru Seta... Yes, I am.
Tae: I made rabbits. This is Oddie, and this is Doro-chan.
Kaoru: Ahh, how fleeting. Won't you look at their eyes? They look as if they could spring into life.
Eve: Yeah! Each rabbit has a different expression, so I can feel your affection for them, Tae-san!
Tae: Ah, I should make one of myself too. If Oddie is this size, I would be...
Lisa: Everyone is doing so well~. I think mine are going to take a bit more time to finish. The only one that's kind of done right now is this flower.
Eve: It is very wonderful! When did you make that?
Lisa: I made it as practice before I started on the rose. I thought a rose would be too hard to start with, you see.
Misaki: No, this is amazing. It's so good that I almost can't believe you made it for practice.
Kaoru: This quietly still modesty. I think it is a tremendous achievement.
Tae: I want one. Can I reserve it?
Lisa: Thanks, everyone~! Thanks to you guys, I think I can keep this up until the very end☆
Misaki: At any rate, we've made a good variety of items.
Misaki: Everyone's personalities have really shone through, but it might be hard deciding how to display all of these when we set up the booth... Huh?
Eve: Misaki-san, is everything okay?
Misaki: I just had an idea. We can put a rabbit on top of this green felt. Then we can put a stump and a flower next to it, and the samurai around here...
Tae: Ah, wow! It's like Oddie and the others are playing with the samurai in a meadow.
Eve: It's like a scene from a folk tale!
Kaoru: It evokes a narrative. I especially like... the sprout on this stump.
Eve: You combined everyone's strengths to make one piece of art! As expected, Misaki-san! You're amazing!
Misaki: No, I just randomly had the idea to line them up like that... I didn't know you guys would be so pleased by it.
Lisa: Ah! I also have a good idea☆ Why don't we make this the main product of our booth?
Kaoru: All of our creations together as the main product... What an inspirational idea.
Tae: But if we do that, Misaki, your pieces won't be in it.
Kaoru: Then how about we have Misaki create something too?
Misaki: Hm, I don't really mind... But what should I make?
Tae: I want you to make some carrots. I'd feel bad if Oddie and the other rabbits went hungry.
Eve: What about a big tree? A big tree next to a little stump... like in an epic story!
Kaoru: And a little bird could nest in that big tree... Ahh, how fleeting.
Lisa: Or what about butterflies? I think it would be cute if there was a butterfly on this flower~.
Misaki: ... So you want me to make carrots, a big tree, a little bird... and a butterfly? Th-that is too much for me to make on my own...
Lisa: Okay, how about we divide them up and make them?! It'll be more fun making them together anyway!
Kaoru: In that case, I will give life to the little birds. Little birds resting their wings... I can feel the creativity welling up inside of me.
Eve: Tae-san, won't you make butterflies with me?
Tae: Yeah, sure! Let's make them together.
Misaki: Okay, should we make the rest then, Lisa-san?
Lisa: I'm ready for it~. Alright, with our team effort, we can make these the best pieces ever~!
Misaki , Eve , Kaoru & Tae: Yeah~!

A Tingling Feeling Card Story - Special Episode

A Different Way of Having Fun


CiRCLE - Lobby

Misaki: Excuse me~. I'd like to book the studio.
Marina: Misaki-chan, welcome! Oh, hey, you didn't happen to see Lisa-chan in the café, did you?
Misaki: Lisa-san? No, I didn’t...
Marina: Oh, okay~. Lisa-chan was actually in the studio just before, and she left her pencil case behind.
Misaki: Ah, I see. I could pass it on to her if you want. We're going shopping together tomorrow anyway.
Marina: Really?! Thanks! That would be a big help!
Marina: But you know, you two are quite a rare pair. Do you hang out with Lisa-chan often?
Misaki: Hm, I think tomorrow will be our first time hanging out just the two of us.
Marina: Ah, did something happen? I'm intrigued~.
Misaki: Nothing in particular... We just participated in a handmade market together.
Marina: A handmade market? Wow, that sounds really interesting!
Misaki: It was quite tiring though. Hanazono-san, Wakamiya-san, and Kaoru-san also did it with us.
Misaki: It gets quite noisy working with everyone together like that.
Marina: Yeah, I can see that~. It makes me think of my high school's culture festivals.
Marina: You're working away quietly, and then, someone will casually start talking.
Misaki: Yeah, yeah, that's what we were like. But...
Marina: But what?
Misaki: But... I think it's not so bad to mess around and have fun together every once in a while.
Marina: You probably feel that way because it's similar to being in a band. After all, you have fun working on songs together, don't you?
Misaki: ... Yeah, but I have to consider Kokoro and the others' opinions, so sometimes it's actually really stressful.
Marina: Fufu. Let me know the next time you participate in an event like that. I'll come along for a visit! You will too right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Misaki: Sure. Although I'm not sure when that will be.
Marina: You say that now, but I think it will be sooner than you think.
Misaki: H-heh, who knows...
Marina: ... Anyway, sorry for keeping you so long! You wanted to book the studio?
Misaki: Yes, please. Also, could you give me Lisa-san's pencil case?
Marina: Yeah! Thanks! I'll owe you one.
Misaki: It's fine. Just don't tell Kokoro and the others about our conversation.
Marina: I won't... But why?
Misaki: Because then they'll say they want to participate in some event too, and it'll become a big headache.
Marina: Ufufu, I can picture it now~. But sure, I won't say anything. I promise.
Misaki: Thank you. Now, as for the booking...