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A Wonderful Assortment Card Story - Episode

Déjà vu


Rehearsal Studio

Chisato: Phew... Everyone's playing very well today. At this rate, the next concert will be-
Hina: Hey, hey, Chisato-chan! There's something I'd like to ask. Is now okay?
Chisato: Yes. What is it?
Hina: Didn't you and Eve-chan take part in a flea market the other day?
Aya: Huh? You did?!
Chisato: Yes. How should I put this...? It just sort of happened. Hagumi-chan and the others were quite distraught about it, so I helped them out a little.
Maya: Now that you mention it, I remember seeing posters up about a flea market downtown. So you were a part of that event!
Hina: I thought we were friends, Chisato-chan. You should have told us about it too!
Chisato: Well, even if I told you guys, all your schedules were full. I just so happened to have time off.
Hina: Yeah, but still~. I wanted to be a part of it~...
Eve: Fufu. Chisato-san played a big role in that event!
Eve: She kept a close watch over us, and when we really needed help, she'd lend a hand!
Eve: And, on the big day, she took charge of making sure everything went smoothly. Our flea market stall was a success all because of Chisato-san!
Aya: Wow! That's Chisato-chan for you!
Maya: Aya-san is right! It's just like you to be able to take charge even though it was your first time!
Chisato: Maya-chan, stop teasing me.
Maya: I'm not teasing at all. You're always there to lend me a hand too.
Hina: But it's unusual for you to be as relaxed as you are when you're with Pastel✽Palettes, no?
Hina: That's even more reason for me to have joined~! I bet it would've been amusing seeing you put out the chaotic fires everyone was causing!
Chisato: Goodness gracious... All I did was do what I could, you know?
Chisato: Besides, more so than watching over them... I would say I was a little nervous.
Eve: Really? You were?!
Chisato: I was. I couldn't just sit there and watch. Himari-chan and Hagumi-chan weren't careful enough in the way they were handling things.
Chisato: As I stepped in to help, though, my nervousness naturally faded away.
Maya: That's because you're good at taking care of others.
Chisato: That's not true. But I suppose you have a point.
Chisato: If you asked me why I was a lot like how I am with Pastel✽Palettes, it'd surely be because...
Hina: Oh~, I get it~.
Maya: Ahaha...
Aya: Huh? What? Wh-why is everyone looking at me for...?
Chisato: No reason. Some things with the flea market crew just felt scarily similar to how things are when I'm with a certain someone...
Eve: Fufu. Perhaps you're right!
Aya: Huh?! What?! What do you mean?!
Maya: I certainly understand that feeling of wanting to lend a hand.
Hina: Especially when that person totally doesn't have it together, huh?!
Aya: Huh?! Why do you all seem to understand each other?!
Aya: It's not me, right?! Th-there's no way you're talking about me, right?!
Chisato: Hmm... I wonder.
Aya: What?! ... Aww man~...!

A Wonderful Assortment Card Story - Special Episode

Just Between Us


Shopping Mall

Chisato: Oh... Hello there, BanG Dreamer-san.
Chisato: Do you recognize me? ... Fufu. It's me, Chisato.
Chisato: So what are you here to buy?
Chisato: ... Okay, you came to restock some supplies.
Chisato: Oh my, is it that surprising to see me here? I come to browse every now and then too, you know.
Chisato: ... Fufu. BanG Dreamer-san, you seem very apologetic today.
Chisato: I'm actually here to get the aroma oil that I like since I ran out.
Chisato: Yes. People usually don't recognize me when I'm in disguise.
Chisato: Just the other day while I was working at the flea market, only a few people figured out it was me.
Chisato: Mhm, that's right. I took part in that flea market that was held downtown.
Chisato: I was working there with Himari-chan, Hagumi-chan, as well as Eve-chan and Rimi-chan.
Chisato: You see, I was bringing Eve-chan something she'd left during practice, and it seemed they were in the middle of talking about the event.
Chisato: It seriously looked like they were in a tough spot, so I couldn't help myself and offered my assistance.
Chisato: Permission from the agency? Nothing gets past you, BanG Dreamer-san.
Chisato: So, this is a secret, but the agency was reluctant to let Eve-chan and I take part at first.
Chisato: That's correct. It was a sudden request. Plus, even though it's our private lives, as idols, selling our items can obviously create problems.
Chisato: If it were the usual me, I would've just given up after the first time the agency said no...
Chisato: But, for some reason, I couldn't let it go. Once I recalled how hard everyone was working for the event, I naturally fought for it, too.
Chisato: So how did I finally convince them? Fufu, I really didn't do anything drastic.
Chisato: I negotiated by saying we wouldn't put out prior announcements letting people know of our participation in the event or reveal which items were whose.
Chisato: Amazing... you say? The amazing one isn't me, BanG Dreamer-san.
Chisato: You should have seen the blood, sweat and tears everyone put in... I was just pulled in by their spirit and did what I could.
Chisato: But even then, I appreciate you saying that. Thank you very much.
Chisato: I know I don't have to tell you this again... But please keep everything I told you a secret, BanG Dreamer-san.
Chisato: You want to know why...? Well, if Himari-chan and the others found out, I'm sure they'll make a fuss about it.
Chisato: We all ended up having such a good time, so I think it's best that this is kept from them.
Chisato: I'm glad you understand. So it's a promise? You won't be telling anyone else then?
Chisato: Since that's settled, I should be on my way. Sorry for the calling out to you so suddenly. I'll see you later.