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A Tough Punk? Card Story - Episode

A Tough Message


Mitake Residence
Ran's Room

Ran: ... It feels kinda weird having the phone number of someone outside of Afterglow...
Ran: Who else do I have in here? Let's see, Hina-san, and then...
Ran: Wh-whatever. I guess it doesn't really matter. Just because I have their numbers doesn't mean I have to contact them!
Ran: ... I just got her contact info, so I suppose I should say something. I never thanked her for yesterday.
Ran: Alright. "Thanks for yesterday." ... That's a little stiff.
Ran: Alright, let's try this again. Uhm... "Thanks for yesterday. The candy was good. Later."... That still seems a bit off.
Ran: "Thanks for yesterday. That candy shop wasn't so bad." ... That just sounds rude. There's gotta be a better way to say it.
Ran: "That candy shop was great." ... "Cute." ... "Fun." ... "Deep." ... None of these work.
Ran: Sigh. It's no use, I can't think of anything. What do my messages to Afterglow look like?
Ran: I usually don't respond, or just give one-word answers...
Ran: I've never had to do any more than that, but this time, doing nothing would be rude. Everything I'm coming up with is so stiff, though. Arisa's going to think I'm trying to put up a front again.
Ran: ... Argh~, I can't do this! Maybe I'll just give up for today... Hm...? I-it's from Arisa...!
Ran: Uhm... "Thanks for yesterday. The candy was good. Later!"
Ran: ...
Ran: Ahahaha. This is exactly what I was going to send. It's so stiff.
Ran: ... Still, now it's a lot easier to respond.
Ran: There we go. Sent...

Ichigaya Residence
Arisa's Room

Arisa: Oh...! She replied...!
Arisa: "Yeah. Later." ... That's it?! Do you know how long it took me to figure out what to write?!
Arisa: Ahahaha... I guess that's Ran-chan for you.
Arisa: ... And well, I can see it being pretty hard to reply to such a stiff message.
Arisa: ... I'll send something a little more easy-going next time.
Arisa: Still... Even in her messages, Ran-chan's still the tough one~.

A Tough Punk? Card Story - Special Episode

My Image


Candy Shop

Ran: Ah, they've got some new flavors now... Apple mint, huh...? Hm...?
Ran: BanG Dreamer-san...? What are you doing here...?
Ran: Gotcha, you're here to buy candy for CiRCLE. I never expected to see you in a place like this, so I was kinda shocked.
Ran: Yeah, the same goes for me, doesn't it? Trust me, I know.
Ran: I'm not really here to buy anything. I was just walking by and noticed they had some new stock, so I thought I'd take a peek.
Ran: I came here the other day with Lisa-san and a few other girls. I didn't get anything, but everyone else seemed to be having fun picking stuff out.
Ran: Himari and Rimi were really excited about all the chocolates, while Arisa bought a few matcha-flavored candies.
Ran: Yeah, it was me, Himari, Rimi, Lisa-san and Arisa... It is a little weird for us to hang out, isn't it? I thought so too.
Ran: When I told them I don't really like sweets, they thought I was pretending to hate them so I would seem tougher.
Ran: When I asked what they meant, I learned that Lisa-san helped Arisa and Rimi prepare for talking to me and Himari.
Ran: Yeah, I don't get it either. Is talking to someone... really something you need to rehearse? In any case, that's what they did.
Ran: During that, Rimi pretended to be me, but I heard that her version of me came off as the sort of tough-punk type.
Ran: Is that... really how I come off?
Ran: She told me it only ended up like that because she didn't really know me that well. Still...
Ran: BanG Dreamer-san... What do you think? Are they right?
Ran: ...
Ran: ... Hey, why aren't you answering?
Ran: Don't tell me, you think I'm some kind of punk too...
Ran: Come on... Say something...! If you don't, it's like you actually agree with them...!