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A Touch & A Hop♪ Card Story - Episode

A Little Extra Meeting!


Kitazawa Residence - Hagumi's Room

Hagumi: Kokoron, Kaoru-kun! Sorry to keep you~! Here's my Worth-the-Wait Freestyle Feast~!
Kaoru: Mmm~... What a stellar aroma. Every dish looks sublime.
Kaoru: Is this Himari-chan's famed oshiruko? Ahhh, the subtle contrast of auburn and pure white... How fleeting...
Kokoro: I've never seen anything like it! Hagumi, I think it's amazing how you and Himari came up with white oshiruko!
Hagumi: Hehehe, it's made with milk and daifuku~. Your taste buds are going to go wild! Go on, try some!
Kaoru: Fufu, my heart is aflutter with excitement. Allow me to partake... Ah! Th-this flavor...!
Kaoru: Exquisite. A perfect blend of creamy and robust, delivering a warmth straight to my soul...
Kaoru: Ahhh, Hagumi... This oshiruko is magnificent.
Kokoro: It really is! No one could resist smiling after a mouthful of this!
Kokoro: Hm? Hey, Hagumi? What is this tan-colored bread stuff you've added?
Hagumi: That is toasted steamed bread!
Kaoru: Steamed bread... that has been toasted. An entirely new concept to me.
Kokoro: Mmm~! It looks sooo tasty! Let's hurry and eat!
Hagumi: Stop~! No, no, no, no, Kokoron! There's still more to this bread than meets the eye!
Kokoro: So there's more to it, then! Hurry and show us, Hagumi!
Hagumi: Okeydokey! All right, here goes~! Kokoron, Kaoru-kun, try not to miss it!
Kaoru: I await your performance with bated breath.
Hagumi: And now, it's time for the ice cream~! You take a scoop with your spoon, place it on top of the bread like this, and... bam!
Kokoro & Kaoru: ...!
Hagumi: Ta-da~! Hii-chan's one-of-a-kind "steamed pancake ice cream something-or-other" is now complete!
Kokoro: Wow, that's amazing! It looks even tastier than before!
Hagumi: I know, right~?! Quick, dig in while it's still warm~!
Kaoru: And so I shall... Mmm~.
Kaoru: The crust has a marvelously crispy texture, yet the inside remains ever so soft. Moreover, the richness of the ice cream only adds to the harmony... Steamed bread, the star of the show... if you will.
Kokoro: Mmm~! This is so delicious! I thought the inside of my mouth was going to melt with pleasure!
Kokoro: I have an idea! We should think of our own freestyle recipes and then make them together!
Hagumi: That sounds awesome, Kokoron! Count me in~!
Kaoru: And I will offer my aid, as well. Our masterpieces will captivate the hearts of one and all.
Kokoro: What sort of food should we make? Just thinking about it has me excited!
Hagumi: I know, I know! We should come up with some freestyle croquettes! Can't go wrong with making the best food in the world even better!
Kaoru: Bringing out smiles through croquettes... In other words, a croquette of unparalleled fleetingness.
Hagumi: Fleeting croquettes?! Whoa, that sounds way cool~!
Kokoro: Here's a thought! We can take some freshly fried croquettes and add some cute little Hello, Happy World! flags to them!
Hagumi: Nice, I like that idea! I know I would smile if I got my hands on one of those~.
Kaoru: Ahhh, such a fleeting croquette... Were we to add ketchup rice to it, I feel as though it would bring even further happiness to those who partake.
Hagumi: Wowie! Now that sounds yummy~! I could probably eat a hundred of those!
Kaoru: Fufu, she who shares her love with even croquettes... Yes, that is Kaoru Seta.
Hagumi: What else, what else? Kokoron, Kaoru-kun, what other kind of freestyle recipes can we come up with?!
Kaoru: Hmmm... Very well, what of this proposal, then? A round croquette with octopus inserted within.
Hagumi: So what you mean is... a croquette that's like takoyaki?! Sounds tasty~♪ Let's think of other stuff to add inside!
Hagumi: For example, wieners, mushrooms, and macaroni pasta all sound good!
Kaoru: Yes. How fleeting they all are.
Kokoro: Mmm~! They all seem like such wonderful ideas that I'm already itching to have a taste! Hagumi, Kaoru! We should get started making them right away!
Hagumi: Now we're talking~! Hang on, I'll go ask Mom if we can use the kitchen!
Kaoru: We must locate some flags and ingredients, as well. Phew, what busy little bees we shall be.
Hagumi: Let's make the best fleeting croquettes anyone has ever seen~!
All: Yeah~!

A Touch & A Hop♪ Card Story - Special Episode

Sprucing up the Band


Residential Area

Marina: Phew, I'm beat~. I didn't think we'd have to go to the next town to find those supplies.
Marina: Are you tired too, BanG Dreamer-san? Let's relax over a nice cup of tea once we get back to CiRCLE. Come on, just a little more to go.
???: Boing~! Boing boing~! Boi-yoing~!
Marina: Huh? I know that voice...


Hagumi: Hahaha! Boing, boing! Boing~! Boi-yoi-yoing~!
Marina: I knew it was her. Hey, Hagumi-chan~!
Hagumi: Ah! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hagumi: Hey, come join me! This spot is really boing, boing, boingy~!
Marina: ... 'Boing, boing, boingy'? Um, what have you been doing?
Hagumi: The riverbed has rocks all over the place, right? You can't run without jumping to spots that have space to land on~.
Marina: Oh, I get it now~. That boing, boing, boing stuff was the pace that you were jumping to.
Hagumi: Uh-huh! I love how the rhythm is never the same way twice! O-Tae is the one who taught me about this~.
Marina: Tae-chan did?
Hagumi: Yep! We stopped by here while walking along her jogging course~.
Marina: Oh, now I remember. Tae-chan did mention that before. You took a walk with Himari-chan and the others, right?
Hagumi: Sure did! The other day, we all stopped by O-Tae's place, and we had Hii-chan cook up one of her unique freestyle recipes!
Hagumi: Do you know the kind I'm talking about?
Marina: Yeah, I understand. It's when you take a pre-existing dish, like a pancake, and then add your own twist to it, right?
Hagumi: Exactly! So yeah, Hii-chan taught us a bunch of those the other day!
Hagumi: It was so cool how adding just one little thing could totally make food even tastier than before~.
Hagumi: When I told the band about what happened, everyone agreed that we should try "freestyling" our band activities too~.
Marina: Th-the band? I can't imagine what that could mean... Sounds interesting, though. Care to share some of the ideas?
Hagumi: For example, we can try singing while riding unicycles!
Hagumi: Some other ones were giving out candy to the crowd, as well as playing a game of hide-and-seek where the band members hide while playing!
Hagumi: Kokoron is full of all sorts of cool ideas~. I could never come up with stuff like that on my own~.
Marina: Fufu, those do sound like they would come from her. Each one sounds really fun~.
Hagumi: Ah, Dad just sent me a message... Oh no, I messed up big time! I totally forgot that he had asked me to watch the store this evening!
Hagumi: Oh man, I gotta go!
Marina: O-okay! Take care.
Hagumi: Yeah, see ya!