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A Touching Feeling Card Story - Episode

New Year's Resolution


Shrine - Entry Path

Arisa: Ah, over there! I see some benches where it looks like we'll all be able to sit~!
Yukina: Since some people are still shopping, we should sit and wait for them.
Mashiro: We're in this corner... Do you think they'll be able to find us...?
LAYER: I think it'll be fine. There are five of us, so we probably stand out. And if need be, we've also got Seta-san to draw attention.
Arisa: It was pretty amazing how people were staring even while we were going around the stalls~...
Kaoru: Just like the North Star that shines brighter than any of its peers in the starry skies, I, too, am fated to glisten and draw attention to myself...
Arisa: Ahaha...
LAYER: Ah, you got some mochi, Arisa-chan? That's roasted soy flour and red bean paste, right? They look good. I went with a Japanese pancake.
Arisa: I figured mochi are the thing to eat since it's New Year's. But I gotta say, that Japanese pancake looks really good too.
Arisa: Umm... You wanna trade some later...?
LAYER: Oh, you'd do that?
Kaoru: What did you pick, Yukina, Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: I got some fries.
Yukina: I went with some mini castella... What is it that you have right there, Seta-san?
Kaoru: Mine...? It is ratatouille.
Yukina: You certainly picked something unusual.
Arisa: Did they really have something like that at one of the stalls...?
Kaoru: The way the word ratatouille rolls off your tongue is most fleeting, is it not? I thought it was perfect for one such as myself.
Mashiro: Umm... what's ratatouille?
LAYER: I think it's a French stewed vegetable dish made with a tomato base.
Mashiro: I see... It sounds fancy...
Arisa: ...
Yukina: What are you looking at, Ichigaya-san?
Arisa: Ah, well... I was just thinking how weird it is to see us together.
Arisa: The five of us don't usually hang out, you know...?
Yukina: True. We are all members of different bands, and we do not get many chances to interact.
Arisa: I never imagined I'd end up going to a shrine with this group at the start of the year. Maybe this year's gonna be different from the others.
Yukina: As always, I intend to keep pursuing my goals one step at a time.
Arisa: Goals, huh~? Have you already decided what you're going to try to do, Yukina-senpai?
Yukina: Are you asking about my New Year's resolutions? If you are... Hmm. It would be to go to the next stage as Roselia.
Yukina: And I want to be able to enjoy singing songs.
Arisa: I see. Enjoy singing, huh~...?
Kaoru: And I wish to be able to stand before those who yearn for me more often. It would also be nice to encounter new inspirations. In doing so, I hope to evolve and meet a new me.
Arisa: Ah, were you listening, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: Of course. How could I not listen to such a fascinating discussion? What resolutions do you have, LAYER-chan, Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: Huh? Umm... R-resolutions...?
LAYER: ... Hmm. I guess for me, it would be to make RAS' music even better. Especially since CHU² seems to be quite fired up.
Yukina: I look forward to hearing RAS' music. What about you, Kurata-san?
Mashiro: Uhh... It might not be a resolution, but I want Morfonica to be able to write even more music and perform more often.
Arisa: I hear you guys are doing concerts at CiRCLE now. I'd love to check you guys out.
Mashiro: Well... W-we'd love to have you come...!
Arisa: Alright. Lemme know when you're doing a concert, okay?
Yukina: So, Ichigaya-san. What about you?
Arisa: Me? Hmm, my resolution this year...
Arisa: It's kind of cliché, but I want to try out all sorts of new things with Poppin'Party.
Arisa: Well, "trying out" is more like Kasumi going on with her usual antics, and the rest of us making it happen somehow.
Kaoru: Fufu... How easy to imagine.
Yukina: Yes. It also sounds like something Poppin'Party would do.
Mashiro: I really respect how you guys work together...!
LAYER: You're a very well-balanced band.
Arisa: N-nah... All we do is lend Kasumi a hand...
Arisa: A-anyway! I hope it'll be a great year!
Arisa: So, yeah... We look forward to another year with all of you guys.
LAYER: Likewise.
Mashiro: W-we still have a lot of work to do, but we feel the same way...!
Kaoru: We are always willing to help if you ever need it.
Yukina: I also look forward to another year with you, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Thank you!

A Touching Feeling Card Story - Special Episode

A Chaotic New Year



Marina: Well then, since we're done with our New Year shopping, we should head back to CiRCLE.
Arisa: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer. Happy New Year.
Marina: Arisa-chan! Happy New Year. I hope you'll continue to come by CiRCLE again this year.
Arisa: Thank you, I will! Is CiRCLE already open for business?
Marina: Yes, we're open starting today. I'm guessing school will be starting for you soon.
Arisa: Yeah~. I know I'm asking for a lot, but I wish I could've had a longer break.
Arisa: New Year's always goes by so fast. It felt especially fast this year because I was busy right from New Year's Day.
Marina: Did something happen?
Arisa: I did some shrine work as a shrine maiden...
Marina: You were a shrine maiden?! That's amazing!
Arisa: I-it's not amazing! Not at all!
Arisa: I mean, I was with Yukina-senpai, and she had to help me out a lot!
Marina: Whoa~, you were working with Yukina-chan, huh? It's kind of rare to see you two together.
Arisa: It was supposed to be Lisa-san, but well, a lot happened...
Arisa: I'd never been alone with Yukina-senpai before, so I was worried at first...
Arisa: But it surprisingly wasn't that bad. I even got to learn about her personal philosophy.
Marina: What do you mean?
Arisa: No matter how much trouble she has with something, she won't back away. She'll try to see things through till the end.
Arisa: Yukina-senpai said if it's something that has to be done, she'll do it, no matter how difficult.
Arisa: That's so unlike me. I'm the kind of person who would rather avoid getting involved.
Marina: I know what you mean~. It's not easy facing what you find difficult.
Marina: Yukina-chan's really incredible for being able to do that.
Arisa: Yes. That awesome side of her makes her such an effective leader... She just has this way of making you want to follow her.
Arisa: ... Ah, but I guess Kasumi might have that too... Although in her case, it's less leading and more dragging people into things.
Marina: Yeah, you might be right! The two of them are kind of similar in a way.
Arisa: Just a bit though! A teeny weeny bit!
Arisa: Anyway, that's why I was busy this New Year's.
Arisa: That said... I'm kinda glad I did it.
Marina: Fufu, I see. Well, sounds like you did a good job!
Arisa: Thank you... Ah, I should be going now. Bye.